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Xu, A.[Anbang] Co Author Listing * Complete Two-Dimensional PCA for Face Recognition
* Fourier Tag: A Smoothly Degradable Fiducial Marker System with Configurable Payload Capacity
* Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Based Neural Network For High Resolution Remote Sensing Image Segmentation
* Investigating Trust Factors in Human-Robot Shared Control: Implicit Gender Bias Around Robot Voice
* Meta R-CNN: Towards General Solver for Instance-Level Low-Shot Learning
* Physical Adversarial Textures That Fool Visual Object Tracking
* Supervised Classification High-Resolution Remote-Sensing Image Based on Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Membership Function
Includes: Xu, A.[Anbang] Xu, A.[Anqi] Xu, A.[Aigong] Xu, A.
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Xu, A.A.[Ao Ao] Co Author Listing * Qualitative Verificaction of CE-2's Microwave Measurement: Relative Calibration Based on Brightness Temperature Model and Data Fusion
* Rock Model for the Cold and Hot Spots in the Chang'E Microwave Brightness Temperature Map, A
Includes: Xu, A.A.[Ao Ao] Xu, A.A.[Ao-Ao]

Xu, A.D.[Ai Dong] Co Author Listing * New Noise Removing Algorithm, A
* Signal Processing and Application of Intelligent Power Module in Power Inverter for Switched Reluctance Drive, The
Includes: Xu, A.D.[Ai Dong] Xu, A.D.[Ai-Dong] Xu, A.D.[Ai-De]

Xu, A.G.[Ai Gong] Co Author Listing * Road Extraction Based on Object-Oriented from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Signal Transmission to Concurrent Processes: Spatio-Temporal Process Model
Includes: Xu, A.G.[Ai Gong] Xu, A.G.[Ai-Gong]

Xu, A.J.[An Jian] Co Author Listing * 3D Convolutional Neural Networks for Crop Classification with Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Images
* Pixel-based Minnaert Correction Method for Reducing Topographic Effects on a Landsat-7 ETM+ Image
Includes: Xu, A.J.[An Jian] Xu, A.J.[An-Jian] Xu, A.J.[Ai-Jun]

Xu, A.Q.[An Qi] Co Author Listing * Socially-Driven Collective Path Planning for Robot Missions
Includes: Xu, A.Q.[An Qi] Xu, A.Q.[An-Qi]

Xu, A.W.[Ai Wei] Co Author Listing * New Method for Automatically Measurement of Vickers Hardness Using Thick Line Hough Transform and Least Square Method, A
Includes: Xu, A.W.[Ai Wei] Xu, A.W.[Ai-Wei]

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