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Wu, N.[Nan] Co Author Listing * Accelerated Motion Estimation of H.264 on Imagine Stream Processor
* Deep Neural Networks Improve Radiologists' Performance in Breast Cancer Screening
* Distributed Weighted Balanced Control of Traffic Signals for Urban Traffic Congestion
* Face image super resolution by linear transformation
* Fast Facial Image Super-Resolution via Local Linear Transformations for Resource-Limited Applications
* Heterogeneous Parallel Processor for High-Speed Vision Chip, A
* High-Speed Target Tracking System Based on a Hierarchical Parallel Vision Processor and Gray-Level LBP Algorithm
* Interest Point Selection with Spatio-temporal Context for Realistic Action Recognition
* Multilevel Parallel Intra Coding for H.264/AVC Based on CUDA, A
* Performance evaluation of vehicular platoons using Webots
* Petri Net Modeling of the Cooperation Behavior of a Driver and a Copilot in an Advanced Driving Assistance System
* Random-Noise Attenuation for Seismic Data by Local Parallel Radial-Trace TFPF
* Variational Inference-Based Frequency-Domain Equalization for Faster-Than-Nyquist Signaling in Doubly Selective Channels
Includes: Wu, N.[Nan] Wu, N. Wu, N.[Ning] Wu, N.[Na] Wu, N.[Naiqi]
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Wu, N.I. Co Author Listing * Image steganographic scheme based on pixel-value differencing and LSB replacement methods

Wu, N.N.[Nan Nan] Co Author Listing * Crease detection from fingerprint images and its applications in elderly people
* Model based algorithm for singular point detection from fingerprint images
Includes: Wu, N.N.[Nan Nan] Wu, N.N.[Nan-Nan]

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