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Ye, F.[Fei] Co Author Listing * Anomaly Detection for Urban Vehicle GNSS Observation with a Hybrid Machine Learning System
* complex mixing matrix estimation algorithm in under-determined blind source separation problems, A
* Joints Relation Inference Network for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition
* New insights on internet streaming and IPTV
* novel in-loop filter based on CLDT masking effect model for HEVC, A
* Pan-sharpening via a gradient-based deep network prior
* Pose Awareness Solution for Estimating Pedestrian Walking Speed, A
* Prediction-Based Eco-Approach and Departure at Signalized Intersections With Speed Forecasting on Preceding Vehicles
* Preliminary Results for Five-System Ultra-Rapid Precise Orbit Determination of the One-Step Method Based on the Double-Difference Observation Model, The
* Real-time affine invariant patch matching using DCT descriptor and affine space quantization
* Robust Dead Reckoning Algorithm Based on Wi-Fi FTM and Multiple Sensors, A
* Semismooth Newton support vector machine
* Three-Step Method for Determining Unhealthy Time Period of GPS Satellite Orbit in Broadcast Ephemeris and Its Preliminary Applications for Precise Orbit Determination, A
* Ultrashort Microwave-Pumped Real-Time Thermoacoustic Breast Tumor Imaging System
* Video saliency detection incorporating temporal information in compressed domain
Includes: Ye, F.[Fei] Ye, F.[Fang] Ye, F. Ye, F.[Fan] Ye, F.[Feng]
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Ye, F.W.[Fa Wang] Co Author Listing * Double iterative optimal dictionary learning-based SAR image filtering method
* Hyperspectral Alteration Information from Drill Cores and Deep Uranium Exploration in the Baiyanghe Uranium Deposit in the Xuemisitan Area, Xinjiang, China
Includes: Ye, F.W.[Fa Wang] Ye, F.W.[Fa-Wang]

Ye, F.Y.[Fei Yue] Co Author Listing * Multiple Laplacian graph regularised low-rank representation with application to image representation
Includes: Ye, F.Y.[Fei Yue] Ye, F.Y.[Fei-Yue]

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