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Yaegashi, K.[Keita] Co Author Listing * Can Geotags Help Image Recognition?
* Geotagged Image Recognition by Combining Three Different Kinds of Geolocation Features
* Geotagged Photo Recognition Using Corresponding Aerial Photos with Multiple Kernel Learning
* Web video retrieval based on the Earth Mover's Distance by integrating color, motion and sound

Yaeger, J.[Jason] Co Author Listing * Ancient Maya Regional Settlement and Inter-Site Analysis: The 2013 West-Central Belize LiDAR Survey

Yaeger, L.S. Co Author Listing * Combining Neural Networks and Context-Driven Search for Online, Printed Handwriting Recognition in the Newton

Yaeger, M. Co Author Listing * Combining gaze and demographic feature descriptors for autism classification

Yaeger, M.A.[Mary A.] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Small Water Bodies Using High Spatial and Temporal Resolution Analysis Ready Datasets

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