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Yi, H.[Huangjian] Co Author Listing * Adaptive threshold method for recovered images of FMT
* Alternative Method for Estimating 3-D Large Displacements of Mining Areas from a Single SAR Amplitude Pair Using Offset Tracking, An
* Bilateral symmetry of object silhouettes under perspective projection
* Compound Extraction and Fitting Method for Detecting Cardiac Ventricle in SPECT Data
* Deriving Dynamic Subsidence of Coal Mining Areas Using InSAR and Logistic Model
* Dynamic Programming-Based Reverse Frame Selection for VBR Video Delivery Under Constrained Resources
* Locating and defining underground goaf caused by coal mining from space-borne SAR interferometry
* Multifaceted Geometric Assessment towards Simplified Urban Surfaces Built by 3D Reconstruction
* Retrieving 3-D Large Displacements of Mining Areas from a Single Amplitude Pair of SAR Using Offset Tracking
* Three-way decision based reconstruction frame for fluorescence molecular tomography
Includes: Yi, H.[Huangjian] Yi, H.[Huiwei] Yi, H. Yi, H.[Hui]
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Yi, H.G.[Huan Gy] Co Author Listing * framework for reducing ink-bleed in old documents, A
Includes: Yi, H.G.[Huan Gy] Yi, H.G.[Huan-Gy]

Yi, H.M.[Hong Ming] Co Author Listing * Monitoring short-lived climate pollutants by laser absorption spectroscopy
Includes: Yi, H.M.[Hong Ming] Yi, H.M.[Hong-Ming]

Yi, H.R.[Hao Ran] Co Author Listing * motion-based scene tree for compressed video content management, A
* Multimodal Semantic Analysis and Annotation for Basketball Video
* new motion histogram to index motion content in video segments, A
Includes: Yi, H.R.[Hao Ran] Yi, H.R.[Hao-Ran]

Yi, H.W. Co Author Listing * Extension of the InSAR-Based Probability Integral Method and Its Application for Predicting 3-D Mining-Induced Displacements Under Different Extraction Conditions, An
* MMFace: A Multi-Metric Regression Network for Unconstrained Face Reconstruction
* New Numerical Scheme for Anisotropic Diffusion, A
Includes: Yi, H.W. Yi, H.W.[Hong-Wei] Yi, H.W.[Hong-Wen]

Yi, H.Y.[Hai Yang] Co Author Listing * Multi-source Domain Adaptation for Face Recognition
Includes: Yi, H.Y.[Hai Yang] Yi, H.Y.[Hai-Yang]

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