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Yarlagadda, P.[Phani] Co Author Listing * Central-tendency estimation and nearest-estimate classification of event related potentials
* Context-Based Approach for Detecting Suspicious Behaviours, A
* Detecting Uncommon Trajectories
* Lie group distance based generic 3-d vehicle classification
* suspicious behaviour detection using a context space model for smart surveillance systems, A
* Update-Describe Approach for Human Action Recognition in Surveillance Video, An
Includes: Yarlagadda, P.[Phani] Yarlagadda, P.[Prasad] Yarlagadda, P.[Pradeep]

Yarlagadda, P.K.[Pradeep Krishna] Co Author Listing * Beyond the Sum of Parts: Voting with Groups of Dependent Entities
* From Meaningful Contours to Discriminative Object Shape
* Learning Discriminative Chamfer Regularization
* Max-Margin Regularization for Reducing Accidentalness in Chamfer Matching
* Recognition and Analysis of Objects in Medieval Images
* Voting by Grouping Dependent Parts
Includes: Yarlagadda, P.K.[Pradeep Krishna] Yarlagadda, P.K.[Pradeep K.]

Yarlagadda, P.K.D.V. Co Author Listing * Scene Invariant Virtual Gates Using DNNs

Yarlagadda, R. Co Author Listing * Naturalness-Preserving Transform for Image Coding and Reconstruction, A

Yarlagadda, S.K. Co Author Listing * Deepfakes Detection with Automatic Face Weighting
* Open-Set Source Attribution for Panchromatic Satellite Imagery
* Reflectance Based Method For Shadow Detection and Removal, A
* Reliability Map Estimation for CNN-Based Camera Model Attribution
* Visual Aware Hierarchy Based Food Recognition
Includes: Yarlagadda, S.K. Yarlagadda, S.K.[Sri Kalyan]

Yarleque, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Mapping Three Decades of Changes in the Tropical Andean Glaciers Using Landsat Data Processed in the Earth Engine

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