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Ye, P.[Peng] Co Author Listing * Active Sampling for Subjective Image Quality Assessment
* Beyond Human Opinion Scores: Blind Image Quality Assessment Based on Synthetic Scores
* Blind Image Quality Assessment Based on High Order Statistics Aggregation
* Convolutional Neural Networks for Document Image Classification
* Convolutional Neural Networks for No-Reference Image Quality Assessment
* Dataset for Quality Assessment of Camera Captured Document Images, A
* Deep Belief Networks Based Toponym Recognition for Chinese Text
* deep learning approach to document image quality assessment, A
* Document Image Quality Assessment: A Brief Survey
* Geographic Knowledge Graph (GeoKG): A Formalized Geographic Knowledge Representation
* High-Quality Facial Keypoints Matching with Motion Smoothness Constraint and 3D Model Constraint
* Learning document structure for retrieval and classification
* Learning features for predicting OCR accuracy
* Learning Text-Line Segmentation Using Codebooks and Graph Partitioning
* Local feature aggregation for blind image quality assessment
* Modified Algorithm Based on Smoothed L0 Norm in Compressive Sensing Signal Reconstruction, A
* Multiple Gaussian Mixture Models for Image Registration
* No-Reference Document Image Quality Assessment Based on High Order Image Statistics
* No-reference image quality assessment based on visual codebook
* No-Reference Image Quality Assessment Using Visual Codebooks
* No-reference video quality assessment via feature learning
* Optimal Traffic Sensor Location for Origin-Destination Estimation Using a Compressed Sensing Framework
* Real-Time No-Reference Image Quality Assessment Based on Filter Learning
* Rectified Registration Consistency for Image Registration Evaluation
* Robust residual error consistent tracker with ranking mechanism
* Simultaneous estimation of image quality and distortion via multi-task convolutional neural networks
* Statistical metric fusion for image quality assessment
* Structural similarity for document image classification and retrieval
* Study of Destination Selection Model Based on Link Flows, A
* Unsupervised feature learning framework for no-reference image quality assessment
Includes: Ye, P.[Peng] Ye, P. Ye, P.[Ping]
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Ye, P.J. Co Author Listing * Techniques for On-Line Chinese Character Recognition with Reduced Writing Constraints

Ye, P.L.[Pei Long] Co Author Listing * Future Climate Impact on the Desertification in the Dry Land Asia Using AVHRR GIMMS NDVI3g Data
Includes: Ye, P.L.[Pei Long] Ye, P.L.[Pei-Long]

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