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Wu, B. Co Author Listing * Active Machine Learning Approach for Crater Detection From Planetary Imagery and Digital Elevation Models
* Adaptive geo-information processing service evolution: Reuse and local modification method
* Adaptive Perona-Malik Model Based on the Variable Exponent for Image Denoising
* adaptive surface filter for airborne laser scanning point clouds by means of regularization and bending energy, An
* Algorithm and Architecture Design of a Hardware-Efficient Image Dehazing Engine
* Analysing the impact of weather on bus ridership using smart card data
* Atmospherically Compensated Shape From Shading On The Martian Surface: Towards The Perfect Digital Terrain Model of Mars
* Attentive Sequences Recurrent Network for Social Relation Recognition from Video
* Automated analysis of differential interference contrast microscopy images of the foveal cone mosaic
* Automatic Building Rooftop Extraction From Aerial Images via Hierarchical RGB-D Priors
* Automatic Classification of Major Urban Land Covers Based on Novel Spectral Indices
* Boosted Markov Chain Monte Carlo Data Association for Multiple Target Detection and Tracking
* Boosting nested cascade detector for multi-view face detection
* Building a Data Set over 12 Globally Distributed Sites to Support the Development of Agriculture Monitoring Applications with Sentinel-2
* Calibration of boresight offset of LROC NAC imagery for precision lunar topographic mapping
* ChamNet: Towards Efficient Network Design Through Platform-Aware Model Adaptation
* CLEAR'07 Evaluation of USC Human Tracking System for Surveillance Videos
* Cluster Boosted Tree Classifier for Multi-View, Multi-Pose Object Detection
* CNN in MRF: Video Object Segmentation via Inference in a CNN-Based Higher-Order Spatio-Temporal MRF
* Combined adjustment of multi-resolution satellite imagery for improved geo-positioning accuracy
* Comparison and Co-registration of DEMS Generated From Hirise And Ctx Images
* Comparison of delay estimation models for signalised intersections using field observations in Shanghai
* Comparison of Lunar Topographic Models Derived from Multiple Sources Based on Least Squares Matching
* Compressive Hyperspectral Imaging via Sparse Tensor and Nonlinear Compressed Sensing
* Construction of pixel-level resolution DEMs from monocular images by shape and albedo from shading constrained with low-resolution DEM
* Correlative multi-label multi-instance image annotation
* Detection and Control Algorithm of Multi-Color Printing Registration Based on Computer Vision
* Detection and Segmentation of Multiple, Partially Occluded Objects by Grouping, Merging, Assigning Part Detection Responses
* Detection and Tracking of Multiple Humans with Extensive Pose Articulation
* Detection and Tracking of Multiple, Partially Occluded Humans by Bayesian Combination of Edgelet based Part Detectors
* Detection of Multiple, Partially Occluded Humans in a Single Image by Bayesian Combination of Edgelet Part Detectors
* Determination of Appropriate Remote Sensing Indices for Spring Wheat Yield Estimation in Mongolia
* Dressing for Attention: Outfit Based Fashion Popularity Prediction
* Effects of illumination differences on photometric stereo shape-and-albedo-from-shading for precision lunar surface reconstruction
* Efficient Identification of Corn Cultivation Area with Multitemporal Synthetic Aperture Radar and Optical Images in the Google Earth Engine Cloud Platform
* Error-Bound-Regularized Sparse Coding for Spatiotemporal Reflectance Fusion, An
* Estimating Roof Solar Energy Potential in the Downtown Area Using a GPU-Accelerated Solar Radiation Model and Airborne LiDAR Data
* Extended Application of Scalable Video Coding Methods
* Face pose estimation and its application in video shot selection
* Facial image retrieval based on demographic classification
* Fast and accurate compressed sensing model in magnetic resonance imaging with median filter and split Bregman method
* Fast Open-World Person Re-Identification
* Fast Pedestrian Detection with Laser and Image Data Fusion
* Fast rotation invariant multi-view face detection based on real adaboost
* Feature discovering for image classification via wavelet-like pattern decomposition
* Feature Selection via Cramer's V-Test Discretization for Remote-Sensing Image Classification
* Filtering Strategy for Interest Point Detecting to Improve Repeatability and Information Content, A
* FW-GAN: Flow-Navigated Warping GAN for Video Virtual Try-On
* Geometric integration of high-resolution satellite imagery and airborne LiDAR data for improved geopositioning accuracy in metropolitan areas
* Glasses detection by boosting simple wavelet features
* Graph-Based Approach for 3D Building Model Reconstruction from Airborne LiDAR Point Clouds, A
* Harmonic Enhancement with Noise Reduction of Speech Signal by Comb Filtering
* hierarchical conditional random field model for labeling and segmenting images of street scenes, A
* Hierarchical Regularization of Building Boundaries in Noisy Aerial Laser Scanning and Photogrammetric Point Clouds
* Hierarchical Regularization of Polygons for Photogrammetric Point Clouds of Oblique Images
* Human detection by searching in 3d space using camera and scene knowledge
* Image-Guided Registration of Unordered Terrestrial Laser Scanning Point Clouds for Urban Scenes
* Impact of Imaging Geometry on 3D Geopositioning Accuracy of Stereo Ikonos Imagery
* Improved accuracy assessment indices for object-based high resolution remotely sensed imagery classification
* Improved spatial aided low delay Wyner-Ziv video coding by wavelet shrinkage
* Improving Estimates of Grassland Fractional Vegetation Cover Based on a Pixel Dichotomy Model: A Case Study in Inner Mongolia, China
* Improving Part based Object Detection by Unsupervised, Online Boosting
* Inferring Emotional Tags From Social Images With User Demographics
* Inferring Emotions From Large-Scale Internet Voice Data
* integrated photogrammetric and photoclinometric approach for illumination-invariant pixel-resolution 3D mapping of the lunar surface, An
* Integrated point and edge matching on poor textural images constrained by self-adaptive triangulations
* Integration of aerial oblique imagery and terrestrial imagery for optimized 3D modeling in urban areas
* Integration Of GIS and BIM for Indoor Geovisual Analytics
* Large-scale privacy protection in Google Street View
* Learning Latent Low-Rank and Sparse Embedding for Robust Image Feature Extraction
* Learning Unified Embedding for Apparel Recognition
* Learning With Unsure Data for Medical Image Diagnosis
* Left-Luggage Detection using Bayesian Inference
* LEGION-Based Automatic Road Extraction From Satellite Imagery
* Local patterns constrained image histograms for image retrieval
* LUT-Based AdaBoost for Gender Classification
* L_p-L_p-Box ADMM: A Versatile Framework for Integer Programming
* Mapping up-to-Date Paddy Rice Extent at 10 M Resolution in China through the Integration of Optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
* Mapping Winter Wheat Biomass and Yield Using Time Series Data Blended from PROBA-V 100- and 300-m S1 Products
* Mathematical Modeling of the Human Cognitive System in Two Serial Processing Stages With Its Applications in Adaptive Workload-Management Systems
* Mining Spatial Temporal Saliency Structure for Action Recognition
* Modeling and animation of fracture of heterogeneous materials based on CUDA
* Modeling Emotion Influence in Image Social Networks
* Multi-Channel Microstrip Transceiver Arrays Using Harmonics for High Field MR Imaging in Humans
* Multi-Primitive-Based Hierarchical Optimal Approach for Semantic Labeling of ALS Point Clouds, A
* Multi-stream Fusion Model for Social Relation Recognition from Videos
* Multi-Task Bayesian Deep Neural Net for Detecting Life-Threatening Infant Incidents From Head Images, A
* Multiplicative Noise Removal for Texture Images Based on Adaptive Anisotropic Fractional Diffusion Equations
* New Framework for Modelling and Monitoring the Conversion of Cultivated Land to Built-up Land Based on a Hierarchical Hidden Semi-Markov Model Using Satellite Image Time Series, A
* New Ground-Based Stereo Panoramic Scanning System, A
* Nondestructive Conductivity Estimating Method for Saline-Alkali Land Based on Ground Penetrating Radar, A
* Omni-directional face detection based on real adaboost
* On Random Field Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart Generation
* Optimal control problem of multi-vehicle cooperative autonomous parking trajectory planning in a connected vehicle environment
* Optimizing discrimination-efficiency tradeoff in integrating heterogeneous local features for object detection
* Pedestrian Detection in Infrared Images based on Local Shape Features
* Pedestrian Tracking by Associating Tracklets using Detection Residuals
* Performance Experiment of Classification Using Chinese Airborne Multi-Band and Multi-Polar SAR Data
* Photogrammetric techniques for power line ranging
* Probabilistic tracking on Riemannian manifolds
* Propagation strategies for stereo image matching based on the dynamic triangle constraint
* Real Time Facial Expression Recognition with AdaBoost
* Regular and Small Target Detection
* Remote Estimation of Nitrogen Vertical Distribution by Consideration of Maize Geometry Characteristics
* RGB-to-RGBG conversion algorithm with adaptive weighting factors based on edge detection and minimal square error
* Robust and Adaptive Object Tracking via Correspondence Clustering
* Robust ECG Biometrics Using Two-Stage Model
* Robust Object Tracking based on Detection with Soft Decision
* Robust Object Tracking by Hierarchical Association of Detection Responses
* Robust point cloud classification based on multi-level semantic relationships for urban scenes
* Rural Settlement Subdivision by Using Landscape Metrics as Spatial Contextual Information
* Salt-and-Pepper Noise Removal via Local Hölder Seminorm and Nonlocal Operator for Natural and Texture Image
* Segmentation and Tracking of Multiple Humans in Crowded Environments
* Segmentation of multiple, partially occluded objects by grouping, merging, assigning part detection responses
* Shape And Albedo From Shading (safs) For Pixel-level Dem Generation From Monocular Images Constrained By Low-resolution Dem
* Shielded Microstrip Array for 7T Human MR Imaging
* Simultaneous Object Detection and Segmentation by Boosting Local Shape Feature based Classifier
* Spatial-Aided Low-Delay Wyner-Ziv Video Coding
* Spatio-Temporal Attention Model Based on Multi-view for Social Relation Understanding
* Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Land-Use and Land-Cover in the Mu Us Sandy Land, China, Using the Change Vector Analysis Technique
* Spatiotemporal Analysis of Precipitation in the Sparsely Gauged Zambezi River Basin Using Remote Sensing and Google Earth Engine
* SqueezeDet: Unified, Small, Low Power Fully Convolutional Neural Networks for Real-Time Object Detection for Autonomous Driving
* SqueezeNext: Hardware-Aware Neural Network Design
* Stable least-squares matching for oblique images using bound constrained optimization and a robust loss function
* statistical method for display and segmentation of 3D image data, A
* Structural segmentation and classification of mobile laser scanning point clouds with large variations in point density
* Structure-Regularized Compressive Tracking With Online Data-Driven Sampling
* Suitability Assessment of Satellite-Derived Drought Indices for Mongolian Grassland
* synthetic digital signal processing method of ultrasonic guided wave pipeline inspection, A
* Text Image Deblurring via Intensity Extremums Prior
* Towards Autonomous Mars Rover Localization: Operations in 2003 MER Mission and New Developments for Future Missions
* Tracking of Multiple Humans in Meetings
* Tracking of Multiple, Partially Occluded Humans based on Static Body Part Detection
* unified framework for spatiotemporal salient region detection, A
* Unified Image Registration Framework for ITK, A
* Visualization And Analysis Of Light Pollution: A Case Study In Hong Kong
* Voxel-Based Method for Automated Identification and Morphological Parameters Estimation of Individual Street Trees from Mobile Laser Scanning Data, A
* Webpage saliency prediction with multi-features fusion
* Zero-Shot Learning Posed as a Missing Data Problem
Includes: Wu, B. Wu, B.[Bo] Wu, B.[Bing] Wu, B.[Bin] Wu, B.[Bingfang] Wu, B.[Bichen] Wu, B.[Biao] Wu, B.[Boying] Wu, B.[Bian] Wu, B.[Boya] Wu, B.[Baoyuan] Wu, B.[Bocai] Wu, B.[Buwei] Wu, B.[Bowen] Wu, B.[Baohua]
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Wu, B.C.[Bi Chen] Co Author Listing * FBNet: Hardware-Aware Efficient ConvNet Design via Differentiable Neural Architecture Search
* Shift: A Zero FLOP, Zero Parameter Alternative to Spatial Convolutions
Includes: Wu, B.C.[Bi Chen] Wu, B.C.[Bi-Chen]

Wu, B.F.[Bing Fang] Co Author Listing * 30 m Resolution Global Annual Burned Area Mapping Based on Landsat Images and Google Earth Engine
* Adaptive Vehicle Detector Approach for Complex Environments
* Algorithms for compressing compound document images with large text/background overlap
* Comparison of Estimating Forest Canopy Height Integrating Multi-sensor data Synergy: A Case Study in Mountain Area of Three Gorges, A
* Crop Condition Assessment with Adjusted NDVI Using the Uncropped Arable Land Ratio
* Crop Mapping Using PROBA-V Time Series Data at the Yucheng and Hongxing Farm in China
* Discriminant Analysis Based Recursive Automatic Thresholding Approach for Image Segmentation, A
* Driving behaviour-based event data recorder
* efficient VLSI implementation of the discrete wavelet transform using embedded instruction codes for symmetric filters, An
* Extracting characters from real vehicle licence plates out-of-doors
* Global Crop Monitoring: A Satellite-Based Hierarchical Approach
* Heterogeneous Systems Integration Design and Implementation for Lane Keeping on a Vehicle, The
* high-performance and memory-efficient pipeline architecture for the 5/3 and 9/7 discrete wavelet transform of JPEG2000 codec, A
* Human-in-the-Loop Design Approach to the Longitudinal Automation System for an Intelligent Vehicle, The
* Image Segmentation Based on Constrained Spectral Variance Difference and Edge Penalty
* Low computational complexity enhanced zerotree coding for wavelet-based image compression
* low memory zerotree coding for arbitrarily shaped objects, A
* Method for Estimating the Aerodynamic Roughness Length with NDVI and BRDF Signatures Using Multi-Temporal Proba-V Data, A
* Motion Robust Remote-PPG Approach to Driver's Health State Monitoring, A
* multi-plane approach for text segmentation of complex document images, A
* New Approach to Video-Based Traffic Surveillance Using Fuzzy Hybrid Information Inference Mechanism, A
* Nighttime Vehicle Detection for Driver Assistance and Autonomous Vehicles
* Object-Based Paddy Rice Classification Using Multi-Spectral Data and Crop Phenology in Assam, Northeast India, An
* On Stationarizability for Nonstationary 2-D Random-Fields Using Discrete Wavelet Transforms
* Optimal Leaf Biochemical Selection for Mapping Species Diversity Based on Imaging Spectroscopy, The
* Predicting Wheat Yield at the Field Scale by Combining High-Resolution Sentinel-2 Satellite Imagery and Crop Modelling
* Range and Size Estimation Based on a Coordinate Transformation Model for Driving Assistance Systems
* Real-Time Multiple-Vehicle Detection and Tracking System with Prior Occlusion Detection and Resolution, and Prior Queue Detection and Resolution, A
* Reasoning-Based Framework for Driving Safety Monitoring Using Driving Event Recognition
* Regional Actual Evapotranspiration Estimation with Land and Meteorological Variables Derived from Multi-Source Satellite Data
* Regional Daily ET Estimates Based on the Gap-Filling Method of Surface Conductance
* Regional Water Balance Based on Remotely Sensed Evapotranspiration and Irrigation: An Assessment of the Haihe Plain, China
* Satellite-Based Water Consumption Dynamics Monitoring in an Extremely Arid Area
* Sensitivity of BRDF, NDVI and Wind Speed to the Aerodynamic Roughness Length over Sparse Tamarix in the Downstream Heihe River Basin
* Spatiotemporal Analysis of Actual Evapotranspiration and Its Causes in the Hai Basin
Includes: Wu, B.F.[Bing Fang] Wu, B.F.[Bing-Fang] Wu, B.F.[Bing-Fei] Wu, B.F.
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Wu, B.H.[Bo Hom] Co Author Listing * Chinese Character Stroke Extraction Algorithm Based on Contour Information, A
* Integration of Multiple Levels of Contour Information for Chinese-Character Stroke Extraction
* Synthesis of Oil-Style Paintings
* UWB Through-Wall Imaging Based on Compressive Sensing
Includes: Wu, B.H.[Bo Hom] Wu, B.H.[Bo-Hom] Wu, B.H.[Bo-Hui] Wu, B.H.[Bing-Heng]

Wu, B.S.[Bing Sheng] Co Author Listing * Wavelet Denoising and Its Implementation in LabVIEW
Includes: Wu, B.S.[Bing Sheng] Wu, B.S.[Bing-Sheng]

Wu, B.T. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Quality-Adjustable H.264 Video Encoder for Power-Aware Video Applications, A

Wu, B.W.[Bo Wen] Co Author Listing * Prediction of the Thermal Imaging Minimum Resolvable (Circle) Temperature Difference with Neural Network Application
Includes: Wu, B.W.[Bo Wen] Wu, B.W.[Bo-Wen]

Wu, B.X.[Bao Xin] Co Author Listing * Context-Dependent Random Walk Graph Kernels and Tree Pattern Graph Matching Kernels With Applications to Action Recognition
* Fusing R Features and Local Features with Context-Aware Kernels for Action Recognition
* Human Action Recognition Based on Context-Dependent Graph Kernels
* Human Action Recognition Based on Oriented Motion Salient Regions
* Improved Convolution Neural Network-Based Model for Classifying Foliage and Woody Components from Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data, An
* Local Median Filtering Method for Correcting the Laser Return Intensity Information from Discrete Airborne Laser Scanning Data, The
* Multi-feature max-margin hierarchical Bayesian model for action recognition
Includes: Wu, B.X.[Bao Xin] Wu, B.X.[Bao-Xin] Wu, B.X.[Bing-Xiao]
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Wu, B.Y.[Bao Yuan] Co Author Listing * Bi-Real Net: Binarizing Deep Network Towards Real-Network Performance
* Bi-Real Net: Enhancing the Performance of 1-Bit CNNs with Improved Representational Capability and Advanced Training Algorithm
* Compressing Convolutional Neural Networks via Factorized Convolutional Filters
* Constrained Clustering and Its Application to Face Clustering in Videos
* Context-Aware Feature and Label Fusion for Facial Action Unit Intensity Estimation With Partially Labeled Data
* Coupled Hidden Conditional Random Field Model for Simultaneous Face Clustering and Naming in Videos, A
* Coupled Hidden Markov Random Field model for simultaneous face clustering and tracking in videos, A
* Diverse Image Annotation
* Doubly Degenerate Diffusion Model Based on the Gray Level Indicator for Multiplicative Noise Removal, A
* Efficient Decision-Based Black-Box Adversarial Attacks on Face Recognition
* Exact Adversarial Attack to Image Captioning via Structured Output Learning With Latent Variables
* experimental system for the waveform recognition of impedance plethysmography, An
* Facial action unit recognition under incomplete data based on multi-label learning with missing labels
* Joint Representation and Estimator Learning for Facial Action Unit Intensity Estimation
* Learning to Compose Dynamic Tree Structures for Visual Contexts
* Linear Reaction-Diffusion System with Interior Degeneration for Color Image Compression, A
* ML-MG: Multi-label Learning with Missing Labels Using a Mixed Graph
* Multi-label Learning with Missing Labels
* Multi-label learning with missing labels for image annotation and facial action unit recognition
* Multi-label Learning with Missing Labels Using Mixed Dependency Graphs
* New Robust Watermarking Algorithm Based on DWT, A
* note on convex image segmentation model based on local and global intensity fitting energy, A
* Residual Regression With Semantic Prior for Crowd Counting
* Seventh Visual Object Tracking VOT2019 Challenge Results, The
* Simultaneous Clustering and Tracklet Linking for Multi-face Tracking in Videos
* Simultaneous segmentation and correction model for color medical and natural images with intensity inhomogeneity
* Tagging Like Humans: Diverse and Distinct Image Annotation
* Target-Aware Deep Tracking
* Visual UAV Trajectory Plan System Based on Network Map
Includes: Wu, B.Y.[Bao Yuan] Wu, B.Y.[Bao-Yuan] Wu, B.Y.[Bo-Ying] Wu, B.Y.[Bao-Yong] Wu, B.Y.
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Wu, B.Z.[Bo Zong] Co Author Listing * Lossless Compression Using Joint Predictor for Astronomical Images
* P3SGD: Patient Privacy Preserving SGD for Regularizing Deep CNNs in Pathological Image Classification
Includes: Wu, B.Z.[Bo Zong] Wu, B.Z.[Bo-Zong] Wu, B.Z.[Bing-Zhe]

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