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Yea, J. Co Author Listing * Joint Layout Estimation and Global Multi-view Registration for Indoor Reconstruction

Yea, S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Fuzzy Filtering for Artifact Reduction in Compressed Images and Videos
* Content-Driven Retargeting of Stereoscopic Images
* Edge adaptive graph-based transforms: Comparison of step/ramp edge models for video compression
* GBST: Separable transforms based on line graphs for predictive video coding
* Row-column transforms: Low-complexity approximation of optimal non-separable transforms
* Transform-coded pel-recursive video compression

Yea, S.H.[Se Hoon] Co Author Listing * Critical Encoding Rate in Combined Denoising and Compression
* Depth Estimation for View Synthesis in Multiview Video Coding
* Edge-based directional fuzzy filter for compression artifact reduction in JPEG images
* Efficient image coding for access to pixel ranges
* Improving hybrid coding via control of quantization errors in the spatial and frequency domains
* Non-causal encoding of predictively coded samples
* Occlusion handling based on support and decision
* Overview of Multiview Video Coding and Anti-Aliasing for 3D Displays
* RD-Optimized View Synthesis Prediction for Multiview Video Coding
* Temporally consistent stereo matching using coherence function
* View synthesis prediction for multiview video coding
* View Synthesis Prediction for Rate-Overhead Reduction in FTV
* Virtual view synthesis method and self-evaluation metrics for free viewpoint television and 3D video
* Wavelet-Based Two-Stage Near-Lossless Coder, A
Includes: Yea, S.H.[Se Hoon] Yea, S.H.[Se-Hoon]
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