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Wark, T.[Tim] Co Author Listing * On the Statistical Determination of Optimal Camera Configurations in Large Scale Surveillance Networks
* Optimal Camera Planning Under Versatile User Constraints in Multi-Camera Image Processing Systems
* Self-calibration of wireless cameras with restricted degrees of freedom
* Spatio Temporal Feature Evaluation for Action Recognition
Includes: Wark, T.[Tim] Wark, T.

Wark, T.J.[Timothy J.] Co Author Listing * Approach to Statistical Lip Modelling for Speaker Identification via Chromatic Feature Extraction, An
* Exploration of Feature Detector Performance in the Thermal-Infrared Modality, An
* Robust Speaker Verification via Asynchronous Fusion of Speech and Lip Information
Includes: Wark, T.J.[Timothy J.] Wark, T.J.

Warkentin, K.[Kelsey] Co Author Listing * Shrub Fractional Cover Estimation and Mapping of San Clemente Island Shrubland Based on Airborne Multispectral Imagery and Lidar Data

Warkentin, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Weakly Supervised Learning of Dense Semantic Correspondences and Segmentation

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