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Yi, L.[Lei] Co Author Listing * 2018 Mw 7.5 Palu Earthquake: A Supershear Rupture Event Constrained by InSAR and Broadband Regional Seismograms, The
* 3D model retrieval based on 2D slice similarity measurements
* Assessing Hydrological Modelling Driven by Different Precipitation Datasets via the SMAP Soil Moisture Product and Gauged Streamflow Data
* Beyond Holistic Object Recognition: Enriching Image Understanding with Part States
* Bilateral symmetry of object silhouettes under perspective projection
* Edge Embedded Marker-Based Watershed Algorithm for High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Image Segmentation, An
* Efficiently Determining Silhouette Consistency
* Evaluation of Heavy Precipitation Simulated by the WRF Model Using 4D-Var Data Assimilation with TRMM 3B42 and GPM IMERG over the Huaihe River Basin, China
* Extracting Urban Ground Object Information From Images And Lidar Data
* Focal Mechanisms of the 2016 Central Italy Earthquake Sequence Inferred from High-Rate GPS and Broadband Seismic Waveforms
* image segmentation based on optimized spatial feature of superpixel, The
* Image Super-Resolution Via Analysis Sparse Prior
* Kernel PCA for road traffic data non-linear feature extraction
* Localizing relevant frames in web videos using topic model and relevance filtering
* Marker-based watershed segmentation embedded with edge information
* new method of MCI extraction with multi-temporal MODIS EVI data, A
* Object Detection Using Shape Codebook
* Optical Thickness and Effective Radius Retrievals of Low Stratus and Fog from MTSAT Daytime Data as a Prerequisite for Yellow Sea Fog Detection
* Research on fuzzy enhancement algorithms for infrared image recognition quality of power internet of things equipment based on membership function
* Researches on the Land-Use Change Detection of Mine Area Based on TM/ETM Images
* Salient object detection employing robust sparse representation and local consistency
* Scale-Synthesis Method for High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Image Segmentation, A
* Should We Encode Rain Streaks in Video as Deterministic or Stochastic?
* SyncSpecCNN: Synchronized Spectral CNN for 3D Shape Segmentation
Includes: Yi, L.[Lei] Yi, L.[Liu] Yi, L.[Lu] Yi, L. Yi, L.[Lina] Yi, L.[Li] Yi, L.[Long] Yi, L.[Ling] Yi, L.[Lin]
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