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Wu, P.[Peng] Co Author Listing * Action recognition using dynamic hierarchical trees
* Adaptive Construction Method of Hierarchical Spatio-Temporal Index for Vector Data under Peer-to-Peer Networks, An
* ANSIBLE: A Virtual World Ecosystem for Improving Psycho-Social Well-being
* Applicability Analysis of VTEC Derived from the Sophisticated Klobuchar Model in China
* Automated Processing Method for Agglomeration Areas, An
* Bi-Objective Scheduling of Fire Engines for Fighting Forest Fires: New Optimization Approaches
* Converse Trends of The Terrestrial and Ground Water Storage Changes In Canada and The United States
* Deep Reinforcement Learning for Playing 2.5D Fighting Games
* Determining Regional-Scale Groundwater Recharge with GRACE and GLDAS
* Dimensionality Reduction for Image Retrieval
* Double Complete D-LBP with Extreme Learning Machine Auto-Encoder and Cascade Forest for Facial Expression Analysis
* Dual-Objective Optimization for Lane Reservation With Residual Capacity and Budget Constraints
* Efficient image matching using concentric sampling features and boosting process
* Estimation of Actual Evapotranspiration in a Semiarid Region Based on GRACE Gravity Satellite Data: A Case Study in Loess Plateau
* Exact and Heuristic Algorithms for Rapid and Station Arrival-Time Guaranteed Bus Transportation via Lane Reservation
* Extraction of Terrain Feature Lines from Elevation Contours Using a Directed Adjacent Relation Tree
* Fast Neural Cell Detection Using Light-Weight SSD Neural Network
* Geometry Guided Multi-Scale Depth Map Fusion via Graph Optimization
* Hierarchical and Adaptive Phase Correlation for Precise Disparity Estimation of UAV Images
* High resolution for software-defined GPS-based SAR imaging using waveform-modulated range-compressed pulse: field experimental demonstration
* Human Smoking Event Detection Using Visual Interaction Clues
* Image Fusion-Based Land Cover Change Detection Using Multi-Temporal High-Resolution Satellite Images
* Improved Exact epsilon-Constraint and Cut-and-Solve Combined Method for Biobjective Robust Lane Reservation, An
* Improved Jitter Elimination and Topology Correction Method for the Split Line of Narrow and Long Patches
* Integrated Approach for Monitoring and Information Management of the Guanling Landslide (China), An
* Mpeg-7 Texture Descriptors
* Nonlinear Guided Filter for Polarimetric SAR Image Despeckling, A
* Novel Lip Descriptor for Audio-Visual Keyword Spotting Based on Adaptive Decision Fusion, A
* RelGAN: Multi-Domain Image-to-Image Translation via Relative Attributes
* Research on the Contribution of Urban Land Surface Moisture to the Alleviation Effect of Urban Land Surface Heat Based on Landsat 8 Data
* REVT: Robust and Efficient Visual Tracking by Region-Convolutional Regression Network
* Scalable video summarization
* Segment-Based Spatial Analysis for Assessing Road Infrastructure Performance Using Monitoring Observations and Remote Sensing Data
* Selection Method of Dendritic River Networks Based on Hybrid Coding for Topographic Map Generalization
* Skeleton Line Extraction Method in Areas with Dense Junctions Considering Stroke Features
* Spatial and Temporal Nonlocal Filter-Based Data Fusion Method, A
* Temporal-Spatial Characteristics of Drought in the Loess Plateau Using the Remote-Sensed TRMM Precipitation Data from 1998 to 2014, The
* texture descriptor for browsing and similarity retrieval, A
* Texture Descriptor for Image Retrieval and Browsing, A
* Texture Descriptors in MPEG-7
* Traffic Volume Prediction With Segment-Based Regression Kriging and its Implementation in Assessing the Impact of Heavy Vehicles
* Trends and Opportunities of BIM-GIS Integration in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry: A Review from a Spatio-Temporal Statistical Perspective
* two-step framework for reconstructing remotely sensed land surface temperatures contaminated by cloud, A
* Urban Parcel Grouping Method Based on Urban Form and Functional Connectivity Characterisation
* Virtual Reality Video Quality Assessment Based on 3d Convolutional Neural Networks
* Vision-Based Robot Path Planning with Deep Learning
Includes: Wu, P.[Peng] Wu, P.[Pengda] Wu, P.[Peggy] Wu, P.[Pituan] Wu, P. Wu, P.[Pute] Wu, P.[Pin] Wu, P.[Penghai] Wu, P.[Peiyao] Wu, P.[Pei] Wu, P.[Ping]
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Wu, P.C.[Po Cheng] Co Author Listing * Design Strategy for Three-Dimensional Subband Filter Banks
* Direct 3D pose estimation of a planar target
* Direct pose estimation for planar objects
* Efficient Architecture for Two-Dimensional Discrete Wavelet Transform, An
* Flexible High-Throughput VLSI Architecture with 2-D Data-Reuse for Full-Search Motion Estimation, A
* Lane-mark extraction for automobiles under complex conditions
* Real-time eye localization, blink detection, and gaze estimation system without infrared illumination
* Tennis Real Play
* Uniformity-Approximated Histogram Equalization Algorithm for Image Enhancement, A
* VLSI Implementation of the Motion Estimator with 2-Dimensional Data-Reuse
Includes: Wu, P.C.[Po Cheng] Wu, P.C.[Po-Cheng] Wu, P.C.[Po-Chen] Wu, P.C. Wu, P.C.[Pei-Chen]
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Wu, P.D. Co Author Listing * Area Merging Method in Map Generalization Considering The Boundary Characteristics of Structured Geographic Objects, An
* Automated Bottom Up Hydrologic Coding System for Dendritic River System, An
* Dot Symbol Auto-Filling Method for Complex Areas Considering Shape Features
Includes: Wu, P.D. Wu, P.D.[Peng-Da]

Wu, P.F.[Peng Fei] Co Author Listing * Coarse-to-fine outlier correction with applications in structure from motion
* DFOB: Detecting and describing features by octagon filter bank for fast image matching
* Fast and Adaptive 3D Reconstruction With Extensively High Completeness
* Multiple rotation symmetry group detection via saliency-based visual attention and Frieze expansion pattern
* Robust Prostate Segmentation Using Intrinsic Properties of TRUS Images
Includes: Wu, P.F.[Peng Fei] Wu, P.F.[Peng-Fei]

Wu, P.G.[Pin Ging] Co Author Listing * Smile Detection in Unconstrained Scenarios Using Self-Similarity of Gradients Features
Includes: Wu, P.G.[Pin Ging] Wu, P.G.[Pin-Ging]

Wu, P.H.[Peng Hai] Co Author Listing * Building Extraction in Very High Resolution Imagery by Dense-Attention Networks
* Cloud removal in remote sensing images using nonnegative matrix factorization and error correction
* Detecting duplicate video based on camera transitional behavior
* early fire-detection method based on image processing, An
* Evaluation of Seven Atmospheric Profiles from Reanalysis and Satellite-Derived Products: Implication for Single-Channel Land Surface Temperature Retrieval
* Frame-Layer Constant-Quality Rate Control of Regions of Interest for Multiple Encoders With Single Video Source
* Optimal Layered Video IPTV Multicast Streaming Over Mobile WiMAX Systems
* Reconstructing Geostationary Satellite Land Surface Temperature Imagery Based on a Multiscale Feature Connected Convolutional Neural Network
* Rounding Mismatch Between Spatial-Domain and Transform-Domain Video Codecs
* Salient Region Detection Improved by Principle Component Analysis and Boundary Information
* Tool Path Planning for 5-Axis Flank Milling Based on Dynamic Programming Techniques
Includes: Wu, P.H.[Peng Hai] Wu, P.H.[Peng-Hai] Wu, P.H.[Ping-Hao] Wu, P.H.[Ping-Hsueh] Wu, P.H. Wu, P.H.[Ping-Han]
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Wu, P.J. Co Author Listing * Eliminating Packet Loss Accumulation in Peer-to-Peer Streaming Systems

Wu, P.P.[Ping Ping] Co Author Listing * Audio-visual Keyword Spotting for Mandarin Based on Discriminative Local Spatial-Temporal Descriptors
* Comparison of methods for smile deceit detection by training AU6 and AU12 simultaneously
* Regression based landmark estimation and multi-feature fusion for visual speech recognition
* Two-level multi-task metric learning with application to multi-classification
Includes: Wu, P.P.[Ping Ping] Wu, P.P.[Ping-Ping]

Wu, P.P.Y. Co Author Listing * Multi-Objective Four-Dimensional Vehicle Motion Planning in Large Dynamic Environments

Wu, P.S. Co Author Listing * Pyramid Adaptive Dynamic Hough Transform to Detect Edges with Arbitrary Shapes
* Pyramid Edge-Detection Based on Stack Filter
* Pyramid Edge-Detection for Color Images
* Supervised and unsupervised fuzzy-adaptive Hamming net
* Using Heritage Risk Maps as an Approach for Estimating the Climate Impact to Cultural Heritage Materials in the Island of Taiwan
Includes: Wu, P.S. Wu, P.S.[Paul S.] Wu, P.S.[Ping-Sheng]

Wu, P.S.Y. Co Author Listing * Learning Mechanism for Parts Recognition in an Intelligent Assembly System, A

Wu, P.W.[Peng Wei] Co Author Listing * Image Quality Assessment by Quantifying Discrepancies of Multifractal Spectrums
* On Data Collection Using Mobile Robot in Wireless Sensor Networks
Includes: Wu, P.W.[Peng Wei] Wu, P.W.

Wu, P.X.[Peng Xiang] Co Author Listing * 3D Motion Modeling and Reconstruction of Left Ventricle Wall in Cardiac MRI
* ASSD: Attentive single shot multibox detector
* Instance Segmentation of Neural Cells
Includes: Wu, P.X.[Peng Xiang] Wu, P.X.[Peng-Xiang]

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