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Wuensche, H. Co Author Listing * Triple-SGM: Stereo Processing using Semi-Global Matching with Cost Fusion

Wuensche, H.J. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Ground Vehicles: Concepts and a Path to the Future
* Detection and Control of Mobile Robot Motion by Real-Time Computer Vision
* Dynamic Vision for Perception and Control of Motion P
* Effective Combination of Vertical and Horizontal Stereo Vision
* Efficient keypoint matching for robot vision using GPUs
* Fast and Accurate Image-Registration Algorithm Using Prior Knowledge, A
* Fine-Grained Dataset and its Efficient Semantic Segmentation for Unstructured Driving Scenarios, A
* High accuracy model-based object pose estimation for autonomous recharging applications
* Parallelized 45 degrees rotated image integration
* Recursive 3D scene estimation with multiple camera pairs
Includes: Wuensche, H.J. Wuensche, H.J.[Hans-Joachim]
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