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Yeon, M.H.[Min Ho] Co Author Listing * Application of Random Forest Algorithm for Merging Multiple Satellite Precipitation Products across South Korea
* Evaluation of Numerous Kinetic Energy-Rainfall Intensity Equations Using Disdrometer Data
Includes: Yeon, M.H.[Min Ho] Yeon, M.H.[Min-Ho]

Yeon, S. Co Author Listing * Improving 3d Mesh Quality Using Multi-directional UAV Images
* Large-scale Localization Datasets in Crowded Indoor Spaces
* Study On Real-time Flood Monitoring System Based On Sensors Using Flood Damage Insurance Map, A
* Study on the Construction of Disaster Information Contents for the Storm and Flood Damage Insurance Map, A
Includes: Yeon, S. Yeon, S.[Suyong]

Yeon, Y.H.[Yeong Heum] Co Author Listing * feasibility study of a portable intraoperative specimen imaging X-ray system based on carbon nanotube field emitters, A

Yeon, Y.K.[Young Kwang] Co Author Listing * KMapper: A Field Geological Survey System
Includes: Yeon, Y.K.[Young Kwang] Yeon, Y.K.[Young-Kwang]

Yeong, C.H.[Chai Hong] Co Author Listing * Automated detection of Alzheimer's disease using bi-directional empirical model decomposition
* Feature-versus deep learning-based approaches for the automated detection of brain tumor with magnetic resonance images: A comparative study

Yeong, H.C.[Hoong Chieh] Co Author Listing * Data assimilation in multiscale complex systems

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