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Wan cun, Z.[Zhou] Co Author Listing * Study on Land Use Changes of Wenchuan Disaster Area Based on RS and GIS, The
Includes: Wan cun, Z.[Zhou] Wan-cun, Z.[Zhou]

Wan Mohd, W.M.N. Co Author Listing * Albedo Pattern Recognition And Time-series Analyses In Malaysia

Wan, A. Co Author Listing * Recovering Camera Pose from Omni-directional Images

Wan, A.S.K. Co Author Listing * robust method for recovering geometric proxy from multiple panoramic images, A

Wan, B.[Bin] Co Author Listing * On-line signature verification with two-stage statistical models

Wan, B.K.[Bai Kun] Co Author Listing * Infrared gait recognition based on wavelet transform and support vector machine
Includes: Wan, B.K.[Bai Kun] Wan, B.K.[Bai-Kun]

Wan, C.[Cheng] Co Author Listing * Computing multiple view geometry in space-time from mutual projections of multiple cameras
* Computing Spatio-Temporal Multiple View Geometry from Mutual Projections of Multiple Cameras
* Content-based audio retrieval with relevance feedback
* Enhanced ISAR Imaging by Exploiting the Continuity of the Target Scene
* Hierarchical Sparse Signal Recovery by Variational Bayesian Inference
* ISAR Imaging of Maneuvering Targets Based on the Range Centroid Doppler Technique
* Multiple View Geometry for Curvilinear Motion Cameras
* Multiple View Geometry for Non-rigid Motions Viewed from Curvilinear Motion Projective Cameras
* Multiple View Geometry for Non-rigid Motions Viewed from Translational Cameras
* Multiple View Geometry in Dynamic Environment
* Multiple View Geometry under Projective Projection in Space-Time
Includes: Wan, C.[Cheng] Wan, C.[Chunru] Wan, C.
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Wan, C.B.[Cheng Biao] Co Author Listing * Integrated Compensation of Magnetometer Array Magnetic Distortion Field and Improvement of Magnetic Object Localization
Includes: Wan, C.B.[Cheng Biao] Wan, C.B.[Cheng-Biao]

Wan, C.C.[Chou Chen] Co Author Listing * efficient fractal image-coding method using interblock correlation search, An
Includes: Wan, C.C.[Chou Chen] Wan, C.C.[Chou-Chen]

Wan, C.D.[Cheng De] Co Author Listing * Tree-based Shape Descriptor for scalable logo detection
Includes: Wan, C.D.[Cheng De] Wan, C.D.[Cheng-De]

Wan, C.K.[Cheng Kai] Co Author Listing * Better Foreground Segmentation for Static Cameras via New Energy Form and Dynamic Graph-cut
* Markerless human body motion capture using Markov random field and dynamic graph cuts
* new algorithm for static camera foreground segmentation via active coutours and GMM, A
Includes: Wan, C.K.[Cheng Kai] Wan, C.K.[Cheng-Kai] Wan, C.K.

Wan, C.S.[Charles S.] Co Author Listing * Invariants, Indexing, and Single View Recognition

Wan, C.Y. Co Author Listing * Assessment Of Shadow Enhanced Urban Remote Sensing Imagery Of A Complex City: Hong Kong, An

Wan, D. Co Author Listing * Chameleon-Like Vision System, The
* Clustering-Based Feature Selection for Content Based Remote Sensing Image Retrieval
* Fingerprint Recognition Using Model-Based Density Map
* Multiresolution and Wide-Scope Depth Estimation Using a Dual-PTZ-Camera System
* Self-calibration of spherical rectification for a PTZ-stereo system
* Video Stabilization and Completion Using Two Cameras
Includes: Wan, D. Wan, D.[Dingsheng] Wan, D.[Dingrui]

Wan, D.R.[Ding Rui] Co Author Listing * Stereo vision using two PTZ cameras
Includes: Wan, D.R.[Ding Rui] Wan, D.R.[Ding-Rui]

Wan, F. Co Author Listing * Multiresolution Relaxation: Experiments and Evaluations
* Systolic neural network architecture for second order hidden Markov models
* Theorem Analysis on Optical Flow Estimation from Three Frames of Image Sequences, The
Includes: Wan, F. Wan, F.[Faguan]

Wan, F.Q.[Fang Qi] Co Author Listing * Direct relative orientation with four independent constraints
Includes: Wan, F.Q.[Fang Qi] Wan, F.Q.[Fang-Qi]

Wan, G.[Genxun] Co Author Listing * improved parallel thinning algorithm, An

Wan, G.H.[Guo Hong] Co Author Listing * Improved Active Contours Model Based on Morphology for Image Segmentation, An
Includes: Wan, G.H.[Guo Hong] Wan, G.H.[Guo-Hong]

Wan, G.W.[Guo Wei] Co Author Listing * incremental extremely random forest classifier for online learning and tracking, An
Includes: Wan, G.W.[Guo Wei] Wan, G.W.[Guo-Wei]

Wan, H.[Huagen] Co Author Listing * Optimization Techniques For Assembly Planning Of Complex Models In Large-scale Virtual Environments

Wan, H.F.[Hai Feng] Co Author Listing * Parallel Dynamic Convex Hull Algorithm Based on the Macro to Micro Model, A
Includes: Wan, H.F.[Hai Feng] Wan, H.F.[Hai-Feng]

Wan, H.K.[Hong Khoon] Co Author Listing * One-Pass Thinning Algorithm and Its Parallel Implementation, A
Includes: Wan, H.K.[Hong Khoon] Wan, H.K.[Hong-Khoon]

Wan, H.L.[Hong Lin] Co Author Listing * Non-ideal iris segmentation using anisotropic diffusion
Includes: Wan, H.L.[Hong Lin] Wan, H.L.[Hong-Lin]

Wan, J. Co Author Listing * Application of Radial Symmetry for Caldera Detection
* CSMMI: Class-Specific Maximization of Mutual Information for Action and Gesture Recognition
* Data driven multi-index hashing
* High definition IEEE AVS decoder on ARM NEON platform
* Identifying the Neuroanatomical Basis of Cognitive Impairment in Alzheimer's Disease by Correlation- and Nonlinearity-Aware Sparse Bayesian Learning
* Multimodal Neuroimaging Predictors for Cognitive Performance Using Structured Sparse Learning
* Multiresolution Rotation Invariant Simultaneous Auto Regressive Model for Texture Analysis
* Novel Hardware Architecture for Rapid Object Detection Based on Adaboost Algorithm, A
* RGB-D Based Multi-attribute People Search in Intelligent Visual Surveillance
* Sparse Bayesian multi-task learning for predicting cognitive outcomes from neuroimaging measures in Alzheimer's disease
Includes: Wan, J. Wan, J.[Ji] Wan, J.[Jie] Wan, J.[Jing] Wan, J.[Jiang]
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Wan, J.J.[Jing Jing] Co Author Listing * Identifying factors affecting drivers selection of unconventional outside left-turn lanes at signallised intersections
Includes: Wan, J.J.[Jing Jing] Wan, J.J.[Jing-Jing]

Wan, J.W.[Jian Wei] Co Author Listing * 3D free form object recognition using rotational projection statistics
* Rotational Projection Statistics for 3D Local Surface Description and Object Recognition
Includes: Wan, J.W.[Jian Wei] Wan, J.W.[Jian-Wei]

Wan, J.W.L. Co Author Listing * Continuous Method for Reducing Interpolation Artifacts in Mutual Information-Based Rigid Image Registration, A

Wan, K.W.[Kwok Wai] Co Author Listing * accurate active shape model for facial feature extraction, An
* Efficient multimodal features for automatic soccer highlight generation
* Identifying and learning visual attributes for object recognition
* Latent Model for Visual Disambiguation of Keyword-based Image Search, A
* Reliable Video Clock Time Recognition
* Topic Based Query Suggestions for Video Search
Includes: Wan, K.W.[Kwok Wai] Wan, K.W.[Kwok-Wai] Wan, K.W.[Kong-Wah] Wan, K.W.[Kong Wah]

Wan, L.[Liang] Co Author Listing * Cube2Video: Navigate Between Cubic Panoramas in Real-Time
* Efficient Wide-Baseline Dense Matching Descriptor, An
* Example-Based Color Transfer for Gradient Meshes
* Human action categories using motion descriptors
* Hybridization of particle swarm optimization with the K-Means algorithm for image classification
* Isocube-based spherical wavelet for image-based relighting
* Maximum Cohesive Grid of Superpixels for Fast Object Localization
* New Approach to Underwater Target Recognition, A
* Object Track in Underwater Sonar Images
* On-line signature verification with two-stage statistical models
* Rhombic Dodecahedron Map: An Efficient Scheme for Encoding Panoramic Video, The
* Scalable image co-segmentation using color and covariance features
* spectral-multiplicity-tolerant approach to robust graph matching, A
* Style-preserving English handwriting synthesis
Includes: Wan, L.[Liang] Wan, L.[Lili] Wan, L. Wan, L.[Li] Wan, L.[Lei]
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Wan, M.[Meng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive, Region-based, Layered Background Model for Target Tracking
* Automatic centerline extraction for virtual colonoscopy
* Curvature Minimization for Surface Reconstruction with Features
* Gradient Magnitude Based Region Growing Algorithm for Accurate Segmentation, A
* Identifying Video Forgery Process Using Optical Flow
* novel marker-less tumor tracking strategyonlow-rank fluoroscopic images for image-guided lung cancer radiotherapy, A
Includes: Wan, M.[Meng] Wan, M.[Ming] Wan, M.[Min] Wan, M.

Wan, M.H.[Ming Hua] Co Author Listing * Class mean embedding for face recognition
* Feature Extraction Based on Class Mean Embedding (CME)
* Feature extraction based on fuzzy class mean embedding (FCME) with its application to face and palm biometrics
* Feature extraction based on fuzzy local discriminant embedding with applications to face recognition
* New Banknote Number Recognition Algorithm Based on Support Vector Machine
Includes: Wan, M.H.[Ming Hua] Wan, M.H.[Ming-Hua]

Wan, N.[Neng] Co Author Listing * Filtering Strategy for Interest Point Detecting to Improve Repeatability and Information Content, A

Wan, P. Co Author Listing * 3-D Motion Estimation for Visual Saliency Modeling

Wan, P.F.[Peng Fei] Co Author Listing * Image de-quantization via spatially varying sparsity prior
* Optimal dependent bit allocation for AVS intra-frame coding via successive convex approximation
* robust interpolation-free approach for sub-pixel accuracy motion estimation, A
Includes: Wan, P.F.[Peng Fei] Wan, P.F.[Peng-Fei]

Wan, Q.[Qing] Co Author Listing * Conceptual Model for a Feature-Based Virtual Network, A
* Improved MUSIC Algorithm for Multiple Noncoherent Subarrays
* Sparse Signal Recovery via Multi-Residual Based Greedy Method
* Time Delay Estimation Based on Mutual Information Estimation
Includes: Wan, Q.[Qing] Wan, Q.[Qun]

Wan, Q.T.[Qing Tao] Co Author Listing * Image Tamper Detection using Mathematical Morphology

Wan, R.[Riyin] Co Author Listing * Fast Retrieval Methods for Images with Significant Variations

Wan, S.[Shuai] Co Author Listing * fast algorithm of bitstream extraction using distortion prediction based on simulated annealing, A
* Floating Model for Building Reconstruction from Topographic Maps and LIDAR Data
* Frame layer rate control for H.264/AVC with hierarchical B-frames
* Identifiability Analysis for Array Shape Self-Calibration Based on Hybrid Cramer-Rao Bound
* Rate-Distortion Criterion Based Picture Padding for Arbitrary Resolution Video Coding Using H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Motion-Compensated Prediction for Packet Loss Resilient Video Coding
Includes: Wan, S.[Shuai] Wan, S.[Sendo] Wan, S.

Wan, S.A.[Shu Ai] Co Author Listing * End-to-End Rate-Distortion Optimized Motion Estimation
* Error Robustness Scheme for Scalable Video Based on the Concatenation of LDPC and Turbo Codes
* Joint Source-Channel Coding for Wavelet-Based Scalable Video Transmission Using an Adaptive Turbo Code
* Lagrange Multiplier Selection for 3-D Wavelet Based Scalable Video Coding
* Lagrange multiplier selection in wavelet-based scalable video coding for quality scalability
* No-Reference Quality Assessment for Networked Video via Primary Analysis of Bit Stream
* novel objective no-reference metric for digital video quality assessment, A
* Pendant Drop Method for Interfacial Tension Measurement Based on Edge Detection
* Perceptually adaptive joint deringing-deblocking filtering for scalable video transmission over wireless networks
* Scalable Video Transmission Using Double Binary Turbo Code
* Spatial-temporal Video Quality Assessment Based On Two-level Temporal Pooling
Includes: Wan, S.A.[Shu Ai] Wan, S.A.[Shu-Ai]
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Wan, S.H.[Shou Hong] Co Author Listing * approach for image retrieval based on visual saliency, An
* Effective Image Retrieval Technique Based on Color Perception, An
* Novel Algorithm for Ship Detection Based on Dynamic Fusion Model of Multi-feature and Support Vector Machine, A
* Novel Robust Algorithm for Image Segmentation, A
* scalable metric learning-based voting method for expression recognition, A
* Scene recognition by jointly modeling latent topics
* Spontaneous facial expression recognition: A robust metric learning approach
Includes: Wan, S.H.[Shou Hong] Wan, S.H.[Shou-Hong] Wan, S.H.[Shao-Hua]
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Wan, S.J. Co Author Listing * partially supervised learning algorithm for linearly separable systems, A
* Variance based color image quantization for frame buffer display

Wan, S.Y.[Shu Yen] Co Author Listing * cluster assessment of facial attractiveness using fuzzy neural network classifier based on 3D Moiré features, The
* Efficient fuzzy-connectedness segmentation using symmetric convolution and adaptive thresholding
* Extracting medial curves on 3D images
* Extraction of the hepatic vasculature in rats using 3-D micro-CT images
* medial-surface oriented 3-d two-subfield thinning algorithm, A
* Parallel Thinning Algorithms on 3D (18, 6) Binary Images
* Seed-invariant Region Growing: Its Properties and Applications to 3-d Medical CT Images
* Symmetric Region Growing
* Three-Dimensional Topology Preserving Reduction on the 4-Subfields
Includes: Wan, S.Y.[Shu Yen] Wan, S.Y.[Shu-Yen] Wan, S.Y.
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Wan, T.[Tao] Co Author Listing * application of compressive sensing for image fusion, An
* Compressive image fusion
* Cross-modal topic correlations for multimedia retrieval
* Motion Capture of Hand Movements Using Stereo Vision for Minimally Invasive Vascular Interventions
* Multifocus image fusion based on robust principal component analysis
* Salient object detection in image sequences via spatial-temporal cue
* Segmentation of noisy colour images using cauchy distribution in the complex wavelet domain
* Segmentation-Driven Image Fusion Based on Alpha-Stable Modeling of Wavelet Coefficients
* Statistical Multiscale Image Segmentation via Alpha-Stable Modeling
* Statistical Multisensor Image Segmentation in Complex Wavelet Domains
* What color is an object?
Includes: Wan, T.[Tao] Wan, T.[Taoruan] Wan, T.
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Wan, T.R. Co Author Listing * Urban flood risk analysis for determining optimal flood protection levels based on digital terrain model and flood spreading model

Wan, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * 2007 AMI(DA) System for Meeting Transcription, The
* comparison of classification algorithms for the identification of smoke plumes from satellite images, A
* Expressive Visual Text-to-Speech Using Active Appearance Models
Includes: Wan, V.[Vincent] Wan, V.[Victoria]

Wan, W.[Wenbo] Co Author Listing * Contourlet transform based digital watermarking resisting 2D-3D conversion
* Logarithmic Spread-Transform Dither Modulation watermarking Based on Perceptual Model
* Multisource Data Fusion with Multiple Self-Organizing Maps
* Observing System Simulation Experiment Study on Imaging the Ionosphere by Assimilating Observations From Ground GNSS, LEO-Based Radio Occultation and Ocean Reflection, and Cross Link
* Optimal Matching of General Polygons Based on the Minimum Zone Error
* Quantitative Retrieval of Geophysical Parameters Using Satellite Data
Includes: Wan, W.[Wenbo] Wan, W. Wan, W.[Wei]

Wan, W.G.[Wang Gen] Co Author Listing * Multi-Task low-rank and sparse matrix recovery for human motion segmentation
Includes: Wan, W.G.[Wang Gen] Wan, W.G.[Wang-Gen]

Wan, W.H.[Wen Hua] Co Author Listing * 3-D localization and feature recovering through CAD-based stable pose calculation
* Accurate Matching of 2-Dimensional Shapes Using the Minimal Tolerance Zone Error
Includes: Wan, W.H.[Wen Hua] Wan, W.H.[Wen-Hua] Wan, W.H.

Wan, W.K.[Wade K.] Co Author Listing * AVS trick modes for PVR and VOD services
* Video compression for multicast environments using spatial scalability and simulcast coding

Wan, X. Co Author Listing * Camera Parameters Estimation and Evaluation in Active Vision System
* Computationally Efficient RF Interference Suppression Method With Closed-Form Maximum Likelihood Estimator for HF Surface Wave Over-The-Horizon Radars
* Description of 3-D Object in Range Image
* Dynamic range analysis for the implementation of fast transform
* Improved Algorithm Used In Automatic Matching for Low-altitude Aerial Image, An
* interactive approach to image retrieval using multiple seed images, An
* New Approach to Image Retrieval with Hierarchical Color Clustering, A
* On-line Chinese Character Recognition System for Overlapping Samples
* Photogrammetric techniques for power line ranging
Includes: Wan, X. Wan, X.[Xiang] Wan, X.[Xia] Wan, X.[Xue]
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Wan, Y.[Yi] Co Author Listing * Accelerating the Optimization of Requantization Codebook for Vector Quantization
* Action Recognition with Temporal Relationships
* Application of computational anatomy methods to MRI data for the diagnosis of Alzheimer'S disease
* Clustering by Sorting Potential Values (CSPV): A novel potential-based clustering method
* Dynamic Queuing Network Model for Flow Contingency Management
* Fuzzy Synthesis-Decision Model of Software Optimum Design
* Improved Algorithm Used In Automatic Matching for Low-altitude Aerial Image, An
* Joint Exact Histogram Specification and Image Enhancement Through the Wavelet Transform
* New Approach for Subway Tunnel Deformation Monitoring: High-resolution Terrestrial Laser Scanning, A
* New Multiscale Bayesian Model Averaging Framework for Texture Segmentation, A
* On the nature of variational salt-and-pepper noise removal and its fast approximation
* PHA: A fast potential-based hierarchical agglomerative clustering method
* Quasi-circular rotation invariance in image denoising
* Research On The Improved Image Dodging Algorithm Based On Mask Technique
* Scalable Methodology for Evaluating and Designing Coordinated Air-Traffic Flow Management Strategies Under Uncertainty, A
* Wavelet-based Statistical Model for Image Restoration, A
* Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Segmentation using Global-Constrained Hidden Markov Model and Image Registration
Includes: Wan, Y.[Yi] Wan, Y.[Yiwen] Wan, Y.
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Wan, Y.C.[You Chuan] Co Author Listing * Automatic determination of seamlines for aerial image mosaicking based on vector roads alone
* Flow to Generate DEM and Segment Buildings in Urban Areas from LIDAR Data, A
Includes: Wan, Y.C.[You Chuan] Wan, Y.C.[You-Chuan]

Wan, Y.F.[Yi Fei] Co Author Listing * email: Wan, Y.F.[Yi Fei]: wanyifei AT cps msu edu
* Fingerprint Image Enhancement: Algorithm and Performance Evaluation
* new fast algorithm using an adaptative structuring element applied to a counting device, A
Includes: Wan, Y.F.[Yi Fei] Wan, Y.F.[Yi-Fei] Wan, Y.F.[Yue Feng]

Wan, Y.H.[Yue Hua] Co Author Listing * Video Program Clustering Indexing Based on Face Recognition Hybrid Model of Hidden Markov Model and Support Vector Machine
Includes: Wan, Y.H.[Yue Hua] Wan, Y.H.[Yue-Hua]

Wan, Y.L.[Yan Li] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction based on Stereovision and Texture Mapping
* Automatic foreground extraction for images and videos
* Colour harmonisation for images and videos via two-level graph cut
* Efficient Wide-Baseline Dense Matching Descriptor, An
* Foreground prediction for bilayer segmentation of videos
* Illumination Robust Video Foreground Prediction Based on Color Recovering
* Image composition with color harmonization
* Low-resolution face recognition: a review
* robust and accurate self-calibration approach from unordered wide-baseline images, A
* Variations in BOLD response latency estimated from event-related fMRI at 3T: Comparisons between gradient-echo and Spin-echo
* Video matting via opacity propagation
Includes: Wan, Y.L.[Yan Li] Wan, Y.L.[Yan-Li] Wan, Y.L.[Yung-Liang]
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Wan, Y.P.[Ya Ping] Co Author Listing * Extracting Contours of Hydrothermal Chimney Undersea Images Based on Machine Vision
Includes: Wan, Y.P.[Ya Ping] Wan, Y.P.[Ya-Ping]

Wan, Z. Co Author Listing * Collusion-Resistant Conditional Access System for Flexible-Pay-Per-Channel Pay-TV Broadcasting, A

Wan, Z.N.[Zhong Nan] Co Author Listing * Algorithm of Inverse Log Polar Transform Based on Neighbor Pixels, An
Includes: Wan, Z.N.[Zhong Nan] Wan, Z.N.[Zhong-Nan]

Wanas, N.M.[Nayer M.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive fusion and co-operative training for classifier ensembles
* Data dependency in multiple classifier systems

Wanasinghe, T.R.[Thumeera R.] Co Author Listing * Decentralized Cooperative Localization for Heterogeneous Multi-robot System Using Split Covariance Intersection Filter

Wanat, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Application of the Laplacian Pyramid Decomposition to the Enhancement of Digital Dental Radiographic Images for the Automatic Person Identification
* Automatic Segmentation of Digital Orthopantomograms for Forensic Human Identification
* Extraction of Teeth Shapes from Orthopantomograms for Forensic Human Identification

Wand, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Wand, M.[Michael]:
* Generalized Intrinsic Symmetry Detection
* Isometric registration of ambiguous and partial data
* kaleidoscopic approach to surround geometry and reflectance acquisition, A
* Markerless Motion Capture with unsynchronized moving cameras
* Optimal HDR reconstruction with linear digital cameras
* Probabilistic Framework for Partial Intrinsic Symmetries in Geometric Data, A
* Wavelet belief propagation for large scale inference problems
Includes: Wand, M.[Michael] Wand, M.
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Wand, M.P. Co Author Listing * Kernel Smoothing

Wandekokem, E.D.[Estefhan Dazzi] Co Author Listing * Overproduce-and-Choose Strategy to Create Classifier Ensembles with Tuned SVM Parameters Applied to Real-World Fault Diagnosis, An

Wandell, B. Co Author Listing * Anisotropic Smoothing of Posterior Probabilities
* Segmenting Cortical Gray Matter for Functional MRI Visualization

Wandell, B.A. Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Retinex Theory of Color Vision
* Color Appearance and the Digital Imaging Pipeline
* Color Constancy: A Method for Recovering Surface Spectral Reflectance
* Color Image Fidelity Metrics Evaluated Using Image Distortion Maps
* Common principles of image acquisition systems and biological vision
* Development and Plasticity in Visual Cortex
* Image systems engineering at Stanford
* Linear Models of Surface and Illuminant Spectra
* Natural scene-illuminant estimation using the sensor correlation
* Natural scene-illuminant estimation using the sensor correlation
* Object-based illumination classification
* Prediction of preferred ClearType filters using the S-CIELAB metric
* Scene illuminant classification: brighter is better
* Spatio-spectral reconstruction of the multispectral datacube using sparse recovery
* Synthesis and Analysis of Color Images, The
Includes: Wandell, B.A. Wandell, B.A.[Brian A.]
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Wander, L.[Lars] Co Author Listing * Vision for road inspection

Wanderley, J.F.C. Co Author Listing * Multiscale Color and Texture Invariants for Image Recognition
* Multiscale color invariants based on the human visual system

Wanderley, M.[Marcelo] Co Author Listing * String Bowing Gestures at Varying Bow Stroke Frequencies: A Case Study

Wanderley, M.M.[Marcelo M.] Co Author Listing * Gesture Control of Sound Spatialization for Live Musical Performance
* Hybrid inverse motion control for virtual characters interacting with sound synthesis: Application to percussion motion
* Improving the Believability of Virtual Characters Using Qualitative Gesture Analysis
* Methods for Effective Sonification of Clarinetists' Ancillary Gestures
* Non-obvious Performer Gestures in Instrumental Music
* Performance Gestures of Musicians: What Structural and Emotional Information Do They Convey?
Includes: Wanderley, M.M.[Marcelo M.] Wanderley, M.M.

Wandke, H.[Hartmut] Co Author Listing * Gestural Interfaces for Elderly Users: Help or Hindrance?

Wandres, H. Co Author Listing * Automatic learning of structural models for workpiece recognition systems
* Development Tools for a Model Directed Workpiece Recognition System

Wanek, J. Co Author Listing * Frequency-based local content adaptive filtering algorithm for automated photoreceptor cell density quantification

Wanek, J.M.[Justin M.] Co Author Listing * Effect of aberrations and scatter on image resolution assessed by adaptive optics retinal section imaging

Wang, A. Co Author Listing * 3-D wavelet coding of video with arbitrary regions of support
* Adaptive Block-Wise Compressive Image Sensing Based on Visual Perception
* clustering algorithm combine the FCM algorithm with supervised learning normal mixture model, A
* Compatible Stereo Video Coding with Adaptive Prediction Structure
* Delineating low-count defective-contour SPECT lung scans for PE diagnosis using adaptive dual exponential thresholding and active contours
* improved lossless data hiding based on space filling curves, An
* LLSURE: Local Linear SURE-Based Edge-Preserving Image Filtering
* Multiple Description Video Coding Using Inter- and Intra-Description Correlation at Macro Block Level
* Multiple Order Graph Matching
* new automated delineation method for SPECT lung scans using adaptive dual-exponential thresholding, A
* novel real-time and progressive secret image sharing with flexible shadows based on compressive sensing, A
* Reducing Silicon Fingerprint Sensor Area
* Simple Method of Radial Distortion Correction with Centre of Distortion Estimation, A
* Steganalysis Based on Bayesion Network and Genetic Algorithm
* Steganography with Hash
* Stereo video coding using distributed compressive sensing with joint dictionary
* Texture Analysis Based Fusion Experiments Using High-resolution SAR and Optical Imagery
* Wavelet-Domain Distributed Video Coding with Motion-Compensated Refinement
* Wireless multicasting of video signals based on distributed compressed sensing
Includes: Wang, A. Wang, A.[Anhong] Wang, A.[Ai] Wang, A.[Alex] Wang, A.[Aiming] Wang, A.[Aiping] Wang, A.[Anne] Wang, A.[Aiqi]
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Wang, A.B. Co Author Listing * Coarse Classification of Chinese Characters Via Stroke Clustering Method
* Mesh simplification based on facial features region partition
* Optical recognition of handwritten Chinese characters by hierarchical radical matching method
* Recognition Of Handwritten Chinese Characters By Modified Relaxation Methods
* Recursive Hierarchical Radical Extraction for Handwritten Chinese Characters
* Recursive Hierarchical Scheme for Radical Extraction of Handwritten Chinese Characters, A
Includes: Wang, A.B. Wang, A.B.[An-Bing] Wang, A.B.[An-Bang]

Wang, A.H.[Ai Hua] Co Author Listing * Timing Acquisition for Bandlimited Long-Code DS-CDMA in Doubly-Selective Fading Channels
Includes: Wang, A.H.[Ai Hua] Wang, A.H.[Ai-Hua]

Wang, A.J.[Andrien J.] Co Author Listing * Cue-Based Segmentation of 4D Cardiac Image Sequences

Wang, A.L.[Ai Li] Co Author Listing * Multiwavelet-Based Region of Interest Image Coding
Includes: Wang, A.L.[Ai Li] Wang, A.L.[Ai-Li]

Wang, A.M.[Ai Ming] Co Author Listing * Reversible Data Hiding Based on Histogram Shifting
Includes: Wang, A.M.[Ai Ming] Wang, A.M.[Ai-Ming]

Wang, A.P.[Ai Ping] Co Author Listing * incremental extremely random forest classifier for online learning and tracking, An
Includes: Wang, A.P.[Ai Ping] Wang, A.P.[Ai-Ping]

Wang, A.S.[Albert S.] Co Author Listing * Intra compression of pixel blocks using predicted mean
* Sufficient Statistics as a Generalization of Binning in Spectral X-ray Imaging
Includes: Wang, A.S.[Albert S.] Wang, A.S.

Wang, A.X.[Ai Xue] Co Author Listing * Mosaic method of side-scan sonar strip images using corresponding features
Includes: Wang, A.X.[Ai Xue] Wang, A.X.[Ai-Xue]

Wang, B.[Bo] Co Author Listing * Abnormal crowd behavior detection using high-frequency and spatio-temporal features
* Accelerated cone beam CT reconstruction based on OpenCL
* Affinity learning via self-diffusion for image segmentation and clustering
* AMBER: Adapting multi-resolution background extractor
* Approach Based on Constrained Nonnegative Matrix Factorization to Unmix Hyperspectral Data, An
* approach based on self-organizing map and fuzzy membership for decomposition of mixed pixels in hyperspectral imagery, An
* Automated removal of ghost noise from SAR images using wavelet packet transform
* Automatic Registration Method for Fusion of ZY-1-02C Satellite Images
* Boosting part-sense multi-feature learners toward effective object detection
* Co-transduction for Shape Retrieval
* Co-Transduction for Shape Retrieval
* Color text image binarization based on binary texture analysis
* compact representation for scanned 3D objects, A
* Comparison Between Spectral Similarity Mapping and Correlation Algorithm in Spectral Imaging Application, The
* Coverage problems in sensor networks: A survey
* Cross-Layer Design for Delay-Constrained Error-Resilient Video Communications Over Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks
* Cumulus Cloud Synthesis with Similarity Solution and Particle/Voxel Modeling
* Data-Driven Hierarchical Structure Kernel for Multiscale Part-Based Object Recognition
* Decomposition of mixed pixels based on bayesian self-organizing map and Gaussian mixture model
* Design of A Novel Gait Simulator for Rehabilitation Training
* Development of a Remotely Operated Vehicle Test-bed
* Discrepancy measures for selecting optimal combination of parameter values in object-based image analysis
* Discriminative probabilistic kernel learning for image retrieval
* Distributed Rate Allocation and Performance Optimization for Video Communication Over Mesh Networks
* Double Compression Detection Based on Markov Model of the First Digits of DCT Coefficients
* Drosophila eye nuclei segmentation based on graph cut and convex shape prior
* Dynamic Label Propagation for Semi-supervised Multi-class Multi-label Classification
* Early Recurrence Improves Edge Detection
* Efficient and Realistic Cumulus Cloud Simulation Based on Similarity Approach
* Embedded Geometric Active Contour with Shape Constraint for Mass Segmentation
* Error-resilient wireless video transmission using motion-based unequal error protection and intra-frame packet interleaving
* Experimental Performance Study of a User Intensive and Large-scale Digital Library Framework
* Fast and Effective Retrieval of Plant Leaf Shapes
* Fast and Robust Level Set Method for Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy Clustering and Lattice Boltzmann Method, A
* fast multiview video transcoder for bitrate reduction, A
* Fully Constrained Linear Spectral Unmixing Algorithm Based on Distance Geometry, A
* Gabor-Based Tensor Level Set Method for Multiregional Image Segmentation, The
* Generalized transfer component analysis for mismatched JPEG steganalysis
* genetic algorithm with chromosome-repairing for min-# and min-epsilon polygonal approximation of digital curves, A
* GPU Accelerated Edge-Region Based Level Set Evolution Constrained by 2D Gray-Scale Histogram
* graph-based image annotation framework, A
* Identification of the defective transmission devices using the wavelet transform
* Illumination Normalization Based on Weber's Law With Application to Face Recognition
* Implementation, calibration and accuracy testing of an image-enhanced endoscopy system
* Improved Edge Representation via Early Recurrent Inhibition
* Independent Component Analysis for Blind Unmixing of Hyperspectral Imagery With Additional Constraints
* Integrating distance metric learning into label propagation model for multi-label image annotation
* Interactive Web Video Advertising with Context Analysis and Search
* Localized Consistency Principle for Image Matching under Non-uniform Illumination Variation and Affine Distortion, The
* Maintaining accuracy of cellular Yule-Nielsen spectral Neugebauer models for different ink cartridges using principal component analysis
* Mammographic mass segmentation: Embedding multiple features in vector-valued level set in ambiguous regions
* Mixed-Order MUSIC Algorithm for Localization of Far-Field and Near-Field Sources
* Mobile plant leaf identification using smart-phones
* modified Hausdorff distance using edge gradient for robust object matching, A
* Motion Dynamics Approach to the PnP Problem, The
* Multi-Kernel Implicit Curve Evolution for Selected Texture Region Segmentation in VHR Satellite Images
* multi-scale approach for seismic tomography, A
* Multiuser Rate Allocation Games for Multimedia Communications
* new scheme for extraction of affine invariant descriptor and affine motion estimation based on independent component analysis, A
* Nonlinear Adaptive Level Set for Image Segmentation, A
* Novel Spatial-Spectral Similarity Measure for Dimensionality Reduction and Classification of Hyperspectral Imagery, A
* Novel Speech Emotion Recognition Method via Incomplete Sparse Least Square Regression, A
* Object Recognition Using Junctions
* Patterns of weber magnitude and orientation for face recognition
* Performance Optimization of Wireless Video Sensor Networks using Swarm Optimization with Convex Mapping
* Recognition of multiple configurations of objects with limited data
* Recognition of objects in various situations from two dimensional images
* Recursive bilateral filter for encoder-integrated video denoising
* Relay Level Set Method for Automatic Image Segmentation, A
* Semi-supervised object recognition using structure kernel
* Shape Classification Using Tree-Unions
* Shape Retrieval Using Statistical Chord-Length Features
* Skeleton Graph Matching Based on Critical Points Using Path Similarity
* Sparse Subspace Denoising for Image Manifolds
* Spatially Adaptive Logarithmic Total Variation Model for Varying Light Face Recognition
* structured learning-based graph matching for dynamic multiple object tracking, A
* Structured Learning-Based Graph Matching Method for Tracking Dynamic Multiple Objects, A
* SURF cascade face detection acceleration on Sandy Bridge processor
* Totally-Corrective Multi-class Boosting
* Triangular Factorization-Based Simplex Algorithms for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Two-Stage Block-Based Whitened Principal Component Analysis with Application to Single Sample Face Recognition
* Ultrasound Speckle Reduction via Super Resolution and Nonlinear Diffusion
* Unsupervised metric fusion by cross diffusion
* Unsupervised metric learning by Self-Smoothing Operator
Includes: Wang, B.[Bo] Wang, B.[Bin] Wang, B. Wang, B.[Bing] Wang, B.[Bang] Wang, B.[Bei] Wang, B.[Botao] Wang, B.[Buyun] Wang, B.[Biao] Wang, B.[Be] Wang, B.[Bai] Wang, B.[Binyu]
84 for Wang, B.

Wang, B.B.[Bei Bei] Co Author Listing * Cooperative Peer-to-Peer Streaming: An Evolutionary Game-Theoretic Approach
* Discussion and Analyze on Image Fusion Technology
* Evolutionary games for cooperative P2P video streaming
* investigation of 3D dual-tree wavelet transform for video coding, An
* Two Pass H.264-Based Matching Pursuit Video Coder, A
* Video Coding Using 3D Dual-Tree Wavelet Transform
Includes: Wang, B.B.[Bei Bei] Wang, B.B.[Bei-Bei] Wang, B.B.[Bin-Bin]

Wang, B.G.[Bao Guang] Co Author Listing * Research of Vision Localization and Measuring System for Magnetic Field Distribution
Includes: Wang, B.G.[Bao Guang] Wang, B.G.[Bao-Guang]

Wang, B.H.[By Her] Co Author Listing * email: Wang, B.H.[By Her]: bwang AT flamingo stanford edu
* Context and Quasi-Invarinats in ATR with SAR Imagery
* Generic, Model-Based Estimation and Detection of Peaks in Image Surfaces
* Shape Retrieval Using Matching Pursuit Decomposition
* Texture Segmentation of SAR Images
Includes: Wang, B.H.[By Her] Wang, B.H.[By-Her] Wang, B.H. Wang, B.H.[Bin-Hai]

Wang, B.J.[Bao Jun] Co Author Listing * Particle Extraction and Quantitative Analysis of Soil Microstructure from SEM Using Spatial Analyst Tools in ArcGIS
* Quality-improved threshold visual secret sharing scheme by random grids
* Speeding Up Scalar Multiplication Using a New Signed Binary Representation for Integers
Includes: Wang, B.J.[Bao Jun] Wang, B.J.[Bao-Jun] Wang, B.J.[Bing-Jian] Wang, B.J.[Bang-Ju]

Wang, B.L.[Bei Lei] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Gabor Filtering Method and Its Application in Edge Detection, An
* Anisotropic 3-D Distance Transform Based on Contour Propagation
* Research on Chaos-Based Message Digest Method for Medical Images
Includes: Wang, B.L.[Bei Lei] Wang, B.L.[Bei-Lei] Wang, B.L.[Bo-Liang]

Wang, B.M.[Bor Min] Co Author Listing * Zero waiting-cycle hierarchical block matching algorithm and its array architectures
Includes: Wang, B.M.[Bor Min] Wang, B.M.[Bor-Min]

Wang, B.P.[Bang Ping] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy-based algorithm for color recognition of license plates
* Geometric Calibration of Projector Imagery on Curved Screen Based-on Subdivision Mesh
Includes: Wang, B.P.[Bang Ping] Wang, B.P.[Bang-Ping]

Wang, B.Q.[Bao Qian] Co Author Listing * Continuous Extraction of Subway Tunnel Cross Sections Based on Terrestrial Point Clouds
* improvement on consecutive Hamming method and its application to deciding the earthquake-prone regions, The
* Self-closure global registration for subway tunnel point clouds
* Two-Stage Fuzzy-Logic Architecture for Gray-Scale Image-Processing
Includes: Wang, B.Q.[Bao Qian] Wang, B.Q.[Bao-Qian] Wang, B.Q.[Bi-Quan] Wang, B.Q.

Wang, B.S.[Bonnie Shuan] Co Author Listing * comment on On the Mitchell similarity measure and its application to pattern recognition, A

Wang, B.T.[Bo Tao] Co Author Listing * Optimization of variational methods via motion-based weight selection and keypoint matching
Includes: Wang, B.T.[Bo Tao] Wang, B.T.[Bo-Tao]

Wang, B.W.[Bo Wei] Co Author Listing * Optimized rateless UEP codes for scalable video streaming
Includes: Wang, B.W.[Bo Wei] Wang, B.W.[Bo-Wei]

Wang, B.X.[Bo Xiong] Co Author Listing * Guidance Method in HDD Based on Rotating Magnetic Field
Includes: Wang, B.X.[Bo Xiong] Wang, B.X.[Bo-Xiong]

Wang, B.Y.[Bao Yuan] Co Author Listing * Action Recognition with Actons
* Adaptive blind channel equalisation in chaotic communications by using nonlinear prediction technique
* Can the classification capability of network be further improved by using quadratic sigmoidal neurons?
* Image annotation using high order statistics in non-Euclidean spaces
Includes: Wang, B.Y.[Bao Yuan] Wang, B.Y.[Bao-Yuan] Wang, B.Y. Wang, B.Y.[Bao-Yun]

Wang, C.[Chao] Co Author Listing * 3D Finite Element Modeling for Eddy Current Measurement Using Probe-Coil
* Acquiring 3d Model of Object by Motion-stereo
* Adaptive Image Resizing Algorithm in DCT Domain, An
* Adaptive non-local means filter for image deblocking
* Adaptive Video Presentation for Small Display While Maximize Visual Information
* algorithm for collision free navigation of an intelligent powered wheelchair in dynamic environments, An
* All the Images of an Outdoor Scene
* Analyzing Image Deblurring Through Three Paradigms
* Approach to Pose-Based Action Recognition, An
* Automatic recommendation of classification algorithms based on data set characteristics
* Automatic road extraction from mobile laser scanning data
* Automatic Road Vector Extraction for Mobile Mapping Systems
* Bag-of-Features Based Classification of Breast Parenchymal Tissue in the Mammogram via Jointly Selecting and Weighting Visual Words
* Bag-of-Features Based Medical Image Retrieval via Multiple Assignment and Visual Words Weighting
* Bipartite graph-based mismatch removal for wide-baseline image matching
* Blind Super-resolution for Single Image Reconstruction
* blind video watermark detection method based on 3D-DWT transform, A
* Boosted Learning of Visual Word Weighting Factors for Bag-of-Features Based Medical Image Retrieval
* Building and using a semantivisual image hierarchy
* Cascade framework for object extraction in image sequences
* CGT: A Fast Thinning Algorithm Implemented on a Sequential Computer
* Chrono-Gait Image: A Novel Temporal Template for Gait Recognition
* Civilian vessel classification with COSMO-SkyMed images based on feature analysis
* Classification of Unexploded Ordnance Using Incomplete Multisensor Multiresolution Data
* Closed water body extraction from low-solution and Low SNR meteorological satellite imagery based on MSER
* Coherent Scatterers Detection with Polarimetric SAR Sub-Aperture Analysis
* Common Visual Pattern Discovery via Directed Graph
* Common visual pattern discovery via directed graph model
* Common-Mode Differential-Mode (CMDM) Method for Double-Nuclear MR Signal Excitation and Reception at Ultrahigh Fields
* Comparison of Local Plane Fitting Methods for Range Data
* Comparison of Nonnegative Eigenvalue Decompositions With and Without Reflection Symmetry Assumptions
* Content-based image quality assessment of natural scene image distorted by quantization
* Contourlet-based image adaptive watermarking
* Coordinate Live Streaming and Storage Sharing for Social Media Content Distribution
* CyberC3: A Prototype Cybernetic Transportation System for Urban Applications
* De-Blocking Artifacts in DCT Domain Using Projection onto Convex Sets Algorithm
* Denoising Saliency Map for Region of Interest Extraction
* Depth Motion Detection: A Novel RS-Trigger Temporal Logic based Method
* Detecting Clouds and Cloud Shadows on Aerial Photographs
* Discrete Minimum Distortion Correspondence Problems for Non-rigid Shape Matching
* Down-Sampling Based Video Coding Using Super-Resolution Technique
* DPCC and QR factorization-based color medical image authentication algorithm
* Edge-Adapting Laplacian Kernel For Nonlinear Diffusion Filters, An
* Effect of Lane-Change Maneuvers on a Simplified Car-Following Theory, The
* Effective constructing training sets for object detection
* efficient illumination compensation based on plane-fit for face recognition, An
* Efficient Illumination Insensitive Object Tracking by Normalized Gradient Matching
* Efficient reversible image watermarking by using dynamical prediction-error expansion
* Experiments with Notaries About the Semiology of 3D Cadastral Models
* Exploring relations of visual codes for image classification
* Face recognition using Histogram of co-occurrence Gabor phase patterns
* Facial image-based gender classification using Local Circular Patterns
* Fast Edge-Preserved Postprocessing for Compressed Images
* Feature extraction using constrained maximum variance mapping
* First-order fusion of volumetric medical imagery
* Flattest histogram specification with accurate brightness preservation
* Frame Rate Up-Conversion Using Trilateral Filtering
* Gaze tracking by Binocular Vision and LBP features
* Generating vocabulary for global feature representation towards commerce image retrieval
* Generic Deformation Model for Dense Non-rigid Surface Registration: A Higher-Order MRF-Based Approach, A
* Graph Regularized Sparse Coding for Image Representation
* Ground-Texture-Based Localization for Intelligent Vehicles
* H-inf mode reduction for two-dimensional discrete state-delayed systems
* Hand Gesture Recognition Based on Perceptual Shape Decomposition with a Kinect Camera
* HFAG: Hierarchical Frame Affinity Group for video retrieval on very large video dataset
* Hierarchical data association and depth-invariant appearance model for indoor multiple objects tracking
* High capacity reversible image watermarking based on integer transform
* High-quality non-blind motion deblurring
* highly efficient, low delay architecture for transporting H.264 video over wireless channel, A
* Human Identification Using Temporal Information Preserving Gait Template
* Hyperspectral image classification with SVM-based domain adaption classifiers
* Image analysis by modified Legendre moments
* Image representation using Laplacian regularized nonnegative tensor factorization
* Impacts of Rapid Urbanization on the Thermal Environment: A Remote Sensing Study of Guangzhou, South China, The
* improved four-component decomposition with distributed double-bounce scattering model, An
* Improved Super-Resolution Reconstruction From Video
* Improving Graph Matching via Density Maximization
* Individual Dimension Gaussian Mixture Model for Speaker Identification
* InSAR Coherence Estimation for Small Data Sets and Its Impact on Temporal Decorrelation Extraction
* Kernel-based regularized-angle spectral matching for target detection in hyperspectral imagery
* Large-Scale Oceanic Variability Associated with the Madden-Julian Oscillation during the CINDY/DYNAMO Field Campaign from Satellite Observations
* Lattice Labeling Algorithms for Vector Quantization
* Layered image resizing in compression domain
* Learning Classifier System on a humanoid NAO robot in dynamic environments
* Learning context sensitive similarity measure on pair fusion graph
* Learning context-sensitive similarity by shortest path propagation
* Learning from adaptive neural control for a class of pure-feedback systems
* marked point process for automated tree detection from mobile laser scanning point cloud data, A
* Maximally stable curvature regions for 3D hand tracking
* method for gray-scale image thinning: the case without region specification for thinning, A
* Method Of 3d Measurement And Reconstruction For Cultural Relics In Museums, A
* Mismatch Removal for Wide-baseline Image Matching via Coherent Region-to-Region Correspondence
* Monitoring the Testing, Construction and as-Built Condition of Membrane Structures by Close Range Photogrammetry
* Multi-Camera Approach to Image-Based Rendering and 3-D/Multiview Display of Ancient Chinese Artifacts, A
* Multi-Channel Microstrip Transceiver Arrays Using Harmonics for High Field MR Imaging in Humans
* Multimodal remote sensing image registration using multiscale self-similarities
* Multiple HOG templates for gait recognition
* Necessary and Sufficient Convergence Conditions for Algebraic Image Reconstruction Algorithms
* non-supervised method for shoreline extraction using high resolution SAR image, A
* Nonedge-Specific Adaptive Scheme for Highly Robust Blind Motion Deblurring of Natural Images
* Nonlinearly Constrained MRFs: Exploring the Intrinsic Dimensions of Higher-Order Cliques
* novel extended local-binary-pattern operator for texture analysis, A
* Novel Multi-Focus Images Fusion Method Based on Bidimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition, A
* Novel Object of Interest Extraction Method for Mobile Mapping Systems, A
* Observation quality guaranteed layout of camera networks via sparse representation
* Off-line Chinese signature verification based on support vector machines
* Onboard Measurement and Warning Module for Irregular Vehicle Behavior
* Opacity volume based halo generation and depth-dependent halos
* Optical-to-SAR Image Registration Based On Gaussian Mixture Model
* Parallel Hybrid Video Coding Method Based on Noncausal Prediction with Multimode, A
* Pattern Matching for Heterogeneous Geodata Sources Using Attributed Relational Graph and Probabilistic Relaxation
* Perceptually friendly shape decomposition by resolving segmentation points with minimum cost
* Performance Comparison of Feature-Based Detectors for Spectrum Sensing in the Presence of Primary User Traffic
* Performance of reconstruction-based super-resolution with regularization
* PolSAR change detection for specific land cover type by testing equality of two PolInSAR coherency matrixes
* Quality Fusion Rule for Face Recognition in Video
* Reconstructing Videos From Multiple Compressed Copies
* Recursive algorithm, architectures and FPGA implementation of the two-dimensional discrete cosine transform
* Registration Based on Scene Recognition and Natural Features Tracking Techniques for Wide-Area Augmented Reality Systems
* Regularized dequantization for image copies compressed with different quantization parameters
* Regularized image restoration based on adaptively selecting parameter and operator
* Remote Sensing Analysis of the Status of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal
* Representative Multiple Kernel Learning for Classification in Hyperspectral Imagery
* Research on a Correction Method to Existing Grid-based DEM
* Robust Automatic Video-Conferencing with Multiple Cameras and Microphones
* Robust energy-to-peak filtering with improved LMI representations
* Robust frontal view search using extended manifold learning
* Robust frontal view search using multi-camera constrained Isomap
* Robust Head Pose Estimation by Machine Learning
* Robust head pose estimation using supervised manifold projection
* Robust Inter-Scale Non-Blind Image Motion Deblurring
* Salience Preserving Image Fusion with Dynamic Range Compression
* Scale invariant kernel-based object tracking
* Scene-Adaptive Hierarchical Data Association for Multiple Objects Tracking
* Segmentation, Ordering and Multi-object Tracking Using Graphical Models
* Semi-supervised object based digital measurable image sequence segmentation for MMS
* Separating hypersurfaces of SVMs in input spaces
* Separation of Ground and Low Vegetation Signatures in LiDAR Measurements of Salt-Marsh Environments
* Shielded Microstrip Array for 7T Human MR Imaging
* Ship detection based on eigenvalue-eigenvector decomposition and OS-CFAR detector
* Silhouette-based gait recognition via deterministic learning
* Simple Ensemble of Extreme Learning Machine
* Software Environment for Parallel Computer Vision, A
* Stereo Matching by Integrating Piecewise Surfaces Matched in Subranges of Depth
* SuperFloxels: A Mid-level Representation for Video Sequences
* Thinning of Gray-Scale Images with Combined Sequential and Parallel Conditions for Pixel Removal
* Tracking facial feature points with prediction-assisted view-based active shape model
* Unusual events detection based on multi-dictionary sparse representation using kinect
* Urban flood risk analysis for determining optimal flood protection levels based on digital terrain model and flood spreading model
* Usage-Oriented Performance Evaluation for Text Localization Algorithms
* Using mobile laser scanning data for automated extraction of road markings
* Using Stacked Generalization to Combine SVMs in Magnitude and Shape Feature Spaces for Classification of Hyperspectral Data
* Vessel Wall Segmentation Using Implicit Models and Total Curvature Penalizers
* Video Object Co-Segmentation via Subspace Clustering and Quadratic Pseudo-Boolean Optimization in an MRF Framework
* Viewpoint-Aware Representation for Sketch-Based 3D Model Retrieval
* Visualize Oracle Georaster Objects In Geoglobe System Under Internet Environment
Includes: Wang, C.[Chao] Wang, C. Wang, C.[Ci] Wang, C.[Charles] Wang, C.[Chi] Wang, C.[Chunyu] Wang, C.[Cheng] Wang, C.[Chen] Wang, C.[Ce] Wang, C.[Chong] Wang, C.[Chunle] Wang, C.[Chaohui] Wang, C.[Cong] Wang, C.[Chun] Wang, C.[Can] Wang, C.[Chunzai] Wang, C.[Chang] Wang, C.[Cui] Wang, C.[Chunliang]
156 for Wang, C.

Wang, C.A. Co Author Listing * Collision Detection of a Moving Polygon in the Presence of Polygonal Obstacles in the Plane
* Optimal Algorithms for the Intersection and the Minimum Distance Problems Between Planar Polygons

Wang, C.B.[Cheng Bo] Co Author Listing * 2D Gaborface representation method for face recognition with ensemble and multichannel model
* efficient illumination compensation based on plane-fit for face recognition, An
* Hybrid particle-grid fluid animation with enhanced details
* Real-Time Generation of Dynamic Wave Interaction
* Visualization and Analysis of Information for Checkin in LBS Mode
Includes: Wang, C.B.[Cheng Bo] Wang, C.B.[Cheng-Bo] Wang, C.B.[Chang-Bo]

Wang, C.C.[Chang Cheng] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Relationship between the Incident Angle and Polarimetric Signatures with POLSAR Data
* Demosaicing of Color Filter Array Captured Images Using Gradient Edge Detection Masks and Adaptive Heterogeneity-Projection
* Digital Emily Project: Achieving a Photoreal Digital Actor, The
* Extrinsic Calibration of a Vision Sensor Mounted on a Robot
* Fast Intra-Mode Decision in H.264 using Interblock Correlation
* integrated temporal error concealment for H.264/AVC based on spatial evaluation criteria, An
* Iterative clustering and support vectors-based high-confidence query selection for motor imagery EEG signals classification
* Linear Interpolation Algorithm for Spectral Filter Array Demosaicking, A
* Low-Cost Calibration Method for Automated Optical Mensuration Using A Video Camera, A
* Robust Estimating Three-Dimensional Ground Motions from Fusion of InSAR and GPS Measurements
* Robust PCT Method Based on Complex Least Squares Adjustment Method, A
* Senary Huffman Compression: A Reversible Data Hiding Scheme for Binary Images
* Study on Classification for Remote Sensing Image Based on BP Neural Network
* Subsampling and Interpolation Technique for Reversible Histogram Shift Data Hiding, A
* Video compression by bit-plane watermarking
Includes: Wang, C.C.[Chang Cheng] Wang, C.C.[Chang-Cheng] Wang, C.C. Wang, C.C.[Chuan-Chang] Wang, C.C.[Chou-Chen] Wang, C.C.[Chih-Cheng] Wang, C.C.[Chuan Chu] Wang, C.C.[Cong-Cong] Wang, C.C.[Chung-Chuan] Wang, C.C.[Chong-Chang] Wang, C.C.[Chuen-Ching]
15 for Wang, C.C.

Wang, C.C.L.[Charlie C. L.] Co Author Listing * Automatic PolyCube-Maps
* Fast Query for Exemplar-Based Image Completion
* Interactive Image Inpainting Using DCT Based Exemplar Matching
* Parallel and efficient Boolean on polygonal solids

Wang, C.C.R.[Chi Chen Raxle] Co Author Listing * AdaBoost Learning for Human Detection Based on Histograms of Oriented Gradients
* Automatic Vehicle Detection Using Local Features: A Statistical Approach
* Automatic Vehicle Detection Using Statistical Approach
Includes: Wang, C.C.R.[Chi Chen Raxle] Wang, C.C.R.[Chi-Chen Raxle]

Wang, C.D.[Chang Dong] Co Author Listing * Incremental support vector clustering with outlier detection
* Multi-Exemplar Affinity Propagation
* Multi-local model image set matching based on domain description
* Multiresolution Rotation Invariant Simultaneous Auto Regressive Model for Texture Analysis
* NPDA/CS: Improved Non-parametric Discriminant Analysis with CS decomposition and its application to face recognition
* Position regularized Support Vector Domain Description
* simple edge-preserving filtering technique for constructing multi-resolution systems of images, A
Includes: Wang, C.D.[Chang Dong] Wang, C.D.[Chang-Dong] Wang, C.D. Wang, C.D.[Chiou-Dong]
7 for Wang, C.D.

Wang, C.F.[Cheng Feng] Co Author Listing * efficient algorithm for fingerprint matching, An
* Image-Based Molding Effect Analysis of HWTD Sample
* Improved Cooperative Localization Algorithm for Multi-Platform on the Sea, An
Includes: Wang, C.F.[Cheng Feng] Wang, C.F.[Cheng-Feng] Wang, C.F.[Chao-Fan] Wang, C.F.[Cheng-Fei]

Wang, C.G.[Chang Guo] Co Author Listing * Novel Fuzzy Segmentation Approach for Brain MRI, A
* Statistical Level Set Framework for Segmentation of Left Ventricle, A
Includes: Wang, C.G.[Chang Guo] Wang, C.G.[Chang-Guo]

Wang, C.H.[Chen Hao] Co Author Listing * 3D Vehicle Extraction and Tracking from Multiple Viewpoints for Traffic Monitoring by using Probability Fusion Map
* Action Recognition Using Context-Constrained Linear Coding
* Action recognition via structured codebook construction
* Adaptive Background Model for Arbitrary-Long Stationary Target
* Adaptive Combination of Classifiers and Its Application to Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
* Adaptive Scene Text Detection Based on Transferring Adaboost
* Analysis of Human Gait Bilateral Symmetry for Functional Assessment after an Orthopaedic Surgery
* Anisotropic virtual electric field for active contours
* Automated Low-cost Photogrammetry for Flexible Structure Monitoring
* Buffer Occupancy Feedback Security Control and Changing Encryption Keys to Protect MOD Services
* clustering algorithm combine the FCM algorithm with supervised learning normal mixture model, A
* Clustering-based locally linear embedding
* Conditional random field for text segmentation from images with complex background
* Content-Based Image Annotation Refinement
* Contextual Fisher kernels for human action recognition
* Coupled latent least squares regression for heterogeneous face recognition
* Cross-View Action Recognition via a Continuous Virtual Path
* Data Transformation of the Histogram Feature in Object Detection
* Dense non-rigid surface registration using high-order graph matching
* Document Image Binarization Based on Stroke Enhancement
* Edgel index for large-scale sketch-based image search
* Efficient edge-based object tracking
* End-to-end scene text recognition using tree-structured models
* enhanced 0-1 mixed-integer LP formulation for traffic signal control, An
* Environment coupled metrics learning for unconstrained face verification
* Event Detection and Recognition using Histogram of Oriented Gradients and Hidden Markov Models
* fast approach to deformable surface 3D tracking, A
* Fast self-generation voting for handwritten Chinese character recognition
* Framework for Object Recognition in a Visually Complex Environment and Its Application to Locating Address Blocks on Mail Pieces, A
* Free Hand-Drawn Sketch Segmentation
* Globally-Preserving Based Locally Linear Embedding
* Gradient vector flow active contours with prior directional information
* Ground-based cloud classification using multiple random projections
* Human action recognition by bagging data dependent representation
* Human Action Recognition with Attribute Regularization
* Illumination estimation and cast shadow detection through a higher-order graphical model
* Integrated Segmentation and Recognition of Mixed Chinese/English Document
* Intrinsic dense 3D surface tracking
* Learning Co-occurrence of Local Spatial Strokes for Robust Character Recognition
* Learning context-aware sparse representation for single image super-resolution
* Learning of context-aware single image super-resolution
* Learning weighted features for human action recognition
* Long-Range Prediction for Real-Time MPEG Video Traffic: An H_infty Filter Approach
* Low Resolution Character Recognition by Image Quality Evaluation
* Markov Random Field modeling, inference & learning in computer vision & image understanding: A survey
* Modeling Interactions between Low-Level and High-Level Features for Human Action Recognition
* Modified Two-Class LDA Based Compound Distance for Similar Handwritten Chinese Characters Discrimination
* Modular hierarchical feature learning with deep neural networks for face verification
* Monocular 3D Tracking of Deformable Surfaces Using Linear Programming
* Moving object detection with mobile stereo omni-directional system (SOS) based on motion compensatory inter-frame depth subtraction
* Multi-label sparse coding for automatic image annotation
* Multi-scale Fusion of Texture and Color for Background Modeling
* Multiple Instance Learning Based Method for Similar Handwritten Chinese Characters Discrimination
* Multiplicative nonnegative graph embedding
* Neural stem cell segmentation using local complex phase information
* New Biologically Inspired Feature for Scene Image Classification, A
* New Data Transformation Method Based on Adaptive Binarization for Bag-of-Features Model, A
* New Integration Scheme with Multi-layer Perceptron Networkrs for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition, A
* New Method for Text Verification Based on Random Forests, A
* New Text Extraction Method Incorporating Local Information, A
* Nonlinear Metric Learning with Deep Independent Subspace Analysis Network for Face Verification
* Nonrigid stereo reconstruction using linear programming
* Novel Approach to Detect Ship-Radiated Signal Based on HMT, A
* Object Recognition in Structured and Random Environments: Locating Address Blocks on Mail Pieces
* Object Recognition in Visually Complex Environments: An Architecture for Locating Address Blocks on Mail Pieces
* Optimal multi-level thresholding using a two-stage Otsu optimization approach
* Optimized rateless UEP codes for scalable video streaming
* Oversegment an image to get the candidate detection windows
* Performance of a System to Locate Address Blocks on Mail Pieces
* Probabilistic models for supervised dictionary learning
* Recognizing Address Blocks on Mail Pieces: Specialized Tools and Problem-Solving Architecture
* Region Correspondence by Inexact Attributed Planar Graph Matching
* Region Correspondence for Color Scene Images Taken from Different Viewpoints
* Registering panoramic range data and omni-directional color image based on edge histograms
* Robust event detection by radial reach filter (RRF)
* Sample-size adaptive self-organization map for color images quantization
* Scalable Markov model-based image annotation
* scale of edges, The
* Scene modeling in global-local view for scene classification
* Scene Text Character Recognition Using Spatiality Embedded Dictionary
* Scene text detection using graph model built upon maximally stable extremal regions
* Scene Text Recognition Using Part-Based Tree-Structured Character Detection
* Scene Text Recognition Using Structure-Guided Character Detection and Linguistic Knowledge
* Simultaneous Cast Shadows, Illumination and Geometry Inference Using Hypergraphs
* Slant estimation for active vision using edge directions in omni-directional images
* SLD: A Novel Robust Descriptor for Image Matching
* Soft-signed sparse coding for ground-based cloud classification
* Sparse representation for face recognition based on discriminative low-rank dictionary learning
* Spatial-bag-of-features
* strategy of classification via sparse dictionary learned by non-negative K-SVD, A
* Text detection in images based on unsupervised classification of edge-based features
* Viewpoint invariant 3D landmark model inference from monocular 2D images using higher-order priors
* Visual word density-based nonlinear shape normalization method for handwritten Chinese character recognition
Includes: Wang, C.H.[Chen Hao] Wang, C.H.[Chen-Hao] Wang, C.H.[Chun-Heng] Wang, C.H. Wang, C.H.[Chun Hao] Wang, C.H.[Chang-Hong] Wang, C.H.[Chia-Hui] Wang, C.H.[Chang-Hu] Wang, C.H.[Chao-Hui] Wang, C.H.[Cheng-Hong] Wang, C.H.[Chun-Hao] Wang, C.H.[Chang-Heng] Wang, C.H.[Cai-Hua] Wang, C.H.[Cheng-Hao] Wang, C.H.[Chia-Hung] Wang, C.H.[Chung-Hsuan] Wang, C.H.[Ching-Huei] Wang, C.H.[Chao-Huang]
93 for Wang, C.H.

Wang, C.J.[Chong Jing] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Background Model for Arbitrary-Long Stationary Target
* Detecting Motion Patterns in Dynamic Crowd Scenes
* fast multi-view based specular removal approach for pill extraction, A
* Fully Automatic Player Detection Method Based on One-Class SVM, A
* Motion pattern analysis in crowded scenes based on hybrid generative-discriminative feature maps
* Novel Expression Deformation Model for 3D Face Recognition, A
* Representative Segment-Based Emotion Analysis and Classification with Automatic Respiration Signal Segmentation
* scene-based video watermarking technique using SVMs, A
Includes: Wang, C.J.[Chong Jing] Wang, C.J.[Chong-Jing] Wang, C.J.[Cheng-Jie] Wang, C.J.[Chuan-Jun] Wang, C.J.[Chi-Jen] Wang, C.J.[Chia-Jen]
8 for Wang, C.J.

Wang, C.K.[Cheng Kai] Co Author Listing * Airborne Dual-Wavelength LiDAR Data for Classifying Land Cover
* Automatic Music Stretching Resistance Classification Using Audio Features and Genres
* Building Detection and Structure Line Extraction from Airborne LIDAR Data
* Exploring Weak and Overlapped Returns of a Lidar Waveform with a Wavelet-Based Echo Detector
* N-gram inverted index structures on music data for theme mining and content-based information retrieval
* RESIC: A Tool for Music Stretching Resistance Estimation
Includes: Wang, C.K.[Cheng Kai] Wang, C.K.[Cheng-Kai] Wang, C.K.[Chao-Kun] Wang, C.K.

Wang, C.L.[Chun Li] Co Author Listing * Approach Based on Phonemes to Large Vocabulary Chinese Sign Language Recognition, An
* Comparison Between Etymon- and Word-Based Chinese Sign Language Recognition Systems, A
* Continuous Chinese Sign Language Recognition System, A
* Decentralized Positioning Method Based on Recursive Weighted Least Absolute Value Optimization for Wireless Sensor Networks, A
* Enhancing SVM Active Learning for Image Retrieval Using Semi-supervised Bias-Ensemble
* Expanding Training Set for Chinese Sign Language Recognition
* Fast Asynchronous Algorithm for Linear Feature Extraction on IBM SP-2, A
* Generating Data for Signer Adaptation
* HandTalker II: a Chinese sign language recognition and synthesis system
* High-Performance Computing for Vision
* High-throughput VLSI architectures for the 1-D and 2-D discrete cosine transforms
* image compression method based on multiple models for the probabilities of patterns, An
* Image Feature Extraction on Connection Machine CM-5
* Learning a hybrid similarity measure for image retrieval
* near-infrared imaging method for capturing the interior of a vehicle through windshield, A
* New 2-Dimensional Block Adaptive Fir Filtering Algorithm and Its Application to Image-Restoration, A
* New Hypothesis Distinctiveness Measure for Better Ellipse Extraction
* new spectral image assessment based on energy of structural distortion, A
* New systolic array implementation of the 2-D discrete cosine transform and its inverse
* Parallel Algorithms for Linear Approximation on Distributed Memory Machines
* Parallel Implementations of Perceptual Grouping Tasks on Distributed Memory Machines
* Performance Evaluation of the Nearest Feature Line Method in Image Classification and Retrieval
* Re-sampling for Chinese Sign Language Recognition
* Recognition Algorithm for Letter Digital Images Based on the Centroid, A
* Recognition of strong and weak connection models in continuous sign language
* Scalable Parallel Implementations of Perceptual Grouping on Connection Machine CM-5
* Study of Hierarchical Correlation Clustering for Scientific Volume Data, A
* Synthesis of 3D Model of a Magnetic Field-Influenced Body from a Single Image
* Verification Method for Viewpoint Invariant Sign Language Recognition, A
* Viewpoint Invariant Sign Language Recognition
* Visual Sign Language Recognition Based on HMMs and Auto-regressive HMMs
Includes: Wang, C.L.[Chun Li] Wang, C.L.[Chun-Li] Wang, C.L.[Chin-Liang] Wang, C.L. Wang, C.L.[Ching-Lin] Wang, C.L.[Cho-Li] Wang, C.L.[Chang-Li] Wang, C.L.[Cui-Lan] Wang, C.L.[Cai-Ling] Wang, C.L.[Chang-Liang] Wang, C.L.[Chao-Li]
31 for Wang, C.L.

Wang, C.M.[Cheng Min] Co Author Listing * Bounds and Constructions on Optimal Constant Composition Codes
* Camera Parameter Determination from a Single View of a General Planar Calibration Object
* Cooperative Wireless Broadcast for Scalable Video Coding
* Detection of spectral signatures in multispectral MR images for classification
* Effective Search Approach to Camera Parameter Estimation Using an Arbitrary Planar Calibration Object, An
* Improved Color Mood Blending Between Images Via Fuzzy Relationship, An
* Novel Approach to Steganography in High- Dynamic-Range Images, A
* novel progressive refinement algorithm for full spectral rendering, A
* Standard-Compliant Virtual Meeting System with Active Video Object Tracking, A
* Two-Parameter Generate-and-Test Method for Camera Parameter Estimation with Any Planar Calibration Object, A
* Vehicle Detector Deployment Strategies for the Estimation of Network Origin-Destination Demands Using Partial Link Traffic Counts
Includes: Wang, C.M.[Cheng Min] Wang, C.M.[Cheng-Min] Wang, C.M. Wang, C.M.[Chuin-Mu] Wang, C.M.[Chung-Ming] Wang, C.M.[Chih-Ming]
11 for Wang, C.M.

Wang, C.N. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical N-Queen Decimation Lattice and Hardware Architecture for Motion Estimation, A
* Low complexity lossless video compression
* New Postprocessing Method for the Block-Based DCT Coding Based on the Convex-Projection Theory, A
* novel all-binary motion estimation (ABME) with optimized hardware architectures, A
* Perceptual dithering for octave subband image coding
* robust fine granularity scalability using trellis-based predictive leak, A
Includes: Wang, C.N. Wang, C.N.[Chung-Neng]

Wang, C.P.[Chun Po] Co Author Listing * Accurate Georegistration of Point Clouds Using Geographic Data
Includes: Wang, C.P.[Chun Po] Wang, C.P.[Chun-Po]

Wang, C.Q.[Cheng Qi] Co Author Listing * Embedded Online Palmprint Verification System Based on Ethernet
* Lateral Directional Axis Control of Aircraft Based on TECS
Includes: Wang, C.Q.[Cheng Qi] Wang, C.Q.[Cheng-Qi] Wang, C.Q.[Chang-Qing]

Wang, C.S.[Chang Shun] Co Author Listing * Epipolar Geometry Constraint Based View Synthesis Algorithm, An
* hybrid model for digital camera source identification, A
* Improved White-RGB Color Filter Array Based CMOS Imaging System for Cell Phones in Low-Light Environments, An
* Indexing and Retrieval Scheme of the Image Database Based on Color and Spatial Relations
* Novel Imaging Method for Cell Phone Camera in Low Ambient Light Conditions Using Flash and No-Flash Image Pairs, A
Includes: Wang, C.S.[Chang Shun] Wang, C.S.[Chang-Shun] Wang, C.S.[Cheng-Sheng] Wang, C.S.[Chang-Shuai] Wang, C.S.[Ching-Sheng]

Wang, C.T.[Cheng Tzu] Co Author Listing * Application of a Convolution Neural Network on Face and License Plate Detection, The
* Face Recognition Using Nearest Feature Space Embedding
* geometrically resilient robust image watermarking scheme using deformable multi-scale transform, A
* Mapping Geo-Hazard by Satellite Radar Interferometry
* Markov-based reversible data hiding method based on histogram shifting, A
* Modified Kernels-Alternated Error Diffusion Watermarking Algorithm for Halftone Images, A
* Optimised image retargeting using aesthetic-based cropping and scaling
* Performance Enhancement for DWT-HMM Image Watermarking with Content-Adaptive Approach
* Robust Audio Watermarking Based on Low-Order Zernike Moments
* Rotation-Invariant Secure Image Watermarking Algorithm Incorporating Steerable Pyramid Transform, A
* Tensor rank one differential graph preserving analysis for facial expression recognition
Includes: Wang, C.T.[Cheng Tzu] Wang, C.T.[Cheng-Tzu] Wang, C.T.[Chun-Tao] Wang, C.T.[Chih-Tien] Wang, C.T.[Chuan-Tao]
11 for Wang, C.T.

Wang, C.W.[Ching Wei] Co Author Listing * Automated morphological classification of lung cancer subtypes using H&E tissue images
* Automatic Morphological Classification of Lung Cancer Subtypes with Boosting Algorithms for Optimizing Therapy
* Effective Detection for Linear Up-Sampling by a Factor of Fraction
* Evaluation and Comparison of Current Fetal Ultrasound Image Segmentation Methods for Biometric Measurements: A Grand Challenge
* Image restoration with broken curve prediction
* Real Time Sobel Square Edge Detector for Night Vision Analysis
* Robust Pose Recognition of the Obscured Human Body
* Video Adaptation for Small Display Based on Content Recomposition
Includes: Wang, C.W.[Ching Wei] Wang, C.W.[Ching-Wei] Wang, C.W. Wang, C.W.[Chun-Wei]
8 for Wang, C.W.

Wang, C.X.[Chong Xiu] Co Author Listing * Attention driven face recognition: A combination of spatial variant fixations and glance
* Envelope Level Crossing Rate and Average Fade Duration of Nonisotropic Vehicle-to-Vehicle Ricean Fading Channels
* Fast Alternative for Template Matching: An ObjectCode Method, A
* Map Registration of Image Sequences Using Linear Features
* novel image tag saliency ranking algorithm based on sparse representation, A
* Relaxation Matching for Georegistration of Aerial and Satellite Imagery
* Spatial content-based scene similarity assessment
Includes: Wang, C.X.[Chong Xiu] Wang, C.X.[Chong-Xiu] Wang, C.X.[Cheng-Xiang] Wang, C.X.[Chen-Xu] Wang, C.X.[Cai-Xia]
7 for Wang, C.X.

Wang, C.Y.[Chang Yao] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Corner Detection Algorithm for Remote Sensing Image Based on Curvature Threshold, An
* All phase biorthogonal transform and its application in JPEG-like image compression
* Building Reconstruction from LIDAR Data
* Chinese Restaurant Game
* Designing JPEG Quantization Tables based on Human Visual System
* efficient method of cast shadow removal using multiple features, An
* Experiment in Multispectral, Multitemporal Crop Classification Using Relaxation Techniques, An
* FPGA Architecture for Real-Time Video Noise Estimation
* Improvements in Multispectral Image Smoothing
* Multispectral Image Smoothing Guided by Global Distribution of Pixel Values
* Multispectral Texture
* Segmentation of FLIR Images: A Comparative Study
* Some Experiments in Relaxation Image Matching Using Corner Features
* Statistical Ratio Rank Ordered Differences Filter for SeaWiFS Impulse Noise Removal
* Two Remarks on Multidimensional Texture Analysis
* Wavelet image coding using variable blocksize vector quantization with optimal quadtree segmentation
Includes: Wang, C.Y.[Chang Yao] Wang, C.Y.[Chang-Yao] Wang, C.Y.[Cheng-You] Wang, C.Y. Wang, C.Y.[Ching-Yang] Wang, C.Y.[Chun-Yan] Wang, C.Y.[Cheng-Ye] Wang, C.Y.[Ching Yang]
16 for Wang, C.Y.

Wang, C.Z.[Cheng Zhang] Co Author Listing * Color face recognition based on 2DPCA
* improvement on consecutive Hamming method and its application to deciding the earthquake-prone regions, The
* Research On Differential Coding Method For Satellite Remote Sensing Data Compression
Includes: Wang, C.Z.[Cheng Zhang] Wang, C.Z.[Cheng-Zhang] Wang, C.Z.[Chun-Zhen] Wang, C.Z.

Wang, D.[Dan] Co Author Listing * Active Learning for Interactive Segmentation with Expected Confidence Change
* Adaptive Object-based Reconstruction of Intermediate Views from Stereoscopic Images, An
* Adaptive Reconstruction of Intermediate Views from Stereoscopic Images
* Adaptive source representation for distributed video coding
* Adaptive use of systematic bits in distributed video coding with multiple puncturing matrices
* Assessment of Long-Term Sensor Radiometric Degradation Using Time Series Analysis
* Automated Algorithm for Analysis of 2D Echocardiographic Short-Axis Images, An
* Automatic Registration of Multisensor Images Using an Integrated Spatial and Mutual Information (SMI) Metric
* Baseline Results for Violence Detection in Still Images
* Classification of Compound Images Based on Transform Coefficient Likelihood
* co-training framework for visual tracking with multiple instance learning, A
* comparison of illumination geometry-based methods for topographic correction of QuickBird images of an undulant area, A
* Composite derivative and edge detection
* Depth-Aware Image Seam Carving
* Discriminative analysis of skull morphology in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis patients: Comparative study with normal controls
* Distributed robust stabilization for a class of uncertain nonlinear multi-agent systems
* Effective correlation vector quantisation algorithm and its VLSI architecture
* Error Concealment For Slice Group Based Multiple Description Video Coding
* Exploring Locality of Reference in P2P VoD Systems
* Extending Bayesian RFS SLAM to multi-vehicle SLAM
* Fast and robust symmetry detection for brain images based on parallel scale-invariant feature transform matching and voting
* feature and spatial covariant kernel: Adding implicit spatial constraints to histogram, The
* Fragment-based tracking using online multiple kernel learning
* Fusion of intensity and inter-component chromatic difference for effective and robust colour edge detection
* Fusion of Satellite Land Surface Albedo Products Across Scales Using a Multiresolution Tree Method in the North Central United States
* Geometrical approach for rectification of single-lens stereovision system with a triprism
* Hardware optimizations of variable block size Hadamard transform for H.264/AVC FRExt
* High definition video intra-only coding based on node-cell macroblock pixel structure and 2-D interleaved DCT
* Hybrid De-Interlacing Algorithm Based on Motion Vector Reliability
* Image and Texture Segmentation Using Local Spectral Histograms
* Image Segmentation Based on GrabCut Framework Integrating Multiscale Nonlinear Structure Tensor
* Image Segmentation Using Local Spectral Histograms
* Image Thresholding Using Graph Cuts
* Improve the Robot Calibration Accuracy Using a Dynamic Online Fuzzy Error Mapping System
* In vivo tracking of 3D organs using spherical harmonics and subspace clustering
* Incremental MPCA for Color Object Tracking
* Incremental orthogonal projective non-negative matrix factorization and its applications
* Interactive video retrieval with rich features and friendly interface
* Isomorphic Manifold Inference for hair segmentation
* Learning a Contextual Multi-Thread Model for Movie/TV Scene Segmentation
* Learning structured concept-segments for interactive video retrieval
* Least Soft-Threshold Squares Tracking
* Linear Feature Detection on GPUs
* LLN-based Model-Driven Validation of Data Points for Random Sample Consensus Methods
* Local color editing using color classification and boundary inpainting
* Maximum Likelihood Estimation Sample Consensus with Validation of Individual Correspondences
* Mode tracking and diagnosis of hybrid systems, an integrated approach
* Modelling correlation degree between two adjacent signalised intersections for dynamic subarea partition
* Multilinear analysis based on image texture for face recognition
* Multislice Radio-Frequency Current Density Imaging
* Natural Image Composition with Inhomogeneous Boundaries
* new dynamical linearization based adaptive ILC for nonlinear discrete-time MIMO systems, A
* new gain function for compact exploration, A
* novel coarse-to-fine hair segmentation method, A
* novel fractional-order signal processing based edge detection method, A
* Novel Multi-Focus Images Fusion Method Based on Bidimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition, A
* Novel Texture-based Multi-linear Analysis Algorithm For Face Recognition, A
* novel two-tier Bayesian based method for hair segmentation, A
* Object tracking by multi-cues spatial pyramid matching
* Object Tracking via 2DPCA and L_1 -Regularization
* Object tracking with L2-RLS
* Object-Oriented Visual Saliency Detection Framework Based on Sparse Coding Representations, An
* Obtaining depth map from segment-based stereo matching using graph cuts
* One-round renormalization based 2-bin/cycle H.264/AVC CABAC encoder
* online core vector machine with adaptive MEB adjustment, An
* Online Object Tracking With Sparse Prototypes
* Online Visual Tracking via Two View Sparse Representation
* Optimised image retargeting using aesthetic-based cropping and scaling
* Phase plane-based variable structure control for switched reluctance motor direct torque control
* Pixel-Wise Spatial Pyramid-Based Hybrid Tracking
* Posterior Cramér-Rao Lower Bounds for Target Tracking in Sensor Networks With Quantized Range-Only Measurements
* Quality Metric for Video Sequences with Temporal Scalability
* Query representation by structured concept threads with application to interactive video retrieval
* Radio-Frequency Current Density Imaging Based on a 180° Sample Rotation With Feasibility Study of Full Current Density Vector Reconstruction
* Radiometric Compensation in a Projector-Camera System Based Properties of Human Vision System
* Range image segmentation based on randomized Hough transform
* Reading Newspaper Text
* Real Time 3D Visualization of Intraoperative Organ Deformations Using Structured Dictionary
* Realistic image synthesis of plant structures for genetic analysis
* Register Length Analysis and VLSI Optimization of VBS Hadamard Transform in H.264/AVC
* Relay Boost Fusion for Learning Rare Concepts in Multimedia
* Restoration of Defocus Blur Image Based on Global Phase Coherence
* robust multivariate reranking algorithm for Question Answering enrichment, A
* Saliency-driven scaling optimization for image retargeting
* Segmentation and tracking individual Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria in dense populations of motile cells
* Segmented rapid magnetic resonance imaging using structured sparse representations
* Simple Tree Detector Using Laser and Camera Fusion, A
* Slice group based multiple description video coding using motion vector estimation
* Sparse Frequency Diverse MIMO Radar Imaging for Off-Grid Target Based on Adaptive Iterative MAP
* Stochastic boosting for large-scale image classification
* Structure-preserving multiscale vessel enhancing diffusion filter
* Structured One-Class Classification
* Superchunk-Based Efficient Search in P2P-VoD System
* t-Test feature selection approach based on term frequency for text categorization
* Theoretical analysis of learning local anchors for classification
* Tri-Tracking: Combining Three Independent Views for Robust Visual Tracking
* Turbo Code Using Adaptive Puncturing for Pixel Domain Distributed Video Coding
* Two secret sharing schemes based on Boolean operations
* Understanding the External Links of Video Sharing Sites: Measurement and Analysis
* Updating Production Line System for National Topographical Database At 1:50k of China Based On Digital Map Generalization, An
* Validation of correspondences in MLESAC robust estimation
* Video object pursuit by tri-tracker with on-line learning from positive and negative candidates
* Video retrieval with multi-modal features
* Video search in concept subspace: a text-like paradigm
* Virtual camera calibration and stereo correspondence of single-lens bi-prism stereovision system using geometrical approach
* Visual Tracking via Discriminative Sparse Similarity Map
* Water Objects Extraction from Polarimetric SAR Imagery Based on Sequential Nonlinear Filtering and Independent Component Analysis
* Wavelet-based Multiresolution Statistical Model for Texture, A
* Weighted Averaging Method for Image Smoothing, A
Includes: Wang, D.[Dan] Wang, D. Wang, D.[Demin] Wang, D.[Dagang] Wang, D.[Dong] Wang, D.[Danwei] Wang, D.[Defeng] Wang, D.[Daolei] Wang, D.[Dongsheng] Wang, D.[Deming] Wang, D.[Dadong] Wang, D.[Di] Wang, D.[Dawei] Wang, D.[Datao] Wang, D.[Daoshun]
109 for Wang, D.

Wang, D.B.[Da Bao] Co Author Listing * Aircraft recognition in infrared image using wavelet moment invariants
Includes: Wang, D.B.[Da Bao] Wang, D.B.[Da-Bao]

Wang, D.C.[Da Cheng] Co Author Listing * Classification of Newspaper Image Blocks Using Texture Analysis
* Image Retrieval Based on Structured Local Binary Kirsch Pattern
* Parameter estimation for micro-Doppler signals based on cubic phase function
* Separation of micro-Doppler signals based on time frequency filter and Viterbi algorithm
* Single color image dehazing using sparse priors
Includes: Wang, D.C.[Da Cheng] Wang, D.C.[Da-Cheng] Wang, D.C.[De-Chen] Wang, D.C.[De-Chun] Wang, D.C.[Duo-Chao]

Wang, D.C.C. Co Author Listing * DECA: A Discrete-Valued Data Clustering Algorithm
* Digital Image Enhancement: A Survey
* Gradient Inverse Weighted Smoothing Scheme and the Evaluation of Its Performance
Includes: Wang, D.C.C. Wang, D.C.C.[David C.C.]

Wang, D.D.[Da Dong] Co Author Listing * Comparison Study of Two Energy Minimization Based Image Segmentation Methods
* Improved marker-controlled watershed segmentation with local boundary priors
* Membrane boundary extraction using circular multiple paths
* Non-Naive Bayesian Classifiers for Classification Problems With Continuous Attributes
Includes: Wang, D.D.[Da Dong] Wang, D.D.[Da-Dong] Wang, D.D.

Wang, D.F.[De Feng] Co Author Listing * Ellipsoidal support vector clustering for functional MRI analysis
* Using Tucker Decomposition to Compress Color Images
Includes: Wang, D.F.[De Feng] Wang, D.F.[De-Feng] Wang, D.F.[Dong-Fang]

Wang, D.H.[Dong Hui] Co Author Listing * 3D object recognition by fast spherical correlation between combined view EGIs and PFT
* All-Zero Block Mode Decision Algorithm for H.264/AVC Optimization, An
* approach for real-time recognition of online Chinese handwritten sentences, An
* CASIA Online and Offline Chinese Handwriting Databases
* CASIA-OLHWDB1: A Database of Online Handwritten Chinese Characters
* Character confidence based on N-best list for keyword spotting in online Chinese handwritten documents
* classification-oriented dictionary learning model: Explicitly learning the particularity and commonality across categories, A
* confidence-based method for keyword spotting in online Chinese handwritten documents, A
* Dictionary Learning Approach for Classification: Separating the Particularity and the Commonality, A
* Dynamic Text Line Segmentation for Real-Time Recognition of Chinese Handwritten Sentences
* Edge-Preserving Image Reconstruction Using Neural Network, An
* Error Reduction by Confusing Characters Discrimination for Online Handwritten Japanese Character Recognition
* Feature selection from high-order tensorial data via sparse decomposition
* Handwritten Chinese/Japanese Text Recognition Using Semi-Markov Conditional Random Fields
* ICDAR 2011 Chinese Handwriting Recognition Competition
* Integration of multi-feature fusion and dictionary learning for face recognition
* Keyword Spotting from Online Chinese Handwritten Documents Using One-vs-All Trained Character Classifier
* Learning class-specific dictionaries for digit recognition from spherical surface of a 3D ball
* Learning individual-specific dictionaries with fused multiple features for face recognition
* Learning structural conjunction of image content by sparse graphical model
* Learning-Based Candidate Segmentation Scoring for Real-Time Recognition of Online Overlaid Chinese Handwriting
* multi-task learning strategy for unsupervised clustering via explicitly separating the commonality, A
* Multiple feature fusion for face recognition
* News sports video shot classification with sports play field and motion features
* Online and offline handwritten Chinese character recognition: Benchmarking on new databases
* PFT Visual Attention Detection Model Using Bayesian Framework, A
* robust approach to text line grouping in online handwritten Japanese documents, A
* rule-based hierarchical framework for video parsing in compressed domain, A
* Semantics Modeling Based Image Retrieval System Using Neural Networks
* Soil Moisture Prediction with Feature Selection Using a Neural Network
* String-level learning of confidence transformation for Chinese handwritten text recognition
* Transcript Mapping for Handwritten Text Lines Using Conditional Random Fields
* Transfer heterogeneous unlabeled data for unsupervised clustering
Includes: Wang, D.H.[Dong Hui] Wang, D.H.[Dong-Hui] Wang, D.H.[Da-Han] Wang, D.H.[Dian-Hui] Wang, D.H.[De-Hong] Wang, D.H.[Dian-Hong]
33 for Wang, D.H.

Wang, D.J.[De Jun] Co Author Listing * 3-D Reconstruction of Shaded Objects from Multiple Images Under Unknown Illumination
* Cramer-Rao Low Bound of Radar Tracking by Exploiting the Correlativities of Multi-Dimension Resolution Cells
* Heavy-Tailed Model for Visual Tracking via Robust Subspace Learning
* Illumination Ratio Image: Synthesizing and Recognition with Varying Illuminations
* Level set methods, distance function and image segmentation
* Multivariate Laplace Filter: A heavy-tailed model for target tracking
* Quickly tracing detection for spread spectrum watermark based on effect estimation of the affine transform
* Towards Robust and Physically Plausible Shaded Stereoscopic Segmentation
* Weighted-Sample-Based Random Vector Generation algorithm for resampling, A
Includes: Wang, D.J.[De Jun] Wang, D.J.[De-Jun] Wang, D.J.[Dong-Jin] Wang, D.J.[Dao-Jing] Wang, D.J.[Dong-Jian]
9 for Wang, D.J.

Wang, D.J.J. Co Author Listing * Fast Local Trust Region Technique for Diffusion Tensor Registration Using Exact Reorientation and Regularization
* Metric Optimization for Surface Analysis in the Laplace-Beltrami Embedding Space

Wang, D.K.[Da Kai] Co Author Listing * Images similarity detection based on directional gradient angular histogram
Includes: Wang, D.K.[Da Kai] Wang, D.K.[Da-Kai]

Wang, D.L.[Dong Liang] Co Author Listing * Automatic determination of seamlines for aerial image mosaicking based on vector roads alone
* Image Segmentation Based on Oscillatory Correlation
* Image segmentation using local spectral histograms and linear regression
* LEGION-Based Automatic Road Extraction From Satellite Imagery
* OFDM Transmission for Time-Based Range Estimation
* Remote Sensing Image Segmentation by Combining Spectral and Texture Features
* Scene analysis by integrating primitive segmentation and associative memory
* Segmentation of Medical Images using LEGION
* Texture classification using spectral histograms
Includes: Wang, D.L.[Dong Liang] Wang, D.L.[Dong-Liang] Wang, D.L. Wang, D.L.[De-Liang] Wang, D.L.[Dong-Lin]
9 for Wang, D.L.

Wang, D.L.L.[De Liang L.] Co Author Listing * Boundary detection by contextual non-linear smoothing
* Oriented statistical nonlinear smoothing filter
Includes: Wang, D.L.L.[De Liang L.] Wang, D.L.L.[De-Liang L.]

Wang, D.M.[De Min] Co Author Listing * Binary image representation and coding by a double-recursive morphological algorithm
* Bounded Gray-Level Morphology and Its Applications to Image Representation
* Corner Detection Using Bending Value
* Curved wavelet transform and overlapped extension for image coding
* Curved Wavelet Transform for Image Coding
* Global Motion Parameters Estimation Using a Fast and Robust Algorithm
* Handling Disaggregate Spatiotemporal Travel Data in GIS
* Improvement of region-based motion estimation by considering uncovered regions
* lossless morphological sampling scheme for segmented image compression, A
* Morphological spatio-temporal simplification for video image segmentation
* Multiscale Gradient Algorithm for Image Segmentation Using Watersheds, A
* Rate distortion optimized curve determination for curved wavelet image coding
* Reliability measurement of disparity estimates for intermediate view reconstruction
* Segmentation-Based Motion-Compensated Video Coding Using Morphological Filters
* Shape Decomposition and Representation Using a Recursive Morphological Operation
* Stereoscopic image generation based on depth images
* Texture Classification and Segmentation Based on Iterative Morphological Decomposition
* Unsupervised Video Segmentation Based on Watersheds and Temporal Tracking
Includes: Wang, D.M.[De Min] Wang, D.M.[De-Min] Wang, D.M. Wang, D.M.[Dong-Mei]
18 for Wang, D.M.

Wang, D.P.[Der Perng] Co Author Listing * new algorithm for fitting a rectilinear x-monotone curve to a set of points in the plane, A

Wang, D.Q. Co Author Listing * Acquiring 3-D Spatial Data of a Real Object
* Digital Ink Recogntion Server for Handwritten Japanese Text, A
* Hierarchical Least Squares Estimation Algorithm for Hammerstein-Wiener Systems
* t-Test feature selection approach based on term frequency for text categorization
Includes: Wang, D.Q. Wang, D.Q.[Da-Qing] Wang, D.Q.[Dong-Qing] Wang, D.Q.[De-Qing]

Wang, D.R.[Da Ren] Co Author Listing * Spectrogram image encoding based on dynamic Hilbert curve routing
Includes: Wang, D.R.[Da Ren] Wang, D.R.[Da-Ren]

Wang, D.S.[De Sheng] Co Author Listing * active feedback framework for image retrieval, An
* Adaptive fuzzy switching filter for images corrupted by impulse noise
* Curvature Minimization for Surface Reconstruction with Features
* Dynamic depth recovery using belief propagation
* Fast prediction mode decision with hadamard transform based rate-distortion cost estimation for HEVC intra coding
* Linear Feature Extraction for Multiclass Classification Problems Based on Class Mean and Covariance Discriminant Information, A
* Measuring Terrain Information Using Multifractal and Wavelets in Terrain Navigation
* New Video Compression Algorithm for Very Low Bandwidth Using Curve Fitting Method, A
* Novel Probability Model for Background Maintenance and Subtraction, A
* On general construction for extended visual cryptography schemes
* On Variational Curve Smoothing and Reconstruction
* Polarization Multiplexing and Demultiplexing for Appearance-Based Modeling
* Polarization Multiplexing for Bidirectional Imaging
* Property Analysis of XOR-Based Visual Cryptography
* Stereo computation using radial adaptive windows
* Universal perceptual weighted zerotree coding for image and video compression
Includes: Wang, D.S.[De Sheng] Wang, D.S.[De-Sheng] Wang, D.S.[Dong-Sheng] Wang, D.S.[Deng-Shiang] Wang, D.S.[Dao-Shun] Wang, D.S.
16 for Wang, D.S.

Wang, D.W.[Ding Wen] Co Author Listing * 3D model representation using adaptive volumetric extended Gaussian image
* 3D Model Retrieval Based on Multi-Shell Extended Gaussian Image
* Cooperative ground target tracking with input constraints
* Fast Multi-template Matching Using a Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for PCB Inspection
* High-Resolution Imaging Using a Wideband MIMO Radar System With Two Distributed Arrays
* Monte Carlo Tracking Method with Threshold Constraint
* Multiple kernel-based multi-instance learning algorithm for image classification
* Two-Dimensional Imaging via a Narrowband MIMO Radar System With Two Perpendicular Linear Arrays
* Velocity-free fault tolerant control allocation for flexible spacecraft with redundant thrusters
Includes: Wang, D.W.[Ding Wen] Wang, D.W.[Ding-Wen] Wang, D.W.[Dan-Wei] Wang, D.W.[Ding-Wei] Wang, D.W. Wang, D.W.[Da-Wei] Wang, D.W.[Dian-Wei]
9 for Wang, D.W.

Wang, D.W.L.[David W.L.] Co Author Listing * Scale recovery in multicamera cluster SLAM with non-overlapping fields of view

Wang, D.X.[Ding Xing] Co Author Listing * Bayesian motion blur identification using blur priori
* Boosting image classification with LDA-based feature combination for digital photograph management
* Collaborative Approach for Image Annotation, A
* Different Role of Friction and Normal Force for Force-Based Signature Verification
* Inverting a canopy reflectance model using a neural network
* Potential-based hierarchical clustering
Includes: Wang, D.X.[Ding Xing] Wang, D.X.[Ding-Xing] Wang, D.X.[Dong-Xia] Wang, D.X.[Dang-Xiao] Wang, D.X.

Wang, D.Y. Co Author Listing * Image Segmentation By Multigrid Markov Random Field Optimization and Perceptual Considerations
* improved differential box-counting method to estimate fractal dimensions of gray-level images, An
* Perceptual Quantization of LPC Excitation Parameters
* Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis Pattern Recognition of Bacterial DNA: A Systemic Approach
* Quality enhancement of sinusoidal transform vocoders
* Retrieval-Based Face Annotation by Weak Label Regularized Local Coordinate Coding
Includes: Wang, D.Y. Wang, D.Y.[Da-Yong] Wang, D.Y.[Da-You]

Wang, D.Z.[Da Zhi] Co Author Listing * Fast Multi-template Matching Using a Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for PCB Inspection
Includes: Wang, D.Z.[Da Zhi] Wang, D.Z.[Da-Zhi]

Wang, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling of Topics in Time-Stamped Documents

Wang, E.K. Co Author Listing * Efficient Method for Obtaining Morphological Skeletons, An

Wang, E.P.[Er Peng] Co Author Listing * Design of Fuzzy Identification System for Patterns of Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow on LabVIEW
Includes: Wang, E.P.[Er Peng] Wang, E.P.[Er-Peng]

Wang, E.Q. Co Author Listing * Supermap GIS 6R: A Real Space GIS

Wang, E.Y.B.[Edward Yan Bing] Co Author Listing * Production of a video stream with synchronized annotations over a computer network
Includes: Wang, E.Y.B.[Edward Yan Bing] Wang, E.Y.B.[Edward Yan-Bing]

Wang, F.[Feng] Co Author Listing * Antenna Selection and Transmit Beamforming Switching Scheme for a MIMO System Operating Over a Varying Rician Channel
* Application of Pattern Recognition to the Acoustic Emission Signals of Carbon Steel
* Application of Terrestrial Laser Scanning For Heritage Conservation in Yungang Grotto
* Approach for Navigation in 3D Models on mobile Devices, An
* Automatic estimation of left ventricular dysfunction from echocardiogram videos
* Automatic Selection of Keyframes from Angiogram Videos
* Beyond Physical Connections: Tree Models in Human Pose Estimation
* Beyond the graphs: Semi-parametric semi-supervised discriminant analysis
* Camera Pose Estimation Based on Angle Constraints
* Cardiac disease detection from echocardiogram using edge filtered scale-invariant motion features
* computer vision model for visual-object-based attention and eye movements, A
* Conflict-Probability-Estimation-Based Overtaking for Intelligent Vehicles
* Cumulative residual entropy, a new measure of information and its application to image alignment
* curvature constraint Exemplar-based image inpainting, A
* Deblurring and Sparse Unmixing for Hyperspectral Images
* Digital Pathology: Data-Intensive Frontier in Medical Imaging
* Direction Finding Using Higher Order Statistics Without Redundancy
* Discriminative Method For Semi-Automated Tumorous Tissues Segmentation of MR Brain Images, A
* Distributed Geographic Information System on the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA), A
* Dual deblurring leveraged by image matching
* Dynamic bayesian network based event detection for soccer highlight extraction
* Echocardiogram view classification using edge filtered scale-invariant motion features
* Efficient multi-label classification with hypergraph regularization
* Exploiting spatio-temporal information for view recognition in cardiac echo videos
* Face hallucination via K-selection mean constrained sparse representation
* Face recognition using spectral features
* Fasciculography: Robust Prior-Free Real-Time Normalized Volumetric Neural Tract Parcellation
* Fast semi-supervised clustering with enhanced spectral embedding
* Feature Extraction by Maximizing the Average Neighborhood Margin
* Filtering Technology of Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry Image Based on Curvelet Transform
* Framework for Mining Signatures from Event Sequences and Its Applications in Healthcare Data, A
* Framework of Jitter Detection and Compensation for High Resolution Satellites
* Fuzzy-based algorithm for color recognition of license plates
* general learning framework using local and global regularization, A
* Gesture tracking and recognition for lecture video editing
* Graph dual regularization non-negative matrix factorization for co-clustering
* Groupwise point pattern registration using a novel CDF-based Jensen-Shannon Divergence
* Image Co-segmentation via Consistent Functional Maps
* Improved Particle Filter Algorithm Based on Markov Random Field Modeling in Stationary Wavelet Domain for SAR Image Despeckling, An
* Inequivalent manifold ranking for content-based image retrieval
* Information Extraction from Multimodal ECG Documents
* Interactive localized content based image retrieval with multiple-instance active learning
* Lecture Video Enhancement and Editing by Integrating Posture, Gesture, and Text
* Linear Neighborhood Propagation and Its Applications
* Localized content based image retrieval by multiple instance active learning
* Logarithmic Spread-Transform Dither Modulation watermarking Based on Perceptual Model
* Machine learning in medical imaging
* marginFace: A novel face recognition method by average neighborhood margin maximization
* Matrix-Based Approach to Unsupervised Human Action Categorization, A
* Medical prognosis based on patient similarity and expert feedback
* multilevel approach for learning from labeled and unlabeled data on graphs, A
* New Convex Optimization Model for Multiplicative Noise and Blur Removal, A
* Non-Rigid Multi-Modal Image Registration Using Cross-Cumulative Residual Entropy
* NPIC: Hierarchical Synthetic Image Classification Using Image Search and Generic Features
* Palmprint Recognition Under Unconstrained Scenes
* Push the Bottleneck of Streaming Media System from Streaming Media Server to Network
* Push the Bottleneck of Streaming Media System from Streaming Media Server to Network
* Pyramid Histograms of Motion Context with Application to Angiogram Video Classification
* Real-Time Rendering of Large Terrain on Mobile Device
* Reduction or annihilation of aberrations of an optical system by balancing ghost-imaging technique and optimal imaging of a pure weak phase object
* Robust kernel estimation for single image blind deconvolution
* Semi-Supervised Classification Using Linear Neighborhood Propagation
* Shape comparison using perturbing shape registration
* Shape-based matching of heart sounds
* Shape-Based Retrieval of Heart Sounds for Disease Similarity Detection
* Shape-based similarity retrieval of Doppler images for clinical decision support
* Simultaneous Nonrigid Registration of Multiple Point Sets and Atlas Construction
* Single Image Multi-focusing Based on Local Blur Estimation
* Strategy of combining random subspace and diversified active learning in CBIR
* Structuring low-quality videotaped lectures for cross-reference browsing by video text analysis
* Suboptimal Solutions to the Algebraic-Error Line Triangulation
* Successive Phase Sharing and Distributed Multiuser Precoding in Multirelay Systems
* Summarizing Rushes Videos by Motion, Object, and Event Understanding
* super-resolution method based on local sparse and global gradient, A
* Supervised Earth Mover's Distance Learning and Its Computer Vision Applications
* Suppression of Clutter in Multichannel SAR GMTI
* Three-Level Scheme for Real-Time Ball Tracking, A
* Towards Semantic 3D City Modeling and Visual Explorations
* Triplet markov fields with edge location for fast unsupervised multi-class segmentation of synthetic aperture radar images
* Unsupervised Clustering using Multi-Resolution Perceptual Grouping
* Unsupervised Maximum Margin Feature Selection with manifold regularization
* Unsupervised multi-class segmentation of SAR images using fuzzy triplet Markov fields model
* Unsupervised SAR Image Segmentation Using Higher Order Neighborhood-Based Triplet Markov Fields Model
Includes: Wang, F.[Feng] Wang, F.[Fang] Wang, F.[Fei] Wang, F.[Fan] Wang, F. Wang, F.[Fangju] Wang, F.[Fengxiang] Wang, F.[Frank]
83 for Wang, F.

Wang, F.C.[Fang Chao] Co Author Listing * adaptive H.264 video protection scheme for video conferencing, An
* Improved 2-D Maximum Entropy Threshold Segmentation Method Based on PSO, An
Includes: Wang, F.C.[Fang Chao] Wang, F.C.[Fang-Chao] Wang, F.C.[Feng-Chao]

Wang, F.G.[Feng Gang] Co Author Listing * Kind of Simulation Method about the Spray Head Movement Based on Image Chromaticity Array, A
* Transceiver Design for Hybrid One-Way and Two-Way Relay Networks
Includes: Wang, F.G.[Feng Gang] Wang, F.G.[Feng-Gang] Wang, F.G.[Fang-Gang]

Wang, F.H.[Feng Hua] Co Author Listing * Blind joint information and spreading sequence estimation for short-code DS-SS signal in asynchronous and synchronous systems
* Genetic watermarking based on transform-domain techniques
* Multi-user Based Watermarking System with Two-Security-Level Keys, A
* Multistage VQ Based Watermarking Technique with Fake Watermarks, A
Includes: Wang, F.H.[Feng Hua] Wang, F.H.[Feng-Hua] Wang, F.H.[Feng-Hsing]

Wang, F.M.[Fu Min] Co Author Listing * Different units of measurement of carotenoids estimation in cotton using hyperspectral indices and partial least square regression
* Time-recursive deinterlacing for IDTV and pyramid coding
Includes: Wang, F.M.[Fu Min] Wang, F.M.[Fu-Min] Wang, F.M.[Feng-Ming]

Wang, F.N.[Fei Nian] Co Author Listing * Estimation of coherent field attenuation through dense foliage including multiple scattering
Includes: Wang, F.N.[Fei Nian] Wang, F.N.[Fei-Nian]

Wang, F.P.[Fu Ping] Co Author Listing * Moving Object Extraction Using Compressed Domain Features of H.264 INTRA Frames
* Texture Analysis of Aerial Photographs
Includes: Wang, F.P.[Fu Ping] Wang, F.P.[Fu-Ping] Wang, F.P.[Far-Peing]

Wang, F.R. Co Author Listing * Arithmetic Method of Double-Injection-Electrode Model for Resistivity Measurement Through Metal Casing
* Hierarchy Approach for Singular Point Detection in Fingerprint Images, A
Includes: Wang, F.R. Wang, F.R.[Fu-Rong]

Wang, F.S.[Fang Shi] Co Author Listing * Automatic Annotation and Retrieval for Videos
* Automatic video annotation with adaptive number of key words
* Efficient early direct mode decision for multi-view video coding
* Hamiltonian Monte Carlo estimator for abrupt motion tracking
* Managing and Searching Distributed Multidimensional Annotations with Large Scale Image Data
* Robust Particle Tracker via Markov Chain Monte Carlo Posterior Sampling, A
Includes: Wang, F.S.[Fang Shi] Wang, F.S.[Fang-Shi] Wang, F.S.[Feng-Sui] Wang, F.S.[Fa-Sheng] Wang, F.S.[Fu-Sheng]

Wang, F.X.[Fu Xiang] Co Author Listing * Gaussian elimination based fast endmember extraction algorithm for hyperspectral imagery, A
* Study on the Land Use/Land Cover Changes in Three Gorges Reservoir Region Based on RS and GIS in the Last Decade, The
* Two-Dimensional Mid- and Near-Infrared Correlation Spectroscopy for Rhubarb Identification
Includes: Wang, F.X.[Fu Xiang] Wang, F.X.[Fu-Xiang] Wang, F.X.[Feng-Xia]

Wang, F.Y. Co Author Listing * Advances and Trends in Research and Development of Intelligent Transportation Systems: An Introduction to the Special Issue
* Approximate Vehicle Waiting Time Estimation Using Adaptive Video-Based Vehicle Tracking
* Data-Driven Intelligent Transportation Systems: A Survey
* DHP Method for Ramp Metering of Freeway Traffic
* efficient coordinate frame calibration method for 3-D measurement by multiple camera systems, An
* Growing Artificial Transportation Systems: A Rule-Based Iterative Design Process
* Guest Editorial Advanced Traveler Information Systems and Vision-Based Techniques for ITS
* Integrated longitudinal and lateral tire/road friction modeling and monitoring for vehicle motion control
* Intelligence and security informatics for homeland security: information, communication, and transportation
* Nonnegative Least-Correlated Component Analysis for Separation of Dependent Sources by Volume Maximization
* Parallel Control and Management for Intelligent Transportation Systems: Concepts, Architectures, and Applications
Includes: Wang, F.Y. Wang, F.Y.[Fei-Yue] Wang, F.Y.[Fa-Yu]
11 for Wang, F.Y.

Wang, F.Z.[Fu Zhong] Co Author Listing * Image Reconstruction with Initialized Boundaries from Primal Sketch
Includes: Wang, F.Z.[Fu Zhong] Wang, F.Z.[Fu-Zhong]

Wang, G.[Guozhong] Co Author Listing * adaptive covariance-based edge diffusion image enlargement method, An
* Adaptive Persistence Utilizing Motion Compensation for Ultrasound Images
* Atomic Action Features: A New Feature for Action Recognition
* Axiomatic Approach for Quantification of Image Resolution
* Axiomatic quantification of multidimensional image resolution
* Blind deblurring of spiral CT images
* Boosting for transfer learning from multiple data sources
* Building text features for object image classification
* Comparative object similarity for improved recognition with few or no examples
* comparative study on interpolation methods for controlled cardiac CT, A
* Convergence of the simultaneous algebraic reconstruction technique (SART)
* Convergence studies on iterative algorithms for image reconstruction
* Data Consistency Based Rigid Motion Artifact Reduction in Fan-Beam CT
* Data Consistency Based Translational Motion Artifact Reduction in Fan-Beam CT
* derivative-free noncircular fan-beam reconstruction formula, A
* design and implementation of dip arrow plot pattern recognition system, The
* Detection and Tracking of Single-Pixel Targets Based on Trajectory Continuity
* Discriminative Multimanifold Analysis for Face Recognition from a Single Training Sample per Person
* DSP-Based Parallel Implementation of Speeded-Up Robust Features
* Error protection for scalable image over 3g-ip network
* Fast Exact/Quasi-Exact FBP Algorithms for Triple-Source Helical Cone-Beam CT
* Feldkamp-type cone-beam tomography in the wavelet framework
* Filtered Backprojection Algorithm for Triple-Source Helical Cone-Beam CT, A
* From Images to Models: Automatic 3D Object Model Construction from Multiple Views
* Fusion of Median and Bilateral Filtering for Range Image Upsampling
* Gait-based gender classification in unconstrained environments
* General Exact Reconstruction for Cone-Beam CT via Backprojection-Filtration, A
* Grassmannian Subspace Prediction for Precoded Spatial Multiplexing MIMO With Delayed Feedback
* Guest Editorial Compressive Sensing for Biomedical Imaging
* Guest Editorial Toward Molecular Imaging
* High-Accuracy Sub-Pixel Registration for Noisy Images Based on Phase Correlation
* Human Detection with Occlusion Handling by Over-Segmentation and Clustering on Foreground Regions
* Human-Centric Indoor Environment Modeling from Depth Videos
* Image Set Classification Using Holistic Multiple Order Statistics Features and Localized Multi-kernel Metric Learning
* Image-to-Set Face Recognition Using Locality Repulsion Projections and Sparse Reconstruction-Based Similarity Measure
* Impact of Spectrum Sensing Frequency and Packet-Loading Scheme on Multimedia Transmission Over Cognitive Radio Networks, The
* Improved Object Categorization and Detection Using Comparative Object Similarity
* Instrumentation design of an image fusion based on biorthogonal wavelet
* Integral Invariants for Computed Tomography
* Interior Tomography With Continuous Singular Value Decomposition
* Iterative deblurring for CT metal artifact reduction
* Joint learning of visual attributes, object classes and visual saliency
* Joint-rerank: a novel method for image search reranking
* Learning Discriminative Hierarchical Features for Object Recognition
* Learning Image Similarity from Flickr Groups Using Fast Kernel Machines
* Learning image similarity from Flickr groups using Stochastic Intersection Kernel Machines
* Learning to Recognize Unsuccessful Activities Using a Two-Layer Latent Structural Model
* Learning to Share Latent Tasks for Action Recognition
* Low-Dose X-ray CT Reconstruction via Dictionary Learning
* Matched-Filter-Bank-Based 3-D Imaging Algorithm for Rapidly Spinning Targets, A
* Multiview discriminative learning for age-invariant face recognition
* Non-rigid Object Tracking as Salient Region Segmentation and Association
* Novel Hybrid Segmentation Method for Medical Images Based on Level Set, A
* novel learning approach to multiple tasks based on boosting methodology, A
* Novel Segmentation Method for Left Ventricular from Cardiac MR Images Based on Improved Markov Random Field Model, A
* Object image retrieval by exploiting online knowledge resources
* Object-Based Land Cover Classification for ALOS Image Combining TM Spectral
* On a Derivative-Free Fan-Beam Reconstruction Formula
* On the sampling of web images for learning visual concept classifiers
* Part-to-part morphing for planar curves
* Quality Monitoring Of Large Steel Buildings Using Terrestrial Lidar Technique
* Real Time Aerial Video Stitching via Sensor Refinement and Priority Scan
* Real-Time Human Detection Using Hierarchical HOG Matrices
* Registration and Integration of Multiple Object Views for 3D Model Construction
* regularization framework for multiclass classification: A deterministic annealing approach, A
* Relation Between the Filtered Backprojection Algorithm and the Backprojection Algorithm in CT
* RGBD-HuDaAct: A color-depth video database for human daily activity recognition
* Seeing People in Social Context: Recognizing People and Social Relationships
* Self-Clustering Symmetry Detection
* Single-Pixel Target Detection and Tracking System, A
* Spiral CT Image Deblurring for Cochlear Implantation
* Statistical Interior Tomography
* Tissue-Specific Compartmental Analysis for Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MR Imaging of Complex Tumors
* Tomography-Based 3-D Anisotropic Elastography Using Boundary Measurements
* Tree Filtering: Efficient Structure-Preserving Smoothing With a Minimum Spanning Tree
* Using Dependent Regions for Object Categorization in a Generative Framework
* Web 2.0 dictionary
* X-ray CT metal artifact reduction using wavelets: An application for imaging total hip prostheses
Includes: Wang, G.[Guozhong] Wang, G.[Gang] Wang, G. Wang, G.[Ge] Wang, G.[Guijin] Wang, G.[Guozheng]
78 for Wang, G.

Wang, G.A. Co Author Listing * Automatically detecting criminal identity deception: An adaptive detection algorithm

Wang, G.B.[Guo Bao] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Penalized Likelihood Image Reconstruction for Dynamic PET Quantification
* Bayesian Image Reconstruction for Improving Detection Performance of Muon Tomography
* biologically inspired method for estimating 2D high-speed translational motion, A
* Generalized Algorithms for Direct Reconstruction of Parametric Images From Dynamic PET Data
* Measurement of sinusoidal vibration from motion blurred images
* Optimization Transfer Algorithm for Nonlinear Parametric Image Reconstruction From Dynamic PET Data, An
* Parallel recursive computation of the inverse Legendre moment transforms for signal and image reconstruction
* Penalized Likelihood PET Image Reconstruction Using Patch-Based Edge-Preserving Regularization
* Recursive computation of Tchebichef moment and its inverse transform
* Statistical image reconstruction for muon tomography using Gaussian scale mixture model
Includes: Wang, G.B.[Guo Bao] Wang, G.B.[Guo-Bao]
10 for Wang, G.B.

Wang, G.C.[Gui Cai] Co Author Listing * Stereo Matching Algorithm Based on Image Segmentation and Features Point, A
Includes: Wang, G.C.[Gui Cai] Wang, G.C.[Gui-Cai]

Wang, G.D.[Guo Dong] Co Author Listing * Multi-class steganalysis for Jpeg stego algorithms
* Some fast projection methods based on Chan-Vese model for image segmentation
Includes: Wang, G.D.[Guo Dong] Wang, G.D.[Guo-Dong]

Wang, G.F.[Guo Fang] Co Author Listing * New Nonlocal H 1 Model for Image Denoising, A
* Nonlocal Version of the Osher-Solé-Vese Model, A
* Real-time detection via homography mapping of foreground polygons from multiple cameras
* Solution of Inverse Problems in Image-Processing by Wavelet Expansion
* Visual Tracking in Continuous Appearance Space via Sparse Coding
Includes: Wang, G.F.[Guo Fang] Wang, G.F.[Guo-Fang] Wang, G.F.[Gui-Fen] Wang, G.F. Wang, G.F.[Guo-Feng]

Wang, G.G.[Guo Gang] Co Author Listing * Fast Hausdorff Matching Algorithm between Infrared and Optical Image Using PBIL Strategies, A
Includes: Wang, G.G.[Guo Gang] Wang, G.G.[Guo-Gang]

Wang, G.H.[Guang Hui] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Computational Model for Salient Object Detection, An
* Adaptive semantic Bayesian framework for image attention
* Adaptive Threshold Algorithm Combining Shifting Window Difference and Forward-Backward Difference in Real-Time R-Wave Detection, An
* Camera calibration and 3D reconstruction from a single view based on scene constraints
* Camera Self-Calibration and Three Dimensional Reconstruction under Quasi-Perspective Projection
* Camera Self-calibration under the Constraint of Distant Plane
* Deformation Weight Constraint and 3D Reconstruction of Nonrigid Objects
* Euclidean reconstruction of a circular truncated cone only from its uncalibrated contours
* Face Recognition Based on Wavelet-Curvelet-Fractal Technique
* Guide to Three Dimensional Structure and Motion Factorization
* Image matching using enclosed region detector
* Implementation and Experimental Study on Fast Object Modeling Based on Multiple Structured Stripes
* impossibility of affine reconstruction from perspective image pairs obtained by a translating camera with varying parameters, The
* Kruppa equation based camera calibration from homography induced by remote plane
* Multi-Source Remote Sensing Images Matching Based on Improved Kaze Algorithm
* Multiband Radar Signal Coherent Fusion Processing With IAA and apFFT
* novel approach for single view based plane metrology, A
* Novel Pocket Intelligent One Lead ECG Monitor Based on Fingers Touching, A
* Perspective 3-D Euclidean Reconstruction With Varying Camera Parameters
* Pose Estimation from Circle or Parallel Lines in a Single Image
* quasi-perspective model: Geometric properties and 3D reconstruction, The
* Quasi-perspective Projection Model: Theory and Application to Structure and Motion Factorization from Uncalibrated Image Sequences
* Quasi-perspective projection with applications to 3D factorization from uncalibrated image sequences
* Reconstruction of structured scenes from two uncalibrated images
* Robust rank-4 affine factorization for structure from motion
* Robust Structure from Motion of Nonrigid Objects in the Presence of Outlying and Missing Data
* Rotation constrained power factorization for structure from motion of nonrigid objects
* Single view based pose estimation from circle or parallel lines
* Single view metrology from scene constraints
* Spatial-and-Temporal-Weighted Structure from Motion
* Structure and motion factorization under quasi-perspective projection with missing data in tracking matrix
* Structure and motion of nonrigid object under perspective projection
* Structure and Motion Recovery Based on Spatial-and-Temporal-Weighted Factorization
* Tracking and Pairing Vehicle Headlight in Night Scenes
* Two-View Geometry and Reconstruction under Quasi-perspective Projection
* UAV Aerial Photography Technology in Island Topographic Mapping
* Vehicle Headlights Detection Using Markov Random Fields
* What can we learn about the scene structure from three orthogonal vanishing points in images
Includes: Wang, G.H.[Guang Hui] Wang, G.H.[Guang-Hui] Wang, G.H.[Guo-Hua] Wang, G.H.
38 for Wang, G.H.

Wang, G.J.[Gene Jack] Co Author Listing * 3D segmentation of rodent brains using deformable models and variational methods
* Anomaly detection in surveillance video using motion direction statistics
* compact association of particle filtering and kernel based object tracking, A
* Deformable Part-Based Model Transfer for Object Detection
* Drastic Anomaly Detection in Video Using Motion Direction Statistics
* High-Accuracy and Quick Matting Based on Sample-Pair Refinement and Local Optimization
* Implementation of Scale and Rotation Invariant On-Line Object Tracking Based on CUDA
* incremental Bhattacharyya dissimilarity measure for particle filtering, An
* Interleaving Updating Framework of Disparity and Confidence Map for Stereo Matching, An
* Iterative transductive learning for alpha matting
* Iterative transductive learning for automatic image segmentation and matting with RGB-D data
* Kernel Based Image Registration Incorporating with Both Feature and Intensity Matching
* Kernel-Based On-Line Object Tracking Combining both Local Description and Global Representation
* Local matting based on sample-pair propagation and iterative refinement
* Multiple-Shot Person Re-Identification by Pairwise Multiple Instance Learning
* new framework for on-line object tracking based on SURF, A
* Online HOG Method in Pedestrian Tracking
* Partial Derivative Guidance for Weak Classifier Mining in Pedestrian Detection
* Person Re-Identification by Spatial Pyramid Color Representation and Local Region Matching
* POP: Person Re-identification Post-rank Optimisation
* Real-Time Human Detection System for Video, A
* Recovery of upper body poses in static images based on joints detection
* Robust Object Tracking via Combining Observation Models
* Scale and rotation invariant feature-based object tracking via modified on-line boosting
* Stereo Matching Using Local Plane Fitting in Confidence-Based Support Window
* Topology based affine invariant descriptor for MSERs
Includes: Wang, G.J.[Gene Jack] Wang, G.J.[Gene-Jack] Wang, G.J.[Gui-Jin]
26 for Wang, G.J.

Wang, G.L.[Guang Liang] Co Author Listing * Aerospace Base Map Supervision of the Second National Land Resources Investigation
* Efficient Low-Frequency Inversion of 3-D Buried Objects With Large Contrasts
* Integrated Registration of Range Images from Terrestrial LIDAR
* Research on optimized spatial data query algorithm in the spatial database
* Vision System for an Unmanned Helicopter Landing in Complex Environment
Includes: Wang, G.L.[Guang Liang] Wang, G.L.[Guang-Liang] Wang, G.L. Wang, G.L.[Guo-Li] Wang, G.L.[Gui-Ling] Wang, G.L.[Guan-Lin]

Wang, G.M.[Guang Ming] Co Author Listing * Real-time Simulation of Ship Motions in Waves
Includes: Wang, G.M.[Guang Ming] Wang, G.M.[Guang-Ming]

Wang, G.N.[Gi Nam] Co Author Listing * Speech authentication system using digital watermarking and pattern recovery
Includes: Wang, G.N.[Gi Nam] Wang, G.N.[Gi-Nam]

Wang, G.P.[Guo Ping] Co Author Listing * 3D Texture Mapping in Multi-view Reconstruction
* Adaptive figure-ground classification
* Algorithm of Planar Coded Pattern Recognition for Camera Calibration, An
* Bounding the Distance between a Loop Subdivision Surface and Its Limit Mesh
* Coarse scale cost-utility approach for efficient unequal loss protection
* Computerized Extraction of Craniofacial Anatomical Structures for Orthodontic Analysis
* Full Camera Calibration from a Single View of Planar Scene
* Hierarchical Stereo Matching: From Foreground to Background
* Improved error estimate for extraordinary Catmull-Clark subdivision surface patches
* Learning with progressive transductive support vector machine
* Locating Large-Scale Craniofacial Feature Points on X-ray Images for Automated Cephalometric Analysis
* Minimizing Geometric Distance by Iterative Linear Optimization
* Real-Time Rendering of Light Shafts on GPU
* Stereo Matching and 3-D Reconstruction for Optic Disk Images
Includes: Wang, G.P.[Guo Ping] Wang, G.P.[Guo-Ping]
14 for Wang, G.P.

Wang, G.Q.[Guo Qing] Co Author Listing * Characterization of the Simulated Procedure for Preparation of Dried Radix Rehmanniae Using IR-CWT-ICA Approach
* Orthogonal Neighborhood Preserving Discriminant Projections for Face Recognition
* Quasi-Mechanical Method for Solving the Rectangle Covering Problem: An Approach to Tackling NP Hard Problems, A
Includes: Wang, G.Q.[Guo Qing] Wang, G.Q.[Guo-Qing] Wang, G.Q.[Guo-Qiang] Wang, G.Q.

Wang, G.S.[Gui Song] Co Author Listing * Content based object retrieval with image primitive database
* Texture discrimination and classification using pulse images
Includes: Wang, G.S.[Gui Song] Wang, G.S.[Gui-Song]

Wang, G.T.[Guang Tao] Co Author Listing * Automatic recommendation of classification algorithms based on data set characteristics
* Selecting feature subset for high dimensional data via the propositional FOIL rules
Includes: Wang, G.T.[Guang Tao] Wang, G.T.[Guang-Tao]

Wang, G.W.[Gan Wen] Co Author Listing * Camera Calibration Using Vertical Lines
Includes: Wang, G.W.[Gan Wen] Wang, G.W.[Gan-Wen]

Wang, G.X.[Guo Xi] Co Author Listing * Adaptive spread-transform dither modulation using an improved luminance-masked threshold
* Calibration of Digitized Aerial Photographs for Forest Stratification, The
Includes: Wang, G.X.[Guo Xi] Wang, G.X.[Guo-Xi] Wang, G.X.

Wang, G.Y.[Guang Yu] Co Author Listing * Active entropy camera
* Changes in Vegetation Growth Dynamics and Relations with Climate over China's Landmass from 1982 to 2011
* Dynamic Component Deforming Model for Face Shape Reconstruction, A
* Efficient Method for Multiscale Small Target Detection from a Natural Scene
* Estimation-Based Approach for Range Image Segmentation: On the Reliability of Primitive Extraction, An
* Fast and Robust 2D-Shape Extraction Using Discrete-Point Sampling and Centerline Grouping in Complex Images
* Generic radial orthogonal moment invariants for invariant image recognition
* Hole-based traffic sign detection method for traffic signs with red rim
* Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging of Maneuvering Targets
* note on conic fitting by the gradient weighted least-squares estimation: refined eigenvector solution, A
* Phase Unwrapping and A Robust Chinese Remainder Theorem
* Quick Knowledge Reduction Based on Divide and Conquer Method in Huge Data Sets
* Radar imaging of moving targets in foliage using multifrequency multiaperture polarimetric SAR
* Real-time surveillance video display with salience
* Statistical Model to Describe Invariants Extracted from a 3-D Quadric Surface Patch and its Applications in Region-Based Recognition, A
* Three-dimensional ISAR imaging of maneuvering targets using three receivers
Includes: Wang, G.Y.[Guang Yu] Wang, G.Y.[Guang-Yu] Wang, G.Y.[Guo-Yin] Wang, G.Y. Wang, G.Y.[Guo-Yu] Wang, G.Y.[Guo-You] Wang, G.Y.[Gang-Yi] Wang, G.Y.[Gen-Yuan]
16 for Wang, G.Y.

Wang, G.Z. Co Author Listing * Bounds on the Moving Control Points of Hybrid Curves
* Camera free 3-dimensional virtual touch display with multi-user identification
* Parametric Polynomial Minimal Surfaces of Degree Six with Isothermal Parameter
* Shape-aware skeletal deformation for 2D characters
Includes: Wang, G.Z. Wang, G.Z.[Guo-Zhen] Wang, G.Z.[Guo-Zhao] Wang, G.Z.[Guo-Zheng]

Wang, H.[Hao] Co Author Listing * 1d Bar Code Reading On Camera Phones
* 3D Photogrammetric Processing of Worldview-2 Data Without GCP
* Abnormal Object Detection Using Feedforward Model and Sequential Filters
* Action recognition by dense trajectories
* Action recognition using linear dynamic systems
* Action Recognition Using Nonnegative Action Component Representation and Sparse Basis Selection
* Action Recognition with Improved Trajectories
* Adaptive Denoising by Singular Value Decomposition
* adaptive motion estimation algorithm based on evolution strategies with correlated mutations, An
* Adaptive shape prior in graph cut image segmentation
* Adaptive shape prior in graph cut segmentation
* Analysis of gray level corner detection
* Analytical study of RGB vertical stripe and RGBX square-shaped subpixel arrangements
* Annotating videos from the web images
* Application-Centric Routing for Video Streaming Over MultiHop Wireless Networks
* Aspect-Based Opinion Polling from Customer Reviews
* Automated Detection of Driver Fatigue Based on Entropy and Complexity Measures
* Automated Segmentation of Low-Light Level Imagery using Poisson MAP-MRF Labelling
* Automatic character location and segmentation in color scene images
* Automatic Detection of Magnetic Flux Emergings in the Solar Atmosphere From Full-Disk Magnetogram Sequences
* Automatic Detection of Prominence Eruption Using Consecutive Solar Images
* automatic system for multi-view face detection and pose estimation, An
* Automatic Video Object Segmentation using Graph Cut
* Axiomatic Approach to Feature Subset Selection Based on Relevance
* Bayesian Image Restoration and Segmentation by Constrained Optimization
* Boosting Incremental Semi-supervised Discriminant Analysis for Tracking
* Calibration of central catadioptric camera with one-dimensional object undertaking general motions
* Camera Readable 2D Bar Codes Design and Decoding for Mobile Phones
* Cardiac Motion and Deformation Recovery From MRI: A Review
* Cascade framework for task-space synchronization of networked robots with uncertain kinematics and dynamics
* Character-like region verification for extracting text in scene images
* Classification by evolutionary ensembles
* Clipboard: A Visual Search and Browsing Engine for Tablet and PC
* Clump splitting via bottleneck detection
* clustering-based method for unsupervised intrusion detections, A
* Color-based road detection in urban traffic scenes
* Combining singular points and orientation image information for fingerprint classification
* Comparison of Land Surface Water Mapping Using the Normalized Difference Water Index from TM, ETM+ and ALI, A
* Comprehensive Cardiac Motion Estimation Framework Using Both Untagged and 3-D Tagged MR Images Based on Nonrigid Registration, A
* Computational Approaches for Solving the Bas-Relief Ambiguity under Orthographic Projection
* Concept model-based unsupervised web image re-ranking
* Conditional Random Field Based Side-Information Fusion for Distributed Multi-View Video Coding
* Constrained nonlinear models of fingerprint orientations with prediction
* Constraint Neighborhood Projections for Semi-Supervised Clustering
* Contour Shape Description Based on an Arch Height Function
* Cooperative Scheduling Model for Timetable Optimization in Subway Systems, A
* Coordinate Live Streaming and Storage Sharing for Social Media Content Distribution
* Coordinating the Eyes, Head and Arm of an Autonomous Robot
* Corner detection based on modified Hough transform
* Correction of bias for motion estimation algorithms
* Correspondence Propagation with Weak Priors
* Cross-View Action Recognition over Heterogeneous Feature Spaces
* Dense Trajectories and Motion Boundary Descriptors for Action Recognition
* Design of A Novel Gait Simulator for Rehabilitation Training
* Desynchronized image fingerprint for large scale distribution
* Disparity interpolation for image synthesis
* Distributed robust stabilization for a class of uncertain nonlinear multi-agent systems
* Down-Sampling Design in DCT Domain With Arbitrary Ratio for Image/Video Transcoding
* Dyadic transfer learning for cross-domain image classification
* Dynamic random regression forests for real-time head pose estimation
* Early Determination of Zero-Quantized 8X8 DCT Coefficients
* Effective Approach to Detect Lesions in Color Retinal Images, An
* Efficient Algorithm of Both Frechet Derivative and Inversion of MCIL Data in a Deviated Well in a Horizontally Layered TI Formation Based on TLM Modeling, An
* Efficient Algorithms for Obtaining Algebraic Invariants from Higher Degree Implicit Polynomials for Recognition of Curved Objects
* Efficient Procedure for Removing Random-Valued Impulse Noise in Images, An
* Enhancing Exploration in Graph-like Worlds
* Enhancing Exploration in Topological Worlds with a Directional Immovable Marker
* Enhancing Exploration in Topological Worlds with Multiple Immovable Markers
* Enhancing multimedia streaming performance through peer-paired collaboration
* Estimation of Mouse Organ Locations Through Registration of a Statistical Mouse Atlas With Micro-CT Images
* Evaluation of Global Descriptors for Large Scale Image Retrieval
* Evaluation of local spatio-temporal features for action recognition
* Evolutionary gibbs sampler for image segmentation
* extended ICM algorithm for range image segmentation, An
* Extending Bayesian RFS SLAM to multi-vehicle SLAM
* Extensible electrical capacitance tomography system for gas-liquid two-phase flow
* Face Recognition System Using Multiple Face Model of Hybrid Fourier Feature Under Uncontrolled Illumination Variation
* Face Recognition with Weighted Kernel Principal Component Analysis
* Facial landmark localization via boosted and adaptive filters
* fast algorithm for computing optic flow and its implementation on a Transputer array, A
* fast and effective outlier detection method for matching uncalibrated images, A
* Fast and Robust Ellipse Detection Algorithm Based on Pseudo-random Sample Consensus, A
* Fast inter-layer mode decision in Scalable Video Coding
* fast motion segmentation algorithm based on hypothesis test for surveillance video coding, A
* Fast Relative Depth Computation for an Active Stereo Vision System
* feature extraction of nonparametric curves based on niche genetic algorithms and multi-population competition, The
* Feature Extraction with Genetic Algorithms Based Nonlinear Principal Component Analysis for Face Recognition
* Feature selection for subject identification in surveillance photos
* Fingerprint Indexing Based On Symmetrical Measurement
* Finite-State Markov Modeling for Wireless Channels in Tunnel Communication-Based Train Control Systems
* Formal Study of Shot Boundary Detection, A
* From label fusion to correspondence fusion: A new approach to unbiased groupwise registration
* Functional Model of SystemC-Based MPEG-2 Decoder with Heterogeneous Multi-IP-Cores and Hybrid-Interconnections Architecture, A
* Fusion algorithm for multisensor images based on discrete multiwavelet transform
* geometry and texture coupled flexible generalization of urban building models, A
* Graph-cut optimization of the ratio of functions and its application to image segmentation
* Gray Level Corner Detection
* Hand Posture Recognition from Disparity Cost Map
* Haze Removal from Single Images Based on a Luminance Reference Model
* Heterogeneous Visual Features Fusion via Sparse Multimodal Machine
* Hidden Conditional Random Field-Based Soccer Video Events Detection
* Hierarchical B-picture mode decision in H.264/SVC
* High-Capacity Steganography Scheme for JPEG2000 Baseline System, A
* High-Efficiency Fusion Method of Multi-Spectral Image and Panchromatic Image, A
* Human Action Recognition in Video via Fused Optical Flow and Moment Features: Towards a Hierarchical Approach to Complex Scenario Recognition
* Hybrid Perceptual Image Processing Using New Interpolating Wavelets
* Hyperspectral image classification with SVM-based domain adaption classifiers
* Hypothesis test on quality measures for synthetic aperture radar images
* Image annotation using bi-relational graph of images and semantic labels
* Image annotation using multi-label correlated Green's function
* Image Categorization Using Directed Graphs
* Image Denoising Using Trivariate Shrinkage Filter in the Wavelet Domain and Joint Bilateral Filter in the Spatial Domain
* Impact of no GCP on elevation extraction from WorldView stereo data
* Improvement in real-time obstacle detection system for USV
* Improving wavefront reconstruction accuracy by using integration equations with higher-order truncation errors in the Southwell geometry
* Inter mode decision based on Just Noticeable Difference profile
* Interactive geospatial object extraction in high resolution remote sensing images using shape-based global minimization active contour model
* Interlook Cross-Correlation Function of Speckle in SAR Images of Sea Surface Processed With Partially Overlapped Subapertures
* ISAR Imaging of Targets With Complex Motion Based on Discrete Chirp Fourier Transform for Cubic Chirps
* Joint Demosaicing and Subpixel-Based Down-Sampling for Bayer Images: A Fast Frequency-Domain Analysis Approach
* Joint Source-Channel Coding for Wireless Object-Based Video Communications Utilizing Data Hiding
* Kernels for acyclic digraphs
* Learning Auto-Structured Regressor from Uncertain Nonnegative Labels
* Local features by intensity increasing tendency for face recognition
* Local Gradient Increasing Pattern (LGIP) for Facial Representation and Gender Recognition
* Local gradient increasing pattern for facial expression recognition
* Local Two-Dimensional Canonical Correlation Analysis
* Lossless Hyperspectral-Image Compression Using Context-Based Conditional Average
* Markov random field modeled range image segmentation
* Matching and Tracking Strategy for Independently Moving Objects, A
* Minimization of MRF Energy With Relaxation Labeling
* Misalignment-Robust Face Recognition
* Misalignment-robust face recognition
* Mode-kn Factor Analysis for Image Ensembles
* Monitoring of Glacier Volume Variation from Multi-Source Data over Geladandong Area
* Multi-font printed Mongolian document recognition system
* Multi-label Feature Transform for Image Classifications
* Multi-label image annotation via Maximum Consistency
* Multi-label Linear Discriminant Analysis
* Multi-level inference by relaxed dual decomposition for human pose segmentation
* Multi-source color transfer for natural images
* Multi-task Sparse Learning with Beta Process Prior for Action Recognition
* Multilingual document recognition research and its application in China
* Multimedia Quality-Driven Network Resource Management Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks With Stream Authentication, A
* Multimodal Neuroimaging Predictors for Cognitive Performance Using Structured Sparse Learning
* Nearest Neighbors by Neighborhood Counting
* Neighborhood Counting Measure and Minimum Risk Metric
* New algorithms for geometric transformations of digital images and patterns
* new gain function for compact exploration, A
* New Network-Based Algorithm for Human Activity Recognition in Videos, A
* non-random data sampling method for classification model assessment, A
* Nonlinear Filtering Impulse Noise Removal from Corrupted Images
* Nonlinear phase portrait modeling of fingerprint orientation
* Novel 2-D MMSE Subpixel-Based Image Down-Sampling
* Novel Fast Method for L-inf Problems in Multiview Geometry, A
* Novel Fast Motion Estimation Method Based on Genetic Algorithm, A
* Novel Fast Self-restoration Semi-fragile Watermarking Algorithm for Image Content Authentication Resistant to JPEG Compression, A
* novel image restoration scheme based on structured side information and its application to image watermarking, A
* Novel Lane Model for Lane Boundary Detection, A
* novel noniterative metal artifact reduction method using coherence transport with fast marching in computed tomography, A
* Novel Object of Interest Extraction Method for Mobile Mapping Systems, A
* Novel Probabilistic Linear Subspace Approach for Face Applications, A
* Object class detection: A survey
* Object tracking by bidirectional learning with feature selection
* Object Tracking via Multi-task Gaussian-Laplacian Regression
* Offline Handwritten Arabic Character Segmentation with Probabilistic Model
* On Energy Efficient Encryption for Video Streaming in Wireless Sensor Networks
* Online Feature Selection with Streaming Features
* Optical-to-SAR Image Registration Based On Gaussian Mixture Model
* Ortho-rectification of HJ-1A/1B Multi-spectral Image Based on the GCP Image Database
* Orthorectification of Full-Polarimetric Radarsat-2 Data Using Accurate LIDAR DSM
* Packed Dense Interest Points for Scene Image Retrieval
* PAD Model Based Facial Expression Analysis
* parallel implementation of a structure-from-motion algorithm, A
* Perception-based shape retrieval for 3D building models
* Perceptual Characteristics of 3D Orientation, The
* Personal Mobility and Manipulation Appliance: Design, Development, and Initial Testing
* PFW: A Face Database in the Wild for Studying Face Identification and Verification in Uncontrolled Environment
* PID controller design for output PDFs of stochastic systems using linear matrix inequalities
* practical bit stream organization algorithm for robust H.264/SVC transmission, A
* Practical Solution to Corner Detection, A
* Probabilistic Patch-Based Label Fusion Model for Multi-Atlas Segmentation With Registration Refinement: Application to Cardiac MR Images, A
* Probability-based coding mode prediction for H.264/AVC
* Quality assessment for color images with tucker decomposition
* query integrity assurance scheme for accessing outsourced spatial databases, A
* Random linear network coding with ladder-shaped global coding matrix for robust video transmission
* Rate Control Optimization for Temporal-Layer Scalable Video Coding
* Rate-distortion Optimal Skeleton-based Shape Coding
* Real-Time 3D Motion Tracking with Known Geometric Models
* Real-Time Corner Detection Algorithm for Motion Estimation
* Real-Time Object Tracking from Corners
* Real-time pose estimation for outdoor, mobile robots using range data
* Regularized online Mixture of Gaussians for background subtraction
* Relaxation labeling of Markov random fields
* Resampling-based selective clustering ensembles
* Research of space target segmentation algorithm based on ToF camera
* Robust and discriminative distance for Multi-Instance Learning
* Robust Estimation of Rotation Angles from Image Sequences Using the Annealing M-Estimator
* Robust Hand-Eye Coordination
* Robust image corner detection based on scale evolution difference of planar curves
* Robust Maximum Likelihood estimation by sparse bundle adjustment using the L1 norm
* Robust Motion Segmentation by Spectral Clustering
* Robust representation and recognition of free-form objects
* Robust video multicast with joint network coding and video interleaving
* Sampling-Based Correlation Estimation for Distributed Source Coding Under Rate and Complexity Constraints
* Second-Order Implicit Polynomials for Segmentation of Range Images
* Secure Spread Image Watermarking Scheme in 3D-DCT Domain
* Secure Video Multicast Based on Desynchronized Fingerprint and Partial Encryption
* Self-calibration of hybrid central catadioptric and perspective cameras
* Semi-supervised object based digital measurable image sequence segmentation for MMS
* Semi-supervised Robust Dictionary Learning via Efficient l-Norms Minimization
* Simultaneous Image Classification and Annotation via Biased Random Walk on Tri-relational Graph
* Skeleton growing and pruning with bending potential ratio
* Solving the bas-relief ambiguity
* Source-Aware Nonuniform Information Transmission for Minimum Distortion
* Sparse multi-task regression and feature selection to identify brain imaging predictors for memory performance
* Static output feedback reliable controller design of nonlinear systems with multiple constraints
* Statistical Analysis of Tongue Images for Feature Extraction and Diagnostics
* Superpixel-Based Classification With an Adaptive Number of Classes for Polarimetric SAR Images
* Supervised class-specific dictionary learning for sparse modeling in action recognition
* Synchronized Submanifold Embedding for Person-Independent Pose Estimation and Beyond
* System for Video-Based Navigation for Endoscopic Endonasal Skull Base Surgery, A
* Target-tracking and path planning for vehicle following in jungle environment
* Tensor methods for hyperspectral data analysis: A space object material identification study
* Test generation algorithm for analog systems based on support vector machine
* Text detection, localization, and tracking in compressed video
* Three-dimensional modeling of a telerobot based on SolidWorks and Open Inventor
* Topology-Based Model for Railway Train Control Systems, A
* Toward Blind Scheduling in Mobile Media Cloud: Fairness, Simplicity, and Asymptotic Optimality
* Trace Ratio vs. Ratio Trace for Dimensionality Reduction
* Tracking as recognition: a stable 3D tracking framework
* Tracking of a Mobile Target Using Generalized Polarization Tensors
* TravelBuddy: Interactive Travel Route Recommendation with a Visual Scene Interface
* unified gradient domain method for seamless image processing, A
* Universal Rate Control Scheme for Video Transcoding, A
* Unsupervised and semi-supervised learning via l1-norm graph
* Versatile surface detail editing via Laplacian coordinates
* Vision based real-time pose estimation for intelligent vehicles
* Vision System for an Unmanned Helicopter Landing in Complex Environment
* Visualization of the Critical Patterns of Missing Values in Classification Data
* Watermarking-Based Perceptual Hashing Search Over Encrypted Speech
* Web-Based Traffic Sentiment Analysis: Methods and Applications
* Zero-quantised discrete cosine transform prediction technique for video encoding
Includes: Wang, H.[Hao] Wang, H. Wang, H.[Hai] Wang, H.[Heng] Wang, H.[Haoran] Wang, H.[Hui] Wang, H.[Han] Wang, H.[Hanli] Wang, H.[Huizhen] Wang, H.[Hong] Wang, H.[Helong] Wang, H.[Hongan] Wang, H.[Hanlei] Wang, H.[Hongyi] Wang, H.[Hailei] Wang, H.[Haiyan] Wang, H.[Huan] Wang, H.[Haila] Wang, H.[Hua] Wang, H.[Hongkai] Wang, H.[He] Wang, H.[Hongzhi] Wang, H.[Hanjie] Wang, H.[Hanyun] Wang, H.[Helei] Wang, H.[Hongqi] Wang, H.[Huayan] Wang, H.[Huili] Wang, H.[Haixun] Wang, H.[Honxing] Wang, H.[Huirong] Wang, H.[Hongyuan] Wang, H.[Haoqian] Wang, H.[Houjun] Wang, H.[Haohong] Wang, H.[Hsuan] Wang, H.[Hongxia]
243 for Wang, H.

Wang, H.A.[Hong An] Co Author Listing * Minimum Risk Training for Handwritten Chinese/Japanese Text Recognition Using Semi-Markov Conditional Random Fields
* Minimum-risk training for semi-Markov conditional random fields with application to handwritten Chinese/Japanese text recognition
* Shape Filling Rate for Silhouette Representation and Recognition
* Sketch-Based Annotation and Visualization in Video Authoring
* Time Warping Based Approach for Video Copy Detection, A
Includes: Wang, H.A.[Hong An] Wang, H.A.[Hong-An] Wang, H.A. Wang, H.A.[Hsiang-An]

Wang, H.B.[Hai Bo] Co Author Listing * 3-D Head Tracking via Invariant Keypoint Learning
* Case Indexing Using PSO and ANN in Real Time Strategy Games
* Comparison of Eight Techniques for Reconstructing Multi-Satellite Sensor Time-Series NDVI Data Sets in the Heihe River Basin, China
* Design of Embedded Terminal for Intelligent Transportation Video Surveillance System, A
* Discovering the Local Co-occurring Patterns in Visual Categorization
* Full body image feature representations for gender profiling
* Hierarchical fusion of descriptor matching and L-K optical flow
* Independent Moving Object Detection Using a Colour Background Model
* integrated graph-based face segmentation approach from Kinect videos, An
* Investigations into the Robustness of Audio-Visual Gender Classification to Background Noise and Illumination Effects
* Kinect Depth Inpainting via Graph Laplacian with TV21 Regularization
* Kinect depth restoration via energy minimization with TV21 regularization
* Maximum correntropy criterion based 3D head tracking with commodity depth camera
* Multi-Camera Tracking Based on Information Fusion in Video Surveillance
* Multi-Source Remote Sensing Images Matching Based on Improved Kaze Algorithm
* Optical Flow with Harmonic Constraint and Oriented Smoothness
* range of the value for the fuzzifier of the fuzzy c-means algorithm, The
* Robust airplane detection in satellite images
* Scaled Heavy-Ball Acceleration of the Richardson-Lucy Algorithm for 3D Microscopy Image Restoration
* Skin detection via linear regression tree
* Softferns for homography estimation
* Speech Based Approach to Surveillance Video Retrieval, A
* Tracking Eye Gaze under Coordinated Head Rotations with an Ordinary Camera
* Where is It? Object Reacquisition in Surveillance Video
Includes: Wang, H.B.[Hai Bo] Wang, H.B.[Hai-Bo] Wang, H.B.[Hui-Bin] Wang, H.B.[Hong-Bin] Wang, H.B. Wang, H.B.[Huai-Bin] Wang, H.B.[Hong-Bo]
24 for Wang, H.B.

Wang, H.C.[Hong Cui] Co Author Listing * Automatic optical phase identification of micro-drill bits based on improved ASM and bag of shape segment in PCB production
* Bandwidth-adjusted LPC analysis for robust speech recognition
* Compact representation of multidimensional data using tensor rank-one decomposition
* Facial expression decomposition
* Gradient Adaptive Image Restoration and Enhancement
* H.264 video watermarking with secret image sharing
* K-CPD: Learning of overcomplete dictionaries for tensor sparse coding
* Linear generalization probe samples for face recognition
* Mutual Information Regularized Bayesian Framework for Multiple Image Restoration
* New Approach to Classifier Fusion Based on Upper Integral, A
* novel multi-focus image fusion algorithm based on random walks, A
* Rank-R Approximation of Tensors: Using Image-as-Matrix Representation
* Seamless video editing
* Spatial-temporal structural and dynamics features for Video Fire Detection
* Spatially Prioritized and Persistent Text Detection and Decoding
* speech recognition method based on feature distributions, A
* Tensor Approximation Approach to Dimensionality Reduction, A
* Topological control of level set method depending on topology constraints
* Total Variation Minimization with Separable Sensing Operator
* two-dimensional cepstrum approach for the recognition of Mandarin syllable initials, A
* two-step approach to see-through bad weather for surveillance video quality enhancement, A
* Unsupervised Learning of Human Action Categories Using Spatial-Temporal Words
* Videoshop: A New Framework for Spatio-Temporal Video Editing in Gradient Domain
Includes: Wang, H.C.[Hong Cui] Wang, H.C.[Hong-Cui] Wang, H.C.[Hsiao-Chuan] Wang, H.C.[Hong-Cheng] Wang, H.C. Wang, H.C.[Hai-Chuan] Wang, H.C.[Hua-Chao] Wang, H.C.[Hong-Cyuan] Wang, H.C.[Hsueh-Cheng] Wang, H.C.[Hui-Ching]
23 for Wang, H.C.

Wang, H.D.[Hai Dong] Co Author Listing * improved cross-layer mapping mechanism for packet video delivery over WLAN, An
* Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Video in Multi-robot Search
Includes: Wang, H.D.[Hai Dong] Wang, H.D.[Hai-Dong] Wang, H.D.[Hua-Dong]

Wang, H.F.[Hai Feng] Co Author Listing * Automatic Moving Object Segmentation with Accurate Boundaries
* Correspondence matching using kernel principal components analysis and label consistency constraints
* Evacuation Planning Based on the Contraflow Technique With Consideration of Evacuation Priorities and Traffic Setup Time
* Fast Global Motion Estimation Via Iterative Least-Square Method
* Graph Spectral Approach to Consistent Labelling, A
* Improving Correspondence Matching Using Label Consistency Constraints
* Kernel Spectral Correspondence Matching Using Label Consistency Constraints
* Kernelised Relaxation Labelling using Fokker-Planck Diffusion
* Probabilistic Relaxation Labeling by Fokker-Planck Diffusion on a Graph
* Probabilistic relaxation labelling using the Fokker-Planck equation
* Probabilistic Relaxation using the Heat Equation
* robust algebraic method for human face recognition, A
* Singular Points Detection Based on Zero-Pole Model in Fingerprint Images
Includes: Wang, H.F.[Hai Feng] Wang, H.F.[Hai-Feng] Wang, H.F.[Hong Fang] Wang, H.F. Wang, H.F.[Hong-Fang] Wang, H.F.[Hua-Feng] Wang, H.F.[Hong-Fa]
13 for Wang, H.F.

Wang, H.G.[Hong Gang] Co Author Listing * Energy-Constrained Distortion Reduction Optimization for Wavelet-Based Coded Image Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks
* L1 norm based KPCA for novelty detection
* Network and Device Aware QoS Approach for Cloud-Based Mobile Streaming, A
* new nonlinear classifier with a penalized signed fuzzy measure using effective genetic algorithm, A
* Obstacle-navigation control for a mobile robot suspended on overhead ground wires
Includes: Wang, H.G.[Hong Gang] Wang, H.G.[Hong-Gang] Wang, H.G.[Huan-Gang] Wang, H.G.[Hong-Guang]

Wang, H.H.[Hao Hong] Co Author Listing * Binocular video object tracking with fast disparity estimation
* Cost-distortion optimized unequal error protection for object-based video communications
* efficient rate-distortion optimal shape coding approach utilizing a skeleton-based decomposition, An
* Extended Fitting Methods of Active Shape Model for the Location of Facial Feature Points
* Improved Retrieval of Coastal Sea Surface Heights by Retracking Modified Radar Altimetry Waveforms, The
* Joint object-based video encoding and power management for energy efficient wireless video communications
* New Multiwavelet-Based Approach to Image Fusion, A
* Object-based video compression scheme with optimal bit allocation among shape, motion and texture
* Optimal object-based video communications over differentiated services networks
* Rate-Distortion Optimal Bit Allocation for Object-Based Video Coding
* Subspace evolution analysis for face representation and recognition
* Tree-Structure Classifier Ensemble for Tracked Target Categorization, A
* wireless video surveillance system with an active camera, A
Includes: Wang, H.H.[Hao Hong] Wang, H.H.[Hao-Hong] Wang, H.H.[Hua-Hua] Wang, H.H.[Hai-Hong] Wang, H.H.[Hai-Hui]
13 for Wang, H.H.

Wang, H.J.[Hao Jeng] Co Author Listing * 3D Sub-query Expansion for Improving Sketch-Based Multi-view Image Retrieval
* Application of Harmonic Wavelet Package to Feature Extraction in Impulsive Signal
* CSC Based Classification Method for CT Bone Images, A
* Depth sensor assisted real-time gesture recognition for interactive presentation
* Design of a memory-scalable wavelet-based image codec
* Full body human attribute detection in indoor surveillance environment using color-depth information
* Hierarchical Cell Structures for Segmentation of Voxel Images
* Histogram Features-Based Fisher Linear Discriminant for Face Detection
* Medical Images Segmentation Using Active Contours Driven by Global and Local Image Fitting Energy
* Morphological Undecimated Wavelet Decomposition for Fault Feature Extraction of Rolling Element Bearing
* Multi-Threshold Wavelet Coder (MTWC) For High Fidelity Image Compression, A
* Multiscale deformable registration using edge preserving scale space for adaptive radiation therapy
* New Method for Fault Diagnosis of Rotating Machinery Based on Harmonic Wavelet Filtering, A
* Novel Likelihood Estimation Technique Based on Boosting Detector
* Novel Macroblock-Level Rate-Distortion Optimization Scheme for H.264/AVC, A
* novel method for designing adaptive compaction orthogonal wavelet filter banks, A
* Object Tracking with Particle Filter Using Color Information
* Probabilistic Object Tracking Based on Machine Learning and Importance Sampling
* Purification of Axis Trace Based on Adaptive Generalized Morphological Filter
* Purification of Rubbing Axis Trace by Harmonic Window Method
* Segmenting focused objects in complex visual images
* Texture classification through directional empirical mode decomposition
* Texture segmentation using directional empirical mode decomposition
* Two-View Motion Segmentation by Gaussian Blurring Mean Shift with Fitness Measure
Includes: Wang, H.J.[Hao Jeng] Wang, H.J.[Hao-Jeng] Wang, H.J.[Hong-Jun] Wang, H.J.[Hao-Jun] Wang, H.J.[Han-Jie] Wang, H.J.[Houng-Jyh] Wang, H.J.[Hao-Jen] Wang, H.J.[Hai-Jing] Wang, H.J.[Hai-Jun] Wang, H.J. Wang, H.J.[Hong-Jian] Wang, H.J.[Hu-Jong] Wang, H.J.[Hui-Jing]
24 for Wang, H.J.

Wang, H.K.[Hua Kun] Co Author Listing * Neural networks-based terrain acquisition of unmarked area for robot mowers
* Skeleton-Based Tornado Hook Echo Detection
Includes: Wang, H.K.[Hua Kun] Wang, H.K.[Hua-Kun] Wang, H.K.[Hong-Kai]

Wang, H.L.[Han Li] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Quantization-Parameter Clip Scheme for Smooth Quality in H.264/AVC
* Affective Understanding in Film
* Age categorization via ECOC with fused gabor and LBP features
* Analysis of Reliability and Impact Factors of Mutual Information Similarity Criterion for Remote Sensing Imagery Template Matching
* Automated age regression for personalized IPTV services
* Commutative Encryption and Watermarking in Video Compression
* Effectively Detecting All-Zero DCT Blocks for H.264 Optimization
* Effects of facial alignment for age estimation
* Efficient Mode Decision Algorithm for H.264/AVC Encoding Optimization, An
* Efficient Prediction Algorithm of Integer DCT Coefficients for H.264/AVC Optimization
* Efficient predictive model of zero quantized DCT coefficients for fast video encoding
* Establishment shot detection using qualitative motion
* Fast Mode Decision Based on Mode Adaptation
* Federated Catalogue for Discovering Earth Observation Data
* Film shot classification using directing semantics
* Fingerprint orientation analysis with topological modeling
* Framework of Video Coding for Compressing Near-Duplicate Videos, A
* Fusing Appearance and Spatio-temporal Features for Multiple Camera Tracking
* Genetic-fuzzy rule mining approach and evaluation of feature selection techniques for anomaly intrusion detection
* H.264/SVC Mode Decision Based on Optimal Stopping Theory
* Highly Efficient System for Automatic Face Region Detection in MPEG Video, A
* Hybrid Model to Detect Zero Quantized DCT Coefficients in H.264
* MRF Augmented Particle Filter Tracker
* Multiview Coding Mode Decision With Hybrid Optimal Stopping Model
* Novel Quantized DCT for Video Encoder Optimization
* Prediction of Zero Quantized DCT Coefficients in H.264/AVC Using Hadamard Transformed Information
* Rate control for consistent visual quality of H.264/AVC encoding
* Rate-Distortion Optimization of Rate Control for H.264 With Adaptive Initial Quantization Parameter Determination
* Research of Acoustic Signal De-Noising Using Wavelet Transform
* Secure Distribution Scheme for Compressed Data Streams
* Segmentation-Based Registration of Organs in Intraoperative Video Sequences
* Survey of compressed-domain features used in audio-visual indexing and analysis
* Taxonomy of Directing Semantics for Film Shot Classification
Includes: Wang, H.L.[Han Li] Wang, H.L.[Han-Li] Wang, H.L. Wang, H.L.[Hee Lin] Wang, H.L.[Hee-Lin] Wang, H.L.[Hai-La] Wang, H.L.[Hui-Lin] Wang, H.L.[Hong-Liang] Wang, H.L.[Heng-Liang] Wang, H.L.[Hua-Lu]
33 for Wang, H.L.

Wang, H.M.[Huai Min] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Algorithm for Failure Recovery During Dynamic Service Composition, An
* Block-Based Depth Maps Interpolation for Efficient Multiview Content Generation
* Compressing repeated content within large-scale remote sensing images
* Cost-Sensitive Multi-Label Learning for Audio Tag Annotation and Retrieval
* Detecting pitching frames in baseball game video using Markov random walk
* Discriminative and Heteroscedastic Linear Feature Transformation for Multiclass Classification, A
* effective calibration procedure for correction of parallax unmatched image pairs, An
* Enhanced Intra-4X4 Mode Decision for H.264/AVC Coders
* hierarchical tag-graph search scheme with layered grammar rules for spontaneous speech understanding, A
* Impact of Magnetic Field on Mung Bean Ultraweak Luminescence
* improved differential box-counting method to estimate fractal dimensions of gray-level images, An
* Improving the characterization of the alternative hypothesis via minimum verification error training with applications to speaker verification
* Joint Cooperative Beamforming and Jamming to Secure AF Relay Systems With Individual Power Constraint and No Eavesdropper's CSI
* Kernel-based Discrimination Framework for Solving Hypothesis Testing Problems with Application to Speaker Verification, A
* kernel-based parametric method for conditional density estimation, A
* Mandarin spoken document retrieval based on syllable lattice matching
* Modeling deformable objects from a single depth camera
* Optical Triangulation for Dynamic Gauging of Cylindrical Parts
* Prototypes-Embedded Genetic K-means Algorithm, A
* Term relevance dependency model for text classification
* Time-Series Linear Search for Video Copies Based on Compact Signature Manipulation and Containment Relation Modeling
Includes: Wang, H.M.[Huai Min] Wang, H.M.[Huai-Min] Wang, H.M. Wang, H.M.[Hua-Min] Wang, H.M.[Hsin-Min] Wang, H.M.[Hong-Mei] Wang, H.M.[He-Ming] Wang, H.M.[Hui-Ming] Wang, H.M.[Hai-Min]
21 for Wang, H.M.

Wang, H.N.[Hao Nan] Co Author Listing * Automatic parameter selection for a k-segments algorithm for computing principal curves
* Curvature diffusion evolution in image filtering
* Extraction of curvilinear features from noisy point patterns using principal curves
* On a K-Segments Algorithm for Computing Principal Curves
Includes: Wang, H.N.[Hao Nan] Wang, H.N.[Hao-Nan] Wang, H.N.[Hong-Nan]

Wang, H.P.[Huan Ping] Co Author Listing * Discrepancy measures for selecting optimal combination of parameter values in object-based image analysis
* note on convex image segmentation model based on local and global intensity fitting energy, A
* Shifted-Delta MLP Features for Spoken Language Recognition
Includes: Wang, H.P.[Huan Ping] Wang, H.P.[Huan-Ping] Wang, H.P.[Hong-Peng] Wang, H.P.[Hai-Peng]

Wang, H.Q.[Hui Qin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Color Image Watermarking Algorithm Based on Fractal and Neural Networks
* Automatic Player Detection, Labeling and Tracking in Broadcast Soccer Video
* effective mode decision method for multi-view video coding, An
* Effective stereo matching using reliable points based graph cut
* Generic Framework for Efficient 2-D and 3-D Facial Expression Analogy, A
* Human Interaction Recognition Based on Transformation of Spatial Semantics
* Image Classification Based on pLSA Fusing Spatial Relationships Between Topics
* Image Misregistration Error in Change Measurements
* Image Understanding System for Carotid Angiograms
* Influence of Target Micromotion on SAR and GMTI, The
* Knowledge-Based Analysis of Carotid Angiograms
* Local Laplacian Detail Learning For Face Aging Manipulation
* New Approach for Fractal Image Compression on a Virtual Hexagonal Structure, A
* New Approach for SA-Based Fractal Image Compression, A
* Non-invasive measurement study of human blood alcohol concentration based on NIR dynamic spectrum
* Novel Approach for Storm Detection Based on 3-D Radar Image Data, A
* novel depth propagation algorithm with color guided motion estimation, A
* Quality assessment of 3D asymmetric view coding using spatial frequency dominance model
* Radar Coincidence Imaging: An Instantaneous Imaging Technique with Stochastic Signals
* Research on the restoration of motion-blurred images of Ochotona curzoniae
* Separating Reflections in Human Iris Images for Illumination Estimation
* Stereo Interleaving Video Coding With Content Adaptive Image Subsampling
* Stereo matching using graph cuts: A 3D-Hough transformation approach
* Subtle Facial Expression Modeling with Vector Field Decomposition
* Uniformly Partitioning Images on Virtual Hexagonal Structure
* Up-sampling oriented frame rate reduction
Includes: Wang, H.Q.[Hui Qin] Wang, H.Q.[Hui-Qin] Wang, H.Q.[Hong-Qi] Wang, H.Q.[Hao-Qian] Wang, H.Q.[Hui-Qiong] Wang, H.Q.[Hong-Qing] Wang, H.Q. Wang, H.Q.[Hua-Qing] Wang, H.Q.[Hui-Quan] Wang, H.Q.[Hong-Qiang]
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Wang, H.Q.A.[Hong Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Extracting gene regulation information for cancer classification
* Regulation probability method for gene selection
Includes: Wang, H.Q.A.[Hong Qi Ang] Wang, H.Q.A.[Hong-Qi-Ang]

Wang, H.R.[Hui Ran] Co Author Listing * Simplified pulse-coupled neural network for adaptive segmentation of fabric defects, A
Includes: Wang, H.R.[Hui Ran] Wang, H.R.[Hui-Ran]

Wang, H.S.[Hao Shu] Co Author Listing * Experimental Evaluation of Eye Location Accuracies and Time-Lapse Effects on Face Recognition Systems
* Fast Algorithms for the Estimation of Motion Vectors
* Long-Term Land Subsidence Monitoring of Beijing (China) Using the Small Baseline Subset (SBA
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Scheduling for Redundant Video Representations
* Scalable predictive coding by nested quantization with layered side information
Includes: Wang, H.S.[Hao Shu] Wang, H.S.[Hao-Shu] Wang, H.S. Wang, H.S.[Han-Sheng] Wang, H.S.[Hui-Sheng]

Wang, H.T.[Hai Tao] Co Author Listing * Adaptive multi-cue fusion for visual target tracking based on uncertainly measure
* Adaptive Multi-Scale Approach for Estimating Optical Flow: Computational Theory and Physiological Implementation, An
* Face Recognition under Varying Lighting Conditions Using Self Quotient Image
* Generalized quotient image
* Illumination modeling and normalization for face recognition
* LBP Discriminant Analysis for Face Verification
* Method for Compensation of SAS Range Cell Migration, A
* Multimodal preserving embedding for face recognition
* On building an accurate stereo matching system on graphics hardware
* Principal Observation Ray Calibration for Tiled-Lens-Array Integral Imaging Display
* Region based motion vector prediction using data hiding and decoder side reasoning
* Segment-Tree Based Cost Aggregation for Stereo Matching
* Self quotient image for face recognition
* Stereo Matching with Reliable Disparity Propagation
* Vehicle lane position detection system
Includes: Wang, H.T.[Hai Tao] Wang, H.T.[Hai-Tao] Wang, H.T. Wang, H.T.[Hong-Tao] Wang, H.T.[H. Taichi]
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Wang, H.W.[Hua Wei] Co Author Listing * Biorthogonal wavelet construction for hybrid quad/triangle meshes
Includes: Wang, H.W.[Hua Wei] Wang, H.W.[Hua-Wei]

Wang, H.X.[Hua Xiang] Co Author Listing * 3D Image Reconstruction Algorithm of Electrical Capacitance Tomography Based on Support Vector Machines, A
* Adaptive Function Projective Synchronization Control and Parameters Identification of Different Uncertain Chaotic Systems
* Block principal component analysis with L1-norm for image analysis
* Consistent Segmentation Based Color Correction for Coarsely Registered Images
* Context-Aware Discovery of Visual Co-Occurrence Patterns
* Corner detection based on gradient correlation matrices of planar curves
* Depth Map Upsampling via Compressive Sensing
* Discriminant and adaptive extensions to local temporal common spatial patterns
* Edge Guided High Order Image Smoothing
* Estimation for the number of components in a mixture model using stepwise split-and-merge EM algorithm
* Fisher Discriminant Analysis With L1-Norm
* general grid-clustering approach, A
* LBT Based Low Complexity Image Compression Method
* Learning weighted geometric pooling for image classification
* Local and Weighted Maximum Margin Discriminant Analysis
* Motion estimation approach based on dual-tree complex wavelets
* new feature extraction method for image recognition using structural two-dimensional locality preserving projections, A
* On Dynamic Weighting of Data in Clustering with K-Alpha Means
* Pedestrian detection by modeling local convex shape features
* Robust mixture modelling using multivariate t-distribution with missing information
* Self-recovery Fragile Watermarking Scheme with Variable Watermark Payload
* Structural two-dimensional principal component analysis for image recognition
Includes: Wang, H.X.[Hua Xiang] Wang, H.X.[Hua-Xiang] Wang, H.X.[Hao-Xiang] Wang, H.X.[Hai-Xian] Wang, H.X.[Hao-Xing] Wang, H.X.[Hong-Xing] Wang, H.X.[Hai Xian] Wang, H.X.[Hong-Xia] Wang, H.X.[Hong-Xiao]
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Wang, H.Y.[Hai Yun] Co Author Listing * Accurate Optical Flow Estimation in Noisy Sequences by Robust Tensor-driven Anisotropic Diffusion
* Accurate optical flow estimation using adaptive scale-space and 3d structure tensor
* Application of image correction and bit-plane fusion in generalized PCA based face recognition
* Automatic road extraction from mobile laser scanning data
* Automatic Segmentation of Different Pathologies from Cardiac Cine MRI Using Registration and Multiple Component EM Estimation
* Automatic video object segmentation via 3D structure tensor
* Cascade framework for object extraction in image sequences
* Crowd Target Extraction and Density Analysis Based on FTLE and GLCM
* Discriminative Learning with Latent Variables for Cluttered Indoor Scene Understanding
* Document Logo Detection and Recognition Using Bayesian Model
* Effective Image Matching Method for Bubbly Flow Based on Wavelet Transform, A
* Framework Combining Multi-sequence MRI for Fully Automated Quantitative Analysis of Cardiac Global And Regional Functions, A
* Geometric Active Deformable Models in Shape Modeling
* Geometric deformable model and segmentation
* Hand Gesture Recognition Based on Perceptual Shape Decomposition with a Kinect Camera
* Hierarchical Video Data Modeling and Indexing for Virtual Scene Construction
* Improving SNR of MFL Signal in Flaw Detection of Coal Mine Wire Ropes
* Integration of Gene Ontology-based similarities for supporting analysis of protein-protein interaction networks
* Learning Robust Similarity Measures for 3D Partial Shape Retrieval
* linear edge model and its application in lossless image coding, A
* Logo Detection in Document Images Based on Boundary Extension of Feature Rectangles
* Manifold T-Spline
* Natural Gradient Improvement Methods in Blind Source Separation
* On-line digital image stabilization for translational and rotational motion
* Perceptually friendly shape decomposition by resolving segmentation points with minimum cost
* piecewise Gaussian model for profiling and differentiating retinal vessels, A
* Real-Time Object Tracking Algorithm with Cameras Mounted on Moving Platforms
* Research on Scale Selection in Image Edge Detection Methods Based on Wavelet Transform
* runway recognition algorithm based on heuristic line extraction, A
* Scale invariant kernel-based object tracking
* Shadow compensation and illumination normalization of face image
* Shape clustering: Common structure discovery
* Spatial-variant Image Filtering Based on Bidimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition
Includes: Wang, H.Y.[Hai Yun] Wang, H.Y.[Hai-Yun] Wang, H.Y.[Hai-Yan] Wang, H.Y.[Hui-Yuan] Wang, H.Y.[Han-Yun] Wang, H.Y.[Hua-Yan] Wang, H.Y.[Hong-Ye] Wang, H.Y.[Hong-Yi] Wang, H.Y.[Hong-Yuan] Wang, H.Y.[Hui-Yu] Wang, H.Y.[Hong-Yao] Wang, H.Y.[Hai-Ying] Wang, H.Y.[Hong-Yu] Wang, H.Y.[Hui-Yan] Wang, H.Y.[Hang-Yu] Wang, H.Y.[Hai-Yang]
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Wang, H.Z.[Han Zi] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Object Tracking Based on an Effective Appearance Filter
* AMSAC: An adaptive robust estimator for model fitting
* Background initialization with a new robust statistical approach
* Background Subtraction Based on a Robust Consensus Method
* Boosting histograms of descriptor distances for scalable multiclass specific scene recognition
* Class-Specified Segmentation with Multi-scale Superpixels
* consensus-based method for tracking: Modelling background scenario and foreground appearance, A
* Discriminative filter based regression learning for facial expression recognition
* Efficient Visual Tracking by Probabilistic Fusion of Multiple Cues
* Generalized Kernel Consensus-Based Robust Estimator, A
* Generalized Kernel-Based Visual Tracking
* Generalizing edge detection to contour detection for image segmentation
* Graph mode-based contextual kernels for robust SVM tracking
* Human Action Recognition Using Pyramid Vocabulary Tree
* Image super-resolution based on multikernel regression
* Image/video-based pattern analysis and HCI applications
* Incremental Learning of 3D-DCT Compact Representations for Robust Visual Tracking
* Learning Group Activity in Soccer Videos from Local Motion
* Matting-driven online learning of Hough forests for object tracking
* MDPE: A Very Robust Estimator for Model Fitting and Range Image Segmentation
* Model-Selection Framework for Multibody Structure-and-Motion of Image Sequences, A
* Multi-Atlas Segmentation with Joint Label Fusion
* Multi-structure model selection via kernel optimisation
* Multi-subregion based correlation filter bank for robust face recognition
* Novel Robust Statistical Method for Background Initialization and Visual Surveillance, A
* Occlusion Handling with L1-Regularized Sparse Reconstruction
* Perspective n-View Multibody Structure-and-Motion Through Model Selection
* Program Algorithm Research of T2 Spectrum in NMR and MATLAB Realization
* Regression-based label fusion for multi-atlas segmentation
* Research on License Plate Detection Based on Salient Feature under Complex Background
* Rigid Shape Matching by Segmentation Averaging
* Robust Adaptive-Scale Parametric Model Estimation for Computer Vision
* Robust Fitting by Adaptive-Scale Residual Consensus
* Robust fitting of multiple structures: The statistical learning approach
* Robust motion estimation and structure recovery from endoscopic image sequences with an Adaptive Scale Kernel Consensus estimator
* Robust Object Tracking in Crowd Dynamic Scenes Using Explicit Stereo Depth
* Robust visual tracking with the cross-bin metric
* Salient Contour Detection using a Global Contour Discontinuity Measurement
* Semantic Hough Transform based object detection with Partial Least Squares
* Sensor band selection for multispectral imaging via average normalized information
* Shape Matching by Segmentation Averaging
* Simultaneously Fitting and Segmenting Multiple-Structure Data with Outliers
* Smooth Foreground-Background Segmentation for Video Processing
* Spatial bias in multi-atlas based segmentation
* swarm intelligence based searching strategy for articulated 3D human body tracking, A
* Using symmetry in robust model fitting
* U_Boost: Boosting with the Universum
* Variable bandwidth QMDPE and its application in robust optical flow estimation
* Visual tracking via weakly supervised learning from multiple imperfect oracles
* Visual Tracking With Spatio-Temporal Dempster-Shafer Information Fusion
Includes: Wang, H.Z.[Han Zi] Wang, H.Z.[Han-Zi] Wang, H.Z.[Hong-Zhi]
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Wang, I.J. Co Author Listing * Distributed Consensus on Camera Pose

Wang, J.[Jun] Co Author Listing * 3D Face Recognition Algorithm Based on Nonuniform Re-sampling Correspondence, A
* 3D Facial Expression Database For Facial Behavior Research, A
* 3D Facial Expression Recognition Based on Primitive Surface Feature Distribution
* Accuracy Improvement of Change Detection Based on Color Analysis
* Action recognition with multiscale spatio-temporal contexts
* Active microscopic cellular image annotation by superposable graph transduction with imbalanced labels
* Actuator-Redundancy-Based Fault Diagnosis for Four-Wheel Independently Actuated Electric Vehicles
* Adaptive Longitudinal Driving Assistance System Based on Driver Characteristics, An
* Adaptive Manifold Learning
* Adaptive object tracking algorithm based on eigenbasis space and compressive sampling
* Analysis on the Change of Vegetation Coverage in Qinghai Province from 2000 to 2012
* Analytical Mapping for LLE and Its Application in Multi-Pose Face Synthesis, An
* Analyzing Effects of Intra-Uterine Cocaine Exposure on Adolescent Brain Structure with Symmetric Diffeomorphisms
* Applications of Independent Component Analysis in Endmember Extraction and Abundance Quantification for Hyperspectral Imagery
* Automated identification of animal species in camera trap images
* Automatic Corresponding Control Points Selection for Historical Document Image Registration
* Automatic Estimation of Excavation Volume from Laser Mobile Mapping Data for Mountain Road Widening
* Automatic Extraction of Data from 2-D Plots in Documents
* Automatic labeling and classification of brain CT images
* Automatic Moving Object Segmentation with Accurate Boundaries
* Automatic Real-Time Barcode Localization in Complex Scenes
* Automatic upright adjustment of photographs
* Automatic Upright Adjustment of Photographs With Robust Camera Calibration
* Backscatter-Contour-Attenuation Joint Estimation Model for Attenuation Compensation in Ultrasound Imagery
* Beam hardening-respecting flat field correction of digital X-ray detectors
* Block-to-Point Fine Registration in Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* BP Model Applied to Forecast the Water and Sediment Fluxes in the Yellow River Mouth
* Characterization and Identification of IR-UWB Respiratory-Motion Response of Trapped Victims
* ChitChat: Making Video Chat Robust to Packet Loss
* Circa 2010 Thirty Meter Resolution Forest Map for China, A
* Coarse-to-Fine Vision-Based Localization by Indexing Scale-Invariant Features
* Color transfer via local binary patterns mapping
* Combining shape and physical models for online cursive handwriting synthesis
* Comparative Study of Fixation Density Maps
* comparative study of multilinear principal component analysis for face recognition, A
* Comparative Study of Skin-Color Models, A
* Comparing isometric and elastic surfboard interfaces for leaning-based travel in 3D virtual environments
* Comparison of Classification Algorithms and Training Sample Sizes in Urban Land Classification with Landsat Thematic Mapper Imagery
* Comparison of Optimal Solutions to Real-Time Path Planning for a Mobile Vehicle
* Complexity-adaptive Search Algorithm for Block Motion Estimation
* Computational Model of Stereoscopic 3D Visual Saliency
* Computing Optical Flow With A Recurrent Neural Network
* Concentric Two-Portion Radial Polarized Beam with Phase Shift
* Contour Grouping and Object-Based Attention with Saliency Maps
* CPGL: A classification method combining PCA and the Group Lasso method
* Damage Mapping of Powdery Mildew in Winter Wheat with High-Resolution Satellite Image
* Data-Driven Approach for Facial Expression Retargeting in Video, A
* data-driven approach for facial expression synthesis in video, A
* De-Interlacing Algorithm Using Weighted Least Squares
* Decomposing and regularizing sparse/non-sparse components for motion field estimation
* Deinterlacing Using Taylor Series Expansion and Polynomial Regression
* Depth Acquisition from Density Modulated Binary Patterns
* Depth Image-Based Temporal Error Concealment for 3-D Video Transmission
* Design of Embedded Terminal for Intelligent Transportation Video Surveillance System, A
* Design of General Projection Neural Networks for Solving Monotone Linear Variational Inequalities and Linear and Quadratic Optimization Problems
* Detecting and Tracking Eyes Through Dynamic Terrain Feature Matching
* Detection of Cypress Canopies in the Florida Panhandle Using Subpixel Analysis and GIS
* Developing Collaborative Classifiers using an Expert-based Model
* DEWS: A Live Visual Surveillance System for Early Drowning Detection at Pool
* Differential Evolution Based Variational Bayes Inference for Brain PET-CT Image Segmentation
* Dilution of Precision and Clock of Simulated Pseudolites Augmented GPS Signals
* Discovering Image Semantics in Codebook Derivative Space
* Discrimination of Honeys by Electronic Tongue and Different Analytical Techniques
* Distributed Multiple Description Video Coding on Packet Loss Channels
* DIY World Builder: An immersive level-editing system
* Domain adaptive semantic diffusion for large scale context-based video annotation
* Downlink Resource Reuse for Device-to-Device Communications Underlaying Cellular Networks
* Dynamic Color Flow: A Motion-Adaptive Color Model for Object Segmentation in Video
* Edge-Weighted Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation Model for Image Segmentation, An
* effect of edge strength on object recognition from edge images, The
* Efficient access to and retrieval from a shape image database
* Efficient Algorithm of Both Frechet Derivative and Inversion of MCIL Data in a Deviated Well in a Horizontally Layered TI Formation Based on TLM Modeling, An
* Efficient Euclidean distance transform algorithm of binary images in arbitrary dimensions
* Efficient Euclidean distance transform using perpendicular bisector segmentation
* efficient kernel discriminant analysis method, An
* efficient no-reference metric for perceived blur, An
* efficient rectification method for trinocular stereovision, An
* efficient reversible data hiding scheme using prediction and optimal side information selection, An
* Elastographic image reconstruction: A stochastic state space approach
* Enhanced 3-D Modeling for Landmark Image Classification
* Enhancing multi-label classification by modeling dependencies among labels
* Error-Resilient Region-of-Interest Video Coding
* Escape from Meadwyn 4: A cross-platform environment for collaborative navigation tasks
* Evaluating Photogrammetric Approach of Image-Based Positioning
* Eye detection based on multi-angle template matching
* Face Recognition: Combine Generic and Specific Solutions
* Facial expression editing in video using a temporally-smooth factorization
* Fast and Accurate Detection of Document Skew and Orientation
* Fast approximate k-means via cluster closures
* Fast Global Motion Estimation Via Iterative Least-Square Method
* Fast Neighborhood Graph Search Using Cartesian Concatenation
* Fast Non-Local Algorithm for Image Denoising
* Fast Semantic Diffusion for Large-Scale Context-Based Image and Video Annotation
* Feature extraction based on sparse representation with application to epileptic EEG classification
* Feature space analysis using low-order tensor voting
* ForceExtension: Extending isotonic position-controlled multi-touch gestures with rate-controlled force sensing for 3D manipulation
* Forest Resource Management System By Standing Tree Volume Estimation Using Aerial Stereo Photos
* framework for regional association rule mining and scoping in spatial datasets, A
* Framework of Relative Navigation System for Non-Cooperative Target Using Double-CCD, A
* Freeway traffic stream modeling based on principal curves and its analysis
* Freight train gauge-exceeding detection based on three-dimensional stereo vision measurement
* From Fragments to Salient Closed Boundaries: An In-Depth Study
* Gaussian kernel optimization for pattern classification
* general soft method for learning SVM classifiers with L1-norm penalty, A
* generalized S-K algorithm for learning [nu]-SVM classifiers, A
* Genetic Algorithms for the Calibration of Cellular Automata Urban Growth Modeling
* Gravity-Referenced Attitude Display for Mobile Robots: Making Sense of What We See
* Handling Noise in Single Image Deblurring Using Directional Filters
* Handling outliers in non-blind image deconvolution
* Head Curve Matching and Graffiti Detection
* highly accurate and computationally efficient approach for unconstrained iris segmentation, A
* How Does Image Content Affect the Added Value of Visual Attention in Objective Image Quality Assessment?
* Human Action Recognition with Depth Cameras
* Human Identification From ECG Signals Via Sparse Representation of Local Segments
* Human Motion Change Detection by Hierarchical Gaussian Process Dynamical Model with Particle Filter
* Hybrid Approach for Automatic Incident Detection, A
* Hybrid textons: modeling surfaces with reflectance and geometry
* Image and Video Segmentation by Anisotropic Kernel Mean Shift
* Image classification based on complex wavelet structural similarity
* Image denoising based on the symmetric normal inverse Gaussian model and non-subsampled contourlet transform
* Image Matting with Transductive Inference
* Image Segmentation Using Local Variation and Edge-Weighted Centroidal Voronoi Tessellations
* Improved BTC Using Luminance Bitmap for Color Image Compression
* Improved Image Fusion Approach Based on Enhanced Spatial and Temporal the Adaptive Reflectance Fusion Model, An
* Improved MSEL and its medical application
* Improving Detector of Viola and Jones through SVM
* Improving SVM classifier with prior knowledge in microcalcification detection1
* In a Blink of an Eye and a Switch of a Transistor: Cortically Coupled Computer Vision
* Incremental Learning With Balanced Update on Receptive Fields for Multi-Sensor Data Fusion
* Independent Component Analysis-Based Dimensionality Reduction With Applications in Hyperspectral Image Analysis
* Initial Results of Rover Localization and Topographic Mapping for the 2003 Mars Exploration Rover Mission
* Intelligent Environment-Friendly Vehicles: Concept and Case Studies
* Interactive Multimodal Visual Search on Mobile Device
* Interferometer Distance Measurement System Using a Linear Detector Array
* Introduction to Parallel Control and Management for High-Speed Railway Systems, An
* Iris Image Classification Based on Hierarchical Visual Codebook
* Iterative Optimization Approach for Unified Image Segmentation and Matting, An
* Iterative second-order derivative-based deinterlacing algorithm
* Joint Optimization of the Worst-Case Robust MMSE MIMO Transceiver
* Kernel quadratic discriminant analysis for small sample size problem
* Key frame selection based on Jensen-Rényi divergence
* Kinect depth restoration via energy minimization with TV21 regularization
* Label diagnosis through self tuning for web image search
* Lane Keeping Based on Location Technology
* Large Discriminative Structured Set Prediction Modeling With Max-Margin Markov Network for Lossless Image Coding
* Large-Scale Video Hashing via Structure Learning
* Learning Actionlet Ensemble for 3D Human Action Recognition
* Learning Hash Codes with Listwise Supervision
* Learning linear PCA with convex semi-definite programming
* Learning Maximum Margin Temporal Warping for Action Recognition
* Learning Models for Object Recognition from Natural Language Descriptions
* Learning-based cursive handwriting synthesis
* Linear Programming Based Method for Joint Object Region Matching and Labeling, A
* Lost in binarization: query-adaptive ranking for similar image search with compact codes
* Mapping Land Subsidence Related to Underground Coal Fires in the Wuda Coalfield (Northern China) Using a Small Stack of ALOS PALSAR Differential Interferograms
* Markov Logic: A Unifying Language for Structural and Statistical Pattern Recognition
* Measurement of Sharpness and Its Application in ISAR Imaging
* Medical image compression by using three-dimensional wavelet transformation
* method of style transformation for line drawings based on mesh presentation, A
* Mining actionlet ensemble for action recognition with depth cameras
* Mining discriminative 3D Poselet for cross-view action recognition
* Modeling and removing spatially-varying optical blur
* Modelling and simulating worm propagation in static and dynamic traffic
* Morse-Theory Based Method for Segmentation of Triangulated Freeform Surfaces, A
* Motion Detection in Driving Environment Using U-V-Disparity
* Moving Camera Moving Object Segmentation in Compressed Video Sequences
* Moving cast shadow detection using online sub-scene shadow modeling and object inner-edges analysis
* Moving Least-Squares Method for Interlaced to Progressive Scanning Format Conversion
* Moving Obstacles Extraction with Stereo Global Motion Model
* MR Water Quantitative Priors Improves the Accuracy of Optical Breast Imaging
* Multi-level hermite variational interpolation and quasi-interpolation
* Multi-View Image Matching Method for Feature Points Based on the Moving Z-Plane Constraint, A
* Multi-Year Comparison of Carbon Dioxide from Satellite Data with Ground-Based FTS Measurements (2003-2011)
* multiple description codec based on combinatorial optimization and its application to image coding, A
* Multiple Description Image Coding Based on Delta-Sigma Quantization With Rate-Distortion Optimization
* Multiple Human Tracking Using Particle Filter with Gaussian Process Dynamical Model
* Multiple kernel-based multi-instance learning algorithm for image classification
* Multiple sign bits hiding for High Efficiency Video Coding
* Multitarget tracking using Gaussian Process Dynamical Model particle filter
* Nearest manifold approach for face recognition
* New color filter arrays of high light sensitivity and high demosaicking performance
* new convex variational model for liver segmentation, A
* new coupled map car-following model under inter-vehicle communication, A
* New Feedforward Hybrid Active Noise Control System, A
* new maximum margin algorithm for one-class problems and its boosting implementation, A
* new shape-vector quantization-based adaptive predictive image coder, A
* Non-rigid Image Registration for Historical Manuscript Restoration
* Non-rigid Registration and Restoration of Double-Sided Historical Manuscripts
* Nonlinear Blind Source Separation Using Slow Feature Analysis with Random Features
* Nonlinear embedding preserving multiple local-linearities
* Nonlinear Joint Transform Correlators
* nonlocal energy minimization approach to brain image segmentation with simultaneous bias field estimation and denoising, A
* Novel Approach for Spectral Unmixing, Classification, and Concentration Estimation of Chemical and Biological Agents, A
* novel approach for texture shape recovery, A
* Novel Folded-PCA for improved feature extraction and data reduction with hyperspectral imaging and SAR in remote sensing
* Novel Fractal Image Compression Scheme With Block Classification and Sorting Based on Pearson's Correlation Coefficient, A
* Novel Image Registration Algorithm for SAR and Optical Images Based on Virtual Points, A
* Novel Method to Estimate Subpixel Temperature by Fusing Solar-Reflective and Thermal-Infrared Remote-Sensing Data With an Artificial Neural Network, A
* Object categorization via sparse representation of local features
* Object Geometry Based Error Resilient Video Coding
* Object Geometry Based Error Resilient Video Coding
* objective distortion measure for binary document images based on human visual perception, An
* Obstacle Avoidance for Kinematically Redundant Manipulators Using a Dual Neural Network
* On solving the face recognition problem with one training sample per subject
* On the Convergence of Generalized Simultaneous Iterative Reconstruction Algorithms
* On the Stationary Solution of PDE based Curve Evolution
* Optimization Dijkstra Algorithm Based on Two-Function Limitation Strategy, An
* Optimized Color Sampling for Robust Matting
* Optimum Filter for Detecting a Target in Multiplicative Noise and Additive Noise
* Overview of AVS-video coding standards
* Passive Coherent Radar Tracking Algorithm Based on Particle Filter and Multiple TDOA Measurements
* Pen computing: digital ink and printed document
* Penalized Weighted Least-Squares Approach to Sinogram Noise Reduction and Image Reconstruction for Low-Dose X-Ray Computed Tomography
* perceptually motivated online benchmark for image matting, A
* Photogrammetric processing of rover imagery of the 2003 Mars Exploration Rover mission
* primal-dual neural network for online resolving constrained kinematic redundancy in robot motion control, A
* Probabilistic Hierarchical Face Model for Feature Localization
* Query-Adaptive Image Search With Hash Codes
* Radar target recognition based on the multi-resolution analysis theory and neural network
* RBF Model Applied to Forecast the Water and Sediment Fluxes in Lijin Section
* Real-Time GPU-Aided Lung Tumor Tracking
* Real-Time Isoline Tracing Algorithm Based on CUDA, A
* Real-Time Probabilistic Covariance Tracking With Efficient Model Update
* Real-Time Probabilistic Covariance Tracking With Efficient Model Update
* Real-Time Tool Condition Monitoring Using Wavelet Transforms and Fuzzy Techniques
* Reconstruction and analysis of multi-pose face images based on nonlinear dimensionality reduction
* Reduction of false positive detection in clustered microcalcifications
* Region-based active surface modelling and alpha matting for unsupervised tumour segmentation in PET
* Registration Method of Sparse Representation Classification Method
* Relative Orientation In Low Altitude Photogrammetry Survey
* Relief Texture from Specularities
* Representation of watercolor based on regions
* Research of Line Matching Algorithm Under The Improved Homograph Matrix Constraint Condition, The
* Research on Positioning and Posing of Mobile Mapping in Metropolis
* Resolving multifont character confusion with neural networks
* Retina model inspired image quality assessment
* Review of Vision-Based Gait Recognition Methods for Human Identification, A
* Robust 3D Action Recognition with Random Occupancy Patterns
* Robust and Scalable Graph-Based Semisupervised Learning
* Robust multilane detection and tracking in urban scenarios based on LIDAR and mono-vision
* Robust Sea-Sky-Line Detection Based on Horizontal Projection and Hough Transformation
* robust segmentation approach to iris recognition based on video, A
* Saliency Detection for Stereoscopic Images
* Saliency detection for stereoscopic images
* Salient Closed Boundary Extraction with Ratio Contour
* Scalable Integrated Region-based Image Retrieval System, A
* Scalable k-NN graph construction for visual descriptors
* Segmentation of Merged Characters by Neural Networks and Shortest Path
* Select eigenfaces for face recognition with one training sample per subject
* Selecting discriminant eigenfaces for face recognition
* Semi-supervised Classification with Active Query Selection
* Semi-Supervised Hashing for Large-Scale Search
* Semi-supervised hashing for scalable image retrieval
* SERVOMATIC: A Modular System for Robust Positioning Using Stereo Visual Servoing
* Shape evolution for rigid and nonrigid shape registration and recovery
* Shape matching and classification using height functions
* Shape-VQ-based lossless hybrid ADPCM/DCT coder
* Simultaneous Block Iterative Reconstruction with Pre- and Post- Backprojection Filters
* Simultaneous Matting and Compositing
* Single point iterative weighted fuzzy C-means clustering algorithm for remote sensing image segmentation
* Sparse Depth Sampling for Interventional 2-D/3-D Overlay: Theoretical Error Analysis and Enhanced Motion Estimation
* Spatial and temporal correlation based frame rate up-conversion
* Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Cropland Conversion in Response to the Grain for Green Project in China's Loess Hilly Region of Yanchuan County
* Special edition on semi-supervised learning for visual content analysis and understanding
* Speech emotion recognition system based on genetic algorithm and neural network
* Static topographic modeling for facial expression recognition and analysis
* Studies on Micropatterning and Photoreaction of Copolymer LB Films Containing Nonionic Photoacid Generator
* Suboptimal Transmission of Orthogonal Space-Time Block Codes Over Correlated Distributed Antennas
* Supervised hashing with kernels
* Supervised Semantic Gradient Extraction Using Linear-Time Optimization
* Surface detail in computer models
* Survey and comparative analysis of entropy and relative entropy thresholding techniques
* System and method for determining a level of similarity among more than one image and a segmented data structure for enabling such determination
* Temporal Impulsive Noise Excision in the Range-Doppler Map of HF Radar
* Tensor voting toward feature space analysis
* Text Image Deblurring Using Text-Specific Properties
* Text Localization in Natural Images Using Stroke Feature Transform and Text Covariance Descriptors
* Theoretical analysis for moiré effect of circular gratings for volume optical computerized tomography
* theoretical analysis of FDA and applications, The
* Three-Dimensional ISAR Imaging Based on Antenna Array
* Towards Autonomous Mars Rover Localization: Operations in 2003 MER Mission and New Developments for Future Missions
* Towards Temporally-Coherent Video Matting
* Tracking human body by using particle filter Gaussian process Markov-switching model
* Transform coefficient coding design for AVS2 video coding standard
* Transform Domain Transcoding From MPEG-2 to H.264 With Interpolation Drift-Error Compensation
* TwinMARM: Two-Stage Multiscale Adaptive Regression Methods for Twin Neuroimaging Data
* Unsupervised Approach for Video Text Localization, An
* Urban built-up land change detection with road density and spectral information from multi-temporal Landsat TM data
* Use of General Regression Neural Networks for Generating the GLASS Leaf Area Index Product From Time-Series MODIS Surface Reflectance
* Variational Bayes Inference Based Segmentation of Heterogeneous Lymphoma Volumes in Dual-Modality PET-CT Images
* variational model for normal computation of point clouds, A
* VCells: Simple and Efficient Superpixels Using Edge-Weighted Centroidal Voronoi Tessellations
* Vehicle Reidentification With Self-Adaptive Time Windows for Real-Time Travel Time Estimation
* Video event detection based on over-segmented STV regions
* Video Hashing Algorithm With Weighted Matching Based on Visual Saliency
* video mesh: A data structure for image-based three-dimensional video editing, The
* Video Mesh: A Data Structure for Image-based Video Editing, The
* visual saliency based video hashing algorithm, A
* Visual Tracking via Locality Sensitive Histograms
* Wavelet Based Feature-Adaptive Adaptive Resonance Theory Neural Network for Texture Identification
* WebGIS for Spatial Data Processing, Analysis, and Distribution for the MER 2003 Mission, A
Includes: Wang, J.[Jun] Wang, J. Wang, J.[Jiang] Wang, J.[Junmin] Wang, J.[Jing] Wang, J.[Jie] Wang, J.[Jinhu] Wang, J.[Jia] Wang, J.[Jian] Wang, J.[Jue] Wang, J.[Jin] Wang, J.[Junle] Wang, J.[Jiao] Wang, J.[Jihua] Wang, J.[Jida] Wang, J.[Jiabin] Wang, J.[Jiaheng] Wang, J.[Junxiang] Wang, J.[Jiaqi] Wang, J.[Jiheng] Wang, J.[Juan] Wang, J.[Josiah] Wang, J.[Junyan] Wang, J.[Jiatao] Wang, J.[Juanle] Wang, J.[Jinwei] Wang, J.[Jiong] Wang, J.[Jinli] Wang, J.[Jianpeng] Wang, J.[Jianmei] Wang, J.[Jonathan] Wang, J.[Junwei] Wang, J.[Jieyong] Wang, J.[Jinjun] Wang, J.[Jindi]
301 for Wang, J.

Wang, J.B.[Jun Bang] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Gross Primary Productivity Derived from GIMMS NDVI3g, GIMMS, and MODIS in Southeast Asia
* Detecting Instances of Shape Classes That Exhibit Variable Structure
* Detecting Objects of Variable Shape Structure With Hidden State Shape Models
* Generating Sequence of Eye Fixations Using Decision-theoretic Attention Model
* MosaicShape: Stochastic Region Grouping with Shape Prior
* Tracking with Dynamic Hidden-State Shape Models
Includes: Wang, J.B.[Jun Bang] Wang, J.B.[Jun-Bang] Wang, J.B.[Jing-Bin]

Wang, J.C.[Ji Cheng] Co Author Listing * Blind Digital Watermarking of Low Bit-Rate Advanced H.264/AVC Compressed Video
* Content-Based Audio Classification Using Support Vector Machines and Independent Component Analysis
* Cost-Sensitive Multi-Label Learning for Audio Tag Annotation and Retrieval
* Fast Mode Decision Algorithm and Its VLSI Design for H.264/AVC Intra-Prediction, A
* Fast Mode Decision for H.264/AVC Based on Rate-Distortion Clustering
* Horror movie scene recognition based on emotional perception
* Intensity Gradient Technique for Efficient Intra-Prediction in H.264/AVC
* Novel Video Summarization Based on Mining the Story-Structure and Semantic Relations Among Concept Entities, A
* novel watermarking scheme for H.264/AVC video authentication, A
* Prediction mode modulated data-hiding algorithm for H.264/AVC
* Tunable Nearest Neighbor Classifier
* Using Adaptive Tone Mapping to Enhance Edge-Preserving Color Image Automatically
* Using Visual Dictionary to Associate Semantic Objects in Region-Based Image Retrieval
* Video Watermarking Based on Spatio-temporal JND Profile
Includes: Wang, J.C.[Ji Cheng] Wang, J.C.[Ji-Cheng] Wang, J.C.[Jia-Ching] Wang, J.C. Wang, J.C.[Jian-Chao] Wang, J.C.[Jing-Chun] Wang, J.C.[Je-Chuang]
14 for Wang, J.C.

Wang, J.D.[Jing Dong] Co Author Listing * Augmented tree partitioning for interactive image segmentation
* Automatic salient object segmentation based on context and shape prior
* Bayesian Visual Reranking
* Complementary hashing for approximate nearest neighbor search
* Face recognition using spectral features
* Fast approximate k-means via cluster closures
* Fast Neighborhood Graph Search Using Cartesian Concatenation
* Graph-based semi-supervised learning with multiple labels
* Image search results refinement via outlier detection using deep contexts
* Image tag refinement by regularized latent Dirichlet allocation
* Image-Based Modeling by Joint Segmentation
* Joint Affinity Propagation for Multiple View Segmentation
* Joint multi-label multi-instance learning for image classification
* Learning CRFs for Image Parsing with Adaptive Subgradient Descent
* Learning to Detect a Salient Object
* Linear Neighborhood Propagation and Its Applications
* Multi-task low-rank affinity pursuit for image segmentation
* non-convex relaxation approach to sparse dictionary learning, A
* Normalized tree partitioning for image segmentation
* Online Robust Non-negative Dictionary Learning for Visual Tracking
* Optimizing kd-trees for scalable visual descriptor indexing
* Picture Collage
* Picture Collage
* Probabilistic Approach to Robust Matrix Factorization, A
* Regularized Tree Partitioning and Its Application to Unsupervised Image Segmentation
* Salient object detection for searched web images via global saliency
* Salient Object Detection: A Discriminative Regional Feature Integration Approach
* Scalable k-NN graph construction for visual descriptors
* Semi-Supervised Classification Using Linear Neighborhood Propagation
* Structure-Sensitive Superpixels via Geodesic Distance
* Supervised Kernel Descriptors for Visual Recognition
* transductive multi-label learning approach for video concept detection, A
* Trinary-Projection Trees for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
* Two dimensional analysis sparse model
* Visual object recognition using probabilistic kernel subspace similarity
Includes: Wang, J.D.[Jing Dong] Wang, J.D.[Jing-Dong]
35 for Wang, J.D.

Wang, J.F. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Reduction Procedure for the Piecewise Linear Approximation of Digitized Curves, An
* Application of wavelet transforms for C/V segmentation on Mandarin speech signals
* Bayesian Neural-Network For Separating Similar Complex Handwritten Chinese Characters, A
* Classified Multifilter Up-Sampling Algorithm in Spatial Scalability for H.264/SVC Encoder
* Content-Based Audio Classification Using Support Vector Machines and Independent Component Analysis
* Decomposing chinese characters into stroke segments using SOGD filters and orientation normalization
* Dynamic search-window adjustment and interlaced search for block-matching algorithm
* Effective Search Point Reduction Algorithm and its VLSI Design for HDTV H.264/AVC Variable Block Size Motion Estimation
* Effective Subblock-Based and Pixel-Based Fast Direction Detections for H.264 Intra Prediction
* Efficient Inter Mode Prediction Based on Model Selection and Rate Feedback for H.264/AVC
* Fast Mode Decision Algorithm and Its VLSI Design for H.264/AVC Intra-Prediction, A
* Hybrid Algorithm With Artifact Detection Mechanism for Region Filling After Object Removal From a Digital Photograph, A
* Intensity Gradient Technique for Efficient Intra-Prediction in H.264/AVC
* Learning Process to the Identification of Feature Points on Chinese Characters, A
* Modeling Spatial Means of Surfaces With Stratified Nonhomogeneity
* Noise-robust pitch detection method using wavelet transform with aliasing compensation
* Non-linear pattern recognition based on SVM and genetic algorithm
* novel stroke extraction method for Chinese characters using Gabor filters, A
* Novel Video Summarization Based on Mining the Story-Structure and Semantic Relations Among Concept Entities, A
* On 3D Model Construction By Fusing Heterogeneous Sensor Data
* Performance analysis of an improved variable tap-length LMS algorithm
* Preclassification for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition by a Peripheral Shape Coding Method
* Real-time iris localization method
* Segmentation of Handwritten Connected Numeral String Using Background and Foreground Analysis
* Segmentation of Single- or Multiple-Touching Handwritten Numeral String Using Background and Foreground Analysis
* Segmentation of Uniform Colored Text from Color Graphics Background
* Selective Intra Block Size Decision and Fast Intra Mode Decision Algorithms for H.264/AVC Encoder
* shunting multilayer perceptron network for confusing/composite pattern recognition, A
* Skew detection and reconstruction based on maximization of variance of transition-counts
* Smart Homecare Surveillance System: Behavior Identification Based on State-Transition Support Vector Machines and Sound Directivity Pattern Analysis
* Surface Reconstruction Using Deformable Models with Interior and Boundary Constraints
* Technical Specification for the Validation of Remote Sensing Products
* Text String Extraction from Images of Color-Printed Documents
* Topology-Based Component Extractor for Understanding Electronic Circuit Diagrams, A
* Unification Scheme for 3D Surface Reconstruction Using Physically Based Models
Includes: Wang, J.F. Wang, J.F.[Jhing-Fa] Wang, J.F.[Jing-Fa] Wang, J.F.[Jing-Fang] Wang, J.F.[Jun-Feng] Wang, J.F.[Jih-Fang]
35 for Wang, J.F.

Wang, J.G.[Jian Gang] Co Author Listing * Active Learning for Solving the Incomplete Data Problem in Facial Age Classification by the Furthest Nearest-Neighbor Criterion
* Active Learning with the Furthest Nearest Neighbor Criterion for Facial Age Estimation
* Age categorization via ECOC with fused gabor and LBP features
* Airborne Lidar: A Fully-Automated Self-Calibration Procedure
* Algorithm for Boundary Adjustment toward Multi-Scale Adaptive Segmentation of Remotely Sensed Imagery, An
* Automated age regression for personalized IPTV services
* Bi-model tracking of object of interest using invariant spatiogram descriptor
* Bilateral Two Dimensional Linear Discriminant Analysis for Stereo Face Recognition
* Boosting dense SIFT descriptors and shape contexts of face images for gender recognition
* Comprehensive Utilization of Temporal and Spatial Domain Outlier Detection Methods for Mobile Terrestrial LiDAR Data
* Coplanar light sweep-surface supported uncalibrated photometric stereo
* Dense SIFT and Gabor descriptors-based face representation with applications to gender recognition
* Determining pose of a human face from a single monocular image
* Discriminant Low-dimensional Subspace Analysis for Face Recognition with Small Number of Training Samples
* Effects of facial alignment for age estimation
* EM Enhancement of 3D Head Pose Estimated by Perspective Invariance
* EM enhancement of 3D head pose estimated by point at infinity
* Ensemble LDA for Face Recognition
* Estimating the eye gaze from one eye
* Eye gaze estimation from a single image of one eye
* Face obscuration in a video sequence by integrating kernel-based mean-shift and active contour
* Face recognition using Complete Fuzzy LDA
* Face Tracking and Recognition from Stereo Sequence
* Fake Finger Detection by Finger Color Change Analysis
* Feature extraction based on Laplacian bidirectional maximum margin criterion
* Feature Extraction based on Local Maximum Margin Criterion
* Feature-level fusion of palmprint and palm vein for person identification based on a Junction Point representation
* Framework of 2D Fisher Discriminant Analysis: Application to Face Recognition with Small Number of Training Samples, A
* Frontal-view face detection and facial feature extraction using color and morphological operations
* Fusion of Appearance and Depth Information for Face Recognition
* Fusion of Appearance Image and Passive Stereo Depth Map for Face Recognition Based on the Bilateral 2DLDA
* Fusion of Palmprint and Palm Vein Images for Person Recognition Based on Laplacianpalm Feature
* Fuzzy maximum scatter discriminant analysis and its application to face recognition
* Gaze determination via images of irises
* Generalized 2D Fisher Discriminant Analysis
* hybrid method for unconstrained handwritten numeral recognition by combining structural and neural gas classifiers, A
* Improved Morphological TOP-HAT Filter Optimized with Genetic Algorithm
* Improving nearest neighbor rule with a simple adaptive distance measure
* Integrated Approach To Accurate DEM Generartion Using Airboren Full Waveform Lidar Data, An
* Kernel maximum scatter difference based feature extraction and its application to face recognition
* Maximum-Likelihood Strategy for Directing Attention during Visual Search, A
* Mending broken handwriting with a macrostructure analysis method to improve recognition
* Methods for the identification and removal of outliers from mobile terrestrial LiDAR data
* Minimum Sphere Covering Approach to Pattern Classification, A
* Minutia Verification and Classification for Fingerprint Matching
* Neighborhood size selection in the k-nearest-neighbor rule using statistical confidence
* new face detection method based on shape information, A
* Object boundary extraction using Active B-Snake Model
* Person recognition by fusing palmprint and palm vein images based on Laplacianpalm representation
* Pose determination of human faces by using vanishing points
* Pose for Fusing Infrared and Visible-Spectrum Imagery
* Real-time moustache detection by combining image decolorization and texture detection with applications to facial gender recognition
* Registration of infra-red and visible-spectrum imagery for face recognition
* Stability Analysis of Constrained Nonlinear Phase Portrait Models of Fingerprint Orientation Images
* Stereo Face Modeling for Feature Extraction in an Infrared Image
* Stereo head/face detection and tracking
* Study on eye gaze estimation
* Wavelet Extended EMD Noise Reduction Model for Signal Trend Extraction
Includes: Wang, J.G.[Jian Gang] Wang, J.G.[Jian-Gang] Wang, J.G.[Jian-Guo] Wang, J.G. Wang, J.G.[Ji-Gang] Wang, J.G.[Jonathan G.] Wang, J.G.[Jin-Gui]
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Wang, J.G.J.[Jian Guo Jack] Co Author Listing * Automatic road surface profiling with sensors fusion
* Dead reckoning navigation with Constant Velocity Update (CUPT)
* Large-scale monocular SLAM by local bundle adjustment and map joining
* new state vector and a map joining algorithm for range-only SLAM, A
Includes: Wang, J.G.J.[Jian Guo Jack] Wang, J.G.J.[Jian-Guo Jack]

Wang, J.H.[Ju Hui] Co Author Listing * 3-D aggregated object detection and labeling from multivariate confocal microscopy images: A model validation approach
* 3D biological object detection and labeling in multidimensional microscopy imaging
* 3D Motion Segmentation from Straight-Line Optical Flow
* Approach to Improve Online Hand-Eye Calibration, An
* Camera Calibration from a Single Frame of Planar Pattern
* Characteristic Line of Planar Homography Matrix and Its Applications in Camera Calibration
* Closed-Form Solution of Reconstruction from Nonparallel Stereo Geometry Used in Image Guided System for Surgery, A
* Color Constancy Based on Image Similarity
* Comparison of Two Different Approaches of Point Cloud Classification Based on Full-Waveform Lidar Data, A
* Coupling CRFs and Deformable Models for 3D Medical Image Segmentation
* CRF-Based Segmentation of Human Tear Meniscus Obtained with Optical Coherence Tomography
* Embedded System-on-Chip Architecture for Real-time Visual Detection and Matching, An
* Enhanced Component Detection Algorithm of Full-Waveform LIDAR Data
* Extract minimum positive and maximum negative features for imbalanced binary classification
* Extraction of Dermo-epidermal Surface from 3d Volumetric Images of Human Skin
* Feature extraction using bionic particle swarm tracing for transfer function design in direct volume rendering
* Fractional directional derivative and identification of blur parameters of motion-blurred image
* Harmonic Neural Networks for On-Line Learning Vector Quantisation
* High-dimensional MRI data analysis using a large-scale manifold learning approach
* Histogram-based fuzzy filter for image restoration
* Human Foot Reconstruction from Multiple Camera Images with Foot Shape Database
* Image segmentation via self-organising fusion
* Kernel based sparse representation for face recognition
* Large-Scale Manifold Learning Approach for Brain Tumor Progression Prediction, A
* Model-based 3d object detection from multivariate confocal microscopy images
* Motion Segmentation of Multiple Translating Objects Using Line Correspondences
* new calibration model of camera lens distortion, A
* Novel Tone Mapping Based on Double-Anchoring Theory for Displaying HDR Images, A
* Object-Based Approach for the Multiscale Image Segmentation of Mountain Forest Scenes, An
* Online Learning Vector Quantization: A Harmonic Competition Approach Based on Conservation Network
* Orthogonal discriminant vector for face recognition across pose
* PCT: A technique to probe cluster terrain
* Prescanned minmax centre-weighted filters for image restoration
* Remote sensing of seasonal variability of fractional vegetation cover and its object-based spatial pattern analysis over mountain areas
* Research On Differential Coding Method For Satellite Remote Sensing Data Compression
* Shape reconstruction of human foot from multi-camera images based on PCA of human shape database
* Sparse residue for occluded face image reconstruction and classification
* Stereoscopic image completion and depth recovery
* Technical Specification for the Validation of Remote Sensing Products
* Video data mining based on K-Means algorithm for surveillance video
* VQ-agglomeration: a novel approach to clustering
Includes: Wang, J.H.[Ju Hui] Wang, J.H.[Ju-Hui] Wang, J.H.[Jian-Hua] Wang, J.H.[Jin-Hua] Wang, J.H. Wang, J.H.[Jian-Hui] Wang, J.H.[Jing-Hua] Wang, J.H.[Jia-Hui] Wang, J.H.[Jenq-Haur] Wang, J.H.[Jian-Hong] Wang, J.H.[Ji-Hong] Wang, J.H.[Jung-Hua] Wang, J.H.[Ji-Hua] Wang, J.H.[Ju-Hong]
41 for Wang, J.H.

Wang, J.J.[Jin Jun] Co Author Listing * Automatic Sports Video Genre Classification using Pseudo-2D-HMM
* Biclustering of gene expression data based on related genes and conditions extraction
* Discriminative and generative vocabulary tree for vein image recognition
* Driving Safety Monitoring Using Semisupervised Learning on Time Series Data
* Dynamic path planning for inserting a steerable needle into soft tissue
* Efficient search: the informedia video retrieval system
* Enhancing peer-to-peer live multicast quality using helpers
* Event detection based on non-broadcast sports video
* Fractal image coding using SSIM
* Harvesting Web Images for Realistic Facial Expression Recognition
* Human behavior segmentation and recognition using Continuous Linear Dynamic System
* Learning realistic facial expressions from web images
* Learning semantic embedding at a large scale
* Locality-constrained Linear Coding for image classification
* Novel Framework for Semantic Annotation and Personalized Retrieval of Sports Video, A
* Parameter analysis of fractal image compression and its applications in image sharpening and smoothing
* Perceptual quality assessment on B-D tradeoff of P2P assisted layered video streaming
* Physiological Modulations in Arterial Spin Labeling Perfusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Recognition of multiple drivers' emotional state
* Reduced Encoding Diffusion Spectrum Imaging Implemented With a Bi-Gaussian Model
* Resolution enhancement based on learning the sparse association of image patches
* Resolution-Invariant Image Representation and its applications
* Robust Methodology for Fractal Analysis of the Retinal Vasculature
* Robust Video Transmission With Distributed Source Coded Auxiliary Channel
* Scaling Peer-to-Peer Video-on-Demand systems using helpers
* Spatial context for visual vocabulary construction
* spatial-color mean-shift object tracking algorithm with scale and orientation estimation, A
* Substructure and boundary modeling for continuous action recognition
* Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Video in Multi-robot Search
* Syndrome-Based Robust Video Transmission Over Networks with Bursty Losses
* Three dimensional cartoon reconstruction based on Art rules
* Three-dimensional cartoon facial animation based on art rules
* To Extend the Depth of Field Based on Image Processing
* Transferability of a Visible and Near-Infrared Model for Soil Organic Matter Estimation in Riparian Landscapes
* View Synthesis for Robust Distributed Video Compression in Wireless Camera Networks
Includes: Wang, J.J.[Jin Jun] Wang, J.J.[Jin-Jun] Wang, J.J.[Jia-Jun] Wang, J.J.[Jian-Jun] Wang, J.J.[Jonathan J.] Wang, J.J.[Jian-Ji] Wang, J.J.[Jing-Jing] Wang, J.J.[Jiong-Jiong] Wang, J.J. Wang, J.J.[Jyun-Ji] Wang, J.J.[Ji-Jun] Wang, J.J.[Jin-Jiang] Wang, J.J.[Jun-Jie]
35 for Wang, J.J.

Wang, J.J.G.[Jack Jian Guo] Co Author Listing * Integration of GPS/INS/Vision Sensors to Navigate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Includes: Wang, J.J.G.[Jack Jian Guo] Wang, J.J.G.[Jack Jian-Guo]

Wang, J.J.L.[Jessica Jun Lin] Co Author Listing * Video analysis of human dynamics: A Survey
Includes: Wang, J.J.L.[Jessica Jun Lin] Wang, J.J.L.[Jessica Jun-Lin]

Wang, J.J.Y.[Jim Jing Yan] Co Author Listing * Joint learning and weighting of visual vocabulary for bag-of-feature based tissue classification
* Multiple graph regularized nonnegative matrix factorization
* Unified framework for representing and ranking
Includes: Wang, J.J.Y.[Jim Jing Yan] Wang, J.J.Y.[Jim Jing-Yan]

Wang, J.K.[Jian Kang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Balloon Models
* content-guided searching algorithm for balloons, A
* Controlled accurate searches with balloons
* Guiding Ziplock Snakes with a Priori Information
* System for Segmenting Ultrasound Images, A
* Three-dimensional PET emission scan registration and transmission scan synthesis
Includes: Wang, J.K.[Jian Kang] Wang, J.K.[Jian-Kang] Wang, J.K.[Jiunn-Kuen]

Wang, J.L.[Jing Li] Co Author Listing * Color image segmentation based on homogram thresholding and region merging
* Color image segmentation: advances and prospects
* Counter-Geometric Distortions Data Hiding Scheme Using Double Channels in Color Images, A
* Detecting Non-aligned Double JPEG Compression Based on Refined Intensity Difference and Calibration
* Integration of GPS/INS/Vision Sensors to Navigate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
* Learning CRFs for Image Parsing with Adaptive Subgradient Descent
* Microcalcification detection using fuzzy logic and scale space approaches
* Monitoring Trends in Light Pollution in China Based on Nighttime Satellite Imagery
* New OFDM Blind Synchronization Algorithm Suitable for PLC, A
* Novel Algorithm for Edge Detection of Remote Sensing Image Based on CNN and PSO, A
* Simple Tree Detector Using Laser and Camera Fusion, A
* Solving the small sample size problem in face recognition using generalized discriminant analysis
Includes: Wang, J.L.[Jing Li] Wang, J.L.[Jing-Li] Wang, J.L.[Jin-Lian] Wang, J.L.[Jun-Long] Wang, J.L.[Jin-Ling] Wang, J.L.[Jing-Lu] Wang, J.L.[Jiu-Ling] Wang, J.L.[Ji-Li] Wang, J.L.[Jian-Lai] Wang, J.L. Wang, J.L.[Jian-Lin]
12 for Wang, J.L.

Wang, J.M. Co Author Listing * Attributed hypergraph matching on a Riemannian manifold
* Evaluation of Clear-Sky Incoming Radiation Estimating Equations Typically Used in Remote Sensing Evapotranspiration Algorithms
* Extracting Residential Area Information from Dual-SAR Image Based on Object-Oriented Technique
* Foreground Object Detection Using Two Successive Images
* Gaussian Process Dynamical Models for Human Motion
* Image Tag Completion via Image-Specific and Tag-Specific Linear Sparse Reconstructions
* Interference reflection separation from a single image
* Measure of Perceptual Aliasing in Image Descriptors, A
* MEG, RFFTs, and the Hunt for High Frequency Oscillations
* Omni-Directional Camera Networks and Data Fusion for Vehicle Tracking in an Indoor Parking Lot
* Physics-based extraction of intrinsic images from a single image
* Transfer Feature Learning with Joint Distribution Adaptation
* Transfer Sparse Coding for Robust Image Representation
* Using phase information for symmetry detection
* Video stabilization for a hand-held camera based on 3D motion model
* Vision-based traffic measurement system
Includes: Wang, J.M. Wang, J.M.[Jun-Ming] Wang, J.M.[Jian-Min] Wang, J.M.[Jung-Ming] Wang, J.M.[Jack M.] Wang, J.M.[Jie-Min] Wang, J.M.[Jian-Ming]
16 for Wang, J.M.

Wang, J.N.[Jing Nan] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Blind Deconvolution From Differently Exposed Image Pairs
* Filling holes on locally smooth surfaces reconstructed from point clouds
* Quality adaptive least squares trained filters for video compression artifacts removal using a no-reference block visibility metric
* Reconstructing regular meshes from points: A parameterization-based approach
* Shape analysis of brain ventricles for improved classification of Alzheimer's patients
Includes: Wang, J.N.[Jing Nan] Wang, J.N.[Jing-Nan] Wang, J.N.[Jian-Ning]

Wang, J.P.[Jia Ping] Co Author Listing * email: Wang, J.P.[Jia Ping]: wang AT cmla ens-cachan fr
* Artificial neural network approach to authentication of coins by vision-based minimization
* Fast randomized algorithm for center-detection
* High-Efficiency Fusion Method of Multi-Spectral Image and Panchromatic Image, A
* Interactive chromaticity mapping for multispectral images
* Kernel-based feature extraction under maximum margin criterion
* LED-only BRDF measurement device, An
* Multiscale Markov Fields: Applications to the Segmentation of Textured Images and Film Fusion
* Speedup of Color Palette Indexing in Self-Organization of Kohonen Feature Map
* Stochastic Relaxation on Partitions with Connected Components and Its Application to Image Segmentation
* Texture Classification Using Windowed Fourier Filters
* Transfer-Function Estimation, Film Fusion and Image Restoration
Includes: Wang, J.P.[Jia Ping] Wang, J.P.[Jia-Ping] Wang, J.P.[Jang-Ping] Wang, J.P.[Jyun-Pin] Wang, J.P. Wang, J.P.[Jiang-Ping]
12 for Wang, J.P.

Wang, J.Q.[Jin Qiao] Co Author Listing * Anomaly detection in crowded scene via appearance and dynamics joint modeling
* Boosting part-sense multi-feature learners toward effective object detection
* Clothes-invariant gait identification using part-based adaptive weight control
* Clothing-invariant gait identification using part-based clothing categorization and adaptive weight control
* Combining Interest Points and Edges for Content-based Image Retrieval
* Contact-free measurement of heartbeat signal via a doppler radar using adaptive filtering
* Context-Aware Video Retargeting via Graph Model
* Discrete Wavelet Transform on Consumer-Level Graphics Hardware
* Discriminative Mean Shift Tracking with Auxiliary Particles
* Dynamic scene understanding by improved sparse topical coding
* Efficient Background Subtraction under Abrupt Illumination Variations
* Efficient Clothing Retrieval with Semantic-Preserving Visual Phrases
* Efficient Topological Localization Using Orientation Adjacency Coherence Histograms
* Fusing Warping, Cropping, and Scaling for Optimal Image Thumbnail Generation
* Global Trajectory Construction across Multi-cameras via Graph Matching
* Hand posture recognition with co-training
* Human Age Estimation with Surface-Based Features from MRI Images
* Image Classification Using Spatial Pyramid Coding and Visual Word Reweighting
* Improving scene classification with weakly spatial symmetry information
* Integrating Color and Shape-Texture Features for Adaptive Real-Time Object Tracking
* Interactive Web Video Advertising with Context Analysis and Search
* Key observation selection for effective video synopsis
* Key observation selection-based effective video synopsis for camera network
* Local Reconstruction Error Alignment: A Fast Unsupervised Feature Selection Algorithm for Radar Target Clustering
* Many-to-Many Superpixel Matching for Robust Tracking
* Multimodal Scheme for Program Segmentation and Representation in Broadcast Video Streams, A
* Object-centered narratives for video surveillance
* Optical Diffraction Inspection of Periodic Structures Using Neural Networks
* Oriented Gradient Context for pedestrian detection
* Patch-based adaptive tracking using spatial and appearance information
* People Tracking and Segmentation Using Efficient Shape Sequences Matching
* People tracking and segmentation using spatiotemporal shape constraints
* Real-time Visual Tracking via Incremental Covariance Tensor Learning
* Shadow extraction and application in pedestrian detection
* Shape Prior Embedded Geodesic Distance Transform for Image Segmentation
* Shape priors extraction and application for geodesic distance transforms in images and videos
* Sparse Representation for Robust Abnormality Detection in Crowded Scenes
* Spatiotemporal Grid Flow for Video Retargeting
* Switching local and covariance matching for efficient object tracking
* Using context saliency for movie shot classification
* Video Reshuffling with Narratives toward Effective Video Browsing
* Weighted Interaction Force Estimation for Abnormality Detection in Crowd Scenes
Includes: Wang, J.Q.[Jin Qiao] Wang, J.Q.[Jin-Qiao] Wang, J.Q.[Jun-Qiu] Wang, J.Q.[Jian-Qi] Wang, J.Q.[Jian-Qing] Wang, J.Q.[Jie-Qiong] Wang, J.Q.[Jian-Qiao] Wang, J.Q.
42 for Wang, J.Q.

Wang, J.Q.A.[Jun Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * MPL-Boosted Integrable Features Pool for pedestrian detection
Includes: Wang, J.Q.A.[Jun Qi Ang] Wang, J.Q.A.[Jun-Qi-Ang]

Wang, J.R.[Jia Ren] Co Author Listing * Adaptive and Efficient Selective Multiple Reference Frames Motion Estimation for H.264 Video Coding, An
* Cursive Word Reference Line Detection
* Double Subgraph Isomorphism Method for Matching LSI Chip Images
* Influence of microphysical cloud parameterizations on microwave brightness temperatures
* Observations of Storm Signatures by the Recently Modified Conical Scanning Millimeter-Wave Imaging Radiometer
* Research and Design of the Base-height Ratio for the Three Linear Array Camera of Satellite Photogrammetry, The
* robust confirmable watermarking algorithm for 3D mesh based on manifold harmonics analysis, A
* Sensitivity of Passive Microwave Snow Depth Retrievals to Weather Effects and Snow Evolution
* trajectory-based ball detection and tracking algorithm in broadcast tennis video, A
Includes: Wang, J.R.[Jia Ren] Wang, J.R.[Jia-Ren] Wang, J.R. Wang, J.R.[Ji-Ren] Wang, J.R.[Jian-Rong] Wang, J.R.[Jin-Rong]
9 for Wang, J.R.

Wang, J.S.[Jia Shung] Co Author Listing * Adaptive fast block-matching algorithm by switching search patterns for sequences with wide-range motion content
* AP-Based Consensus Clustering for Gene Expression Time Series
* Call Admission for MPEG Video Streams
* Cascading MRVQ-DCT Scheme for the Compression of Sequence Images, A
* Classified variable block size motion estimation algorithm for image sequence coding
* Classified Variable-Block-Size Motion Estimation Algorithm for Image Sequence Coding
* cluster validity measure with a hybrid parameter search method for the support vector clustering algorithm, A
* Cluster Validity Measure With Outlier Detection for Support Vector Clustering, A
* Computation-aware scheme for software-based block motion estimation
* Content-Based Scheme for CT Lung Image Retrieval, A
* Design of a Mathematical Expression Understanding System
* Design of frame dependency for VCR streaming videos
* Dynamic Quality-Adjustable H.264 Video Encoder for Power-Aware Video Applications, A
* embedded merging scheme for H.264/AVC motion estimation, An
* Embedded Merging Scheme for VLSI Implementation of H.264/AVC Motion Estimation Modules, An
* Energy-Aware IP Core Design for the Variable-Length DCT/IDCT Targeting at MPEG4 Shape-Adaptive Transforms, An
* Error resilience supporting bi-directional frame recovery for video streaming
* Error resilient GOP structures on video streaming
* Feature-Watermarking Scheme for JPEG Image Authentication, A
* general grid-clustering approach, A
* High-Performance Direct 2-D Transform Coding IP Design for MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, A
* Image sequence coding using adaptive finite-state vector quantization
* Minimal model dimension/order determination algorithms for recurrent neural networks
* Multiframe Motion Estimation Architecture for H.264/AVC, A
* new fast block matching algorithm based on complexity-distortion optimization, A
* Objective Quality Assessment Measurement for Typhoon Cloud Image Enhancement
* Prototype selection rules for neural network training
* Scalable ideal-segmented chain coding
* Stable Buffer Control Strategy for MPEG Coding, A
* Three-Layer Perceptron Based Classifiers for the Partial Shape Classification Problem
* Three-Sided Side Match Finite-State Vector Quantization
* Using acceleration measurements for activity recognition: An effective learning algorithm for constructing neural classifiers
* VisoMT: A Collaborative Multithreading Multicore Processor for Multimedia Applications With a Fast Data Switching Mechanism
Includes: Wang, J.S.[Jia Shung] Wang, J.S.[Jia-Shung] Wang, J.S. Wang, J.S.[Jeen-Shing] Wang, J.S.[Jin-Shen] Wang, J.S.[Jin-Shan] Wang, J.S.[Jie-Sheng] Wang, J.S.[Jinn-Shyan]
33 for Wang, J.S.

Wang, J.T.[Jen Tse] Co Author Listing * Design and implementation of real-time software-based H.261 video codec
* Error prevention and concealment for scalable video coding with dual-priority transmission
* new 3D model retrieval approach based on the elevation descriptor, A
* On pedestrian detection and tracking in infrared videos
Includes: Wang, J.T.[Jen Tse] Wang, J.T.[Jen-Tse] Wang, J.T.[Jong-Tzy] Wang, J.T.[Jian Tang] Wang, J.T.[Jian-Tao]

Wang, J.T.L. Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Finding the Largest Approximately Common Substructures of Two Trees, An
* Approximate Graph Matching Problem, The
* Finding approximate patterns in undirected acyclic graphs
* Finding Similar Consensus Between Trees: An Algorithm and a Distance Hierarchy
Includes: Wang, J.T.L. Wang, J.T.L.[Jason T.L.]

Wang, J.W. Co Author Listing * 2-D Non-separable Wavelet Bases for Texture Classification with Genetic Feature Selection
* Contour Correction Liver Cancer CT Image Segmentation Method Based on Snake Model
* Efficient Facial Component Extraction for Detection and Recognition
* Evacuation Planning Based on the Contraflow Technique With Consideration of Evacuation Priorities and Traffic Setup Time
* Face Recognition Based on Projected Color Space With Lighting Compensation
* Genetic Feature-Selection for Texture Classification Using 2-D Nonseparable Wavelet Bases
* Integrated Road Construction and Resource Planning Approach to the Evacuation of Victims From Single Source to Multiple Destinations, An
* new level set method for inhomogeneous image segmentation, A
* On-Line Bubble Inspection Method for Automated Vacuum Casting Controlling System
* Precise Face Segmentation for Recognition
* Prediction of shear stress distribution throughout 3D bone scaffold in perfusion environment
* Relative Entropy-Based Approach To Image Thresholding, A
* Robust Two Stage Approach for Eye Detection, A
* Self-Eigenroughness Selection for Texture Recognition Using Genetic Algorithms
* Shape Matching and Recognition Using Group-Wised Points
* Shape Matching Using Points Co-Occurrence Pattern
* Texture classification using non-separable two-dimensional wavelets
* Three-dimensional interactive pen based on Augmented Reality
* Video Watermarking Based on 3-D Complex Wavelet, A
* Visual Saliency Based Aerial Video Summarization by Online Scene Classification
Includes: Wang, J.W. Wang, J.W.[Jian-Wei] Wang, J.W.[Jing-Wein] Wang, J.W.[Jin-Wei] Wang, J.W.[Jia-Wei] Wang, J.W.[Jun-Wei] Wang, J.W.[Jing-Wei] Wang, J.W.[Jie-Wei]
20 for Wang, J.W.

Wang, J.X.[Jing Xin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Zero-Coefficient Distribution Scan for Inter Block Mode Coding of H.264/AVC
* Automated recognition of highly complex human behavior
* automatic drowning detection surveillance system for challenging outdoor pool environments, An
* bayesian framework for robust human detection and occlusion handling using human shape model, A
* Combined significance MAP coding for still image compression
* Concurrent encoding in hierachical trees for wavelet based image compression
* Design of Frequency-Hopping Waveforms Based on Ambiguity Function
* efficient method of license plate location, An
* fast performance estimation scheme for histogram shifting based multi-layer embedding, A
* Framework for Foreground Detection in Complex Environments, A
* High Performance Multi-layer Reversible Data Hiding Scheme Using Two-Step Embedding, A
* High-Precision Localization Algorithm by Improved SIFT Key-Points, A
* Human detection and tracking within hostile aquatic environments
* Improving target detection by coupling it with tracking
* Lossless DEM Watermark Signature Based on Directional Wavelet
* Novel region-based modeling for human detection within highly dynamic aquatic environment
* Object detection via foreground contour feature selection and part-based shape model
* Overtaking Vehicle Detection Using Dynamic and Quasi-Static Background Modeling
* Progressive Interpolation Using Loop Subdivision Surfaces
* Robust Human Detection Within a Highly Dynamic Aquatic Environment in Real Time
* Robust Video-Based Surveillance by Integrating Target Detection with Tracking
* Self-adaptive design of hidden Markov models
* Spatio-temporal target identification method of high-range resolution radar
* Specular Reflection Removal for Human Detection under Aquatic Environment
* Using eigencolor normalization for illumination-invariant color object recognition
Includes: Wang, J.X.[Jing Xin] Wang, J.X.[Jing-Xin] Wang, J.X.[Jun-Xian] Wang, J.X. Wang, J.X.[Jian-Xin] Wang, J.X.[Jia-Xin] Wang, J.X.[Jun-Xiang] Wang, J.X.[Jun-Xiu] Wang, J.X.[Jia-Xi]
25 for Wang, J.X.

Wang, J.Y. Co Author Listing * 3-D Recognition and Shape Estimation from Image Contours Using Invariant 3-D Object Curve Models
* Adaptive graph regularized Nonnegative Matrix Factorization via feature selection
* Age simulation for face recognition
* Airborne Multidimensional Integrated Remote Sensing System
* Automated Detection of the Occurrence and Changes of Hot-Spots in Intro-subject FDG-PET Images from Combined PET-CT Scanners
* Automatic Data Capture for Geographic Information Systems
* Bag-of-Features Based Classification of Breast Parenchymal Tissue in the Mammogram via Jointly Selecting and Weighting Visual Words
* Bag-of-Features Based Medical Image Retrieval via Multiple Assignment and Visual Words Weighting
* Boosted Learning of Visual Word Weighting Factors for Bag-of-Features Based Medical Image Retrieval
* Convergence of a Central-Difference Discretization of Rudin-Osher-Fatemi Model for Image Denoising, The
* Incorporating Patch Subspace Model in Mumford-Shah Type Active Contours
* integrated rate control scheme for TCP-friendly MPEG-4 video transmission, An
* Interpretation System For Cadastral Maps, An
* Iris image classification based on color information
* Learning context-sensitive similarity by shortest path propagation
* Multimodal and Multistage Face Recognition Method for Simulated Portrait, A
* Observing the Natural World with Flickr
* Online Selecting Discriminative Tracking Features Using Particle Filter
* Part I: Modeling Image Curves Using Invariant 3-D Object Curve Models -- A Path to 3-D Recognition and Shape Estimation from Image Contours
* Part II: 3-D Object Recognition and Shape Estimation from Image Contours Using B-Splines, Shape Invariant Matching, and Neural Network
* Recognition of Numeral Strings on Maps
* Robust Algorithm for Separation of Chinese Characters from Line-Drawings, A
* System for Extracting and Recognizing Numeral Strings on Maps, A
* Variational Bayes Inference Based Segmentation of Heterogeneous Lymphoma Volumes in Dual-Modality PET-CT Images
Includes: Wang, J.Y. Wang, J.Y.[Jing-Yan] Wang, J.Y.[Jun-Yan] Wang, J.Y.[Jian-Yu] Wang, J.Y.[Ji-Yong] Wang, J.Y.[Jing-Yue] Wang, J.Y.[Jing-Ya]
24 for Wang, J.Y.

Wang, J.Y.A. Co Author Listing * Apply Mid-Level Vision Techniques for Video Data Compression and Manipulation
* Content-Based Video Retrieval and Compression: A Unified Solution
* Layered Representation for Motion Analysis
* Mid-level vision: new directions in vision and video
* Representing Moving Images with Layers
* Single Lens Stereo with a Plenoptic Camera
* Spatio-Temporal Segmentation of Video Data
* stereoscopic camera employing a single main lens, A
* System for encoding image data into multiple layers representing regions of coherent motion and associated motion parameters
Includes: Wang, J.Y.A. Wang, J.Y.A.[John Y.A.]
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Wang, J.Z.[James Z.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Wang, J.Z.[James Z.]: jwang AT ist psu edu
* Aesthetics and Emotions in Images
* Algorithmic inferencing of aesthetics and emotion in natural images: An exposition
* ALIP: The Automatic Linguistic Indexing of Pictures System
* Automated analysis of images in documents for intelligent document search
* Automatic lattice detection in near-regular histology array images
* Automatic linguistic indexing of pictures by a statistical modeling approach
* Boosted cannabis image recognition
* Characterizing elegance of curves computationally for distinguishing Morrisseau paintings and the imitations
* CLUE: cluster-based retrieval of images by unsupervised learning
* Computationally Efficient Approach to the Estimation of Two- and Three-Dimensional Hidden Markov Models, A
* Enhancing Training Collections for Image Annotation: An Instance-Weighted Mixture Modeling Approach
* Evaluation strategies for automatic linguistic indexing of pictures
* Feature Selection in AVHRR Ocean Satellite Images by Means of Filter Methods
* Fuzzy Content-Based Image Retrieval for Oceanic Remote Sensing
* Image retrieval: Ideas, influences, and trends of the new age
* Integrated Algorithm for MRI Brain Images Segmentation, An
* Linear discriminant projection embedding based on patches alignment
* Machine Learning and Statistical Modeling Approaches to Image Retrieval
* Maximum weight and minimum redundancy: A novel framework for feature subset selection
* MILES: Multiple-Instance Learning via Embedded Instance Selection
* Multiresolution object-of-interest detection for images with low depth of field
* Nonrigid registration of brain MRI using NURBS
* Object tracking based on multi-bandwidth mean shift with convergence acceleration
* Object Tracking with Mean Shift and Model Prediction
* OSCAR: On-Site Composition and Aesthetics Feedback Through Exemplars for Photographers
* Parameter Estimation of Multi-Dimensional Hidden Markov Models: A Scalable Approach
* Real-Time Computerized Annotation of Pictures
* Real-World Image Annotation and Retrieval: An Introduction to the Special Section
* Region-Based Fuzzy Feature Matching Approach to Content-Based Image Retrieval, A
* Research on Image Processing Algorithms of Image Stabilization Testing for Sighting Telescope Based on Cross Lines
* RF*IPF: a weighting scheme for multimedia information retrieval
* Rhythmic Brushstrokes Distinguish van Gogh from His Contemporaries: Findings via Automated Brushstroke Extraction
* SIMPLIcity: Semantics-Sensitive Integrated Matching for Picture LIbraries
* Sparse Support Vector Machine Approach to Region-Based Image Categorization, A
* Stochastic modeling of volume images with a 3-d hidden markov model
* structure-preserved local matching approach for face recognition, A
* Studying Aesthetics in Photographic Images Using a Computational Approach
* Studying Digital Imagery of Ancient Paintings by Mixtures of Stochastic Models
* System for Screening Objectionable Images
* System for Screening Objectionable Images Using Daubechies' Wavelets and Color Histograms
* Three-dimensional quasi-binary image restoration for confocal microscopy and its application to dendritic trees
* Towards efficient automated characterization of irregular histology images via transformation to frieze-like patterns
* Unsupervised Multiresolution Segmentation for Images with Low Depth of Field
* Visual Similarity, Judgemental Certainty and Stereo Correspondence
Includes: Wang, J.Z.[James Z.] Wang, J.Z. Wang, J.Z.[Jian-Zhong] Wang, J.Z.[Jian-Zhe] Wang, J.Z.[Jun-Zheng] Wang, J.Z.[Ji-Zhong] Wang, J.Z.[James Ze]
46 for Wang, J.Z.

Wang, K.[Kun] Co Author Listing * Adaptive stereo matching algorithm based on edge detection
* Ancient Porcelain Shards Classifications Based on Color Features
* Blind and robust mesh watermarking using manifold harmonics
* Chinese Chess Character Recognition with Radial Harmonic Fourier Moments
* Chinese Keyword Spotting Using Knowledge-Based Clustering
* Combining semantic scene priors and haze removal for single image depth estimation
* comparative study of moment-based shape descriptors for product image retrieval, A
* Comprehensive Survey on Three-Dimensional Mesh Watermarking, A
* Compressed Domain MPEG-2 Video Editing
* Curvature Tensor Distance for Mesh Visual Quality Assessment, A
* Data-Driven Intelligent Transportation Systems: A Survey
* Discrete Imaging Models for Three-Dimensional Optoacoustic Tomography Using Radially Symmetric Expansion Functions
* Distributed Modeling in a MapReduce Framework for Data-Driven Traffic Flow Forecasting
* End-to-end scene text recognition
* Evaluation of CLM4 Solar Radiation Partitioning Scheme Using Remote Sensing and Site Level FPAR Datasets
* fast adaptive binarization method for complex scene images, A
* Fast and accurate iris segmentation based on linear basis function and RANSAC
* Framework for Hand Gesture Recognition Based on Accelerometer and EMG Sensors, A
* Full-Wave Iterative Image Reconstruction in Photoacoustic Tomography With Acoustically Inhomogeneous Media
* GPU-based implementation on super-resolution reconstruction, A
* GPU-Based Parallel Genetic Algorithm for Generating Daily Activity Plans, A
* hierarchical and contextual model for aerial image understanding, A
* Hierarchical and Modular Surveillance Systems in ITS
* High Performance Chinese/English Mixed OCR with Character Level Language Identification
* High Performance European OCR System, A
* Image feature detection from phase congruency based on two-dimensional Hilbert transform
* Image registration using a point-line duality based line matching method
* Imaging Model Incorporating Ultrasonic Transducer Properties for Three-Dimensional Optoacoustic Tomography, An
* improved binarization method using inter- and intra-block features for natural images, An
* Learning Coupled Feature Spaces for Cross-Modal Matching
* Local Patch Blind Spectral Watermarking Method for 3D Graphics
* Low Complexity Equalization of HCM Systems with DPFFT Demodulation over Doubly-Selective Channels
* Mapping and Evaluation of NDVI Trends from Synthetic Time Series Obtained by Blending Landsat and MODIS Data around a Coalfield on the Loess Plateau
* Measuring Driving Behaviors from Live Video
* Method and system for detecting scenes and summarizing video sequences
* Mixed Kernel Function SVM for Pulmonary Nodule Recognition
* Modification of Pixel-swapping Algorithm with Initialization from a Sub-pixel/pixel Spatial Attraction Model
* Moving Object and Shadow Detection Based on RGB Color Space and Edge Ratio
* MPEG Motion Picture Coding With Long-Term Constraint on Distortion Variation
* Multi-Layer Projections for the Classification of Similar Chinese Characters
* Multi-modal Subspace Learning with Joint Graph Regularization for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Multivariate Skew t-Mixture Models: Applications to Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting Data
* Parallel Traffic Management System and Its Application to the 2010 Asian Games
* PISA: Pixelwise Image Saliency by Aggregating Complementary Appearance Contrast Measures with Spatial Priors
* Pixel to Patch Sampling Structure and Local Neighboring Intensity Relationship Patterns for Texture Classification
* Progressive correlation noise refinement for transform domain Wyner-Ziv video coding
* Research of Finger Vein Recognition Based on Fusion of Wavelet Moment and Horizontal and Vertical 2DPCA
* Robust CoHOG Feature Extraction in Human-Centered Image/Video Management System
* Robust Image Deblurring With an Inaccurate Blur Kernel
* Segmentation Method Based on Fusion Algorithm for Coronary Angiograms
* study of on-line handwritten chemical expressions recognition, A
* Superpixel-Based Classification With an Adaptive Number of Classes for Polarimetric SAR Images
* SVM-HMM Based Online Classifier for Handwritten Chemical Symbols, A
* Total Variation-Stokes Strategy for Sparse-View X-ray CT Image Reconstruction
* two-stage approach to blind spatially-varying motion deblurring, A
* Two-Stage Framework for 3D Face Reconstruction from RGBD Images, A
* Video text detection and recognition: Dataset and benchmark
* Video-Based Abnormal Human Behavior Recognition: A Review
* Word Spotting in the Wild
Includes: Wang, K.[Kun] Wang, K.[Kegang] Wang, K.[Kai] Wang, K.[Kejia] Wang, K.[Kuanquan] Wang, K.[Ke] Wang, K. Wang, K.[Kristy] Wang, K.[Kunfeng] Wang, K.[Kaiye] Wang, K.[Katherine] Wang, K.[Kedian] Wang, K.[Kui] Wang, K.[Keze] Wang, K.[Keyan] Wang, K.[Kejun] Wang, K.[Kang]
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Wang, K.C. Co Author Listing * Simultaneous Calibration of a Robot and a Hand-Mounted Camera

Wang, K.D.[Ke Dong] Co Author Listing * Research on Iterative Closest Contour Point for Underwater Terrain-Aided Navigation
Includes: Wang, K.D.[Ke Dong] Wang, K.D.[Ke-Dong]

Wang, K.H.[Kuo Hsin] Co Author Listing * H.264 Fast Inter-Mode Selection Based on Coded Block Patterns
* improvement of EMD embedding method for large payloads by pixel segmentation strategy, An
Includes: Wang, K.H.[Kuo Hsin] Wang, K.H.[Kuo-Hsin] Wang, K.H.[Kuo-Hua]

Wang, K.J.[Kai Jun] Co Author Listing * Class-dependent projection based method for text categorization
* Weighted BDPCA Based on Local Feature for Face Recognition with a Single Training Sample
Includes: Wang, K.J.[Kai Jun] Wang, K.J.[Kai-Jun] Wang, K.J.[Ke-Jun]

Wang, K.M.[Kai Ming] Co Author Listing * Video-Based Face Recognition Using a Probabilistic Graphical Model
Includes: Wang, K.M.[Kai Ming] Wang, K.M.[Kai-Ming]

Wang, K.P.[Kun Peng] Co Author Listing * Robust tracking method with drift correction
Includes: Wang, K.P.[Kun Peng] Wang, K.P.[Kun-Peng]

Wang, K.Q.[Kong Qiao] Co Author Listing * 1d Bar Code Reading On Camera Phones
* Active learning for image retrieval with Co-SVM
* assembled matrix distance metric for 2DPCA-based image recognition, An
* BDPCA Plus LDA: A Novel Fast Feature Extraction Technique for Face Recognition
* Bi-Directional PCA with Assembled Matrix Distance Metric
* Bi-Elliptical Deformable Contour and Its Application to Automated Tongue Segmentation in Chinese Medicine, The
* Bidirectional PCA With Assembled Matrix Distance Metric for Image Recognition
* Biometric cryptographic key generation based on city block distance
* Character location in scene images from digital camera
* Character segmentation of color images from digital camera
* Coarse Iris Classification Based on Box-Counting Method
* Coarse iris classification using box-counting to estimate fractal dimensions
* Combining Left and Right Irises for Personal Authentication
* cryptosystem based on palmprint feature, A
* Differential Feature Analysis for Palmprint Authentication
* Distinguishing Patients with Gastritis and Cholecystitis from the Healthy by Analyzing Wrist Radial Arterial Doppler Blood Flow Signals
* Efficient image matching using weighted voting
* FCM-based orientation selection for competitive coding-based palmprint recognition
* Fisherpalms based palmprint recognition
* Fusion of Phase And Orientation Information for Palmprint Authentication
* Fuzzy directional element energy feature (FDEEF) based palmprint identification
* Hand posture recognition with co-training
* hierarchical multiscale and multiangle system for human face detection in a complex background using gravity-center template, A
* HMMs Based Palmprint Identification
* Improved Scene Text Extraction Method Using Conditional Random Field and Optical Character Recognition, An
* Improvement on Null Space LDA for Face Recognition: A Symmetry Consideration
* Instant video summarization during shooting with mobile phone
* Iris Recognition Based on Location of Key Points
* Local binary pattern probability model based facial feature localization
* Local primitive code mining for fast and accurate face recognition
* Minimizing Spatial Deformation Method for Online Signature Matching
* Mixed Gauss and Directional Distance Filter for Fiber Direction Tracking, A
* Multi-View Sampling for Relevance Feedback in Image Retrieval
* Multimodal learning for multi-label image classification
* Multiscale competitive code for efficient palmprint recognition
* Novel Method for Coarse Iris Classification, A
* On automated tongue image segmentation in Chinese medicine
* On-Line Signature Verification Based on PCA (Principal Component Analysis) and MCA (Minor Component Analysi
* Online Signature Verification By Combining Shape Contexts And Local Features
* Orientation selection using modified FCM for competitive code-based palmprint recognition
* Overlapped Handwriting Input on Mobile Phones
* Palm line extraction and matching for personal authentication
* Palmprint Authentication Based on Orientation Code Matching
* Palmprint classification using principal lines
* Palmprint Cryptosystem, A
* Palmprint recognition using directional line energy feature
* Palmprint recognition using eigenpalms features
* performance evaluation of filter design and coding schemes for palmprint recognition, A
* Person-specific age estimation under ranking framework
* Post-processing on LDA's Discriminant Vectors for Facial Feature Extraction
* Reconfigurable Platform for MPEG-4 Encoder Based on SOPC, A
* relative distance of key point based iris recognition, The
* snake-based approach to automated segmentation of tongue image using polar edge detector, A
* Step acceleration based training algorithm for feedforward neural networks
* unified gradient domain method for seamless image processing, A
Includes: Wang, K.Q.[Kong Qiao] Wang, K.Q.[Kong-Qiao] Wang, K.Q.[Kuan-Quan] Wang, K.Q.[Ke-Qiang]
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Wang, K.X.[Ke Xiang] Co Author Listing * Manifold T-Spline
Includes: Wang, K.X.[Ke Xiang] Wang, K.X.[Ke-Xiang]

Wang, K.Y.[Ke Yan] Co Author Listing * Efficient Line-Based VLSI Architecture for 2-D Lifting DWT
* Novel Low-Cost High-Throughput CAVLC Decoder for H.264/AVC, A
* On-line Signature Verification Using Graph Representation
* On-line Signature Verification Using Segment-to-Segment Graph Matching
Includes: Wang, K.Y.[Ke Yan] Wang, K.Y.[Ke-Yan] Wang, K.Y.[Kyu-Yeul] Wang, K.Y.[Kai-Yue]

Wang, K.Z.[Kai Zhi] Co Author Listing * Efficient SAR Processor Based on GPU via CUDA, An
Includes: Wang, K.Z.[Kai Zhi] Wang, K.Z.[Kai-Zhi]

Wang, L.[Lei] Co Author Listing * email: Wang, L.[Lei]: lei AT cis wustl edu
* 2D Gaborface representation method for face recognition with ensemble and multichannel model
* 3D medical image compression based on multiplierless low-complexity RKLT and shape-adaptive wavelet transform
* 3d pattern for pose estimation for object capture, A
* 3D Town: The Automatic Urban Awareness Project
* Abnormal Walking Gait Analysis Using Silhouette-Masked Flow Histograms
* Accelerating the Divisive Information-Theoretic Clustering of Visual Words
* Accurate and stable vision in robot soccer
* Action Recognition Based on Binary Latent Variable Models
* Action Recognition Using Space-Time Shape Difference Images
* Action recognition via multi-feature fusion and Gaussian process classification
* Active shape and depth extraction from shadow images
* Active Shape-from-Shadows with Controlled Illuminant Trajectories
* Adaptive Feature Selection via Boosting-Like Sparsity Regularization
* Adaptive Fusion of Gait and Face for Human Identification in Video
* Adaptive human motion analysis and prediction
* Allocating Classes for Soft-Then-Hard Subpixel Mapping Algorithms in Units of Class
* Analysis of Retinal Vasculature Using a Multiresolution Hermite Model
* Analyzing Human Movements from Silhouettes Using Manifold Learning
* Application of a new type of singular points in fingerprint classification
* Application of Digital Line Graphs and Map in the Network Environment, The
* Approximate pairwise clustering for large data sets via sampling plus extension
* Approximating global illumination on mesostructure surfaces with height gradient maps
* Assessing the impact of sharp shift from drought to flood on vegetation using remote sensing
* Auto-encoder Based Data Clustering
* Autofocus Technique for High-Resolution Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery, An
* Automatic 3D change detection for glaucoma diagnosis
* Automatic gait recognition based on statistical shape analysis
* Automatic Real-Time Video Matting Using Time-of-Flight Camera and Multichannel Poisson Equations
* Automatic salient object extraction with contextual cue
* Automatic salient object extraction with contextual cue and its applications to recognition and alpha matting
* Background Subtraction using Incremental Subspace Learning
* Background Subtraction using Incremental Subspace Learning
* Baseline Results for Violence Detection in Still Images
* Bayesian 3D model based human detection in crowded scenes using efficient optimization
* Bayesian Approach to Uncertainty-Based Depth Map Super Resolution, A
* Bayesian Face Revisited: A Joint Formulation
* Binned Progressive Quantization for Compressive Sensing
* biologically inspired system for fast handwritten digit recognition, A
* Bistatic Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging of Moving Targets Using Ultra-Narrowband Continuous Waveforms
* Bistatic Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging Using Ultra-Narrowband Continuous Waveforms
* Bit Allocation and Constraints for Joint Coding of Multiple Video Programs
* Bit rate control for hybrid DPCM/DCT video codec
* Bootstrapping SVM active learning by incorporating unlabelled images for image retrieval
* BRDF Invariant Stereo Using Light Transport Constancy
* Breast mass segmentation based on information theory
* Building Emerging Pattern (EP) Random forest for recognition
* Can Background Baroque Music Help to Improve the Memorability of Graphical Passwords?
* Canny Edge Detection Using Bilateral Filter on Real Hexagonal Structure
* Chrono-Gait Image: A Novel Temporal Template for Gait Recognition
* Closed-Form Inverse Kinematics for Interventional C-Arm X-Ray Imaging With Six Degrees of Freedom: Modeling and Application
* Clustering and Visualizing Audio-Visual Dataset on Mobile Devices in a Topic-Oriented Manner
* Combined X-ray and facial videos for phoneme-level articulator dynamics
* Combining Real and Virtual Graphs to Enhance Data Clustering
* Comparison of Classification Algorithms and Training Sample Sizes in Urban Land Classification with Landsat Thematic Mapper Imagery
* Complex Cell Descriptor Learning for Robust Object Recognition
* Compressive Evaluation in Human Motion Tracking
* Computer-Based Synthetic Data to Assess the Tree Delineation Algorithm from Airborne LiDAR Survey
* Concurrent segmentation of categorized objects from an image collection
* Conjunctive Patches Subspace Learning With Side Information for Collaborative Image Retrieval
* Consensus for second-order multi-agent systems with inherent nonlinear dynamics under directed topologies
* constant-space belief propagation algorithm for stereo matching, A
* Context-aware fusion: A case study on fusion of gait and face for human identification in video
* Contextual Pooling in Image Classification
* Continuum regression for cross-modal multimedia retrieval
* Coupled PDE Model of Nonlinear Diffusion for Image Smoothing and Segmentation, A
* Criterion for Optimizing Kernel Parameters in KBDA for Image Retrieval, A
* Crowd counting and segmentation in visual surveillance
* Decoding Generalized Joint Channel Coding and Physical Network Coding in the LLR Domain
* Depth-embedded multiple pooling for image classification
* Detailed Real-Time Urban 3D Reconstruction from Video
* Detecting Texture Edges from Images
* Detection Based Low Frame Rate Human Tracking
* Detection of Curved and Straight Segments from Gray-Scale Topography
* Difference Analysis of SRTM C-Band DEM and ASTER GDEM for Global Land Cover Mapping
* Direct Gray-Scale Extraction of Features for Character Recognition
* Directed Acyclic Graph Kernels for Action Recognition
* Discovering compact topical descriptors for web video retrieval
* Discriminative Brain Effective Connectivity Analysis for Alzheimer's Disease: A Kernel Learning Approach upon Sparse Gaussian Bayesian Network
* Discriminative human action segmentation and recognition using semi-Markov model
* Discriminative restricted Boltzmann machine for invariant pattern recognition with linear transformations
* Distance Measuring Method Using Visual Image Processing, A
* Distributed tracking and connectivity maintenance with a varying velocity leader
* Diurnal and Scan Angle Variations in the Calibration of GOES Imager Infrared Channels
* Doppler-Hitchhiker: A Novel Passive Synthetic Aperture Radar Using Ultranarrowband Sources of Opportunity
* Dual clustering for categorization of action sequences
* Dynamic All-Red Extension at a Signalized Intersection: A Framework of Probabilistic Modeling and Performance Evaluation
* Dynamic WIFI-Based Indoor Positioning in 3D Virtual World
* Edge Detection on Pantograph Slide Image
* Edge-Directed Single-Image Super-Resolution Via Adaptive Gradient Magnitude Self-Interpolation
* Effect of Display Technology on the Crosstalk Perception in Stereoscopic Video Content
* effective regional saliency model based on extended site entropy rate, An
* Effective Supervised Framework for Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation Using Local Standardisation and Bagging, An
* Effects of Ice Decontamination on GOES-12 Imager Calibration
* Efficient Algorithm to Compute the Complete Set of Discrete Gabor Coefficients, An
* Efficient Learning to Label Images
* Efficient Structured Support Vector Regression
* Elastic Sequence Correlation for Human Action Analysis
* Elastic Sequence Correlation for Human Action Analysis
* Encoding Actions via Quantized Vocabulary of Averaged Silhouettes
* Enhanced ISAR Imaging by Exploiting the Continuity of the Target Scene
* Error Analysis of Pure Rotation-Based Self-Calibration
* Evaluation of Color-Difference Formulae Based on Small Color Difference Data by Printed Sample
* Examplar-based Shape from Shading
* Exploring regularized feature selection for person specific face verification
* Extraction of Moving Objects From Their Background Based on Multiple Adaptive Thresholds and Boundary Evaluation
* Extrapolating Learned Manifolds for Human Activity Recognition
* Face Image Modeling by Multilinear Subspace Analysis With Missing Values
* Face Location in Dim-Lightening Coal Mine Surveillance Images
* Face recognition based on discriminative manifold learning
* Face recognition using maximum local Fisher Discriminant Analysis
* factorization algorithm for trifocal tensor estimation, A
* Fast Algorithm for Creating a Compact and Discriminative Visual Codebook, A
* Fast Algorithm for Learning the Overcomplete Image Prior, A
* Fast Approximate AIB Algorithm for Distributional Word Clustering, A
* Fast Implementations of the Levelset Segmentation Method With Bias Field Correction in MR Images: Full Domain and Mask-Based Versions
* Fast Multi-labelling for Stereo Matching
* Feature Coding in Image Classification: A Comprehensive Study
* Feature selection via simultaneous sparse approximation for person specific face verification
* Feature Selection with Kernel Class Separability
* Feature Subset Selection for Multi-class SVM Based Image Classification
* First Deployments of Augmented Reality in Operating Rooms
* flexible method for structured light system calibration, A
* FOE estimation: Can image measurement errors be totally corrected by the geometric method?
* framework for image classification, A
* Framework of 2D Fisher Discriminant Analysis: Application to Face Recognition with Small Number of Training Samples, A
* From Blob Metrics to Posture Classification to Activity Profiling
* Fully Constrained Linear Spectral Unmixing: Analytic Solution Using Fuzzy Sets
* Fusion of Static and Dynamic Body Biometrics for Gait Recognition
* Fusion of time-of-flight depth and stereo for high accuracy depth maps
* Gait recognition based on procrustes shape analysis
* Gaze Estimation in Children's Peer-Play Scenarios
* Generalized Biased Discriminant Analysis for Content-Based Image Retrieval
* generalized probabilistic framework for compact codebook creation, A
* Generic Mixed-Radix FFT Pruning
* Generic slow-motion replay detection in sports video
* Geographically Adaptive Inversion Model for Improving Bathymetric Retrieval From Satellite Multispectral Imagery
* geometric approach to machine-printed character recognition, A
* Geometric Method of Fully Constrained Least Squares Linear Spectral Mixture Analysis
* Geometric Optimum Experimental Design for Collaborative Image Retrieval
* Global stereo matching leveraged by sparse ground control points
* GPU-based implementation on super-resolution reconstruction, A
* Gradual Sampling and Mutual Information Maximisation for Markerless Motion Capture
* Ground Moving Target Imaging Using Ultranarrowband Continuous Wave Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Group encoding of local features in image classification
* Handling Significant Scale Difference for Object Retrieval in a Supermarket
* HEp-2 cell image classification with multiple linear descriptors
* Hierarchical Sparse Signal Recovery by Variational Bayesian Inference
* Hierarchical Word-Merging Algorithm with Class Separability Measure, A
* High-Quality Real-Time Stereo Using Adaptive Cost Aggregation and Dynamic Programming
* HOPS: Efficient region labeling using Higher Order Proxy Neighborhoods
* How Far Can We Go with Local Optimization in Real-Time Stereo Matching
* Human Action Recognition and Localization in Video Using Structured Learning of Local Space-Time Features
* Human action recognition by feature-reduced Gaussian process classification
* Human Action Recognition from Boosted Pose Estimation
* Human Action Segmentation and Recognition Using Discriminative Semi-Markov Models
* Human Body Articulation for Action Recognition in Video Sequences
* Human Detection with Occlusion Handling by Over-Segmentation and Clustering on Foreground Regions
* Human Identification Using Temporal Information Preserving Gait Template
* Human motion recognition using Gaussian Processes classification
* ICESat GLAS Data for Urban Environment Monitoring
* Identifying Anatomical Shape Difference by Regularized Discriminative Direction
* Image deblur with regularized backward heat diffusion
* image matching evolutionary algorithm based on Hu invariant moments, An
* Image orientation detection with integrated human perception cues (or which way is up)
* Image retrieval with SVM active learning embedding Euclidean search
* Image Segmentation by a Robust Clustering Algorithm Using Gaussian Estimator
* Image-Quality Enhancement of Objects in Turbid Media by Use of a Combined Computational-Photonics Approach
* Image/video-based pattern analysis and HCI applications
* Implicit Motion-Shape Model: A generic approach for action matching
* Improved Auto-Calibration Algorithm Based on Sparse Bayesian Learning Framework, An
* Improved Motion Estimation for Spatially Scalable Video Coding, An
* improved region-growth algorithm for disparity estimation, An
* Improving Graph Matching via Density Maximization
* In defense of soft-assignment coding
* In Search of Perceptually Salient Groupings
* Incorporating prior knowledge into SVM for image retrieval
* Individual Tree-Crown Delineation and Treetop Detection in High-Spatial-Resolution Aerial Imagery
* Informative Shape Representations for Human Action Recognition
* Instantly telling what happens in a video sequence using simple features
* Integrating local action elements for action analysis
* Integrating local distribution information with level set for boundary extraction
* Integration of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Points and 2D Floor Plans Based on Maximum Sequential Similarity
* iShopFloor: An Internet-Enabled Agent-Based Intelligent Shop Floor
* Joint coding for multi-program transmission
* Joint Learning-Based Method for Multi-view Depth Map Super Resolution, A
* Kinematics-based tracking of human walking in monocular video sequences
* l2, 1 Regularized correntropy for robust feature selection
* Large Deformation Diffeomorphism and Momentum Based Hippocampal Shape Discrimination in Dementia of the Alzheimer type
* Large-Scale Bundle Adjustment by Parameter Vector Partition
* Large-Scale Urban Modeling by Combining Ground Level Panoramic and Aerial Imagery
* Learning a scene contextual model for tracking and abnormality detection
* Learning and Matching of Dynamic Shape Manifolds for Human Action Recognition
* Learning Cascaded Reduced-Set SVMs Using Linear Programming
* Learning Coupled Feature Spaces for Cross-Modal Matching
* Learning discriminative features for fast frame-based action recognition
* Learning IMED via shift-invariant transformation
* Learning sparse covariance patterns for natural scenes
* level set model without initial contour, A
* Level Set Segmentation Based on Local Gaussian Distribution Fitting
* Light Fall-off Stereo
* Linear Programming Based Method for Joint Object Region Matching and Labeling, A
* Lossy to lossless image compression based on reversible integer DCT
* Lossy-to-lossless image compression based on multiplier-less reversible integer time domain lapped transform
* Machine Learning for Vision-Based Motion Analysis: Theory and Techniques
* Machine learning in motion analysis: New advances
* Magic Mirror: A virtual handbag shopping system
* Medical Image Denoising Arithmetic Based on Wiener Filter Parallel Model of Wavelet Transform, A
* Mining Layered Grammar Rules for Action Recognition
* Mixed Pixel Analysis for Flood Mapping Using Extended Support Vector Machine
* Model Based Segmentation for Retinal Fundus Images
* Model-based 3D human motion tracking and voxel reconstruction from sparse views
* Morphology-Based Building Detection from Airborne Lidar Data
* Moving shape dynamics: A signal processing perspective
* MRF parameter estimation by MCMC method
* Multi-Camera Calibration with One-Dimensional Object under General Motions
* multi-directional ground filtering algorithm for airborne LIDAR, A
* Multi-label SVM active learning for image classification
* Multi-lingual Phoneme Recognition and Language Identification Using Phonotactic Information
* Multi-modal Subspace Learning with Joint Graph Regularization for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* multi-resolution approach for filtering LiDAR altimetry data, A
* Multi-task deep neural network for multi-label learning
* Multi-view Human Motion Capture with an Improved Deformation Skin Model
* Multidimensional particle swarm optimization-based unsupervised planar segmentation algorithm of unorganized point clouds
* Multimedia content analysis for consumer electronics
* Multimodality Image Fusion by Using Both Phase and Magnitude Information
* Multiple HOG templates for gait recognition
* Multiple-Symbol Differential Sphere Detection Aided Differential Space-Time Block Codes Using QAM Constellations
* Multiscale Markov Random Field Method for SAR Image Segmentation
* new attempt to gait-based human identification, A
* new parallel particle filter face tracking method based on heterogeneous system, A
* Noise Removal For Medical X-ray Images In Multiwavelet Domain
* Nonnegative Joint Diagonalization by Congruence Based on LU Matrix Factorization
* Novel Approaches to the Parametric Cubic-Spline Interpolation
* Novel Nonlinear Regression Approach for Efficient and Accurate Image Matting, A
* Novel Recursive Bayesian Learning-Based Method for the Efficient and Accurate Segmentation of Video With Dynamic Background, A
* Novel Surface-Smoothing Based Local Gyrification Index
* Object Recognition Using a Bayesian Network Imitating Human Neocortex
* Object Tracking With Particle Filtering in Fluorescence Microscopy Images: Application to the Motion of Neurofilaments in Axons
* On Image Matrix Based Feature Extraction Algorithms
* On the Optimality of Sequential Forward Feature Selection Using Class Separability Measure
* On-Orbit Calibration Assessment of AVHRR Longwave Channels on MetOp-A Using IASI
* Orientation Determination of Cryo-EM Images Using Least Unsquared Deviations
* Orthogonal Neighborhood Preserving Embedding for Face Recognition
* Passive imaging exploiting multiple scattering using distributed apertures
* Passive Imaging of Moving Targets Using Sparse Distributed Apertures
* Pattern discovery in motion time series via structure-based spectral clustering
* Pattern Recognition special issue: Sparse representation for event recognition in videosurveillance
* People tracking based on motion model and motion constraints with automatic initialization
* Perceptual Evaluation of Sub-Pixel Rendering in a Four-Primary Display System
* Performance Study on Different Cost Aggregation Approaches Used in Real-Time Stereo Matching, A
* Physiological Fusion of Functional and Structural Images for Cardiac Deformation Recovery
* Positive real control for uncertain 2-D discrete systems in general model
* Quantitative Measure for Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation Evaluation, A
* Randomness and Sparsity Induced Codebook Learning with Application to Cancer Image Classification
* Real-Time Accurate Stereo Matching Using Modified Two-Pass Aggregation and Winner-Take-All Guided Dynamic Programming
* Real-Time Compressed- Domain Video Watermarking Resistance to Geometric Distortions
* Real-time Global Stereo Matching Using Hierarchical Belief Propagation
* Real-time Light Fall-off Stereo
* Real-Time Visibility-Based Fusion of Depth Maps
* Rebuilding Visual Vocabulary via Spatial-temporal Context Similarity for Video Retrieval
* Recent developments in human motion analysis
* Recognizing Gaits Across Views Through Correlated Motion Co-Clustering
* Recognizing Human Activities from Silhouettes: Motion Subspace and Factorial Discriminative Graphical Model
* Reliability Fusion of Time-of-Flight Depth and Stereo Geometry for High Quality Depth Maps
* Repairing imperfect video enhancement algorithms using classification-based trained filters
* Research and simulation of spatial spectrum estimation algorithm
* Retrieval with Knowledge-driven Kernel Design: An Approach to Improving SVM-Based CBIR with Relevance Feedback
* robust approach for automatic registration of aerial images with untextured aerial LiDAR data, A
* robust elastic net approach for feature learning, A
* Robust modelling of local image structures and its application to medical imagery
* robust parametric method for bias field estimation and segmentation of MR images, A
* Robust Recovery of Corrupted Low-Rank Matrix by Implicit Regularizers
* Robust regularized feature selection for iris recognition via linear programming
* robust segmentation approach to iris recognition based on video, A
* Salient Region Detection Based on Color Uniqueness and Color Spatial Distribution
* Scalable Algorithm for Learning a Mahalanobis Distance Metric, A
* scalable dual approach to semidefinite metric learning, A
* Scalable Unsupervised Feature Merging Approach to Efficient Dimensionality Reduction of High-Dimensional Visual Data, A
* Search Space Reduction for MRF Stereo
* Segmentation of kidneys from computed tomography using 3D fast GrowCut algorithm
* Segmenting Hippocampus from 7.0 Tesla MR Images by Combining Multiple Atlases and Auto-Context Models
* Selection based heuristics for the non-unique oligonucleotide probe selection problem in microarray design
* Semantic event representation and recognition using syntactic attribute graph grammar
* semantic representation for image retrieval, A
* Semantic Segmentation of Urban Scenes Using Dense Depth Maps
* Semantic Understanding of Human Behaviors in Image Sequences: From video-surveillance to video-hermeneutics
* Semi-supervised Elastic net for pedestrian counting
* Semiautomatic registration between ground-level panoramas and an orthorectified aerial image for building modeling
* Semisupervised Biased Maximum Margin Analysis for Interactive Image Retrieval
* Separation of micro-Doppler signals based on time frequency filter and Viterbi algorithm
* Set-Based Feature Learning for Person Re-identification via Third-Party Images
* Silhouette analysis-based gait recognition for human identification
* Similarity-based multimodality image fusion with shiftable complex directional pyramid
* Single-Image Blind Deblurring for Non-uniform Camera-Shake Blur
* Skew Detection Algorithm for Form Document Based on Elongate Feature
* SLTP: A Fast Descriptor for People Detection in Depth Images
* Smoke Detection in Video: An Image Separation Approach
* Spatial and temporal analysis of global HPAI H5N1 outbreaks
* Spatial Graph for Image Classification
* Spatial-Temporal Fusion for High Accuracy Depth Maps Using Dynamic MRFs
* Spatio-temporal variation trends of vegetation net primary productivity based on AVHRR
* Speaker recognition based on dynamic MFCC parameters
* Special Issue on New Advances in Video-Based Gait Analysis and Applications: Challenges and Solutions
* Speeding up scientific imaging workflows: Design of automated image annotation tool
* Stereo disparity calculation in real-world scenes with Informative Image Partitioning
* Stereo Matching Algorithm Based on Image Segmentation and Features Point, A
* Stereo Matching with Color-Weighted Correlation, Hierachical Belief Propagation and Occlusion Handling
* Stereoscopic inpainting: Joint color and depth completion from stereo images
* Structure-preserving multiscale vessel enhancing diffusion filter
* Structured learning of local features for human action classification and localization
* Study on adaptive monopulse with reduced dimension STAP technique
* Sub-vector Weighting Scheme For Image Retrieval With Relevance Feedback, A
* Supporting range and segment-based hysteresis thresholding in edge detection
* Survey on Visual Surveillance of Object Motion and Behaviors, A
* Text detection in natural scene images with user-intention
* Textural filters based on the texture spectrum
* Texture classification using multiresolution Markov random field models
* Texture Classification Using Texture Spectrum
* Texture Classification Using Wavelet Decomposition with Markov Random Field Models
* Texture Discrimination Based on an Optimal Utilization of Texture Features
* Texture Feature Extraction
* Texture Features Based On Texture Spectrum
* Texture segmentation based on MRMRF modeling
* Texture-guided volumetric deformation and visualization using 3D moving least squares
* Thin Line Power Increase Stereo Matching Method Used in High-Precision Three-Dimensional Measurement, A
* Three Dimensional Structure from Active Shadowing
* Three-Dimensional Model-Based Human Detection in Crowded Scenes
* TofCut: Towards Robust Real-time Foreground Extraction Using a Time-of-Flight Camera
* Topological Localization Based on Salient Regions in Unknown Environments
* Toward A Discriminative Codebook: Codeword Selection across Multi-resolution
* Towards Hypothesis Testing and Lossy Minimum Description Length: A Unified Segmentation Framework
* Towards Urban 3D Reconstruction from Video
* Transmural Imaging of Ventricular Action Potentials and Post-Infarction Scars in Swine Hearts
* tree-construction search approach for multivariate time series motifs discovery, A
* TV Program Segmentation using Multi-Modal Information Fusion
* Two Criteria for Model Selection in Multiclass Support Vector Machines
* two dimension overlapped subaperture polar format algorithm based on stepped-chirp signal, A
* Ultrasound-based surgical navigation for percutaneous renal intervention: In vivo measurements and in vitro assessment
* Unsupervised Textural Classification of Images Using the Texture Spectrum
* Urban Land-use Classification Using Variogram-based Analysis with an Aerial Photograph
* User-driven lossy compression for images and video
* Video Based Children's Social Behavior Classification in Peer-Play Scenarios
* Video Local Pattern based Image Matching for Visual Mapping
* Video Object Co-Segmentation via Subspace Clustering and Quadratic Pseudo-Boolean Optimization in an MRF Framework
* Video Search and Mining
* virtual imaging system for colour research, A
* Visual learning and recognition of sequential data manifolds with applications to human movement analysis
* Weakly Supervised Action Recognition Using Implicit Shape Models
* Web-Based Collaborative Decision Support Services: Concept, Challenges and Application
* Weld Slim Line Defects Extraction Based on Adaptive Local Threshold and Modified Hough Transform
* What has my classifier learned? Visualizing the classification rules of bag-of-feature model by support region detection
* Where's the Weet-Bix?
* Wide-Baseline Correspondence from Locally Affine Invariant Contour Matching
* Wide-baseline image matching using Line Signatures
* Zhang's one-dimensional calibration revisited with the heteroscedastic error-in-variables model
Includes: Wang, L.[Lei] Wang, L.[Lin] Wang, L.[Langyue] Wang, L.[Liang] Wang, L.[Libin] Wang, L.[Lu] Wang, L. Wang, L.[Li] Wang, L.[Lili] Wang, L.[Le] Wang, L.[Long] Wang, L.[Liwei] Wang, L.[Liming] Wang, L.[Lan] Wang, L.[Lipo] Wang, L.[Ling] Wang, L.[Lejing] Wang, L.[Linkai] Wang, L.[Liguo] Wang, L.[Lifu] Wang, L.[Lina] Wang, L.[Liyun] Wang, L.[Lihao] Wang, L.[Lifeng] Wang, L.[Liansheng] Wang, L.[Liuan] Wang, L.[Lezi]
356 for Wang, L.

Wang, L.B.[Lin Bo] Co Author Listing * Exploiting feature correspondence constraints for image recognition
Includes: Wang, L.B.[Lin Bo] Wang, L.B.[Lin-Bo]

Wang, L.C. Co Author Listing * Automatic Target Recognition Using a Feature Decomposition and Data Decomposition Modular Neural-Network
* Combination of Two Learning Algorithms for Automatic Target Recognition
* Composite Classifiers for Automatic Target Recognition
* Empirical Evaluation of Neural, Statistical and Model-based Approaches to FLIR ATR
* Entropy-constrained predictive residual vector quantization of digital images
* Experimental Evaluation of FLIR ATR Approaches-A Comparative Study
* General Framework for Context-Specific Image Segmentation Using Reinforcement Learning, A
* Modular Neural Network Vector Predictor for Predictive Image Coding, A
* modular neural network vector predictor for predictive VQ, A
* Neural network vector predictors with application to image coding
* Nonlinear Vector Prediction Using Feedforward Neural Networks
* Rate-Constrained Modular Predictive Residual Vector Quantization
* Rate-Constrained Modular Predictive Residual Vector Quantization of Digital Images
* Similarity Assessment Model for Chinese Sign Language Videos
* Subject-Specific Cardiac Segmentation Based on Reinforcement Learning with Shape Instantiation
Includes: Wang, L.C. Wang, L.C.[Lin-Cheng] Wang, L.C.[Li-Chao] Wang, L.C.[Li-Chun]
15 for Wang, L.C.

Wang, L.F.[Ling Feng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive e-LBP for Background Subtraction
* Adaptive multi-cue fusion for visual target tracking based on uncertainly measure
* Detecting Doctored JPEG Images Via DCT Coefficient Analysis
* Discretizing Continuous Neural Networks Using a Polarization Learning Rule
* Facade Labeling via Explicit Matrix Factorization
* Forward-Backward Mean-Shift for Visual Tracking With Local-Background-Weighted Histogram
* Gestures Classification Based on Semantic Classification Tree
* Level set evolution with locally linear classification for image segmentation
* Mean-Shift Object Tracking with a Novel Back-Projection Calculation Method
* MEAN-shift tracking algorithm with weight fusion strategy
* Medical Image Segmentation Based on Novel Local Order Energy
* novel high-performance reversible data hiding scheme using SMVQ and improved locally adaptive coding method, A
* Optimal Texture Map Reconstruction from Multiple Views
* Planar Segmentation from Point Clouds via Graph Laplacian Regularized K-Planes
* Region-based image segmentation with local signed difference energy
* Rendering by Manifold Hopping
* Robust level set image segmentation via a local correntropy-based K-means clustering
* Shadow-Free TILT for Facade Rectification
* Tone-aware sparse representation for face recognition
* Visual Tracking Via Kernel Sparse Representation With Multikernel Fusion
Includes: Wang, L.F.[Ling Feng] Wang, L.F.[Ling-Feng] Wang, L.F.[Li-Feng] Wang, L.F. Wang, L.F.[Ling-Fei]
20 for Wang, L.F.

Wang, L.H.[Li Hui] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Cardiac Motion Effects on the Fiber Architecture of the Human Heart In Vivo
* Combining multiple spatial hidden Markov models in image semantic classification and annotation
* Depth-image-based rendering with spatial and temporal texture synthesis for 3DTV
* Dynamic Assessment of Soil Erosion Risk Using Landsat TM and HJ Satellite Data in Danjiangkou Reservoir Area, China
* Full-Image Guided Filtering for Fast Stereo Matching
* GPU Based Implementation of 3DTV System
* Hierarchical Joint Bilateral Filtering for Depth Post-Processing
* Human 3D Motion Recognition Based on Spatial-Temporal Context of Joints
* Image Categorization Based on a Hierarchical Spatial Markov Model
* Monitoring Trends in Light Pollution in China Based on Nighttime Satellite Imagery
* novel guided image filter using orthogonal geodesic distance weight, A
* Simulation of Diffusion Anisotropy in DTI for Virtual Cardiac Fiber Structure
* Using Range Profiles for Data Association in Multiple-Target Tracking
Includes: Wang, L.H.[Li Hui] Wang, L.H.[Li-Hui] Wang, L.H.[Li-Hua] Wang, L.H.[Liang Hao] Wang, L.H.[Liang-Hao] Wang, L.H.
13 for Wang, L.H.

Wang, L.I. Co Author Listing * Validation of bone segmentation and improved 3-D registration using contour coherency in CT data

Wang, L.J.[Li Juan] Co Author Listing * Computer-Assisted Audiovisual Language Learning
* Detection and Correction of Transmission Errors in Pyramid Images
* Fast Computation of 2-D Cubic-Spline Interpolation, A
* Fast Moving Region Detection Scheme in Ad Hoc Sensor Network
* Full rate distortion optimizaton of MPEG-2 video coding
* High resoluton image reconstruction: A new imager via movable random exposure
* Image Data Compression Using Cubic Convolution Spline Interpolation
* Improving Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Based on Feature-Weight Learning
* Inter-frame Differential Energy Video Watermarking Algorithm Based on Compressed Domain
* Joint Optimization of Run-Length Coding, Huffman Coding and Quantization Table with Complete Baseline JPEG Compatibility
* Joint Optimization of Run-Length Coding, Huffman Coding, and Quantization Table With Complete Baseline JPEG Decoder Compatibility
* Multi-level Low-rank Approximation-based Spectral Clustering for image segmentation
* Multiple description video coding against both erasure and bit errors by compressive sensing
* Novel Approaches to the Parametric Cubic-Spline Interpolation
* Real-time detection of abnormal crowd behavior using a matrix approximation-based approach
* Repairing imperfect video enhancement algorithms using classification-based trained filters
* Simplified 2-D Cubic Spline Interpolation Scheme Using Direct Computation Algorithm
Includes: Wang, L.J.[Li Juan] Wang, L.J.[Li-Juan] Wang, L.J. Wang, L.J.[Li-Jun] Wang, L.J.[Long-Ji] Wang, L.J.[Liang-Jun]
17 for Wang, L.J.

Wang, L.K.[Li Kun] Co Author Listing * Cross-Correlation Method for Online Pipeline Leakage Monitoring System
* Features extraction for structured light image of welding seam with arc and splash disturbance
Includes: Wang, L.K.[Li Kun] Wang, L.K.[Li-Kun] Wang, L.K.[Lin-Kun]

Wang, L.L. Co Author Listing * Automatic-Determination of the Spread Parameter in Gaussian Smoothing
* Camera Calibration by Vanishing Lines for 3-D Computer Vision
* Color Image Retrieval Based on Hidden Markov-Models
* Color Texture Segmentation for Clothing in a Computer-Aided Fashion Design System
* Computing Camera Parameters Using Vanishing-Line Information from a Rectangular Parallelepiped
* Direct Approach Toward Global Minimization for Multiphase Labeling and Segmentation Problems, A
* Efficient and robust image segmentation with a new piecewise-smooth decomposition model
* Extracting Periodicity of a Regular Texture-Based on Autocorrelation Functions
* Fast Multilevel Thresholding Method Based on Lowpass and Highpass Filtering, A
* Improved algorithm for detecting zero-quantised discrete cosine transform coefficients in H.264/AVC (revised version)
* Improved lossless coding algorithm in H.264/AVC based on hierarchical intra prediction
* improvement in the moment-preserving thresholding method, An
* Integrating prior domain knowledge into discriminative learning using automatic model construction and phantom examples
* Novel Adaptive Algorithm for Intra Prediction With Compromised Modes Skipping and Signaling Processes in HEVC
* Out-of-Sequence Track for Distributed Multisensor System
* Regular-Texture Image Retrieval Based on Texture-Primitive Extraction
* Robust Edge Detection Using Mumford-Shah Model and Binary Level Set Method
* Robustness through prior knowledge: using explanation-based learning to distinguish handwritten Chinese characters
Includes: Wang, L.L. Wang, L.L.[Ling-Ling] Wang, L.L.[Li-Lian] Wang, L.L.[Li-Li] Wang, L.L.[Li-Lun] Wang, L.L.[Lei-Lei]
18 for Wang, L.L.

Wang, L.M.[Li Min] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Rate Control For MPEG Transcoder
* Comparative Study of Encoding, Pooling and Normalization Methods for Action Recognition, A
* Contour Context Selection for Object Detection: A Set-to-Set Contour Matching Approach
* Error accumulation in hybrid DPCM/DCT video coding
* Fast motion estimation algorithm using unequal search effort for H.264|MPEG-4 AVC encoder
* Global Motion Parameters Estimation Using a Fast and Robust Algorithm
* Improved OIF Elman Neural Network Model with Direction Profit Factor and Its Applications, An
* Latent Hierarchical Model of Temporal Structure for Complex Activity Classification
* Mining Motion Atoms and Phrases for Complex Action Recognition
* Motionlets: Mid-level 3D Parts for Human Motion Recognition
* Object Detection Combining Recognition and Segmentation
* Rate control for an MPEG transcoder without a priori knowledge of picture type
* Rate control for MPEG transcoders
* Rate control for MPEG video coding
Includes: Wang, L.M.[Li Min] Wang, L.M.[Li-Min] Wang, L.M.[Li-Ming] Wang, L.M.
14 for Wang, L.M.

Wang, L.N.[Lan Ning] Co Author Listing * Output feedback control of 2-D T-S fuzzy systems
Includes: Wang, L.N.[Lan Ning] Wang, L.N.[Lan-Ning]

Wang, L.P.[Lin Ping] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Update Complex Scene for Block Scheduling Strategy Based on VR
* artificial neural network system for temporal-spatial sequence processing, An
* CollisionExplorer: A Tool for Visualizing Droplet Collisions in a Turbulent Flow
* Distance-based weighted prediction for Adaptive Intra Mode Bit Skip in H.264/AVC
* High-dynamic-range infrared image enhancement and hardware design
* Multiscale Blob Representation of Mammographic Parenchymal Patterns and Mammographic Risk Assessment, A
* noisy chaotic neural network approach to image denoising, A
* Remote Diagnosis Service Platform for Wearable ECG Monitors, A
* Tool for Visualizing Large-Scale Interactions between Turbulence and Particles in 3D Space through 2D Trajectory Visualization, A
* What Can Expressive Semantics Tell: Retrieval Model for a Flash-Movie Search Engine
Includes: Wang, L.P.[Lin Ping] Wang, L.P.[Lin-Ping] Wang, L.P.[Li-Po] Wang, L.P.[Lian-Ping] Wang, L.P.[Li-Ping] Wang, L.P.[Lu-Ping]
10 for Wang, L.P.

Wang, L.Q.[Li Qian] Co Author Listing * hybrid active contour model with structure feature for image segmentation, A

Wang, L.S.[Liang Sheng] Co Author Listing * Cast Shadow Removal Combining Local and Global Features
* Cast Shadow Removal with GMM for Surface Reflectance Component
* Classification of Machine Printed and Handwritten Texts Using Character Block Layout Variance
* Detecting and Tracking Distant Objects at Night Based on Human Visual System
* Enhanced biologically inspired model
* Object detection and tracking for night surveillance based on salient contrast analysis
* real-time object detecting and tracking system for outdoor night surveillance, A
* Solution to the Ill-Conditioned GPS Positioning Problem in an Urban Environment, A
* Threshold selection by clustering gray levels of boundary
* Trajectory Series Analysis based Event Rule Induction for Visual Surveillance
Includes: Wang, L.S.[Liang Sheng] Wang, L.S.[Liang-Sheng] Wang, L.S. Wang, L.S.[Li-Sheng]
10 for Wang, L.S.

Wang, L.T.[Long Tao] Co Author Listing * Generalized uncertainty principles associated with Hilbert transform
* Multiple kernel clustering based on centered kernel alignment
* Photogrammetric techniques for power line ranging
Includes: Wang, L.T.[Long Tao] Wang, L.T.[Long-Tao] Wang, L.T.[Lian-Tao] Wang, L.T.[Li-Tao]

Wang, L.V. Co Author Listing * 3-D High-Frequency Array Based 16 Channel Photoacoustic Microscopy System for In Vivo Micro-Vascular Imaging, A
* Effects of Different Imaging Models on Least-Squares Image Reconstruction Accuracy in Photoacoustic Tomography
* Exact frequency-domain reconstruction for thermoacoustic tomography-I: planar geometry
* Exact frequency-domain reconstruction for thermoacoustic tomography-II: cylindrical geometry
* Full-Wave Iterative Image Reconstruction in Photoacoustic Tomography With Acoustically Inhomogeneous Media
* Half-Time Image Reconstruction in Thermoacoustic Tomography
* Time-domain reconstruction for thermoacoustic tomography in a spherical geometry
* Transcranial Thermoacoustic Tomography: A Comparison of Two Imaging Algorithms
* Weighted Expectation Maximization Reconstruction Algorithms for Thermoacoustic Tomography
9 for Wang, L.V.

Wang, L.W.[Li Wei] Co Author Listing * Comments on Fundamental Limits of Reconstruction-Based Superresolution Algorithms under Local Translation'
* Computational complexity reduction via mode superposition: Application to biomechanics-based nonlinear cardiac deformation recovery
* Dynamic Classification of Cellular Transmural TransMembrane Potential (TMP) Activity of the Heart
* Dynamic structural-image-guided noninvasive volumetric cardiac electrophysiological mapping
* equivalence of two-dimensional PCA to line-based PCA, The
* Further results on the subspace distance
* Generation of the Australian Geographic Reference Image Through Long-Strip Alos Prism Orientation
* Intrapersonal Subspace Analysis with Application to Adaptive Bayesian Face Recognition
* Joint Estimation for Nonlinear Dynamic System from FMRI Time Series
* Noninvasive volumetric imaging of cardiac electrophysiology
* Nonlinear cardiac deformation recovery from medical images
* On the Euclidean Distance of Images
* Segmentation via NCuts and Lossy Minimum Description Length: A Unified Approach
* Simulations of Cardiac Electrophysiological Activities Using a Heart-Torso Model
* Subspace distance analysis with application to adaptive Bayesian algorithm for face recognition
* Towards Noninvasive 3D Imaging of Cardiac Arrhythmias
Includes: Wang, L.W.[Li Wei] Wang, L.W.[Li-Wei] Wang, L.W.[Lin-Wei] Wang, L.W.
16 for Wang, L.W.

Wang, L.Y.[Lang Yue] Co Author Listing * Automatic co-registration of terrestrial laser scanning data and 2d floor plan
* Infrared imaging of hand vein patterns for biometric purposes
* Integrated Framework for Reconstructing Full 3D Building Models, An
* Minutiae feature analysis for infrared hand vein pattern biometrics
* Near- and Far- Infrared Imaging for Vein Pattern Biometrics
Includes: Wang, L.Y.[Lang Yue] Wang, L.Y.[Lang-Yue] Wang, L.Y.[Ling-Yu]

Wang, L.Z.[Li Zhi] Co Author Listing * 3-Dimensional Surface Segmentation Using Multicolored Illumination
* Direct-Estimation Algorithm for Mapping Daily Land-Surface Broadband Albedo From MODIS Data
* FPGA Implementation for Image Processing Module in TCON
* Illumination and Geometry Invariant Recognition of Texture in Color Images
* Illumination-Invariant Recognition of Texture in Color Images
* Recognition Using Multiband Filtered Energy Matrices
* Segmenting 3-d Surfaces using Multicolored Illumination
* Segmenting Surface Shape Using Colored Illumination
* Using Steerable Filters for Illumination-Invariant Recognition in Multispectral Images
* Using Zernike Moments for the Illumination and Geometry Invariant Classification of Multispectral Texture
Includes: Wang, L.Z.[Li Zhi] Wang, L.Z.[Li-Zhi] Wang, L.Z.[Li-Zhao] Wang, L.Z.[Lian-Zhou]
10 for Wang, L.Z.

Wang, M.[Meng] Co Author Listing * 2D-to-3D image conversion by learning depth from examples
* 3-D Object Retrieval and Recognition With Hypergraph Analysis
* 3D model retrieval using weighted bipartite graph matching
* Adaptive Distortion-Based Intra-Rate Estimation for H.264/AVC Rate Control
* Adaptive Hypergraph Learning and its Application in Image Classification
* Adaptive reference frame selection for near-duplicate video shot detection
* Aesthetic Image Enhancement by Dependence-Aware Object Recomposition
* Assemble New Object Detector With Few Examples
* Audio-visual speaker identification with multi-view distance metric learning
* Automatic adaptation of a generic pedestrian detector to a specific traffic scene
* Automatic Generation of Seamline Network Using Area Voronoi Diagrams With Overlap
* Automatic image annotation by an iterative approach: incorporating keyword correlations and region matching
* Automatic image annotation via local multi-label classification
* Automatic Method of Location for Number-plate Using Color Features, An
* Beyond Text QA: Multimedia Answer Generation by Harvesting Web Information
* Cloud Masking for Ocean Color Data Processing in the Coastal Regions
* Comments on Probabilities of false alarm and detection for the NAMF operating in Gaussian clutter
* Compressive Sampling based Single-Image Super-resolution Reconstruction by dual-sparsity and Non-local Similarity Regularizer
* CPU/GPU near real-time preprocessing for ZY-3 satellite images: Relative radiometric correction, MTF compensation, and geocorrection
* Detecting Group Activities With Multi-Camera Context
* Dictionary learning and similarity regularization based image noise reduction
* Dual-Geometric Neighbor Embedding for Image Super Resolution With Sparse Tensor
* Efficient H.264/AVC Video Coding with Adaptive Transforms
* Efficient Human Parsing Based on Sketch Representation
* Epipolar resampling of linear pushbroom satellite imagery by a new epipolarity model
* Event Driven Web Video Summarization by Tag Localization and Key-Shot Identification
* Evolutionary clustering based vector quantization and SPIHT coding for image compression
* Exploring Flickr's related tags for semantic annotation of web images
* Expression Recognition from Time-Sequential Facial Images by Use of Expression Change Model
* Fast Approach to Best Scanline Search of Airborne Linear Pushbroom Images, A
* Fast computation of Zernike moments in polar coordinates
* Fast Object-to-Image Best Scanline Search Algorithm for Airborne Linear Pushbroom Image Processing, A
* FPGA Based Nature Noise Reduction and RFI Removing in Radio Astronomy
* framework for digital sunken relief generation based on 3D geometric models, A
* Generalized YUV interpolation of CFA images
* Geometric Correction of Airborne Linear Array Image Based on Bias Matrix
* High-Order Local Spatial Context Modeling by Spatialized Random Forest
* iBotGuard: an Internet-based Intelligent Robot security system using Invariant Face Recognition against intruder
* Image Annotation by Multiple-Instance Learning With Discriminative Feature Mapping and Selection
* Image clustering based on sparse patch alignment framework
* Image saliency: From intrinsic to extrinsic context
* Imaging Transverse Isotropic Properties of Muscle by Monitoring Acoustic Radiation Force Induced Shear Waves Using a 2-D Matrix Ultrasound Array
* Improved Active Contours Model Based on Morphology for Image Segmentation, An
* Improved Calibration Method of Interferometric Parameters for Dual-Antenna Airborne InSAR, A
* Improved level set method for lip contour detection
* Improving spatial resolution for CHANG'E-1 imagery using ARSIS concept and Pulse Coupled Neural Networks
* In-Image Accessibility Indication
* In-sequence video duplicate detection with fast point-to-line matching
* Influence of Number of Features on Texture Based Residential Area Extraction from Remotely Sensed Imagery
* Intelligent photo clustering with user interaction and distance metric learning
* Interactive Video Indexing With Statistical Active Learning
* Joint Learning of Labels and Distance Metric
* Large-scale image and video search: Challenges, technologies, and trends
* Learning from adaptive neural control for a class of pure-feedback systems
* Learning to Photograph: A Compositional Perspective
* Learning-Based, Automatic 2D-to-3D Image and Video Conversion
* Less is More: Efficient 3-D Object Retrieval With Query View Selection
* Local Edge-Preserving Multiscale Decomposition for High Dynamic Range Image Tone Mapping
* locality-aware peer-to-peer approach for geospatial web services discovery, A
* Locally regressive G-optimal design for image retrieval
* Method for Urban Buildings Change Detection Based on Vertical Edges Extraction, A
* Model-Based Joint Source Channel Coding for Subband Video
* Movie2Comics: Towards a Lively Video Content Presentation
* Multi-sensor image fusion with ICA bases and region rule
* Multimodal Graph-Based Reranking for Web Image Search
* Multistage, Optimal Active Contour Model, A
* Network Coding Meets Multimedia: A Review
* New Algorithm for Robust Pedestrian Tracking Based on Manifold Learning and Feature Selection, A
* New concepts of network camera for measuring images
* On Video Recommendation over Social Network
* On-Orbit Geometric Calibration Model and Its Applications for High-Resolution Optical Satellite Imagery
* Optimal Imaging-scheduling Algorithm For The Multi-strip Imaging-mode Of The High-resolution Agile Satellites Based On Certain Step-size Search, An
* Oriented Gradient Context for pedestrian detection
* Parallel Band-to-Band Registration for HJ-1A1B CCD Images Using OpenMP
* Parallel Lasso for Large-Scale Video Concept Detection
* PicWords: Render a Picture by Packing Keywords
* Potential impacts of ecological adaptive cruise control systems on traffic and environment
* Predicting occupation via human clothing and contexts
* Principle of Seamless Stereo Orthoimage Database and its Measurement Accuracy Analysis
* Properties of combined blue noise patterns
* Quality Analysis and Uncertainty Modeling Approach for Crowd-Sourcing Location Check-in Data, A
* Quality Analysis of Open Street Map Data
* Quantum-inspired immune clone algorithm and multiscale Bandelet based image representation
* Real-Time Video Copy-Location Detection in Large-Scale Repositories
* Recognizing Degree of Continuous Facial Expression Change
* Relative Radiometric Correction Method for Airborne Image Using Outdoor Calibration and Image Statistics, A
* Remote Sensing Image Retrieval by Scene Semantic Matching
* Research on GPU-Based Real-Time MTF Compensation Algorithm
* Robust Approach for Repairing Color Composite DMC Images, A
* Robust Non-negative Graph Embedding: Towards noisy data, unreliable graphs, and noisy labels
* Scene-Specific Pedestrian Detection for Static Video Surveillance
* Seamline Network Refinement Based on Area Voronoi Diagrams With Overlap
* Segmentation of High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery Based on Hard-Boundary Constraint and Two-Stage Merging
* Semi-Automatic Tagging of Photo Albums via Exemplar Selection and Tag Inference
* Semi-supervised kernel density estimation for video annotation
* Semi-supervised low-rank representation graph for pattern recognition
* Semi-supervised multi-graph hashing for scalable similarity search
* Semisupervised Multiview Distance Metric Learning for Cartoon Synthesis
* Sensor Noise Effects of the SWIR Bands on MODIS-Derived Ocean Color Products
* ShotTagger: tag location for internet videos
* Single-Image Super-Resolution Reconstruction via Learned Geometric Dictionaries and Clustered Sparse Coding
* Spatial Pooling of Heterogeneous Features for Image Classification
* Spectral Hashing With Semantically Consistent Graph for Image Indexing
* System response matrix calculation using symmetries for dual-head PET scanners
* Tag Tagging: Towards More Descriptive Keywords of Image Content
* Towards a Relevant and Diverse Search of Social Images
* Transceiver Design for Hybrid One-Way and Two-Way Relay Networks
* Transferring a generic pedestrian detector towards specific scenes
* TV Commercial Detection Based on Shot Change and Text Extraction
* Typicality-Based Visual Search Reranking
* Unified Video Annotation via Multigraph Learning
* Utilizing Related Samples to Enhance Interactive Concept-Based Video Search
* VideoPuzzle: Descriptive One-Shot Video Composition
* View-Based Discriminative Probabilistic Modeling for 3D Object Retrieval and Recognition
* Visual-Textual Joint Relevance Learning for Tag-Based Social Image Search
* Weighted Image Fusion Approach Based on Multiple Wavelet Transformations, A
* Wireless Collector for EEG Signal of Freely Behaving White Mice, A
Includes: Wang, M.[Meng] Wang, M. Wang, M.[Miao] Wang, M.[Mei] Wang, M.[Min] Wang, M.[Mi] Wang, M.[Meili] Wang, M.[Meicun] Wang, M.[Mea] Wang, M.[Muge] Wang, M.[Mengdie]
117 for Wang, M.

Wang, M.D. Co Author Listing * Ceulular Imaging Data Analysis: Mircotubule Dynamics in Living Cell
* Development of a High Resolution 3D Infant Stomach Model for Surgical Planning
* High speed processing of biomedical images using programmable GPU
* Using Particle Filter to Track and Model Microtubule Dynamics
Includes: Wang, M.D. Wang, M.D.[May D.]

Wang, M.F.[Ming Feng] Co Author Listing * Identifiability and Estimation of Probabilities from Multiple Databases with Incomplete Data and Sampling Selection
Includes: Wang, M.F.[Ming Feng] Wang, M.F.[Ming-Feng]

Wang, M.G.[Mi Gong] Co Author Listing * 3D facial feature location based on local shape map
Includes: Wang, M.G.[Mi Gong] Wang, M.G.[Mi-Gong]

Wang, M.H.[Meng Hua] Co Author Listing * Calibration of ocean color scanners: how much error is acceptable in the near infrared?
* efficient framework for image/video inpainting, An
* Gradient field multi-exposure images fusion for high dynamic range image visualization
* Image fusion using multiscale edge-preserving decomposition based on weighted least squares filter
* Image Reconstruction with Initialized Boundaries from Primal Sketch
* Irradiance formations of on-axis Lambertian pointlike sources in polygonal total-internal-reflection straight light pipes
* Pyramid model based Down-sampling for image inpainting
* Single image visibility enhancement in gradient domain
* Sparse correlation coefficient for objective image quality assessment
* Sparse feature fidelity for image quality assessment
* Sparse Feature Fidelity for Perceptual Image Quality Assessment
Includes: Wang, M.H.[Meng Hua] Wang, M.H.[Meng-Hua] Wang, M.H.[Miao-Hui] Wang, M.H.[Ming-Hui] Wang, M.H.[Mei-Hong] Wang, M.H.
11 for Wang, M.H.

Wang, M.J. Co Author Listing * High-throughput low-cost VLSI architecture for AVC/H.264 CAVLC decoding
* Motion-Adaptive Deinterlacer via Hybrid Motion Detection and Edge-Pattern Recognition, A
* Motion-based depth estimation for 2D-to-3D video conversion
* Multiresolution-Based Texture Adaptive Algorithm for High-Quality Deinterlacing
* Rate control algorithm based on intra-picture complexity for H.264/AVC
* Spatial-temporal content-adaptive deinterlacing algorithm
Includes: Wang, M.J. Wang, M.J.[Ming-Jiun]

Wang, M.J.J. Co Author Listing * Corner Detection Using Bending Value
* Detecting the Dominant Points by the Curvature-Based Polygonal Approximation
* Efficient Shape-Matching Through Model-Based Shape-Recognition
* Elliptical Object Detection by Using Its Geometric Properties
* Image thresholding by minimizing the measures of fuzziness
* New Edge Detection Method Through Template Matching, A
* Performance Evaluation of Some Noise Reduction Methods
* Two-Dimensional Object Recognition Through Two-Stage String Matching
Includes: Wang, M.J.J. Wang, M.J.J.[Mao-Jiun J.]
8 for Wang, M.J.J.

Wang, M.L.[Ming Liang] Co Author Listing * 3D Model Acquisition System Based on a Sequence of Projected Level Curves, A
* Framework of View-Dependent Planar Scene Active Camouflage, A
* Generalised candidate scheme for the stochastic codebook search of scalable CELP coders
* Perceptual shape VQ of spectral envelope for efficient representation of LPC residual
Includes: Wang, M.L.[Ming Liang] Wang, M.L.[Ming-Liang] Wang, M.L.[Min-Liang] Wang, M.L.

Wang, M.M.[Miao Miao] Co Author Listing * Contourlet Based MR Image Reconstruction via Reweighted L1-Minimization
* New Calibration Method of Airborne Interferometric SAR, A
* Space Relative Navigation Filter Based On-Board Radar Observation
Includes: Wang, M.M.[Miao Miao] Wang, M.M.[Meng-Meng] Wang, M.M.[Ming-Ming]

Wang, M.N.[Man Ning] Co Author Listing * Automatic localization of the center of fiducial markers in 3D CT/MRI images for image-guided neurosurgery
Includes: Wang, M.N.[Man Ning] Wang, M.N.[Man-Ning]

Wang, M.Q.[Mei Qing] Co Author Listing * Concise Introduction to Image Processing using C++, A
* Hybrid Approach for Authenticating MPEG-2 Streaming Data, A
* Improved C-V Model without Reinitialization, An
Includes: Wang, M.Q.[Mei Qing] Wang, M.Q.[Mei-Qing] Wang, M.Q.[Mei-Qin]

Wang, M.S.[Ming Shi] Co Author Listing * Apply Neural Schemes To Deformation Objects
* Images based human volumetric model reconstruction and animation
* Real-time approach for cloth simulation
* Rotation- and scale-invariant texture features based on spectral moment invariants
Includes: Wang, M.S.[Ming Shi] Wang, M.S.[Ming-Shi] Wang, M.S.[Meng-Si]

Wang, M.X.[Meng Xiao] Co Author Listing * Paper web defection segmentation using Gauss-Markov random field texture features
Includes: Wang, M.X.[Meng Xiao] Wang, M.X.[Meng-Xiao]

Wang, M.Y. Co Author Listing * Comparison and Evaluation of Retrospective Intermodality Registration Techniques
* Human Body Shape and Motion Tracking by Hierarchical Weighted ICP
* Image super-resolution by structural sparse coding
* Narrow-Band Based Radial Basis Functions Implicit Surface Reconstruction
* Registration of head volume images using implantable fiducial markers
* Retrospective intermodality registration techniques for images of the head: surface-based versus volume-based
* Volumetric stereo and silhouette fusion for image-based modeling
Includes: Wang, M.Y. Wang, M.Y.[Michael Yu] Wang, M.Y.[Meng-Yan]
7 for Wang, M.Y.

Wang, N.[Nailin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Regulation of CCD Camera in Eye Gaze Tracking System
* Bayesian Robust Matrix Factorization for Image and Video Processing
* Compositional Exemplar-Based Model for Hair Segmentation, A
* Comprehensive Survey to Face Hallucination, A
* Dynamic agglomerative clustering of gene expression profiles
* Edge-Based Color Constancy via Support Vector Regression
* Encoding Drive Approach to Reduce Signal Jitter of Interconnection Lines between NoC Routers, An
* Extraction of Topographic Map Elements with SAR Stereoscopic Measurement
* Face Sketch-Photo Synthesis and Retrieval Using Sparse Representation
* Face sketch-photo synthesis based on support vector regression
* Face Sketch-Photo Synthesis under Multi-dictionary Sparse Representation Framework
* Fast three-dimensional Otsu thresholding with shuffled frog-leaping algorithm
* Finger Vein Recognition with Gabor Wavelets and Local Binary Patterns
* Heterogeneous image transformation
* Image Quality Assessment by Visual Gradient Similarity
* Improved Similarity-Based Fast Coding Unit Depth Decision Algorithm for Inter-frame Coding in HEVC, An
* Laplacian spectral method for stereo correspondence, A
* MCA aided geodesic active contours for image segmentation with textures
* MIMO Beamforming Designs With Partial CSI Under Energy Harvesting Constraints
* Modified two-dimensional Otsu image segmentation algorithm and fast realisation
* new depth descriptor for pedestrian detection in RGB-D images, A
* Noise Tolerant Script Identification of Printed Oriental and English Documents Using a Downgraded Pixel Density Feature
* Phase Estimation in Multi-Baseline InSAR through Maximum Likelihood Method
* Probabilistic Approach to Robust Matrix Factorization, A
* Rear-Vehicle Detection System for Static Images Based on Monocular Vision, A
* Robust precise eye location under probabilistic framework
* Shape Representation and Clustering Based on Laplacian Spectrum
* Sparse Representation of Monogenic Signal: With Application to Target Recognition in SAR Images
* Trinary-Projection Trees for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
* Two-Stage Fuzzy-Logic Architecture for Gray-Scale Image-Processing
* Video-Based Illumination Estimation
* What are good parts for hair shape modeling?
* Who Blocks Who: Simultaneous clothing segmentation for grouping images
Includes: Wang, N.[Nailin] Wang, N.[Naiyan] Wang, N.[Nan] Wang, N.[Nannan] Wang, N.[Naisyin] Wang, N.[Ning] Wang, N.[Ningna] Wang, N.[Na] Wang, N. Wang, N.[Nian] Wang, N.[Ningbo]
33 for Wang, N.

Wang, N.T. Co Author Listing * Efficient Controller Scheme for MPEG-2 Video Decoder, An

Wang, N.Y.[Nai Yan] Co Author Listing * Online Robust Non-negative Dictionary Learning for Visual Tracking
Includes: Wang, N.Y.[Nai Yan] Wang, N.Y.[Nai-Yan]

Wang, O.[Oliver] Co Author Listing * 2D to 3D conversion of sports content using panoramas
* Automatic View Synthesis by Image-Domain-Warping
* Bayesian Approach to Building Footprint Extraction from Aerial LIDAR Data, A
* context-aware light source, A
* Depth estimation and depth enhancement by diffusion of depth features
* Depth image based compositing for stereo 3D
* Distinguishing Texture Edges From Object Boundaries in Video
* Material classification using BRDF slices
Includes: Wang, O.[Oliver] Wang, O.
8 for Wang, O.

Wang, P. Co Author Listing * 3D Object Perception Using Gradient Descent
* Adaptive Graph-Cut Algorithm to Video Moving Objects Segmentation
* Asymmetric Totally-Corrective Boosting for Real-Time Object Detection
* Automatic Eye Detection and Its Validation
* Automatic Localization of Balloon Markers and Guidewire in Rotational Fluoroscopy with Application to 3D Stent Reconstruction
* Automatic Recognition of Traffic Signs in Natural Scene Image Based on Central Projection Transformation
* Comprehensive Representation Model for Handwriting Dedicated to Word Spotting, A
* ContextRank: Personalized Tourism Recommendation by Exploiting Context Information of Geotagged Web Photos
* Contour detection based on SUSAN principle and surround suppression
* Contour detection based on SUSAN principle and surround suppression
* Correlation-Aware QoS Routing With Differential Coding for Wireless Video Sensor Networks
* Cramer-Rao Bounds for Broadband Dispersion Extraction of Borehole Acoustic Modes
* Detection With Target-Induced Subspace Interference
* Differential Coding-Based Scheduling Framework for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks, A
* Estimating Cluster Overlap on Manifolds and its Application to Neuropsychiatric Disorders
* Exploring Interest Points and Local Descriptors for Word Spotting Application on Historical Handwriting Images
* Face Representation By Using Non-tensor Product Wavelets
* Fast Semidefinite Approach to Solving Binary Quadratic Problems, A
* Image-based Co-Registration of Angiography and Intravascular Ultrasound Images
* Improving Face Recognition by Online Image Alignment
* LACBoost and FisherBoost: Optimally Building Cascade Classifiers
* Learn Discriminant Features for Multi-View Face and Eye Detection
* Learning-based analysis of emotional impairments in schizophrenia
* Learning-based hypothesis fusion for robust catheter tracking in 2D X-ray fluoroscopy
* mammography database and view system for the African American patients, A
* Method and apparatus for analyzing an image to detect and identify patterns
* Metric Learning: A general dimension reduction framework for classification and visualization
* Mitigation of Azimuth Ambiguities in Spaceborne Stripmap SAR Images Using Selective Restoration
* Modeling and Predicting Face Recognition System Performance Based on Analysis of Similarity Scores
* Modular Approach to the Analysis and Evaluation of Particle Filters for Figure Tracking, A
* Multi-class steganalysis for Jpeg stego algorithms
* Multi-view face and eye detection using discriminant features
* Multi-view face detection under complex scene based on combined SVMs
* Multi-View Face Tracking with Factorial and Switching HMM
* New Method of Color Image Segmentation Based on Intensity and Hue Clustering, A
* Nonlocal center-surround reconstruction-based bottom-up saliency estimation
* novel overlapping mice macrophages images segmentation method, A
* NUMA-aware image compositing on multi-GPU platform
* On Detecting Subtle Pathology via Tissue Clustering of Multi-parametric Data using Affinity Propagation
* One kind of macrophages images edge detection method
* One Kind of Macrophages Images Segmentation and Labeling Method
* One-dimension range profile identification of radar targets based on a linear interpolation neural network
* Online Appearance Model Learning and Generation for Adaptive Visual Tracking
* Operational Data Fusion Framework for Building Frequent Landsat-Like Imagery
* Performance analysis of object tracking algorithm
* Performance Modeling and Prediction of Face Recognition Systems
* pinhole camera modeling of motion vector field for tennis video analysis, A
* Quality Control of DLG and MAP Product
* Quantifying Facial Expression Abnormality in Schizophrenia by Combining 2D and 3D Features
* Quasi-periodic Event Analysis for Social Game Retrieval
* recognition approach of 3-D objects based on the Tsallis entropy, A
* Reconstruction and Analysis of the 3D Aquifer Model Based on the Well Logs
* Region-classification-based rate control for flicker suppression of I-frames in HEVC
* Robust control for a class of uncertain switched time delay systems using delta operator
* Robust Face Recognition via Accurate Face Alignment and Sparse Representation
* Robust Face Tracking via Collaboration of Generic and Specific Models
* Robust guidewire tracking in fluoroscopy
* Salient object detection for searched web images via global saliency
* Scene Segmentation and Categorization Using NCuts
* Semantics-based selection of everyday concepts in visual lifelogging
* Sequence Fingerprint Image Mosaic Method and Its Experimental Study Based on Phase Correlation and Gray Correlation
* Spatial Correlation-Based Image Compression Framework for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks, A
* Stability analysis for T-S fuzzy control systems with linear interpolations into membership functions
* Steganalysis Based on Difference Image
* Structure-Sensitive Superpixels via Geodesic Distance
* Supervised Kernel Descriptors for Visual Recognition
* Temporal causality for the analysis of visual events
* Tennis Video Analysis Based on Transformed Motion Vectors
* Texture Direction Based Optimization for Intra Prediction in HEVC
* Texture Image Retrieval Using Novel Non-separable Filter Banks Based on Centrally Symmetric Matrices
* Three-Dimensional Model Analysis and Processing
* Training a multi-exit cascade with linear asymmetric classification for efficient object detection
* Training Effective Node Classifiers for Cascade Classification
* Trajectory Analysis Of Forest Changes In Northern Area Of Changbai Mountains, China From Landsat Tm Image
* Transceiver Design for Hybrid One-Way and Two-Way Relay Networks
* U_Boost: Boosting with the Universum
* Variant of the Trace Quotient Formulation for Dimensionality Reduction, A
* Vegetation Canopy Water Content Estimation Using GVMI and EWT Model from MODIS Data
Includes: Wang, P. Wang, P.[Pan] Wang, P.[Peng] Wang, P.[Peifang] Wang, P.[Ping] Wang, P.[Pu] Wang, P.[Patrick] Wang, P.[Pengjin] Wang, P.[Puyu]
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Wang, P.B.[Ping Bo] Co Author Listing * Application of particle swarm optimization method in fractional Fourier transform
Includes: Wang, P.B.[Ping Bo] Wang, P.B.[Ping-Bo]

Wang, P.C. Co Author Listing * Object-space Multi-image Matching of Mobile-mapping-system Image Sequences
* One-step And Two-step Calibration Of A Portable Panoramic Image Mapping System
* Text/image separation method
Includes: Wang, P.C. Wang, P.C.[Po-Chih]

Wang, P.F.[Peng Fei] Co Author Listing * fragile watermarking algorithm based on logistic system and JPEG, A
* method of adaptive colored noise cancellation based on ANFIS, A
* Novel Human Detection Approach Based on Depth Map via Kinect, A
Includes: Wang, P.F.[Peng Fei] Wang, P.F.[Peng-Fei] Wang, P.F.[Pei-Feng]

Wang, P.J.[Pao Jen] Co Author Listing * Channel Awareness Vehicle Detector, A
* Compressed vertex chain codes
* Directional difference chain codes with quasi-lossless compression and run-length encoding
* Structure guided fusion for depth map inpainting
Includes: Wang, P.J.[Pao Jen] Wang, P.J.[Pao-Jen] Wang, P.J.[Peng Jie] Wang, P.J.[Peng-Jie] Wang, P.J.[Peng-Jin]

Wang, P.K.[Pei Kang] Co Author Listing * adaptive L1-L2 hybrid error model to super-resolution, An
Includes: Wang, P.K.[Pei Kang] Wang, P.K.[Pei-Kang]

Wang, P.P.[Pei Pei] Co Author Listing * Biometric cryptographic key generation based on city block distance
* Genetic Algorithms for Pattern Recognition
* Information-Theoretic Content Selection for Automated Home Video Editing
* Machine Recognition of Printed Chinese Characters via Transformation Algorithms
Includes: Wang, P.P.[Pei Pei] Wang, P.P.[Pei-Pei] Wang, P.P.[Paul P.] Wang, P.P.[Patricia P.] Wang, P.P.

Wang, P.S.[Patrick S.] Co Author Listing * 3D Artificial Objects Recognition Under Virtual Environment
* scene-based video watermarking technique using SVMs, A

Wang, P.S.P.[Patrick S.P.] Co Author Listing * Activities of IAPR: TC-2, Learning, Representation and Visualization of Intelligent Pattern Recognition
* Analysis and Design of Parallel Thinning Algorithms: A Generic Approach
* Analysis of Thinning Algorithms
* Analytical Comparison of Thinning Algorithms
* application of array grammars to clustering analysis for syntactic patterns, An
* Array Grammars, Patterns, and Recognizers
* Character and Handwriting Recognition: Expanding Frontiers
* Character Segmenting Techniques for Handwritten Text: A Survey
* Comment on A Fast Parallel Algorithm for Thinning Digital Patterns, A
* Detection of Courtesy Amount Block on Bank Checks
* Fast and Flexible Thinning Algorithm, A
* Formal Parallel Model for Three-Dimensional Object Pattern Representation, A
* Handbook of Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision
* Handbook of Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision, Fourth Edition
* Handbook of Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision, Third Edition
* Handbook on Optical Character Recognition and Document Image Analysis
* Handwritten Bank Check Recognition Of Courtesy Amounts
* Hierarchical Structures and Complexities of Parallel Isometric Languages
* Image Pattern Recognition: Synthesis and Analysis in biometrics
* improved algorithm for thinning binary digital patterns, An
* Improved Fast Parallel Thinning Algorithm for Digital Patterns, An
* Ink Matching of Cursive Chinese Handwritten Annotations
* Integrated Architecture for Recognition of Totally Unconstrained Handwritten Numerals, An
* Intriguing Aspects of Oriental Languages
* Knowledge Pattern Representation of Chinese Characters
* Knowledge-Based Segmentation Algorithm for Enhanced Recognition of Handwritten Courtesy Amounts, A
* Maximum Algorithm for Thinning Digital Patterns, A
* Modified Parallel Thinning Algorithm, A
* New Character Recognition Scheme with Lower Ambiguity and Higher Recognizability, A
* New Hierarchy of Two-Dimensional Array Languages, A
* New Parallel Thinning Methodology, A
* New Syntactic Representation of Two-Dimensional Patterns, A
* New Thinning Algorithm, A
* Parallel context-free array grammar normal forms
* Parallel Isometric Context-Free Array Grammar Normal Forms
* Parallel Matching of 3D Articulated Object Recognition
* Parallel Thinning Algorithm with Two-Subiteration That Generates One-Pixel-Wide Skeletons, A
* Pattern Recognition, Machine Intelligence and Biometrics
* Pushdown Recognizers for Array Patterns
* Robust Clustering based on Winner-Population Markov Chain
* Simple and Robust Thinning Algorithm, A
* Situational Awareness through Biometrics
* Special Issue on Advances in Pattern Recognition Using Neural Networks
* Special Issue on Document Image Analysis
* Special Issue on Parallel Image Analysis and Processing
* Special Issue on Thinning Methodologies for Pattern Recognition
* Special Issue: Advances in Oriental Document Analysis and Recognition Techniques: Part I: Preface
* Special Issue: Parallel Image Analysis
* Thinning Algorithm Based on the Force Between Charged Particles, A
* Three-Dimensional Object Pattern Representation By Array Grammars
Includes: Wang, P.S.P.[Patrick S.P.] Wang, P.S.P. Wang, P.S.P.[Patrick Shen-Pei] Wang, P.S.P.[Patrick S. P.]
50 for Wang, P.S.P.

Wang, P.T.[Pao Tung] Co Author Listing * More Robust Subsampling-Based Image Watermarking, A
Includes: Wang, P.T.[Pao Tung] Wang, P.T.[Pao-Tung]

Wang, P.Z. Co Author Listing * Stochastic Topology with Elastic Matching for Off-Line Handwritten Character-Recognition

Wang, Q.[Qing] Co Author Listing * 2D/3D rotation-invariant detection using equivariant filters and kernel weighted mapping
* 3D Invariants with High Robustness to Local Deformations for Automated Pollen Recognition
* 3D Line Segment Detection for Unorganized Point Clouds from Multi-view Stereo
* ABSORB: Atlas building by Self-Organized Registration and Bundling
* active geometric shape model: A new robust deformable shape model and its applications, The
* Adaboost and multi-orientation 2D Gabor-based noisy iris recognition
* Adaptive Enhancement with Speckle Reduction for SAR Images Using Mirror-Extended Curvelet and PSO
* Algorithm of Inverse Log Polar Transform Based on Neighbor Pixels, An
* Allocating Classes for Soft-Then-Hard Subpixel Mapping Algorithms in Units of Class
* Applying robust structure from motion to markerless augmented reality
* Augmented distinctive features for efficient image matching
* Ball Carrier Detection and Behavior Recognition in Basketball Match Using Covariance Descriptor
* CDIKP: A highly-compact local feature descriptor
* Compatible and scalable coding of super high definition images
* Complexity Reduction and Performance Improvement for Geometry Partitioning in Video Coding
* Comprehensive Evaluation And Analysis Of China's Mainstream Online Map Service Websites
* Comprehensive Evaluation on Non-deterministic Motion Estimation, A
* Compressive Sensing Based Secure Watermark Detection and Privacy Preserving Storage Framework, A
* contour-preserving image interpolation method, A
* Database of human segmented images and its application in boundary detection
* Design of Vertically Aligned Binocular Omnistereo Vision Sensor
* Directed Graph Based Image Registration
* Directional wavelet approach to remove document image interference
* Discriminative Data-Dependent Mixture-Model Approach for Multiple Instance Learning in Image Classification, A
* Distance-Based Multiple Paths Quantization of Vocabulary Tree for Object and Scene Retrieval
* Document Image Binarization With Feedback For Improving Character Segmentation
* Document image enhancement using directional wavelet
* Efficient Facial Feature Detection Using Entropy and SVM
* Efficiently computing and deriving topological relation matrices between complex regions with broad boundaries
* Enhanced Continuous Tabu Search for Parameter Estimation in Multiview Geometry
* Evaluation of High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Image Segmentation Algorithms
* Evaluation of Multiple Spring Phenological Indicators of Yearly GPP and NEP at Three Canadian Forest Sites
* Explore multiple clues for urban images matching
* Eye Detection in Facial Images with Unconstrained Background
* Facial Action Unit Event Detection by Cascade of Tasks
* fast 2D entropic thresholding method by wavelet decomposition, A
* Fast and Effective Dichotomy Based Hash Algorithm for Image Matching, A
* Fast computation of 3D spherical Fourier harmonic descriptors: A complete orthonormal basis for a rotational invariant representation of three-dimensional objects
* Fast Principal Component Analysis using Eigenspace Merging
* feature extraction of nonparametric curves based on niche genetic algorithms and multi-population competition, The
* Feature Points Detection Using Combined Character Along Principal Orientation
* Feature selection for real-time image matching systems
* Free Viewpoint Video Coding With Rate-Distortion Analysis
* Grouping and Summarizing Scene Images from Web Collections
* Groupwise Registration via Graph Shrinkage on the Image Manifold
* Hand Posture Recognition from Disparity Cost Map
* Hidden Markov Random Field Based Approach for Off-line Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
* Hierarchical content classification and script determination for automatic document image processing
* High Performance European OCR System, A
* High-Resolution Three-Dimensional Radar Imaging for Rapidly Spinning Targets
* Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of the Pigment C-Phycocyanin in Turbid Inland Waters, Based on Optical Classification
* IEEE 802.11p-Based Multichannel MAC Scheme With Channel Coordination for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks, An
* Image enhancement based on the statistics of visual representation
* Image Thresholding by Maximizing the Index of Nonfuzziness of the 2-D Grayscale Histogram
* improved cross-layer mapping mechanism for packet video delivery over WLAN, An
* Improvement of Homing Missile Guidance Performance Using Fuzzy Adaptive IMM Radome Slope Estimation
* Indexing Large Visual Vocabulary by Randomized Dimensions Hashing for High Quantization Accuracy: Improving the Object Retrieval Quality
* Indexing Sub-Vector Distance for High-Dimensional Feature Matching
* Intracoding and Refresh With Compression-Oriented Video Epitomic Priors
* Isophote estimation by cubic-spline interpolation
* Joint image registration and super-resolution reconstruction based on regularized total least norm
* Kernel Sparse Multitask Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification With Empirical Mode Decomposition and Morphological Wavelet-Based Features
* Large Margin Dimensionality Reduction for Action Similarity Labeling
* Locating Multiple Multiscale Electromagnetic Scatterers by a Single Far-Field Measurement
* MAP Model for Large-scale 3D Reconstruction and Coarse Matching for Unordered Wide-baseline Photos
* Match between normalization schemes and feature sets for handwritten Chinese character recognition
* Matched-Filter-Bank-Based 3-D Imaging Algorithm for Rapidly Spinning Targets, A
* Matching of Double-Sided Document Images to Remove Interference
* Mobile Media in Action: Remote Target Localization and Tracking
* Modeling Urban Scenes in the Spatial-Temporal Space
* Motion estimation and compensation for image sequence coding
* Motion estimation approach based on dual-tree complex wavelets
* Multi-spectral dataset and its application in saliency detection
* Multi-spectral saliency detection
* Multi-view Feature Matching and Image Grouping from Multiple Unordered Wide-Baseline Images
* Mumford-Shah model on lattice, A
* Natural color image enhancement and evaluation algorithm based on human visual system
* New Edge-directed Image Expansion Scheme, A
* New Orientation-Adaptive Interpolation Method, A
* Novel Gait Recognition Method Via Fusing Shape and Kinematics Features, A
* Novel Human Gait Recognition Method by Segmenting and Extracting the Region Variance Feature, A
* Novel Texture Descriptor Using Over-Complete Wavelet Transform and Its Fractal Signature, A
* Object tracking via appearance modeling and sparse representation
* Object Tracking via Partial Least Squares Analysis
* Online discriminative object tracking with local sparse representation
* Optimal Rate Allocation for Progressive Fine Granularity Scalable Video Coding
* Part-Based Online Tracking With Geometry Constraint and Attention Selection
* Performance evaluation of information propagation in vehicular ad hoc network
* Performance Optimization of Digital Spectrum Analyzer With Gaussian Input Signal
* Preparatory Study for Constructing FAST, the World's Largest Single Dish
* QP_TR Trust Region Blob Tracking Through Scale-Space
* QP_TR Trust Region Blob Tracking Through Scale-Space with Automatic Selection of Features
* range of the value for the fuzzifier of the fuzzy c-means algorithm, The
* Real-Time Image Matching Based on Multiple View Kernel Projection
* Real-time terahertz scanning imaging by use of a pyroelectric array camera and image denoising
* Realtime object-of-interest tracking by learning Composite Patch-based Templates
* Reduced-complexity search for video coding geometry partitions using texture and depth data
* Reduction of Vibration-Induced Artifacts in Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery
* Reduction of Vibration-Induced Artifacts in Synthetic-Aperture-Radar Imagery Using the Fractional Fourier Transform
* Removal of Interfering Strokes in Double-Sided Document Images
* Robust Algorithm for Color Correction between Two Stereo Images, A
* Robust color correction in stereo vision
* Robust Facial Feature Location on Gray Intensity Face
* Robust Registration-Based Tracking by Sparse Representation with Model Update
* Robust Superpixel Tracking via Depth Fusion
* Robust Visual Tracking Using Dynamic Classifier Selection with Sparse Representation of Label Noise
* Root-Signal Sets of Morphological Filters and Their Use in Variable-Length BTC Image Coding
* Rotational Invariance Based on Fourier Analysis in Polar and Spherical Coordinates
* Saliency selection for robust visual tracking
* SAR-Based Vibration Estimation Using the Discrete Fractional Fourier Transform
* Scalable Coding of Very High Resolution Video Using the Virtual Zerotree
* Semantic Context Forests for Learning-Based Knee Cartilage Segmentation in 3D MR Images
* Semi-supervised metric learning via topology preserving multiple semi-supervised assumptions
* Simplification of point-sampled geometry with feature preservation
* Skin Color Weighted Disparity Competition for Hand Segmentation from Stereo Camera
* Sparse Subband Imaging of Space Targets in High-Speed Motion
* Spatial Information Service Platform of China (Yunnan) - AFTA - SAARC and Its Application
* Spatio-Temporal Clustering Model for Multi-object Tracking through Occlusions
* Statistical quantization for similarity search
* Subjective Method for Image Segmentation Evaluation, A
* Tag-Saliency: Combining bottom-up and top-down information for saliency detection
* Texture Analysis and Retrieval Using Fractal Signature and B-Spline Wavelet Transform with Second Order Derivative
* Three-dimensional reconstruction of the statistics of heterogeneous objects from a collection of one projection image of each object
* TOCSAC: TOpology Constraint SAmple Consensus for Fast and Reliable Feature Correspondence
* Topology-Preserved Diffusion Distance for Histogram Comparison
* Tracking Tetrahymena pyriformis cells using decision trees
* Transferring Visual Prior for Online Object Tracking
* Using Lateral Coupled Snakes for Modeling the Contours of Worms
* Variational image segmentation on implicit surface using Split-Bregman method
* Verification Method for Viewpoint Invariant Sign Language Recognition, A
* Viewpoint Invariant Sign Language Recognition
* vision-based 2D-3D registration system, A
* Visual Saliency by Selective Contrast
* Voltage Flicker Analysis Based on Second Order Blind Identification
* Weighted Averaging Method for Image Smoothing, A
* Zernike-Moment-Based Image Super Resolution
Includes: Wang, Q.[Qing] Wang, Q.[Qian] Wang, Q.[Quan] Wang, Q.[Qi] Wang, Q. Wang, Q.[Qia] Wang, Q.[Qifan] Wang, Q.[Qiong] Wang, Q.[Qiao] Wang, Q.[Qun] Wang, Q.[Qinli] Wang, Q.[Qifei] Wang, Q.[Qilong] Wang, Q.[Qianying] Wang, Q.[Qinyi] Wang, Q.[Qiu]
136 for Wang, Q.

Wang, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * 3D model based expression tracking in intrinsic expression space
* Automatic 3D Face Modeling from Video
* Block-based threshold modulation error diffusion
* Context-based entropy coding in AVS video coding standard
* elastic partial shape matching technique, An
* Fast Inter Frame Prediction Algorithm for Multi-View Video Coding, A
* Fractal dimension based neurofeedback in serious games
* Improvement and Application of the Conifer Forest Multiangular Hybrid GORT Model MGeoSAIL
* interim connection space based on human color vision for spectral color reproduction, The
* joint encoder-decoder error control framework for stereoscopic video coding, A
* Learning object intrinsic structure for robust visual tracking
* Linear Max K-min classifier, A
* Multiscale superpixel classification for tumor segmentation in breast ultrasound images
* New Feedback Topology Designs with Reduced CSI Overhead for MIMO Interference Alignment
* Newly Modified Algorithm Of Hough Transform For Line Detection, A
* Novel Error Concealment Method for Stereoscopic Video Coding, A
* Novel intra prediction via position-dependent filtering
* novel R-Q model based rate control scheme in HEVC, A
* Object categorization via sparse representation of local features
* parallel context model for level information in CABAC, A
* Patch Based Blind Image Super Resolution
* Performance Assessment of Image Fusion
* Phases measure of image sharpness based on quaternion wavelet
* Query by humming via hierarchical filters
* Real Time Feature Based 3-D Deformable Face Tracking
* Real-Time Bayesian 3-D Pose Tracking
* Realistic multi-view face animation with aid of 3D PDM
* Robust lyric search based on weighted syllable confusion matrix
* Robust pose estimation for 3D face modeling from stereo sequences
* Tempo variation based multilayer filters for query by humming
Includes: Wang, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Wang, Q.A.[Qi-Ang]
30 for Wang, Q.A.

Wang, Q.B.[Qing Bo] Co Author Listing * Neural Ensemble Decoding of Rat's Motor Cortex by Kalman Filter and Optimal Linear Estimation
Includes: Wang, Q.B.[Qing Bo] Wang, Q.B.[Qing-Bo]

Wang, Q.C.[Qiong Chen] Co Author Listing * Gable Roof Description by Self-Avoiding Polygon
* Hierarchical and Contextual Model for Aerial Image Parsing, A
* Object Tracking Using Genetic Evolution Based Kernel Particle Filter
* Symmetry Detection for Multi-object Using Local Polar Coordinate
Includes: Wang, Q.C.[Qiong Chen] Wang, Q.C.[Qiong-Chen] Wang, Q.C.[Qi-Cong]

Wang, Q.F.[Qiu Feng] Co Author Listing * CASIA Online and Offline Chinese Handwriting Databases
* Globally Optimal Approach for 3D Elastic Motion Estimation from Stereo Sequences, A
* Handwritten Chinese Text Recognition by Integrating Multiple Contexts
* ICDAR 2011 Chinese Handwriting Recognition Competition
* ICDAR 2013 Chinese Handwriting Recognition Competition
* Improving Handwritten Chinese Text Recognition by Confidence Transformation
* Integrating Geometric Context for Text Alignment of Handwritten Chinese Documents
* Integrating Language Model in Handwritten Chinese Text Recognition
* Online and offline handwritten Chinese character recognition: Benchmarking on new databases
* over-segmentation method for single-touching Chinese handwriting with learning-based filtering, An
* Style Consistent Perturbation for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
* Tool for Ground-Truthing Text Lines and Characters in Off-Line Handwritten Chinese Documents, A
* Touching Character Database from Chinese Handwriting for Assessing Segmentation Algorithms, A
* Touching Character Separation in Chinese Handwriting Using Visibility-Based Foreground Analysis
* Transcript mapping for handwritten Chinese documents by integrating character recognition model and geometric context
* Transcript Mapping for Handwritten Text Lines Using Conditional Random Fields
* Unsupervised language model adaptation for handwritten Chinese text recognition
* Visual Gesture Character String Recognition by Classification-Based Segmentation with Stroke Deletion
Includes: Wang, Q.F.[Qiu Feng] Wang, Q.F.[Qiu-Feng] Wang, Q.F.[Qi-Fan]
18 for Wang, Q.F.

Wang, Q.G.[Qing Gang] Co Author Listing * Distinguishing variance embedding
Includes: Wang, Q.G.[Qing Gang] Wang, Q.G.[Qing-Gang]

Wang, Q.H. Co Author Listing * Fast Image Edge Detection Algorithm Based on Row-Column Scanning, A
* Visual Object Recognition Through One-Class Learning
Includes: Wang, Q.H. Wang, Q.H.[Qing-Hua]

Wang, Q.L.[Qi Long] Co Author Listing * Local Log-Euclidean Covariance Matrix (L2ECM) for Image Representation and Its Applications
* Log-Euclidean Kernels for Sparse Representation and Dictionary Learning
* Novel Earth Mover's Distance Methodology for Image Matching with Gaussian Mixture Models, A
Includes: Wang, Q.L.[Qi Long] Wang, Q.L.[Qi-Long]

Wang, Q.M.[Qun Ming] Co Author Listing * Geometric Method of Fully Constrained Least Squares Linear Spectral Mixture Analysis
* Sub-pixel mapping of remote sensing images based on radial basis function interpolation
Includes: Wang, Q.M.[Qun Ming] Wang, Q.M.[Qun-Ming]

Wang, Q.P.[Qian Ping] Co Author Listing * Nonlocal low-rank matrix completion for image interpolation using edge detection and neural network
Includes: Wang, Q.P.[Qian Ping] Wang, Q.P.[Qian-Ping]

Wang, Q.Q.[Qing Qi] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Reconstruction Using a New Nonlocal MRF Prior for Count-Limited PET Transmission Scans
* Joint Bayesian PET Reconstruction Algorithm Using a Quadratic Hybrid Multi-order Prior
Includes: Wang, Q.Q.[Qing Qi] Wang, Q.Q.[Qing-Qi]

Wang, Q.R. Co Author Listing * Analysis and Design of a Decision Tree Based on Entropy Reduction and Its Application to Large Character Set Recognition
* Application of a Multilayer Decision Tree in Computer Recognition of Chinese Characters
* clustering algorithm for data-sets with a large number of classes, A
* fast 2D entropic thresholding method by wavelet decomposition, A
* High Performance Chinese/English Mixed OCR with Character Level Language Identification
* ISOETRP: An interactive clustering algorithm with new objectives
* Knowledge based ISOETRP clustering procedure
* Large Tree Classifier with Heuristic Search and Global Training
* Mathematical formulas extraction
* Research on Offline Palmprint Image Enhancement
* rotation and scale invariance face Recognition Method Based on Complex Network and Image Contour, A
* study of on-line handwritten chemical expressions recognition, A
* system for automatic Chinese business card recognition, A
Includes: Wang, Q.R. Wang, Q.R.[Qen Ring] Wang, Q.R.[Qiu-Rang] Wang, Q.R.[Qing-Ren] Wang, Q.R.[Qing Ren] Wang, Q.R.[Qin-Ruo]
13 for Wang, Q.R.

Wang, Q.W.[Qi Wei] Co Author Listing * Novel Robust Algorithm for Image Segmentation, A
Includes: Wang, Q.W.[Qi Wei] Wang, Q.W.[Qi-Wei]

Wang, Q.X.[Qin Xue] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Clear-Sky Incoming Radiation Estimating Equations Typically Used in Remote Sensing Evapotranspiration Algorithms
* Land-cover Classification Using ASTER Multi-band Combinations Based on Wavelet Fusion and SOM Neural Network
Includes: Wang, Q.X.[Qin Xue] Wang, Q.X.[Qin-Xue]

Wang, Q.Y.[Qing Yuan] Co Author Listing * Color Maximal-Dissimilarity Pattern for pedestrian detection
* LS-SVM based image segmentation using color and texture information
Includes: Wang, Q.Y.[Qing Yuan] Wang, Q.Y.[Qing-Yuan] Wang, Q.Y.[Qin-Yan]

Wang, R.[Ruizhe] Co Author Listing * Accurate Full Body Scanning from a Single Fixed 3D Camera
* Active learning with multi-criteria decision making systems
* Adaptive Image Sequence Coding Based on Global and Local Compensability Analysis
* Analysis-by-Synthesis Method for Heterogeneous Face Biometrics, An
* Basis Pursuit for Tracking
* Bayesian Face Recognition Based on Markov Random Field Modeling
* Camera calibration using identical objects
* Compact Representation for Compressing Converted Stereo Videos, A
* Comparison of Nonnegative Eigenvalue Decompositions With and Without Reflection Symmetry Assumptions
* Compressing repeated content within large-scale remote sensing images
* Discriminative Human Pose Estimation Based on the Bandelet2 Image Descriptor
* Diverse Expected Gradient Active Learning for Relative Attributes
* Double-Channel Bistatic SAR System With Spaceborne Illuminator for 2-D and 3-D SAR Remote Sensing
* EasiSee: Real-Time Vehicle Classification and Counting via Low-Cost Collaborative Sensing
* EasiTia: A Pervasive Traffic Information Acquisition System Based on Wireless Sensor Networks
* Efficient reconstruction of indoor scenes with color
* Error Analysis of Bistatic SAR Imaging and Stereoscopy Bistatic SAR
* Extracting Contour Lines From Common-Conditioned Topographic Maps
* Extrapolation Algorithm for (a,b,c,d) -Bandlimited Signals, An
* Fast Camera Motion Analysis in MPEG Domain
* Fast Extraction of Ellipses
* Fast Omnidirectional 3D Scene Acquisition with an Array of Stereo Cameras
* Focusing Bistatic SAR Data in Airborne/Stationary Configuration
* Full-Aperture SAR Data Focusing in the Spaceborne Squinted Sliding-Spotlight Mode
* Fusion of Near Infrared Face and Iris Biometrics
* High-Rate GPS Seismology Using Real-Time Precise Point Positioning With Ambiguity Resolution
* Home Monitoring Musculo-skeletal Disorders with a Single 3D Sensor
* Image Sequence Segmentation Based on 2D Temporal Entropic Thresholding
* Inconsistency-based active learning for support vector machines
* Indoor Scene Classification Based on the Bag-of-Words Model of Local Feature Information Gain
* Integrated Denoising and Unwrapping of InSAR Phase Based on Markov Random Fields
* Integrated Prediction Model for Biometrics, An
* Intelligent Night Vision System for Automobiles, An
* Learning and synthesizing MPEG-4 compatible 3-D face animation from video sequence
* Learning Models for Predicting Recognition Performance
* Learning Patterns from Images by Combining Soft Decisions and Hard Decisions
* Learning small gallery size for prediction of recognition performance on large populations
* Maximally concentrated sequences in both time and linear canonical transform domains
* Minimum Norm Least Squares Extrapolation Estimate for Discrete (a,b,c,d)-Bandlimited Signals
* Modified Nonlinear Chirp Scaling Algorithm for Spaceborne/Stationary Bistatic SAR Based on Series Reversion, A
* Multiresolution method for reconstructing the cross sections of coronary arteries from biplane angiograms
* New Approach to Classifier Fusion Based on Upper Integral, A
* noise-detection based AdaBoost algorithm for mislabeled data, A
* Novel Hierarchical Method of Ship Detection from Spaceborne Optical Image Based on Shape and Texture Features, A
* Novel High-Order Range Model and Imaging Approach for High-Resolution LEO SAR, A
* Object Recognition Based on Characteristic View Classes
* On the Performance Prediction and Validation for Multisensor Fusion
* Outdoor Face Recognition Using Enhanced Near Infrared Imaging
* Parametric Model for Describing the Correlation Between Single Color Images and Depth Maps, A
* Performance Evaluation and Prediction for 3D Ear Recognition
* Performance Prediction for Multimodal Biometrics
* Practical Color-Based Motion Capture
* Predicting fingerprint biometrics performance from a small gallery
* Processing of Multichannel Sliding Spotlight and TOPS Synthetic Aperture Radar Data
* Processing the Azimuth-Variant Bistatic SAR Data by Using Monostatic Imaging Algorithms Based on Two-Dimensional Principle of Stationary Phase
* Real-Time Abnormal Event Detection in Complicated Scenes
* Regional fusion for high-resolution palmprint recognition using spectral minutiae representation
* Robust river boundaries extraction of dammed lakes in mountain areas after Wenchuan Earthquake from high resolution SAR images combining local connectivity and ACM
* Scene Text Segmentation via Inverse Rendering
* Self-Calibration and Metric Reconstruction from a Single Image
* Similarity Assessment Model for Chinese Sign Language Videos
* Use of Characteristic View Classes for 3D Object Recognition, The
* Using Stacked Generalization to Combine SVMs in Magnitude and Shape Feature Spaces for Classification of Hyperspectral Data
* Visualizing Image Collections Using High-Entropy Layout Distributions
Includes: Wang, R.[Ruizhe] Wang, R.[Ran] Wang, R. Wang, R.[Rui] Wang, R.[Ruiyan] Wang, R.[Ruyan] Wang, R.[Roy] Wang, R.[Rong] Wang, R.[Robert] Wang, R.[Ruili] Wang, R.[Ruisheng] Wang, R.[Ru]
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Wang, R.B.[Rong Bo] Co Author Listing * Blind adaptive beamforming algorithm based on cyclostationary signals
* Blind separation of instantaneous linear mixtures of cyclostationary signals
* Driver's eye state detecting method design based on eye geometry feature
* monitoring method of driver mouth behavior based on machine vision, A
* Study on method of detecting preceding vehicle based on monocular camera
Includes: Wang, R.B.[Rong Bo] Wang, R.B.[Rong-Bo] Wang, R.B.[Rong-Ben]

Wang, R.C.[Rui Chun] Co Author Listing * Automated cervical cell image segmentation using level set based active contour model
Includes: Wang, R.C.[Rui Chun] Wang, R.C.[Rui-Chun]

Wang, R.D.[Rang Ding] Co Author Listing * Blind Digital Watermarking of Low Bit-Rate Advanced H.264/AVC Compressed Video
* Copy-Move Forgery Detection Based on SVD in Digital Image
* Distinguishing Photographic Images and Photorealistic Computer Graphics Using Visual Vocabulary on Local Image Edges
* Huffman Table Index Based Approach to Detect Double MP3 Compression, A
* improved reversible data hiding-based approach for intra-frame error concealment in H.264/AVC, An
* novel watermarking scheme for H.264/AVC video authentication, A
* Prediction mode modulated data-hiding algorithm for H.264/AVC
* Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted H.264/AVC Video Streams
* Robust Audio Zero-Watermark Based on LWT and Chaotic Modulation
* Video Watermarking Based on Spatio-temporal JND Profile
Includes: Wang, R.D.[Rang Ding] Wang, R.D.[Rang-Ding]
10 for Wang, R.D.

Wang, R.F.[Rui Fang] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Fingerprint Orientation Field by Weighted 2D Fourier Expansion Model
* Evaluation of AFIS-Ranked Latent Fingerprint Matched Templates
* Interactive H.264/SVC error control methods design and implementation
* Novel Fingerprint Template Protection Scheme Based on Distance Projection Coding, A
* Simplification of point-sampled geometry with feature preservation
* Video retargeting combining warping and summarizing optimization
Includes: Wang, R.F.[Rui Fang] Wang, R.F.[Rui-Fang] Wang, R.F.[Ren-Fang] Wang, R.F.

Wang, R.G.[Rong Gang] Co Author Listing * comparison of fractional-pel interpolation filters in HEVC and H.264/AVC, A
* Desynchronization in Compression Process for Collusion Resilient Video Fingerprint
* Deviation of Color Matching Algorithm in the Field of Full-Color LED Display, The
* High definition IEEE AVS decoder on ARM NEON platform
* hybrid pixel-block based view synthesis for multiviewpoint 3D video, A
* Intermediate view synthesis based on edge detecting
* Motion-Aligned Auto-Regressive Model for Frame Rate Up Conversion, A
* Secure Video Multicast Based on Desynchronized Fingerprint and Partial Encryption
* Spatio-Temporal Auto Regressive Model for Frame Rate Upconversion, A
* Spatio-Temporal Autoregressive Frame Rate Up Conversion Scheme, A
Includes: Wang, R.G.[Rong Gang] Wang, R.G.[Rong-Gang] Wang, R.G.[Rui-Guang]
10 for Wang, R.G.

Wang, R.H.[Ren Hua] Co Author Listing * region based multiple frame-rate tradeoff of video streaming, A
* Robust control for a class of uncertain switched time delay systems using delta operator
Includes: Wang, R.H.[Ren Hua] Wang, R.H.[Ren-Hua] Wang, R.H.[Rong-Hao]

Wang, R.I.[Rui I.] Co Author Listing * Online Gaze Disparity via Bioncular Eye Tracking on Stereoscopic Displays

Wang, R.J.[Ren Jie] Co Author Listing * Content-based image retrieval using H.264 intra coding features
* Identification of Morphologically Similar Seeds Using Multi-kernel Learning
* MPAL Cross-Dipole Array Acoustic Logging Data Processing
* New Method for Extracting Phase Slowness of Dispersive Waves, A
* Quality Estimation for H.264/SVC Inter-layer Residual Prediction in Spatial Scalability
Includes: Wang, R.J.[Ren Jie] Wang, R.J.[Ren-Jie] Wang, R.J.[Ruo-Jing] Wang, R.J.[Rui-Jia]

Wang, R.K. Co Author Listing * Volumetric In Vivo Imaging of Microvascular Perfusion Within the Intact Cochlea in Mice Using Ultra-High Sensitive Optical Microangiography

Wang, R.K.K. Co Author Listing * Cosine Wave Encoded Joint Transform Correlation

Wang, R.M.[Ruo Mei] Co Author Listing * Application of Global Fuzzy C-Means (GFCM) Clustering Algorithm in Color Transfer
* Change Detection Method for Man-Made Objects in SAR Images Based on Curvelet and Level Set, A
* High Resolution Radon Transform and its Applications in Multiple Suppression of Seismic Data in Deep-Sea
Includes: Wang, R.M.[Ruo Mei] Wang, R.M.[Ruo-Mei] Wang, R.M.[Ren-Ming] Wang, R.M.[Rui-Min]

Wang, R.P.[Rui Ping] Co Author Listing * Commute time guided transformation for feature extraction
* Coupling Alignments with Recognition for Still-to-Video Face Recognition
* Covariance discriminative learning: A natural and efficient approach to image set classification
* Data-Driven Approach for Facial Expression Retargeting in Video, A
* data-driven approach for facial expression synthesis in video, A
* Enhancing Human Face Detection by Resampling Examples Through Manifolds
* Enhancing Training Set for Face Detection
* Face Detection Based on the Manifold
* Face verification using sparse representations
* Isomap Based on the Image Euclidean Distance
* Manifold Discriminant Analysis
* Manifold-Manifold Distance and its Application to Face Recognition With Image Sets
* Manifold-Manifold Distance with application to face recognition based on image set
* Maximal Linear Embedding for Dimensionality Reduction
* Optimization of a training set for more robust face detection
Includes: Wang, R.P.[Rui Ping] Wang, R.P.[Rui-Ping]
15 for Wang, R.P.

Wang, R.Q.[Ru Qin] Co Author Listing * Computer-Aided Performance Evaluation System for the On-Board Data Compression System in HIRIS
Includes: Wang, R.Q.[Ru Qin] Wang, R.Q.[Ru-Qin]

Wang, R.R.[Rui Rui] Co Author Listing * 3D Measurement and Modeling Based on Stereo-Camera
* Actuator-Redundancy-Based Fault Diagnosis for Four-Wheel Independently Actuated Electric Vehicles
* Detecting Doctored Images Using Camera Response Normality and Consistency
* Generative and discriminative face modelling for detection
* Memory-based Moving Object Extraction for Video Indexing
* novel video caption detection approach using multi-frame integration, A
* Rule-based cleanup of on-line English ink notes
* Table Detection in Online Ink Notes
Includes: Wang, R.R.[Rui Rui] Wang, R.R.[Rui-Rui] Wang, R.R.[Rong-Rong] Wang, R.R.[Ruoyu Roy] Wang, R.R.[Roy Ruoyu]
8 for Wang, R.R.

Wang, R.S.[Rui Sheng] Co Author Listing * Automatic Alignment and Multi-View Segmentation of Street View Data using 3D Shape Priors
* Automatic Extracting Residential Areas from Color Scanned Topographical Maps
* Automatic registration of mobile LiDAR and spherical panoramas
* Camera localization and building reconstruction from single monocular images
* Compression of Personal Identification Pictures Using Vector Quantization with Facial Feature Correction
* Dynamic Learning of SCRF for Feature Selection and Classification of Hyperspectral Imagery
* fast automatic extraction algorithm of elliptic object groups from remote sensing images, A
* Improved FoE Model for Image Deblurring, An
* Learning Conditional Random Fields for Classification of Hyperspectral Images
* Learning Sparse CRFs for Feature Selection and Classification of Hyperspectral Imagery
* Modeling and Classifying Hyperspectral Imagery by CRFs With Sparse Higher Order Potentials
* Multiple Conditional Random Fields Ensemble Model for Urban Area Detection in Remote Sensing Optical Images, A
* Multiple-Spectral-Band CRFs for Denoising Junk Bands of Hyperspectral Imagery
* Multiview Video Sequence Analysis, Compression, and Virtual Viewpoint Synthesis
* new upsampling method for mobile LiDAR data, A
* novel extended local-binary-pattern operator for texture analysis, A
* Object Detection Based on Combination of Conditional Random Field and Markov Random Field
* Range image segmentation based on split-merge clustering
* Regularized image restoration based on adaptively selecting parameter and operator
* Semantic modeling of natural scenes based on contextual Bayesian networks
* Shape representation based on mathematical morphology
* Symmetric Pixel-Group Based Stereo Matching for Occlusion Handling
* target detection method in range-doppler domain from SAR echo data, A
* Texture Segmentation Using Independent Component Analysis of Gabor Features
* Using Combination of Statistical Models and Multilevel Structural Information for Detecting Urban Areas From a Single Gray-Level Image
* Window detection from mobile LiDAR data
Includes: Wang, R.S.[Rui Sheng] Wang, R.S.[Rui-Sheng] Wang, R.S.[Run-Sheng] Wang, R.S.
26 for Wang, R.S.

Wang, R.T.[Run Tian] Co Author Listing * Reducing frequency-domain artifacts of binary image due to coarse sampling by repeated interpolation and smoothing of Radon projections
Includes: Wang, R.T.[Run Tian] Wang, R.T.[Run-Tian]

Wang, R.X.[Rui Xuan] Co Author Listing * 3D-2D spatiotemporal registration for sports motion analysis
* design and implementation of a Visual Workflow Modeling tool based on Eclipse plug-ins, The
* Experiment Using a Circular Neighborhood to Calculate Slope Gradient from a DEM, An
* Extended Gaussian-Filtered Local Binary Patterns for Colonoscopy Image Classification
* Gaussian Process Learning from Order Relationships Using Expectation Propagation
* High-entropy layouts for content-based browsing and retrieval
* Human Body Posture Refinement by Nonparametric Belief Propagation
* Human Posture Analysis Under Partial Self-occlusion
* Human Posture Sequence Estimation Using Two Un-calibrated Cameras
* Learning Query-Dependent Distance Metrics for Interactive Image Retrieval
* Regular Texture Analysis as Statistical Model Selection
* Single-Patch Low-Rank Prior for Non-pointwise Impulse Noise Removal
Includes: Wang, R.X.[Rui Xuan] Wang, R.X.[Rui-Xuan] Wang, R.X.[Ruo-Xi] Wang, R.X.[Rong-Xun]
12 for Wang, R.X.

Wang, R.X.F.[Ran Xiao Frances] Co Author Listing * Probabilistic Model for Recovering Camera Translation, A
Includes: Wang, R.X.F.[Ran Xiao Frances] Wang, R.X.F.[Ran-Xiao Frances]

Wang, R.Y.[Rui Yan] Co Author Listing * Camera Calibration Using Lengths of Corresponding Line Segments
* Codebook organization to enhance maximum a posteriori detection of progressive transmission of vector quantized images over noisy channels
* Fuzzy clustering algorithms based on resolution and their application in image compression
* Index assignment for progressive transmission of full-search vector quantization
* Network Model for the Optic Flow Computation of the MST Neurons, A
Includes: Wang, R.Y.[Rui Yan] Wang, R.Y.[Rui-Yan] Wang, R.Y.[Ren-Yuh] Wang, R.Y.[Ren-Ying] Wang, R.Y.

Wang, R.Z.[Ran Zan] Co Author Listing * Advanced Least-Significant-Bit Embedding Scheme for Steganographic Encoding, An
* DIVFRP: An automatic divisive hierarchical clustering method based on the furthest reference points
* graph-theoretical clustering method based on two rounds of minimum spanning trees, A
* High-payload image steganography using two-way block matching
* Image hiding by optimal LSB substitution and genetic algorithm
* image-hiding method with high hiding capacity based on best-block matching and k-means clustering, An
* Region Incrementing Visual Cryptography
* rough set approach to feature selection based on ant colony optimization, A
* Scalable secret image sharing
* Scalable Secret Image Sharing With Smaller Shadow Images
* Scalable user-friendly image sharing
* Secret image sharing with smaller shadow images
* Sharing multiple secrets in visual cryptography
* Tagged Visual Cryptography
* Vision-Based Augmented-Reality System For Multiuser Collaborative Environments, A
Includes: Wang, R.Z.[Ran Zan] Wang, R.Z.[Ran-Zan] Wang, R.Z.[Rui-Zhi]
15 for Wang, R.Z.

Wang, S.[Song] Co Author Listing * 2D nonrigid partial shape matching using MCMC and contour subdivision
* 3D Materials Image Segmentation by 2D Propagation: A Graph-Cut Approach Considering Homomorphism
* 3D Open-surface Shape Correspondence for Statistical Shape Modeling: Identifying Topologically Consistent Landmarks
* 3D Superalloy Grain Segmentation Using a Multichannel Edge-Weighted Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation Algorithm
* 3D Surface Matching and Recognition Using Conformal Geometry
* 3D surface registration using Z-SIFT
* Action recognition by exploring data distribution and feature correlation
* Active lighting learning for 3D model based vehicle tracking
* Adaptive Correlation Estimation With Particle Filtering for Distributed Video Coding
* Adaptive Stick-Like Features for Human Detection Based on Multi-scale Feature Fusion Scheme
* Adaptive Watermarking and Tree Structure Based Image Quality Estimation
* Algorithm for Detecting Micros-Aneurysms in Low Resolution Color Retinal Images
* Alignment-free cancelable fingerprint template design: A densely infinite-to-one mapping (DITOM) approach
* alignment-free fingerprint bio-cryptosystem based on modified Voronoi neighbor structures, An
* Application of slit island method in the measure of the fractal dimensions of pore section border in eggshells
* Automated Correction and Updating of Roads from Aerial Ortho-Images
* Automatic Inference of Elevation and Drainage Models from a Satellite Image
* Automatic measurement on CT images for patella dislocation diagnosis
* Automatic Multithreshold Selection
* Automatic non-rigid registration of 3D dynamic data for facial expression synthesis and transfer
* Automatic Registration Method for Fusion of ZY-1-02C Satellite Images
* Bilateral Filtering Based User-Controllable Multi-exemplars Texture Synthesis
* Brain magnetic resonance image segmentation based on an adapted non-local fuzzy c-means method
* B_1 Homogenization in MRI by Multilayer Coupled Coils
* CATSMLP: Toward a Robust and Interpretable Multilayer Perceptron With Sigmoid Activation Functions
* Chinese bank check recognition system based on the fault tolerant technique, A
* CITRIC: A low-bandwidth wireless camera network platform
* Code Assignment Algorithm for 2-Dimensional Block Spread CDMA Uplink in Multi-Cell System
* Combined Top-Down/Bottom-Up Human Articulated Pose Estimation Using AdaBoost Learning
* Competitive and Cooperative Neural Network for Line Detection, A
* Complementary Visual Tracking
* Compound image compression based on unified LZ and hybrid coding
* compressed sensing approach for efficient ensemble learning, A
* Computational Measures Corresponding to Perceptual Textural Features
* Conformal Geometry and Its Applications on 3D Shape Matching, Recognition, and Stitching
* Constrained Band Selection for Hyperspectral Imagery
* Context-Based Hierarchical Unequal Merging for SAR Image Segmentation
* Convex Grouping Combining Boundary and Region Information
* Countermeasure against Double Compression Based Image Forensic, A
* Coupled Level Set Framework for Bladder Wall Segmentation With Application to MR Cystography, A
* Coupled Observation Decomposed Hidden Markov Model for Multiperson Activity Recognition
* CrackTree: Automatic crack detection from pavement images
* Criterion Based on Fourier Transform for Segmentation of Connected Digits, A
* Depth from defocus using the hermite transform
* Design of alignment-free cancelable fingerprint templates via curtailed circular convolution
* Detection of Image Region Duplication Using Spin Image
* Digital Design for Functionally Graded Material Components Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing
* Distributed Visual-Target-Surveillance System in Wireless Sensor Networks
* Edge Detection by Associative Mapping
* Edge Detection in Feature Space
* Edge Grouping Combining Boundary and Region Information
* EM Approach to MAP Solution of Segmenting Tissue Mixtures: A Numerical Analysis, An
* Entropy of primitive: A top-down methodology for evaluating the perceptual visual information
* Evaluating Shape Correspondence for Statistical Shape Analysis: A Benchmark Study
* Example-based image super-resolution with class-specific predictors
* Extraction of Drainage Networks by Using the Consistent Labeling Technique
* Face Hallucination Via Weighted Adaptive Sparse Regularization
* Face Modeling and Analysis in Stony Brook University
* Face Reconstruction Across Different Poses and Arbitrary Illumination Conditions
* Face Synthesis and Recognition from a Single Image under Arbitrary Unknown Lighting Using a Spherical Harmonic Basis Morphable Model
* Fast 3D Correspondence Method for Statistical Shape Modeling, A
* Fast multi reference frame motion estimation for high efficiency video coding
* Fast multi reference frame motion estimation for high efficiency video coding
* Fast multiple shape correspondence by pre-organizing shape instances
* Fast Synopsis for Moving Objects Using Compressed Video
* Feature matching in underwater environments using sparse linear combinations
* Feature Selection for Target Detection in SAR Images
* FFT-Based Method for Blind Identification of FIR SIMO Channels, An
* Fingerprint enhancement in the singular point area
* Free-shape subwindow search for object localization
* Freight train gauge-exceeding detection based on three-dimensional stereo vision measurement
* From Fragments to Salient Closed Boundaries: An In-Depth Study
* Generalized local N-ary patterns for texture classification
* Generating cancelable biometrie templates using a projection line
* Global Detection of Salient Convex Boundaries
* Globally Optimal Grouping for Symmetric Boundaries
* Globally Optimal Grouping for Symmetric Closed Boundaries by Combining Boundary and Region Information
* Grain Segmentation of 3D Superalloy Images Using Multichannel EWCVT under Human Annotation Constraints
* graph-based algorithm for multi-target tracking with occlusion, A
* Graph-cut based interactive segmentation of 3D materials-science images
* Handwritten text segmentation using average longest path algorithm
* Hidden Conditional Random Fields
* Hierarchical Space Tiling for Scene Modeling
* High Resolution Tracking of Non-Rigid 3D Motion of Densely Sampled Data Using Harmonic Maps
* High Resolution Tracking of Non-Rigid Motion of Densely Sampled 3D Data Using Harmonic Maps
* High-Dimensional Spatial Normalization of Diffusion Tensor Images Improves the Detection of White Matter Differences: An Example Study Using Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
* Human Attribute Recognition by Rich Appearance Dictionary
* Human Behavior Analysis Based on a New Motion Descriptor
* Hybrid light coding for fast and high-accuracy shape acquisition
* Illumination learning from a single image with unknown shape and texture
* Image Approximation from Gray Scale Medial Axes
* Image deconvolution using multigrid natural image prior and its applications
* Image Deconvolution With Multi-Stage Convex Relaxation and Its Perceptual Evaluation
* Image inpainting based on scene transform and color transfer
* Image Quality Evaluation Method Based on Digital Watermarking, An
* Image reconstruction from a limited number of projections: detection/estimation of multiple discs with unknown radii
* Image restoration using truncated SVD filter bank based on an energy criterion
* Image Segmentation with Minimum Mean Cut
* Image segmentation with ratio cut
* Image-Segmentation Evaluation From the Perspective of Salient Object Extraction
* Internal Calibration Scheme for Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar System, An
* Kinect-Like Depth Data Compression
* Landmark-based shape deformation with topology-preserving constraints
* Laplace distribution based CTU level rate control for HEVC
* Learn Concepts in Multiple-Instance Learning with Diverse Density Framework Using Supervised Mean Shift
* Learning bias in neural networks and an approach to controlling its effect in monotonic classification
* Local Maximal Homogeneous Region Search for SAR Speckle Reduction With Sketch-Based Geometrical Kernel Function
* Log-Polar Based Scheme for Revealing Duplicated Regions in Digital Images
* Low Complexity Adaptive View Synthesis Optimization in HEVC Based 3D Video Coding
* Medial Axis Transformation for Grayscale Pictures, A
* Minimum-Entropy-Based Autofocus Algorithm for SAR Data Using Chebyshev Approximation and Method of Series Reversion, and Its Implementation in a Data Processor
* Mixed Chroma Sampling-Rate High Efficiency Video Coding for Full-Chroma Screen Content
* Model-based Reconstruction of Multiple Circular and Elliptic Objects from a Limited Number of Projections
* Monte Carlo Tracking Method with Threshold Constraint
* More on Weak Feature: Self-correlate Histogram Distances
* Motion Estimation for Moving Target Detection
* multi-affine model for tensor decomposition, A
* Multi-level Discriminative Dictionary Learning towards Hierarchical Visual Categorization
* Multichannel Edge-Weighted Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation algorithm for 3D super-alloy image segmentation, A
* Multihypothesis recursive video denoising based on separation of motion state
* Multiple Experts Recognition System Based on Neural Network
* Natural Visible and Infrared Facial Expression Database for Expression Recognition and Emotion Inference, A
* Naturalness Preserved Enhancement Algorithm for Non-Uniform Illumination Images
* new edge feature for head-shoulder detection, A
* Nonrigid Shape Correspondence Using Landmark Sliding, Insertion and Deletion
* Novel Coarse-to-Fine Scheme for Automatic Image Registration Based on SIFT and Mutual Information, A
* Novel Eye Localization Method With Rotation Invariance, A
* Novel Material-Aware Feature Descriptor for Volumetric Image Registration in Diffusion Tensor Space, A
* Object tracking via appearance modeling and sparse representation
* On splitting dataset: Boosting Locally Adaptive Regression Kernels for car localization
* Onboard low-complexity compression of solar images
* Onboard Low-Complexity Compression of Solar Stereo Images
* Open boundary capable edge grouping with feature maps
* Overview of IEEE 1857 video coding standard
* Pair-polar coordinate-based cancelable fingerprint templates
* Part-based method on handwritten texts
* Part-Based Recognition of Arbitrary Fonts
* Pattern- and Network-Based Classification Techniques for Multichannel Medical Data Signals to Improve Brain Diagnosis
* Performance Evaluation of First Order Operators
* Person Identification Using Full-Body Motion and Anthropometric Biometrics from Kinect Videos
* Pixel-Wise Spatial Pyramid-Based Hybrid Tracking
* Polarimetric SAR Internal Calibration Scheme Based on T/R Module Orthogonal Phase Coding
* Pre-organizing Shape Instances for Landmark-Based Shape Correspondence
* Processing of Signals of Ring-Shaped Spots in Dielectric Barrier Discharge
* Quasi-Block-Cholesky Factorization With Dynamic Matrix Compression for Fast Integral-Equation Simulations of Large-Scale Human Body Models
* Ratio Contour Code
* Re-identification of pedestrians with variable occlusion and scale
* Recognize Human Activities from Partially Observed Videos
* Reconstruction of flame temperature field with optical sectioning method
* Relative Effectiveness of Selected Texture Primitive Statistics for Texture Discrimination
* Relative Elevation Determination from Landsat Imagery
* Ricci Flow for 3D Shape Analysis
* Robust Alignment Algorithm for Microprocessor Based Fiber Fusion Splicer, A
* RST Invariant Image Watermarking Algorithm With Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of the Watermarking Processes
* Salient Closed Boundary Extraction with Ratio Contour
* SAR Image Segmentation Using Kernel Based Spatial FCM
* Seeing Is Believing: Video Classification for Computed Tomographic Colonography Using Multiple-Instance Learning
* Selective multiple kernel learning for classification with ensemble strategy
* Self-Organizing Algorithm of Robust PCA Based on Single-Layer NN
* Semi-Supervised Multiple Feature Analysis for Action Recognition
* Shape and image retrieval by organizing instances using population cues
* Shape correspondence through landmark sliding
* Shape Deformation: SVM Regression and Application to Medical Image Segmentation
* Signal restoration combining Tikhonov regularization and multilevel method with thresholding strategy
* Spatial Reasoning in Remotely Sensed Data
* Spatial Reasoning to Determine Stream Network from LANDSAT Imagery
* Special issue on real-time 3D imaging and processing
* Special issue on Shape Modeling in Medical Image Analysis
* SSIM-Motivated Rate-Distortion Optimization for Video Coding
* study on 2D signal noise reduction method for wavelet analysis, A
* Study on the Processing Scheme for Space-Time Waveform Encoding SAR System Based on Two-Dimensional Digital Beamforming
* study on the rate distortion modeling for High Efficiency Video Coding, A
* Superedge grouping for object localization by combining appearance and shape information
* Superpixel tracking
* theoretical solution to MAP-EM partial volume segmentation of medical images, A
* Timing Acquisition for Bandlimited Long-Code DS-CDMA in Doubly-Selective Fading Channels
* Toward Automated FaÇade Texture Generation For 3d Photorealistic City Modelling With Smartphones Or Tablet Pcs
* Tracking of Object with SVM Regression
* Two perceptually motivated strategies for shape classification
* Uniform Framework for Estimating Illumination Chromaticity, Correspondence, and Specular Reflection, A
* Variable-Number Variable-Band Selection for Feature Characterization in Hyperspectral Signatures
* Vehicle Identification Via Sparse Representation
* Vehicle matching and recognition under large variations of pose and illumination
* Visual Phraselet: Refining Spatial Constraints for Large Scale Image Search
* Visual-Attention Model Using Earth Mover's Distance-Based Saliency Measurement and Nonlinear Feature Combination, A
* Watermarking Algorithm of Gray Image Based on Histogram, A
* Weakly Supervised Learning for Attribute Localization in Outdoor Scenes
* X-T slice based method for action recognition, An
* Zero-synthesis view difference aware view synthesis optimization for HEVC based 3D video compression
Includes: Wang, S.[Song] Wang, S.[Sen] Wang, S.[Shuang] Wang, S.[Sheng] Wang, S.[Sha] Wang, S. Wang, S.[Shucai] Wang, S.[Shaoshan] Wang, S.[Shyuan] Wang, S.[Shugen] Wang, S.[Shan] Wang, S.[Simon] Wang, S.[Shu] Wang, S.[Shen] Wang, S.[Su] Wang, S.[Shiqi] Wang, S.[Suyu] Wang, S.[Shanshe] Wang, S.[Shun] Wang, S.[Sybor] Wang, S.[Shuo] Wang, S.[Shuai] Wang, S.[Shuhui] Wang, S.[Shengfa] Wang, S.[Simi] Wang, S.[Si] Wang, S.[Shumei] Wang, S.[Shiquan]
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Wang, S.A.[Shu Ai] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Characteristic of Spots in Square Superlattice Pattern by Image Processing
* Analysis of the Pattern Evolution Based on Spatial Correlation and Fourier Spectra Technique
* Emission Signal Analysis Based on Conventional and Modified Wavelet Cross-Correlation
* Improvement of the space resolution of the optical remote sensing image by the principle of CCD imaging
* Texture Classification Via Stationary-Wavelet Based Contourlet Transform
Includes: Wang, S.A.[Shu Ai] Wang, S.A.[Shu-Ai] Wang, S.A.[Sun-An] Wang, S.A.[Shu-Ang]

Wang, S.B. Co Author Listing * Adaptive De-Interlacing With Robust Overlapped Block Motion Compensation
* Hidden Conditional Random Fields for Gesture Recognition
Includes: Wang, S.B. Wang, S.B.[Sy Bor]

Wang, S.C.[Sheng Chun] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Chirplet Decomposition Method and Its Application in Machine Fault Diagnosis
* Combining Boundary and Region Information with Bolt Prior for Rail Surface Detection
* Multi-Image Matching for DTM Generation from SPOT-5 HRS/HRG and IRS-P5 Imagery - For the Project of West China Topographic Mapping at 1:50,000 Scale
* Multi-Scale Learning Framework for Visual Categorization, A
* multimodal fusion system for people detection and tracking, A
* Multimodal image registration system for image-guided orthopaedic surgery
* On-line System Setup in a Cellar of a Flotation Plant
* People tracking by integrating multiple features
* Segmentation of 3D CT Volume Images Using a Single 2D Atlas
* Set-based Hybrid Approach (SHA) for MRI Segmentation, A
* Simultaneous Object Recognition and Localization in Image Collections
Includes: Wang, S.C.[Sheng Chun] Wang, S.C.[Sheng-Chun] Wang, S.C.[Shao-Cheng] Wang, S.C.[Shao-Chuan] Wang, S.C.[Shih-Chun] Wang, S.C. Wang, S.C.[Shih-Chang]
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Wang, S.D.[Sheng De] Co Author Listing * Choosing the kernel parameters for support vector machines by the inter-cluster distance in the feature space
* Fingerprint feature reduction by principal Gabor basis function
* K1-Map Reduction for Pattern Classifications, The
* Perceptron-Perceptron Net
* Principal Observation Ray Calibration for Tiled-Lens-Array Integral Imaging Display
* Real-time coherent stylization for augmented reality
* Robust algorithms for principal component analysis
* rotation invariant printed Chinese character recognition system, A
* Semiautomated Building Extraction Based on CSG Model-Image Fitting
* Training algorithms for fuzzy support vector machines with noisy data
* virtual teleconferencing system based on face detection and 3D animation in a low-bandwidth environment, A
Includes: Wang, S.D.[Sheng De] Wang, S.D.[Sheng-De] Wang, S.D.[Sheng-D.] Wang, S.D. Wang, S.D.[Shan-Dong] Wang, S.D.[Sen-Do]
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Wang, S.F.[Shang Fei] Co Author Listing * Analyses of a Multimodal Spontaneous Facial Expression Database
* Bias analyses of spontaneous facial expression database
* Capturing Complex Spatio-temporal Relations among Facial Muscles for Facial Expression Recognition
* Capturing Global Semantic Relationships for Facial Action Unit Recognition
* Compressibility-Aware Media Retargeting With Structure Preserving
* Efficient 3D Face Reconstruction from a Single 2D Image by Combining Statistical and Geometrical Information
* Emotional tagging of videos by exploring multiple emotions' coexistence
* Enhancing multi-label classification by modeling dependencies among labels
* Estimating 3D Face Model and Facial Deformation from a Single Image Based on Expression Manifold Optimization
* Eye localization from thermal infrared images
* Fast JND-Based Video Carving With GPU Acceleration for Real-Time Video Retargeting
* Implicit video multi-emotion tagging by exploiting multi-expression relations
* Multi-scale anisotropic heat diffusion based on normal-driven shape representation
* Multi-scale, multi-level, heterogeneous features extraction and classification of volumetric medical images
* New Fast Chinese Visible Human Brain Skull Stripping Method, A
* Posed and spontaneous expression distinguishment from infrared thermal images
* Reconstructing 3D Face Model with Associated Expression Deformation from a Single Face Image via Constructing a Low-Dimensional Expression Deformation Manifold
* Simultaneous facial activity tracking and recognition
* Simultaneous Facial Feature Tracking and Facial Expression Recognition
* Spontaneous Facial Expression Recognition Based on Feature Point Tracking
* Towards speed-independent road-type classification
Includes: Wang, S.F.[Shang Fei] Wang, S.F.[Shang-Fei] Wang, S.F.[Shu-Fan] Wang, S.F.[Sheng-Fa] Wang, S.F.[Shun-Feng] Wang, S.F.[Shi-Feng]
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Wang, S.G.[Shi Gang] Co Author Listing * biologically inspired method for estimating 2D high-speed translational motion, A
* Development and Experimental Verification of Key Techniques to Validate Remote Sensing Products
* Ego-Vehicle Corridors for Vision-Based Driver Assistance
* Estimation of Rotation Parameters from Blurred Image
* Fractal image compression based on spatial correlation and hybrid genetic algorithm
* High contrast stochastic screen-watermarks for color halftone prints
* Lane detection and tracking using a new lane model and distance transform
* Measurement of sinusoidal vibration from motion blurred images
* Modeling of Unbounded Long-Range Drift in Visual Odometry
* New Lane Model and Distance Transform for Lane Detection and Tracking
* novel SVD-based image quality assessment metric, A
* Parallel recursive computation of the inverse Legendre moment transforms for signal and image reconstruction
* Recursive computation of Tchebichef moment and its inverse transform
* Singular Points Detection Based on Zero-Pole Model in Fingerprint Images
* Statistical Modeling of Long-Range Drift in Visual Odometry
Includes: Wang, S.G.[Shi Gang] Wang, S.G.[Shi-Gang] Wang, S.G. Wang, S.G.[Shu-Guo] Wang, S.G.[Shen-Ge] Wang, S.G.[Shui-Gen] Wang, S.G.[Shu-Guang]
15 for Wang, S.G.

Wang, S.H.[Shu Hui] Co Author Listing * Accurate and efficient cross-domain visual matching leveraging multiple feature representations
* Adaptive video coding control for real-time H.264/AVC encoder
* Estimating Face-pose Consistency Based on Synthetic View Space
* High-performance adaptive group-of-picture rate control for H.264/AVC
* Image classification using spatial pyramid robust sparse coding
* Image enhancement based on Retinex and lightness decomposition
* Laplacian affine sparse coding with tilt and orientation consistency for image classification
* Low-Power and Bandwidth-Efficient Motion Estimation IP Core Design Using Binary Search, A
* Multi-feature metric learning with knowledge transfer among semantics and social tagging
* Multiple Kernel Learning with High Order Kernels
* RGB-D image-based detection of stairs, pedestrian crosswalks and traffic signs
* Robust Spatial Consistency Graph Model for Partial Duplicate Image Retrieval
* S3-MKL: Scalable Semi-Supervised Multiple Kernel Learning for Real-World Image Applications
* Semi-Supervised Learning via Regularized Boosting Working on Multiple Semi-Supervised Assumptions
* Shot classification for action movies based on motion characteristics
* Single image haze removal using content-adaptive dark channel and post enhancement
* Skew detection and correction in document images based on straight-line fitting
* Unified LZ and Hybrid Coding for Compound Image Partial-Lossless Compression, A
* Using citing information to understand the logical structure of document images
* Visualization of the Critical Patterns of Missing Values in Classification Data
* Wavelet tree quantization for copyright protection watermarking
Includes: Wang, S.H.[Shu Hui] Wang, S.H.[Shu-Hui] Wang, S.H.[Szu-Hong] Wang, S.H. Wang, S.H.[Shu-Hang] Wang, S.H.[Shui-Hua] Wang, S.H.[Shi-Hai] Wang, S.H.[Shu-Hua] Wang, S.H.[Shou-Hong] Wang, S.H.[Shih-Hao]
21 for Wang, S.H.

Wang, S.J.[Sheng Jin] Co Author Listing * Action and Gait Recognition From Recovered 3-D Human Joints
* AdaBoost Tracker Embedded in Adaptive Particle Filtering
* Adaptive particle filter with body part segmentation for full body tracking
* Adaptive Sparse Vector Tracking Via Online Bayesian Learning
* Automatic 3-D depth recovery from a single urban-scene image
* Bayesian Structure-Preserving Image Contrast Enhancement and its Simplification
* cascaded hierarchical framework for moving object detection and tracking, A
* CASME database: A dataset of spontaneous micro-expressions collected from neutralized faces
* cell-based matting Laplacian for contrast enhancement, A
* Coarse-to-fine Approach for the Generation and Tracking of Mesh Objects from a Natural Image Sequence, A
* Collaborative learning by boosting in distributed environments
* Combining Fast Extracted Edge Descriptors and Feature Sharing for Rapid Object Detection
* Constrast based color segmentation with adaptive thresholds
* Contrast-Based Color Image Segmentation
* Deformable 3-D model based vehicle matching with weighted Hausdorff and EDA in traffic surveillance
* Detecting Human Action as the Spatio-Temporal Tube of Maximum Mutual Information
* Detection, Estimation and Aggregation of Three Major Types of Discontinuities in Image Surfaces
* efficient Bayesian framework for image enhancement with spatial consideration, An
* Efficient Vision-Based Calibration for Visual Surveillance Systems with Multiple PTZ Cameras
* Evaluation of canonical correlation analysis: A Correlation Generation Model
* Extraction and Linking of Brink Points in an Image, The
* Eye/eyes tracking based on a unified deformable template and particle filtering
* Fast and Automatic Segmentation of Ascending Aorta in MSCT Volume Data
* Full body tracking-based human action recognition
* General Exponential Framework for Dimensionality Reduction, A
* Generalized Histogram Equalization Based on Local Characteristics
* Generic, Model-Based Estimation and Detection of Discontinuities in Image Surfaces
* Graph matching based on mean field theory
* Grouping strategies for promoting image quality of watermarking on the basis of vector quantization
* Hierarchical Bayesian Generation Framework for Vacant Parking Space Detection, A
* histogram-based moment-preserving clustering algorithm for video segmentation, A
* Human Detection Based on Fusion of Histograms of Oriented Gradients and Main Partial Features
* Human head reconstruction based on elastic deformable 3D model
* Image Contrast Enhancement Based on Intensity-Pair Distribution
* Image enhancement based on quadratic programming
* Image Representation Using Curvature Information in Intensity Profiles
* Image Segmentation: Generic Modeling, Detection, and Estimation of Discontinuities in Image Surfaces
* Information Preserving Color Transformation for Protanopia and Deuteranopia
* Learning a distance metric from multi-instance multi-label data
* Learning Cascaded Shared-Boost Classifiers for Part-Based Object Detection
* Local Step Edge Estimation: A New Algorithm, Statistical Model and Performance Evaluation
* Low Bit Rate Compression of Facial Images Based on Adaptive Over-Complete Sparse Representation
* LP-Norm IDF for Large Scale Image Search
* Matching colonic polyps from prone and supine CT colonography scans based on statistical curvature information
* Maximum-A-Posteriori estimation for global spatial coherence recovery based on Matting Laplacian
* Model-Based Edgel Aggregation
* Monte Carlo Based Framework for Multi-Target Detection and Tracking Over Multi-Camera Surveillance System, A
* Novel Geometric Algorithm for Blind Image Restoration Based on High-Dimensional Space, A
* Novel Macroblock-Layer Rate-Distortion Model for Rate Control Scheme of H.264/AVC, A
* Online Discriminative Approach to Background Subtraction, An
* Parameter Selection of Robust Fine Granularity Scalable Video Coding over MPEG-4
* Part Detection, Description and Selection Based on Hidden Conditional Random Fields
* Person-independent head pose estimation based on random forest regression
* polygon-based clustering and analysis framework for mining spatial datasets, A
* Pose-Free Face Swapping Based on a Deformable 3D Shape Morphable Model
* Probabilistic Modeling of Dynamic Traffic Flow across Non-overlapping Camera Views
* Representing images using points on image surfaces
* Simultaneous Dual-Isotope SPECT Imaging Using Independent Component Analysis Based on Wavelet Transformation: Wavelet Based Dual-Isotope SPECT Imaging Using ICA Analysis
* Single-image 3-D depth estimation for urban scenes
* STPCA: Sparse tensor Principal Component Analysis for feature extraction
* Submanifold decomposition
* Teniae Coli Extraction in Human Colon for Computed Tomographic Colonography Images
* Tensor Discriminant Color Space for Face Recognition
* Tumor Burden Analysis on Computed Tomography by Automated Liver and Tumor Segmentation
* Vacant Parking Space Detection Based on Plane-Based Bayesian Hierarchical Framework
* Video-Based Approach for Detecting Prohibited Activities on Sporting Courts
* Visible colour difference-based quantitative evaluation of colour segmentation
* Visual Tracker Using Sequential Bayesian Learning: Discriminative, Generative, and Hybrid
Includes: Wang, S.J.[Sheng Jin] Wang, S.J.[Sheng-Jin] Wang, S.J.[Sheng-Jyh] Wang, S.J.[Su-Jing] Wang, S.J. Wang, S.J.[Shi-Jun] Wang, S.J.[Sheng-Jun] Wang, S.J.[Shiuh-Jeng] Wang, S.J.[Shuenn-Jyi] Wang, S.J.[Shou Jue] Wang, S.J.[Shou-Jue] Wang, S.J.[Shao-Jun] Wang, S.J.[Shyh-Jen]
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Wang, S.K.[Shou Kun] Co Author Listing * Research on Image Processing Algorithms of Image Stabilization Testing for Sighting Telescope Based on Cross Lines
* Segmentation of Chinese Postal Envelope Images for Address Block Location
* Transcoding Scheme between AMR-WB and VMR-WB
Includes: Wang, S.K.[Shou Kun] Wang, S.K.[Shou-Kun] Wang, S.K.[Sheng-Ke] Wang, S.K.[Shi-Kui]

Wang, S.L. Co Author Listing * Automatic lip contour extraction from color images
* Automatic Lipreading System for Spoken Digits With Limited Training Data, An
* Automatic Lipreading with Limited Training Data
* Comprehensive Study on Third Order Statistical Features for Image Splicing Detection, A
* Detecting Digital Image Splicing in Chroma Spaces
* Detection of Double Compression in MPEG-4 Videos Based on Markov Statistics
* Distributed Scheme for Image Splicing Detection, A
* Estimation of the primary quantization parameter in MPEG videos
* Identifying Video Forgery Process Using Optical Flow
* Image splicing detection based on noncausal Markov model
* Information-Based Color Feature Representation for Image Classification
* Joint shot boundary detection and key frame extraction
* Lip Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy Clustering Incorporating an Elliptic Shape Function
* New Feature Presentation of Transition Probability Matrix for Image Tampering Detection
* Nonlocal Spectral Prior Model for Low-Level Vision
* Person authentication using ASM based lip shape and intensity information
* Physiological and behavioral lip biometrics: A comprehensive study of their discriminative power
* Relaxed collaborative representation for pattern classification
* Revealing the Traces of Median Filtering Using High-Order Local Ternary Patterns
* Robust lip region segmentation for lip images with complex background
* Semi-coupled dictionary learning with applications to image super-resolution and photo-sketch synthesis
* Unsupervised feature learning using Markov deep belief network
Includes: Wang, S.L. Wang, S.L.[Shi-Lin] Wang, S.L.[Sen-Lin] Wang, S.L.[Shen-Long]
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Wang, S.M.[Shin Min] Co Author Listing * Fast K-NN Search for Robust ATR Object Matching
* Research of 3D face reconstruction based on one image
* Thick-wall electrical capacitance tomography and its application in dense-phase pneumatic conveying under high pressure
Includes: Wang, S.M.[Shin Min] Wang, S.M.[Shin-Min] Wang, S.M.[Sheng-Ming] Wang, S.M.

Wang, S.N.[Sheng Nan] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Specular Highlight Removal Using Bilateral Filtering
* SVM for edge-preserving filtering
Includes: Wang, S.N.[Sheng Nan] Wang, S.N.[Sheng-Nan]

Wang, S.P. Co Author Listing * Perception and visualization of line images
* r, n)-Threshold Image Secret Sharing Methods with Small Shadow Images
* Simple Approach to Multiview Face Hallucination, A
* Tomography apparatus and method
Includes: Wang, S.P. Wang, S.P.[Shang-Ping] Wang, S.P.[Shao-Peng] Wang, S.P.[Shih-Ping]

Wang, S.P.T.[Shay Ping T.] Co Author Listing * Method and system for recognizing a boundary between characters in handwritten text
* Method and system using meta-classes and polynomial discriminant functions for handwriting recognition
Includes: Wang, S.P.T.[Shay Ping T.] Wang, S.P.T.[Shay-Ping T.]

Wang, S.Q.[Shi Qin] Co Author Listing * Automatic face modeling from monocular image sequences using a modified non parametric regression and an affine camera model
* compact optical flow based motion representation for real-time action recognition in surveillance scenes, A
* No-reference perceptual image quality metric using gradient profiles for JPEG2000
* Perceptual Video Coding Based on SSIM-Inspired Divisive Normalization
* SSIM-inspired divisive normalization for perceptual video coding
Includes: Wang, S.Q.[Shi Qin] Wang, S.Q.[Shi-Qin] Wang, S.Q.[Shi-Quan] Wang, S.Q.[Shi-Qi]

Wang, S.R.[Sheng Rui] Co Author Listing * Autocovariance-based Perceptual Textural Features Corresponding to Human Visual Perception
* Centroid-based clustering for graph datasets
* Clustering-based Algorithm for Extracting the Centerlines of 2D and 3D Objects, A
* FCM-Based Model Selection Algorithms for Determining the Number of Clusters
* Isotropic Processing for Gradient Estimation
* K-means-based Algorithm for Projective Clustering, A
* Metric planar rectification from perspective view via circles
* new algorithm for inexact graph matching, A
* New Algorithm to Extract Centerline of 2D Objects Based on Clustering
* new statistical model for activity discovery and recognition in pervasive environments, A
* objective approach to cluster validation, An
* Segmentation of SAR images
* Watershed-based hierarchical SAR image segmentation
Includes: Wang, S.R.[Sheng Rui] Wang, S.R.[Sheng-Rui] Wang, S.R.[Shao-Rong]
13 for Wang, S.R.

Wang, S.S.[Shan Shan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Dictionary Learning in Sparse Gradient Domain for Image Recovery
* augmented Lagrangian approach to general dictionary learning for image denoising, An
* Automatic image authentication and recovery using fractal code embedding and image inpainting
* Cost-sensitive Bayesian network classifiers
* Fenchel Duality Based Dictionary Learning for Restoration of Noisy Images
* Gabor feature based nonlocal means filter for textured image denoising
* Highly Undersampled Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction Using Two-Level Bregman Method With Dictionary Updating
* Invariant Pattern-Recognition by Moment Fourier Descriptor
* Modified S-Neuron and Its Application to Scale-Invariant Classification, A
* new impulse detection and filtering method for removal of wide range impulse noises, A
* New Self-Organizing Neural Model for Invariant Pattern-Recognition, A
* Note on the Calculation of Moments, A
* novel predual dictionary learning algorithm, A
* Weighted haze removal method with halo prevention
Includes: Wang, S.S.[Shan Shan] Wang, S.S.[Shan-Shan] Wang, S.S.[Shuenn-Shyang] Wang, S.S.[Sha-Sha] Wang, S.S.
14 for Wang, S.S.

Wang, S.T.[Shi Tong] Co Author Listing * analytical algorithm for determining the generalized optimal set of discriminant vectors, An
* Enhanced soft subspace clustering integrating within-cluster and between-cluster information
* FRSDE: Fast reduced set density estimator using minimal enclosing ball approximation
* Minimum-maximum local structure information for feature selection
* new direct LDA (D-LDA) algorithm for feature extraction in face recognition, A
* New insight at level set and Gaussian mixture model for natural image segmentation
* New Kernel Direct Discriminant Analysis (KDDA) Algorithm for Face Recognition, A
* Note on the equivalence relationship between Renyi-entropy based and Tsallis-entropy based image thresholding
* novel image thresholding method based on Parzen window estimate, A
* On minimum class locality preserving variance support vector machine
* On minimum distribution discrepancy support vector machine for domain adaptation
Includes: Wang, S.T.[Shi Tong] Wang, S.T.[Shi-Tong]
11 for Wang, S.T.

Wang, S.W.[Shu Wen] Co Author Listing * Improvement of Priority Computation in Exemplar-Based Image Inpainting Base on D-S Evidence Theory and TV Model
* Memory Efficient Hierarchical Lookup Tables for Mass Arbitrary-Side Growing Huffman Trees Decoding
* Performance of a mixed-traffic CDMA2000 wireless network with scalable streaming video
Includes: Wang, S.W.[Shu Wen] Wang, S.W.[Shu-Wen] Wang, S.W. Wang, S.W.[Szu-Wei]

Wang, S.X.[Shao Xuan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Mobile Cloud Computing to Enable Rich Mobile Multimedia Applications
* New grouping and fitting methods for interactive overtraced sketches
Includes: Wang, S.X.[Shao Xuan] Wang, S.X.[Shao-Xuan] Wang, S.X.[Shu-Xia]

Wang, S.Y.[Shi Yuan] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Characteristic of the Kalman Gain for 1-D Chaotic Maps in Cubature Kalman Filter
* Automatic Face Recognition by Support Vector Machines
* CAPTCHA Challenge Tradeoffs: Familiarity of Strings versus Degradation of Images
* Compressing 3D Trees With Rendering Efficiency Based on Differential Data
* Document Content Extraction Using Automatically Discovered Features
* Embedded Lossless Wavelet Coder using Multi-Partitioning Algorithm with Bit-Trunking
* Feature selection focused within error clusters
* Human and car identification using motion vector in H.264 compressed video
* Parameter Selection of Robust Fine Granularity Scalable Video Coding over MPEG-4
* Performance Evaluation of Automatic Feature Discovery Focused within Error Clusters
* Reduced set density estimator for object segmentation based on shape probabilistic representation
* ScatterType: a legible but hard-to-segment CAPTCHA
* Simultaneous variational image segmentation and object recognition via shape sparse representation
* Single image visibility enhancement in gradient domain
* Spherical Simplex-Radial Cubature Kalman Filter
* Successive Partition Zero Coder for Embedded Lossless Wavelet-Based Image Coding
Includes: Wang, S.Y.[Shi Yuan] Wang, S.Y.[Shi-Yuan] Wang, S.Y.[Shao-Yu] Wang, S.Y.[Sui-Yu] Wang, S.Y. Wang, S.Y.[Sheung-Yeung] Wang, S.Y.[Sheng-Yu] Wang, S.Y.[Shi-Yan]
16 for Wang, S.Y.

Wang, S.Z.[Sheng Zheng] Co Author Listing * Affine SoftAssign with bidirectional distance for point matching
* Background modeling using Local Binary Patterns Of Motion Vector
* Copyright Management Using Progressive Image Delivery, Visible Watermarking and Robust Fingerprinting
* Detecting Image Forgery Using Perspective Constraints
* Dual-binarization and anisotropic diffusion of Chinese characters in calligraphy documents
* Dynamical running coding in digital steganography
* Extraction and recognition of license plates of motorcycles and vehicles on highways
* Fragile Watermarking Scheme with Extensive Content Restoration Capability
* Fragile Watermarking With Error-Free Restoration Capability
* Invertibility attack against watermarking based on forged algorithm and a countermeasure
* Iterative Image Resolution Enhancement Using MAP Estimator
* Kernel-based regularized-angle spectral matching for target detection in hyperspectral imagery
* Moving Objects Segmentation from compressed surveillance video based on Motion Estimation
* Multibit Assignment Steganography in Palette Images
* New Soft Variable Length Decoder for Wireless Video Transmission, A
* novel scheme to code object flags for video synopsis, A
* Online adaptive dictionary learning and weighted sparse coding for abnormality detection
* Reducing frequency-domain artifacts of binary image due to coarse sampling by repeated interpolation and smoothing of Radon projections
* Reference Sharing Mechanism for Watermark Self-Embedding
* Representative Multiple Kernel Learning for Classification in Hyperspectral Imagery
* Spatio-temporal LBP Based Moving Object Segmentation in Compressed Domain
* Spectral Unmixing in Multiple-Kernel Hilbert Space for Hyperspectral Imagery
* Statistical Fragile Watermarking Capable of Locating Individual Tampered Pixels
* Steganography using multiple-base notational system and human vision sensitivity
* surveillance video analysis and storage scheme for scalable synopsis browsing, A
* Surveillance video synopsis in the compressed domain for fast video browsing
* Vulnerability of pixel-value differencing steganography to histogram analysis and modification for enhanced security
* Watermarking scheme capable of resisting attacks based on availability of inserter
* Watermarking Scheme Capable of Resisting Sensitivity Attack
Includes: Wang, S.Z.[Sheng Zheng] Wang, S.Z.[Sheng-Zheng] Wang, S.Z.[Shi-Zheng] Wang, S.Z.[Shuo-Zhong] Wang, S.Z.[Shen-Zheng] Wang, S.Z.[Shi-Zhe] Wang, S.Z. Wang, S.Z.[Su-Zhen]
29 for Wang, S.Z.

Wang, T.[Tao] Co Author Listing * Active stereo vision for improving long range hearing using a Laser Doppler Vibrometer
* Adaptive and Integrated Multimodal Sensing And Processing Framework For Long-Range Moving Object Detection And Classification, An
* Adaptive shadow detection using global texture and sampling deduction
* Alternate Line Erasure and Readout (ALER) Method for Implementing Slot-Scan Imaging Technique With a Flat-Panel Detector: Initial Experiences, An
* Audio-Visual Feature Fusion for Vehicles Classification in a Surveillance System
* Automated identification of animal species in camera trap images
* Automatic Estimation of 3D Transformations using Skeletons for Object Alignment
* Automatic Medical Image Analysis and Potential Impact in India
* Automatic Player Detection, Labeling and Tracking in Broadcast Soccer Video
* Balanced Incomplete Designs for 3D Perceptual Quality Estimation
* Bistatic SAR Data Focusing Using an Omega-K Algorithm Based on Method of Series Reversion
* Cast indexing for videos by NCuts and page ranking
* Color image segmentation using pixel wise support vector machine classification
* Computing Stochastic Completion Fields in Linear-Time Using a Resolution Pyramid
* Constraint Based Region Matching for Image Retrieval
* Delay-constrained transmission of fine scalable coded content over P2P networks
* density-based approach for text extraction in images, A
* distance measure between labeled combinatorial maps, A
* Distributing expressional faces in 2-D emotional space
* dynamic bayesian network approach to multi-cue based visual tracking, A
* Effects of Doppler Aliasing on Baseline Estimation in Multichannel SAR-GMTI and Solutions to Address These Effects
* End-to-end text recognition with convolutional neural networks
* Enhanced Landmine Detection from Low Resolution IR Image Sequences
* Estimating Biochemical Parameters Of Tea (camellia Sinensis (l.
* Face detection using SURF cascade
* Face Recognition using Feature of Integral Gabor-Haar Transformation
* Face tracking using Rao-Blackwellized particle filter and pose-dependent probabilistic PCA
* Fast facial landmark detection using cascade classifiers and a simple 3D model
* Frequency Subband Processing and Feature Analysis of Forward-Looking Ground-Penetrating Radar Signals for Land-Mine Detection
* Fully automatic brain tumor segmentation using a normalized Gaussian Bayesian Classifier and 3D Fluid Vector Flow
* Generation of Unit-Width Curve Skeletons Based on Valence Driven Spatial Median (VDSM)
* Glass object localization by joint inference of boundary and depth
* Glass object segmentation by label transfer on joint depth and appearance manifolds
* Highly Robust Estimator through Partially Likelihood Function Modeling and Its Application in Computer Vision, A
* Histograms of Optical Flow Orientation for Visual Abnormal Events Detection
* Image modality classification: a late fusion method based on confidence indicator and closeness matrix
* improved automatic gridding method for cDNA microarray images, An
* Improved Methods for Spectral Calibration of On-Orbit Imaging Spectrometers
* Improved topographic mapping through high-resolution SAR interferometry with atmospheric effect removal
* Improving Coherence of Complex Image Pairs Obtained by Along-Track Bistatic SARs Using Range-Azimuth Prefiltering
* Information-Theoretic Content Selection for Automated Home Video Editing
* Intelligent multimodal and hyperspectral sensing for real-time moving target tracking
* Iterative Estimation of 3D Transformations for Object Alignment
* Laplacian Margin Distribution Boosting for Learning from Sparsely Labeled Data
* Learning Hough Forest with Depth-Encoded Context for Object Detection
* Learning Structured Hough Voting for Joint Object Detection and Occlusion Reasoning
* Markov chain local binary pattern and its application to video concept detection
* Monitoring recent trends in the area of aeolian desertified land using Landsat images in China's Xinjiang region
* Motion-Aware Mesh-Structured Trellis for Correlation Modelling Aided Distributed Multi-View Video Coding
* Multimodal and Multi-task Audio-Visual Vehicle Detection and Classification
* multimodal temporal panorama approach for moving vehicle detection, reconstruction and classification, A
* New 2-Dimensional Block Adaptive Fir Filtering Algorithm and Its Application to Image-Restoration, A
* note on A fully parallel 3D thinning algorithm and its applications, A
* Object-oriented Bsp Tree Algorithm For Hidden Surface Removal, An
* One step beyond histograms: Image representation using Markov stationary features
* Optimal Adaptive Learning for Image Retrieval
* Palmprint Acquisition Device with Time-Sharing Light Source Used in Personal Verification, A
* Pixelwise fusion for optimizing SNR in multiple-plate computed radiography imaging
* polynomial algorithm for submap isomorphism of general maps, A
* Possibilistic C-Template Clustering and Its Application in Object Detection in Images
* Quickstroke: an incremental on-line Chinese handwriting recognition system
* Real time moving vehicle detection and reconstruction for improving classification
* Recognizing actions via sparse coding on structure projection
* Reconstruction of DEMs From ERS-1/2 Tandem Data in Mountainous Area Facilitated by SRTM Data
* Remote audio/video acquisition for human signature detection
* Repeat-Pass SAR Interferometry With Partially Coherent Targets
* Research of Image Compression Based on Optical Wavelet Transform
* Robust and Adaptive Segmentation of Noisy Images Using Gibbs Random Field Models
* Robust lip Localization on Multi-View Faces in Video
* Robust Segmentation of Noisy Images Using a Neural Network Model
* Scene Segmentation and Categorization Using NCuts
* Semantic Event Detection using Conditional Random Fields
* smart sensor with hyperspectral/range fovea and panoramic peripheral view, A
* Sparse Signal Recovery via Multi-Residual Based Greedy Method
* Spectral Recalibration for In-Flight Broadband Sensor Using Man-Made Ground Targets
* Stroke-Based Character Segmentation of Low-Quality Images on Ancient Chinese Tablet
* Study on the Method of Extracting Overpass from the High Resolution Remote Sensing Image with the Auxiliary Data-DEM
* Synchronized Submanifold Embedding for Robust and Real-Time Capable Head Pose Detection Based on Range Images
* Text Detection and Character Recognition in Scene Images with Unsupervised Feature Learning
* Three-Level Scheme for Real-Time Ball Tracking, A
* use of Gibbs random fields for image segmentation, The
* Valence Normalized Spatial Median for skeletonization and matching
Includes: Wang, T.[Tao] Wang, T. Wang, T.[Ting] Wang, T.[Tairan] Wang, T.[Tianjiang] Wang, T.[Tiesheng] Wang, T.[Tian] Wang, T.[Tingna] Wang, T.[Teng] Wang, T.[Taehyung] Wang, T.[Tianpeng] Wang, T.[Tsaipei] Wang, T.[Tun] Wang, T.[Tianyi]
82 for Wang, T.

Wang, T.C.[Tu Chih] Co Author Listing * Low-delay and error-robust wireless video transmission for video communications
* novel low-power full-search block-matching motion-estimation design for H.263+, A
* Parallel Embedded Block Coding Architecture for JPEG 2000
* Radiometric compensation for procam system based on anchoring theory
Includes: Wang, T.C.[Tu Chih] Wang, T.C.[Tu-Chih] Wang, T.C. Wang, T.C.[Ting-Chun]

Wang, T.F.[Tian Fu] Co Author Listing * Object recognition based on adapative bag of feature and discriminative learning
Includes: Wang, T.F.[Tian Fu] Wang, T.F.[Tian-Fu]

Wang, T.H.[Ting Huai] Co Author Listing * bag-of-regions approach to sketch-based image retrieval, A
* Design and Implementation of a Real-Time Global Tone Mapping Processor for High Dynamic Range Video
* Design of Infrared Electronic-Toll-Collection Systems With Extended Communication Areas and Performance of Data Transmission
* Design optimization of a global/local tone mapping processor on arm SOC platform for real-time high dynamic range video
* Edge curve scaling and smoothing with cubic spline interpolation
* Facial expression recognition system based on rigid and non-rigid motion separation and 3D pose estimation
* Hardware-efficient virtual high dynamic range image reproduction
* High Dynamic Range Scene Realization Using Two Complementary Images
* Incremental Perspective Motion Model for Rigid and Non-rigid Motion Separation
* Learnable Stroke Models for Example-based Portrait Painting
* Low visual difference virtual high dynamic range image synthesizer from a single legacy image
* Multi-label propagation for coherent video segmentation and artistic stylization
* Novel Hardware Architecture for Rapid Object Detection Based on Adaboost Algorithm, A
* Photography Enhancement Based on the Fusion of Tone and Color Mappings in Adaptive Local Region
* Probabilistic Motion Diffusion of Labeling Priors for Coherent Video Segmentation
* Problem of Infrared Electronic-Toll-Collection Systems: The Irregularity of LED Radiation Pattern and Emitter Design, A
* TouchCut: Fast image and video segmentation using single-touch interaction
* Weighted Map for Reflectance and Shading Separation Using a Single Image
Includes: Wang, T.H.[Ting Huai] Wang, T.H.[Ting-Huai] Wang, T.H.[Tsun-Hsien] Wang, T.H. Wang, T.H.[Te-Hsun] Wang, T.H.[Ting-Hui]
18 for Wang, T.H.

Wang, T.J.[Tian Jiang] Co Author Listing * Fast image segmentation based on multilevel banded closed-form method
* image moment method for the limited range CT image reconstruction and pattern recognition, The
* Image segmentation by clustering of spatial patterns
* Interactively multiphase image segmentation based on variational formulation and graph cuts
* Multilayer graph cuts based unsupervised color-texture image segmentation using multivariate mixed student's t-distribution and regional credibility merging
* Predicting foliar biochemistry of tea (Camellia sinensis) using reflectance spectra measured at powder, leaf and canopy levels
* Shape of Gaussians as feature descriptors
* Unsupervised multiphase color-texture image segmentation based on variational formulation and multilayer graph
Includes: Wang, T.J.[Tian Jiang] Wang, T.J.[Tian-Jiang] Wang, T.J.[Tian J.] Wang, T.J.[Tian-Jiao] Wang, T.J.[Tie-Jun]
8 for Wang, T.J.

Wang, T.M.[Te Mei] Co Author Listing * Text/image separation method
Includes: Wang, T.M.[Te Mei] Wang, T.M.[Te-Mei]

Wang, T.P.[Tsai Pei] Co Author Listing * Automatic Chromosome Classification Using Medial Axis Approximation and Band Profile Similarity
* Chromosome classification based on the band profile similarity along approximate medial axis
* Classification of abnormal cortisol patterns by features from Wigner spectra
* Pattern Recognition and Visualization of Sparsely Sampled Biomedical Signals
Includes: Wang, T.P.[Tsai Pei] Wang, T.P.[Tsai-Pei] Wang, T.P.

Wang, T.Q.[Tai Qing] Co Author Listing * Detecting Human Action as the Spatio-Temporal Tube of Maximum Mutual Information
Includes: Wang, T.Q.[Tai Qing] Wang, T.Q.[Tai-Qing]

Wang, T.S.[Tay Shen] Co Author Listing * efficient spatial prediction-based image compression scheme, An
* Facial Components Detection with Boosting and Geometric Constraints
* Kernel Grassmannian distances and discriminant analysis for face recognition from image sets
* ML Nonlinear Smoothing for Image Segmentation and its Relationship to the Mean Shift
* Towards Semantic 3D City Modeling and Visual Explorations
* Wavelet based seam carving for content-aware image resizing
Includes: Wang, T.S.[Tay Shen] Wang, T.S.[Tay-Shen] Wang, T.S.[Tie-Sheng] Wang, T.S.[Ting-Song] Wang, T.S.[Tae-Shick]

Wang, T.T.[Ting Ting] Co Author Listing * Background modeling using Local Binary Patterns Of Motion Vector
Includes: Wang, T.T.[Ting Ting] Wang, T.T.[Ting-Ting]

Wang, T.W.[Tian Wei] Co Author Listing * Interactive breadboard activity simulation (IBAS) for psychomotor skills education in electrical circuitry
* Multidimensional SVC bitstream adaptation and extraction for rate-distortion optimized heterogeneous multicasting and playback
* On the analysis and design of motion sampling structure for advanced motion-compensated prediction
* rate-distortion optimization model for SVC inter-layer encoding and bitstream extraction, A
* Stereoscopic Dual-Energy X-Ray Imaging for Target Materials Identification
Includes: Wang, T.W.[Tian Wei] Wang, T.W.[Tian-Wei] Wang, T.W.[Tse-Wei] Wang, T.W.

Wang, T.Y.[Tai Yong] Co Author Listing * Multi-Ridge Recognition Method Using Modified MOPSO Algorithm and its Application on Modal Parameter Identification, A
Includes: Wang, T.Y.[Tai Yong] Wang, T.Y.[Tai-Yong]

Wang, T.Z.[Tian Zhu] Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation Based on AdaBoost Learning and Graph-Cuts
Includes: Wang, T.Z.[Tian Zhu] Wang, T.Z.[Tian-Zhu]

Wang, V. Co Author Listing * Chess move tracking using overhead RGB webcam

Wang, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Analysis of Polynomial RFM Adjustment Models for Worldview-1 Imagery
* Adaptive consensus tracking control of uncertain nonlinear systems: A first-order example
* Adaptive Fingerprint Enhancement by Combination of Quality Factor and Quantitative Filters
* Adaptive Method for Early Detecting Zero Quantized DCT Coefficients in H.264/AVC Video Encoding
* Agent-Based Microscopic Pedestrian Flow Simulation Model for Pedestrian Traffic Problems, An
* algorithm of doppler frequency rate-of-change estimation for coherent pulse train, An
* Approach of Adaptive Synchronization for Bistatic SAR Real-Time Imaging
* Audiovisual Speech Source Separation: An overview of key methodologies
* Azimuth-Variant Signal Processing in High-Altitude Platform Passive SAR with Spaceborne/Airborne Transmitter
* Baseline Results for Violence Detection in Still Images
* Batch mode active learning for multi-label image classification with informative label correlation mining
* Building-damage detection using pre- and post-seismic high-resolution satellite stereo imagery: A case study of the May 2008 Wenchuan earthquake
* Cancer diagnosis by nuclear morphometry using spatial information
* clustering algorithm combine the FCM algorithm with supervised learning normal mixture model, A
* Compression of cDNA and inkjet microarray images
* Constraint Shape Model Using Edge Constraint and Gabor Wavelet Based Search
* Continuum regression for cross-modal multimedia retrieval
* Contour matching using the affine-invariant support point set
* Contour tracking using Gaussian particle filter
* Data fusion of high-resolution satellite imagery and GIS data for automatic building extraction
* Decision-Tree-Based Online Speaker Clustering, A
* Design and implementation of Log-Gabor filter in fingerprint image enhancement
* Design of IIR orthogonal wavelet filter banks using lifting scheme
* Design of Reconfigurable LED Illumination Control System Based on FPGA
* Detection of Double Compression in MPEG-4 Videos Based on Markov Statistics
* Development of a Control Strategy of Variable Speed Limits to Reduce Rear-End Collision Risks Near Freeway Recurrent Bottlenecks
* Disagreement-Based Multi-system Tracking
* Distance guided selection of the best base classifier in an ensemble with application to cervigram image segmentation
* Do S cones contribute to color-motion feature binding?
* Effective image splicing detection based on image chroma
* effective regional saliency model based on extended site entropy rate, An
* Effects of incompatible boundary information in EIT on the convergence behavior of an iterative algorithm
* Efficient Data Structures for Model-Based 3-D Object Recognition and Localization from Range Images
* Efficient omni-image unwarping using geometric symmetry
* Efficient Switching Median Filter Based on Local Outlier Factor, An
* Eigenanalysis of Autocorrelation Matrices in the Presence of Noncentral and Signal-Dependent Noise
* Energy-Constrained Distortion Reduction Optimization for Wavelet-Based Coded Image Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks
* Estimation of the primary quantization parameter in MPEG videos
* Exploring Simple Algorithms for Estimating Gross Primary Production in Forested Areas from Satellite Data
* Extracting Dominant Textures in Real Time With Multi-Scale Hue-Saturation-Intensity Histograms
* Extraction of Stable Points from Fingerprint Images Using Zone Could-be-in Theorem
* Fast and Adaptive Method for SAR Superresolution Imaging Based on Point Scattering Model and Optimal Basis Selection
* Fast face identification under varying pose from a single 2-D model view
* Fast Template Matching Based on Local Entropy Difference
* Finger-vein matching based on adaptive vector field estimation
* Fingerprint Minutiae Matching Based on Coordinate System Bank and Global Optimum Alignment
* Fuzzy Linking Models for Pyramidal Edge Detection
* Fuzzy Neural Network Technique for System State Forecasting
* Genetic Programming Model for Real-Time Crash Prediction on Freeways, A
* Geolocation Accuracy Evaluation of GeoEye-1 Stereo Image Pair
* Group Sparsity and Geometry Constrained Dictionary Learning for Action Recognition from Depth Maps
* Height Reconstruction in Highly Sloped Area Using Multi-frequency InSAR Data
* Hierarchical Image Matching Method for Stereo Satellite Imagery, A
* Hierarchical Stochastic Image Grammars for Classification and Segmentation
* Human motion estimation from a reduced marker set
* Identifying factors affecting drivers selection of unconventional outside left-turn lanes at signallised intersections
* Identifying Video Forgery Process Using Optical Flow
* Image Quality Evaluation Method Based on the Relevant Parameters
* Image Segmentation That Merges Together Boundary and Region Information
* Image Segmentation That Optimizes Global Homogeneity in a Variational Framework
* Image segmentation via brittle fracture mechanics
* Image Segmentation With Complementary Use Of Edge And Region Information
* Image tampering detection based on stationary distribution of Markov chain
* Impervious Surface Information Extraction Using an Improved Object-Oriented Method
* Improved SIMD Architecture for High Performance Video Processors
* Informative frequent assembled feature for face detection
* Kernel Matching Pursuit Approach to Man-Made Objects Detection in Aerial Images, A
* Landslide Investigation with Remote Sensing and Sensor Network: From Susceptibility Mapping and Scaled-down Simulation towards in situ Sensor Network Design
* Lateral Directional Axis Control of Aircraft Based on TECS
* Learning Coupled Feature Spaces for Cross-Modal Matching
* Linear Optimal Transportation Framework for Quantifying and Visualizing Variations in Sets of Images, A
* Managing Digital Rights for P2P Live Broadcast and Recording on the Internet
* Manifold blurring mean shift algorithms for manifold denoising
* Measuring visual saliency by Site Entropy Rate
* Memory-Based Reasoning Approach for Pattern Recognition of Binary Images
* Method of Extracting Geometric Information from the Point Cloud of Building, A
* Moving object detection based on Kirsch operator combined with Optical Flow
* Multi Focus Image Fusion Based on Spline Pyramidal Direction Filter Banks
* Multi-class Blind Steganalysis Based on Image Run-Length Analysis
* Multi-class Graph Boosting with Subgraph Sharing for Object Recognition
* Multi-modal Subspace Learning with Joint Graph Regularization for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Multi-task deep neural network for multi-label learning
* Multimedia Quality-Driven Network Resource Management Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks With Stream Authentication, A
* Multiple-Instance learning from multiple perspectives: Combining models for Multiple-Instance learning
* Multiplicative Path Toward Prior-Shape Guided Active Contour for Object Detection, The
* Near-duplicate video retrieval: Current research and future trends
* Near-Space Microwave Radar Remote Sensing: Potentials and Challenge Analysis
* new approach to the automated mapping of pockmarks in multi-beam bathymetry, A
* New Computational Way To Monte Carlo Global Illumination, A
* Novel Discrete Relaxation Architecture, A
* Occlusion-Aided Weights for Local Stereo Matching
* On Energy Efficient Encryption for Video Streaming in Wireless Sensor Networks
* Online Learning for PLSA-Based Visual Recognition
* Optimal Transportation Approach for Nuclear Structure-Based Pathology, An
* Parallel Architecture for Discrete Relaxation Algorithm, A
* Performance Degradation Monitoring for Onboard Speed Sensors of Trains
* Power Provisioning and Relay Positioning for Two-Way Relay Channel With Analog Network Coding
* Process of Information Propagation Along a Traffic Stream Through Intervehicle Communication, The
* Real-time freeway sideswipe crash prediction by support vector machine
* Real-time freeway sideswipe crash prediction by support vector machine
* recognition approach of 3-D objects based on the Tsallis entropy, A
* Research of Line Matching Algorithm Under The Improved Homograph Matrix Constraint Condition, The
* Research on Positioning and Posing of Mobile Mapping in Metropolis
* Research on Positioning and Posing of Mobile Mapping in Metropolis
* Research on Signal Processing for LD-PSD System Based on Square-Wave Modulation
* Robust Image Watermarking Scheme Based on Phase Features in DFT Domain and Generalized Radon Transformations
* Robust Multi-Speaker Tracking via Dictionary Learning and Identity Modeling
* Robust Spatial Matching for Object Retrieval and Its Parallel Implementation on GPU
* Run-Length and Edge Statistics Based Approach for Image Splicing Detection
* Segmenting, removing and ranking partial blur
* Semantics Retrieval by Content and Context of Image Regions
* Semantics-Based Image Retrieval by Region Saliency
* Simulating human saccadic scanpaths on natural images
* Spatial-spectral cross correlation for reliable multispectral image registration
* Structural Uncertainty in Model-Simulated Trends of Global Gross Primary Production
* Structure-based graph distance measures of high degree of precision
* Structure-oriented Gaussian filter for seismic detail preserving smoothing
* Successive Phase Sharing and Distributed Multiuser Precoding in Multirelay Systems
* Survey of Passive Image Tampering Detection, A
* SVD Decomposition of Essential Matrix with Eight Solutions for the Relative Positions of Two Perspective Cameras, An
* Symmetric segment-based stereo matching of motion blurred images with illumination variations
* Tampered Region Localization of Digital Color Images Based on JPEG Compression Noise
* Theory of Phase Singularities for Image Representation and its Applications to Object Tracking and Image Matching, A
* Total Variation Model For Retinex, A
* Understanding drivers' perspective on parking guidance information
* Unsupervised metric fusion by cross diffusion
* Unsupervised Moving Object Detection with On-line Generalized Hough Transform
* Using VISSIM simulation model and Surrogate Safety Assessment Model for estimating field measured traffic conflicts at freeway merge areas
* Variable Tap-Length LMS Algorithm Based on Adaptive Parameters for TDL Structure Adaption
* Variational Approach for Bias Correction and Boundary Delineation of SAR Image with Intensity Inhomogeneity, A
* Variational Approach for Image Stitching I, A
* Variational Approach for Image Stitching II: Using Image Gradients, A
* Variational Histogram Equalization Method for Image Contrast Enhancement, A
* Variational Method for Multiple-Image Blending, A
* Video Object Co-Segmentation via Subspace Clustering and Quadratic Pseudo-Boolean Optimization in an MRF Framework
* Video steganalysis based on the constraints of motion vectors
* Wavelet-based denoising and its impact on analytical SPECT reconstruction with nonuniform attenuation compensation
Includes: Wang, W.[Wei] Wang, W. Wang, W.[Wen] Wang, W.[Weian] Wang, W.[Wan] Wang, W.[Wanyin] Wang, W.[Wenjia] Wang, W.[Weiran] Wang, W.[Wenfu] Wang, W.[Wenwu]
137 for Wang, W.

Wang, W.B.[Wei Bin] Co Author Listing * synthetic digital signal processing method of ultrasonic guided wave pipeline inspection, A
Includes: Wang, W.B.[Wei Bin] Wang, W.B.[Wei-Bin]

Wang, W.C.[Wei Chen] Co Author Listing * Combined hole-filling with spatial and temporal prediction
* Intent-aware image cloning
* Modeling Spatial Distribution Of A Rare And Endangered Plant Species (brainea insignis) In Central Taiwan
* Projective Volume Rendering By Excluding Occluded Voxels
* Single-pass Approach To Adaptive Simplification Of Out-of-core Models, A
Includes: Wang, W.C.[Wei Chen] Wang, W.C.[Wei-Chen] Wang, W.C.[Wen-Cheng] Wang, W.C.

Wang, W.D.[Wei Dong] Co Author Listing * CABAC Accelerating Algorithm Based on Adaptive Probability Estimation Update, A
* Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm Using Spatial Correlation of Motion Vectors, A
* Localization of static target in WSNs with least-squares and extended Kalman filter
* Motion Compensation Using Polyline Based Block Partition
* Recovering the 3-Dimensional Motion and Structure of Multiple Moving-Objects from Binocular Image Flows
Includes: Wang, W.D.[Wei Dong] Wang, W.D.[Wei-Dong] Wang, W.D.

Wang, W.F.[Wei Fang] Co Author Listing * Eigenvalue Analysis-Based Approach for POL-SAR Image Classification
* Pure Surface Texture Mapping Technology and it's Application for Mirror Image
Includes: Wang, W.F.[Wei Fang] Wang, W.F.[Wei-Fang] Wang, W.F.[Wei Feng]

Wang, W.G.[Wen Guan] Co Author Listing * Lazy Random Walks for Superpixel Segmentation
Includes: Wang, W.G.[Wen Guan] Wang, W.G.[Wen-Guan]

Wang, W.H.[Wei Hong] Co Author Listing * Application Research on Remote Intelligent Monitoring System of Greenhouse Based on ZIGBEE WSN
* Automatic Estimation of the Number of Segmentation Groups Based on MI
* Design and implementation of a control system using AVR microcontroller
* Fusion of Luma and Chroma GMMs for HMM-Based Object Detection
* fuzzy-computing method for rotation-invariant image tracking, A
* hierarchical image kernel with application to pedestrian identification for video surveillance, A
* Image Registration by Control Points Pairing Using the Invariant Properties of Line Segments
* Improved human detection and classification in thermal images
* Morphology-based three-dimensional interpolation
* New Approach for Scale, Rotation, and Translation Invariant Pattern-Recognition
* Research on remote sensing image retrieval based on geographical and semantic features
* simulation of parametric fountain based on Direct3D, The
* Study and implementation of sensor information computation environment
* Two-Layer Night-Time Vehicle Detector, A
* Visual tracking by proto-objects
* weakly supervised approach for object detection based on Soft-Label Boosting, A
Includes: Wang, W.H.[Wei Hong] Wang, W.H.[Wei-Hong] Wang, W.H.[Wen-Hui] Wang, W.H.[Wen-Hao] Wang, W.H. Wang, W.H.[Wen-Hsiu]
16 for Wang, W.H.

Wang, W.J.[Wen Jun] Co Author Listing * application of dyadic wavelet in the RS building image edge detection, The
* Destination Assisted Secret Wireless Communication With Cooperative Helpers
* Hyperspectral Image Compression Method Based on Spectral Statistical Correlation
* Low-bit-rate coding of underwater color image using improved wavelet difference reduction
* novel edge detection method based on the maximizing objective function, A
* novel kernel-based framework for facial-image hallucination, A
* Object retrieval using configurations of salient regions
* Robust Object Tracking Using Constellation Model with Superpixel
Includes: Wang, W.J.[Wen Jun] Wang, W.J.[Wen-Jun] Wang, W.J.[Wen-Jie] Wang, W.J.[Wen-Jin] Wang, W.J.[Wen-June] Wang, W.J.[Wei-Jiang] Wang, W.J.[Wei-Jun]
8 for Wang, W.J.

Wang, W.K.[Wen Kai] Co Author Listing * Pseudo multi-hop distributed consensus algorithm under directed topologies
* Second-order distributed consensus with modified probabilistic quantization
* Second-order distributed consensus with one-bit adaptive quantization
* Surface Fitting to Curves with Energy Control
Includes: Wang, W.K.[Wen Kai] Wang, W.K.[Wen-Kai] Wang, W.K.[Wen-Ke]

Wang, W.L.[Wan Liang] Co Author Listing * Active Sensor Planning for Multiview Vision Tasks
* Composite Fourier Plane Nonlinear Filter for Distortion Invariant Pattern Recognition
* Image Feature-Extraction with the Optical Haar Wavelet Transform
* Improved local accumulate histogram-based Thangka Image Retrieval
* Joint Wavelet-Transform Correlator for Image Feature-Extraction
Includes: Wang, W.L.[Wan Liang] Wang, W.L.[Wan-Liang] Wang, W.L. Wang, W.L.[Wei-Lan]

Wang, W.M.[Wen Min] Co Author Listing * High definition IEEE AVS decoder on ARM NEON platform
* hybrid pixel-block based view synthesis for multiviewpoint 3D video, A
Includes: Wang, W.M.[Wen Min] Wang, W.M.[Wen-Min]

Wang, W.N.[Wei Ning] Co Author Listing * Local Semantic Classification of Natural Image Based on Spatial Context
* survey on emotional semantic image retrieval, A
* Visual saliency detection based on region descriptors and prior knowledge
Includes: Wang, W.N.[Wei Ning] Wang, W.N.[Wei-Ning]

Wang, W.P.[Wen Ping] Co Author Listing * Determining Directional Contact Range of Two Convex Polyhedra
* Efficient Collision Detection Using a Dual Bounding Volume Hierarchy
* Gabor-based anisotropic diffusion for speckle noise reduction in medical ultrasonography
* Quadric Surface Extraction by Variational Shape Approximation
* Revisit to Least Squares Orthogonal Distance Fitting of Parametric Curves and Surfaces, A
* SCaLE: Supervised and Cascaded Laplacian Eigenmaps for Visual Object Recognition Based on Nearest Neighbors
Includes: Wang, W.P.[Wen Ping] Wang, W.P.[Wen-Ping]

Wang, W.Q.[Wen Qiang] Co Author Listing * Calibration Method of Binocular Vision System for Large Forging Dimension Measurement, A
* Detect foreground objects via adaptive fusing model in a hybrid feature space
* Distance measure between intuitionistic fuzzy sets
* Effectively localize text in natural scene images
* Estimating coronary artery lumen area with optimization-based contour detection
* Extract foreground objects based on sparse model of spatiotemporal spectrum
* Individual pitch control based on fuzzy PI used in variable speed wind turbine
* Near-Space Vehicle-Borne SAR With Reflector Antenna for High-Resolution and Wide-Swath Remote Sensing
* Object-level saliency detection based on spatial compactness assumption
* Output feedback control of 2-D T-S fuzzy systems
* Radar-to-Radar Interference Suppression for Distributed Radar Sensor Networks
* Region-Based Shock-Diffusion Equation for Adaptive Image Enhancement
* Regional remote sensing by near-space vehicle-borne passive radar system
* simple and effective saliency detection approach, A
* Space-Time Coding MIMO-OFDM SAR for High-Resolution Imaging
Includes: Wang, W.Q.[Wen Qiang] Wang, W.Q.[Wen-Qiang] Wang, W.Q.[Wei-Qiang] Wang, W.Q.[Wei-Qiong] Wang, W.Q.[Wei-Qi] Wang, W.Q.[Wei-Qing] Wang, W.Q.[Wen-Qin] Wang, W.Q.[Wei-Qun] Wang, W.Q.[Wen-Qia]
15 for Wang, W.Q.

Wang, W.Q.A.[Wei Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Effective scene matching with local feature representatives
* Extracting Captions in Complex Background from Videos
* Fast and effective text detection
* Matching images more efficiently with local descriptors
* Modeling Background and Segmenting Moving Objects from Compressed Video
* Modeling background from compressed video
* novel compressed domain shot segmentation algorithm on H.264/AVC, A
* Object Recognition Based on Dependent Pachinko Allocation Model
* Robust Split-and-Merge Text Segmentation Approach for Images, A
* Robustly Extracting Captions in Videos Based on Stroke-Like Edges and Spatio-Temporal Analysis
* Shape-based Adult Image Detection
* Unsupervised Texture Classification: Automatically Discover and Classify Texture Patterns
Includes: Wang, W.Q.A.[Wei Qi Ang] Wang, W.Q.A.[Wei-Qi-Ang]
12 for Wang, W.Q.A.

Wang, W.S.[Wen Shan] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Decision Switch for Multiple Pixel Connected Component Labeling Algorithm, The
* Fast macroblock mode selection based on motion content classification in H.264/AVC
* New Method of Digital Holographic Reconstruction Based on EALCD and CCD, A
* Real-Time Photo Sensor Dead Pixel Detection for Embedded Devices
* Three Dimensional Deformation Measurements with Digital Holography
* Training Asymmetry SVM in Image Retrieval Using Unlabeled Data
Includes: Wang, W.S.[Wen Shan] Wang, W.S.[Wen-Shan] Wang, W.S.[Wen-Sheng]

Wang, W.T. Co Author Listing * Performance Analysis and Architecture Design for Parallel EBCOT Encoder of JPEG2000

Wang, W.W.[Wen Wei] Co Author Listing * Combination of multiple classifiers for handwritten word recognition
* Combining HMM-based two-pass classifiers for off-line word recognition
* Edge Strength Similarity for Image Quality Assessment
* Image denoising via 2D dictionary learning and adaptive hard thresholding
* Multi-branch and two-pass HMM modeling approaches for off-line cursive handwriting recognition
* new technique for generalized learning vector quantization algorithm, A
* Nonconvex sparse regularizer based speckle noise removal
* Parameter Estimation and Two-Stage Segmentation Algorithm for the Chan-Vese Model
* Two-Direction Nonlocal Model for Image Denoising
* Variational Models for Fusion and Denoising of Multifocus Images
Includes: Wang, W.W.[Wen Wei] Wang, W.W.[Wen-Wei] Wang, W.W.[Wei-Wei] Wang, W.W.
10 for Wang, W.W.

Wang, W.X. Co Author Listing * Binary Image Segmentation of Aggregates Based on Polygonal Approximation
* Binary Image Segmentation of Aggregates Based on Polygonal-Approximation and Classification of Concavities
* Colony Delineation on Image Classification
* Detection of Rock Fractures Junction in Gray-Level Images
* Efficient multilevel image segmentation through fuzzy entropy maximization and graph cut optimization
* Global Thresholding Algorithms for Aggregate Images
* novel fingerprint matching method using a curvature-based minutia specifier, A
* Novel Transforming Function for Nonlinear Equations, A
* On-line System Setup in a Cellar of a Flotation Plant
* Online Aggregate Particle Size Measurement on A Conveyor Belt
* Pattern Recognition and Computer vision for Mineral Froth
* Precision Analysis of 3D Reconstruction Based on Generalized Stereopair, The
* Size and Shape Measure of Particles by Image Analysis
Includes: Wang, W.X. Wang, W.X.[Wei-Xing] Wang, W.X.[Wei-Xiang] Wang, W.X.[Wei-Xi]
13 for Wang, W.X.

Wang, W.X.H.[Wendy Xiao Hong] Co Author Listing * Three-dimensional subband video transmission through mobile satellite channels
* Video image transmission over mobile satellite channels
Includes: Wang, W.X.H.[Wendy Xiao Hong] Wang, W.X.H.[Wendy Xiao-Hong]

Wang, W.Y.[Wen Yuan] Co Author Listing * Background Subtraction using Incremental Subspace Learning
* Discriminatory Sparse Coding And Its Application To Face Recognition
* lossless compression method for JPEG based on shuffle algorithm, A
* Off-line Chinese signature verification based on support vector machines
* Sparse image coding with clustering property and its application to face recognition
Includes: Wang, W.Y.[Wen Yuan] Wang, W.Y.[Wen-Yuan] Wang, W.Y.

Wang, W.Z.[Wen Zhong] Co Author Listing * Learning local models for 2D human motion tracking
Includes: Wang, W.Z.[Wen Zhong] Wang, W.Z.[Wen-Zhong]

Wang, X. Co Author Listing * 3-D robust range feature extraction tool for industrial automation applications, A
* Acoustical Diffraction Tomography in a Finite Form Based on the Rytov Transform
* Adaptive Compressed Sensing via Minimizing Cramer-Rao Bound
* Adaptive tone-preserved image detail enhancement
* Adaptive Workload Equalization in Multi-Camera Surveillance Systems
* Analyses of a Multimodal Spontaneous Facial Expression Database
* Analysis and synthesization for a class of discrete-time Markovian jumping systems with mode-dependent delays and actuators saturation
* Application of 3D Laser Scanner for Monitoring of Landslide Hazards
* Automated 3D Motion Tracking Using Gabor Filter Bank, Robust Point Matching, and Deformable Models
* Automatic Registration of Multisensor Images Using an Integrated Spatial and Mutual Information (SMI) Metric
* Beyond the graphs: Semi-parametric semi-supervised discriminant analysis
* blind digital watermarking scheme based on frame coding, A
* Blind joint information and spreading sequence estimation for short-code DS-SS signal in asynchronous and synchronous systems
* Classification by evolutionary ensembles
* Clustering aggregation by probability accumulation
* Colour demosaicking for complementary colour filter array using spectral and spatial correlations
* Combining Automated and Interactive Visual Analysis of Biomechanical Motion Data
* comparative study of deformable contour methods on medical image segmentation, A
* Comparison of Posterior Cramer-Rao Bounds for Point and Extended Target Tracking, A
* Considering binocular spatial sensitivity in stereoscopic image quality assessment
* Constrained optimization: a geodesic snake approach
* Counting Vehicles from Semantic Regions
* Curvature-driven volumetric segmentation of binary shapes: An application to snow microstructure analysis
* DASH(HEVC)/LTE: QoE-based dynamic adaptive streaming of HEVC content over wireless networks
* Day and night vehicle detection and counting in complex environment
* Deformable Contour Method: A Constrained Optimization Approach
* Deformable registration model with local rigidity preservation for radiation therapy of lung tumor
* Depth from Vergence and Active Calibration for Humanoid Robots
* Depth image-based rendering with spatio-temporally consistent texture synthesis for 3-D video with global motion
* Design of 8-Bit Serial Real-Time Decoder Based on Complex Programmable Logic Device
* Detection by detections: Non-parametric detector adaptation for a video
* Detection of Dynamic Structures of Speech Fundamental Frequency in Tonal Languages
* Digital flow for shape decomposition: Application to 3-D microtomographic images of snow
* Direct Kernel Uncorrelated Discriminant Analysis Algorithm, A
* Distributed Visual-Target-Surveillance System in Wireless Sensor Networks
* divide and conquer deformable contour method with a model based searching algorithm, A
* Edge-Based Perceptual Image Coding
* Efficient Generalized Integer Transform for Reversible Watermarking
* efficient macroblock-based diverse and flexible prediction modes selection for hyperspectral images coding, An
* Efficient Routing on Large Road Networks Using Hierarchical Communities
* Envelope extraction for composite shapes for shape retrieval
* equivalence of two-dimensional PCA to line-based PCA, The
* Evaluation of Filters for Envisat ASAR Speckle Suppression in Pasture Area
* Evolutionary gibbs sampler for image segmentation
* extended ICM algorithm for range image segmentation, An
* Fast Subspace Search via Grassmannian Based Hashing
* Feature Extraction Algorithm Using Data Fusion in Human Face Recognition System, A
* Fingerprint Classification: An Approach Based on Singularities and Analysis of Fingerprint Structure
* Fluorescence Tomography Reconstruction With Simultaneous Positron Emission Tomography Priors
* Forest Canopy Height Extraction in Rugged Areas With ICESat/GLAS Data
* From relation between filter-based MRFs model and sparsity based method to the pursuit of natural images space
* Fusion Algorithm for Infrared-Visual Image Sequences
* Generalized Multistage Median Filters
* Georeferencing of Satellite Linear Array Stereo Images with Quaternion Attitude Kinematics Equation
* Gray-scale Character Image Recognition Based on Fuzzy DCT Transform Features
* Growing Artificial Transportation Systems: A Rule-Based Iterative Design Process
* Hierarchical Feature Pooling with Structure Learning: A New Method for Pedestrian Detection
* High-Precision DEM Production for Spaceborne Stereo SAR Images Based on Sift Matching and Region-Based Least Squares Matching
* Histogram of Oriented Normal Vectors for Object Recognition with a Depth Sensor
* Holistic recognition of handwritten character pairs
* Hybrid Video Coder Based on Extended Macroblock Sizes, Improved Interpolation, and Flexible Motion Representation, A
* Illumination and Contrast Balancing for Remote Sensing Images
* Image analysis by Bessel-Fourier moments
* Image Reconstruction from Orthogonal Fourier-Mellin Moments
* Image Segmentation Framework Based on Patch Segmentation Fusion, An
* Incident management integration tool: dynamically predicting incident durations, secondary incident occurrence and incident delays
* Ink Annotations and their Anchoring in Heterogeneous Digital Documents
* Integration of multi-feature fusion and dictionary learning for face recognition
* Integration of Terrestrial Laser Scanner for Ground Navigation in GPS-Challenged Environments
* Intrapersonal Subspace Analysis with Application to Adaptive Bayesian Face Recognition
* Iterative Decoding of Differentially Space-Time Coded Multiple Descriptions of Images
* LADAR Scene Description Using Fuzzy Morphology and Rules
* Laplacian Operator-Based Edge Detectors
* Learning Semantic Signatures for 3D Object Retrieval
* Linear Interpolation Algorithm for Spectral Filter Array Demosaicking, A
* Long-Term Satellite Detection of Post-Fire Vegetation Trends in Boreal Forests of China
* Lossless Tagged Visual Cryptography Scheme, A
* Low Bit-Rate Image Compression via Adaptive Down-Sampling and Constrained Least Squares Upconversion
* low-complexity data-adaptive approach for premature ventricular contraction recognition, A
* Mapping Cropland Distributions Using a Hard and Soft Classification Model
* marginFace: A novel face recognition method by average neighborhood margin maximization
* Markov random field modeled range image segmentation
* Mean Field Annealing Deformable Contour Method: A Constrained Global Optimization Approach
* Meshless deformable models for LV motion analysis
* Method For True Orthophoto Generation Based On Projection And Iteration Strategy, A
* Mosaic method of side-scan sonar strip images using corresponding features
* Motif Discovery and Feature Selection for CRF-based Activity Recognition
* Moving Window-Based Double Haar Wavelet Transform for Image Processing
* MPEG-21 and Its Interoperability with Rights-Information Standards
* MPEG-M: A digital media ecosystem for interoperable applications
* MPEG-M: Multimedia Service Platform Technologies
* Multimedia Fusion With Mean-Covariance Analysis
* Multiple Description Coding Using Trellis Coded Quantization
* Multiple feature fusion for face recognition
* Multivariate Compressive Sensing for Image Reconstruction in the Wavelet Domain: Using Scale Mixture Models
* Natural Visible and Infrared Facial Expression Database for Expression Recognition and Emotion Inference, A
* New Classification Method for LIDAR Data Based on Unbalanced Support Vector Machine, A
* new deformable contour method, A
* New Energy Framework With Distribution Descriptors for Image Segmentation, A
* new method of MCI extraction with multi-temporal MODIS EVI data, A
* Noise adaptive rational filter
* Novel Method for Embedded Text Segmentation Based on Stroke and Color, A
* Object Localization Based on Directional Information: Case of 2D Raster Data
* On Image Matrix Based Feature Extraction Algorithms
* On-orbit Stellar Camera Calibration based on Space Resection with Multi-images
* Optimal Edge-Preserving Hybrid Filters
* Optimisation of Gaussian mixture model for satellite image classification
* Parking Lot Analysis/Visualization Using Multiple Aerial Images
* Part-to-part morphing for planar curves
* Pasture Monitoring Using SAR with COSMO-SkyMed, ENVISAT ASAR, and ALOS PALSAR in Otway, Australia
* Photometric stereo applied to diffuse surfaces that violate Lambert's law
* Regionlets for Generic Object Detection
* Regularized Discriminative Spectral Regression Method for Heterogeneous Face Matching
* Remote Sensing Image Extraction and Precision Analysis for Alpine Wetland Based on Coupling Analysis of Multispectral Factor PCA and Decision Tree
* Robust Model for Segmenting Images With/Without Intensity Inhomogeneities
* robust real-time tracking system based on an adaptive selection mechanism for mobile robots, A
* Rotation invariant analysis and orientation estimation method for texture classification based on Radon transform and correlation analysis
* Scalable Video Broadcast Over Downlink MIMO-OFDM Systems
* Scaling and rotation invariant analysis approach to object recognition based on Radon and Fourier-Mellin transforms
* sEditor: A Prototype for a Sign Language Interfacing System
* Semantic-Aware Co-indexing for Image Retrieval
* Separate adjustment in close-range photogrammetry
* Shape-aware skeletal deformation for 2D characters
* Simulation Study on the Effect of Sand Digging and Heaping on SAR Imaging in the Pearl River Estuary
* skeleton based shape matching and recovery approach, A
* Spaceborne lidar calibration from cirrus and molecular backscatter returns
* Spectral aggregation for clustering ensemble
* Subspace distance analysis with application to adaptive Bayesian algorithm for face recognition
* Supervised Gaussian Process Latent Variable Model for Dimensionality Reduction
* Take your eyes off the ball: Improving ball-tracking by focusing on team play
* Terahertz polarization real-time imaging based on balanced electro-optic detection
* Tool for Visualizing Large-Scale Interactions between Turbulence and Particles in 3D Space through 2D Trajectory Visualization, A
* Two-Dimensional Bayesian Estimator for Image Filtering
* Two-Dimensional Maximum Local Variation Based on Image Euclidean Distance for Face Recognition
* Two-Stage Framework for 3D Face Reconstruction from RGBD Images, A
* UMass Progress in 3D Building Model Acquisition
* Understanding and Structure Analyzing for Online Handwritten Chemical Formulas, The
* Urban Building Collapse Detection Using Very High Resolution Imagery and Airborne LIDAR Data
* Urban Transit Coordination Using an Artificial Transportation System
* Using 3D Features to Improve Terrain Classification
* Utilizing Microscopic Traffic and Weather Data to Analyze Real-Time Crash Patterns in the Context of Active Traffic Management
* Vector near-field calculation of scanning near-field optical microscopy probes using Borgnis potentials as auxiliary functions
* video text location method based on background classification, A
* Visual perception based Lagrangian rate distortion optimization for video coding
* Wavelet-Based Image-Coding Using Nonlinear Interpolative Vector Quantization
* Wrap-around effect removal finite ridgelet transform for multiscale image denoising
* X-ray image segmentation using wavelet method
Includes: Wang, X. Wang, X.[Xiqin] Wang, X.[Xun] Wang, X.[Xufa] Wang, X.[Xin] Wang, X.[Xue] Wang, X.[Xianwei] Wang, X.[Xiang] Wang, X.[Xiao] Wang, X.[Xi] Wang, X.[Xiaoyu] Wang, X.[Xu] Wang, X.[Xinan] Wang, X.[Xiuying] Wang, X.[Xing] Wang, X.[Xulin] Wang, X.[Xia] Wang, X.[Xian] Wang, X.[Xuan] Wang, X.[Xikui] Wang, X.[Xingbo] Wang, X.[Xiufeng] Wang, X.[Xinpei] Wang, X.[Xiaoxu] Wang, X.[Xuwei] Wang, X.[Xiufei] Wang, X.[Xuefang] Wang, X.[Xinchao] Wang, X.[Xinke] Wang, X.[Xiaolong] Wang, X.[Xuesong] Wang, X.[Xueen]
147 for Wang, X.

Wang, X.B.[Xiao Bing] Co Author Listing * Natural Scene Text Detection with Multi-channel Connected Component Segmentation
* Novel High-Speed Parallel Scheme for Data Sorting Algorithm Based on FPGA, A
* Rough Set Approach to Video Genre Classification, A
Includes: Wang, X.B.[Xiao Bing] Wang, X.B.[Xiao-Bing] Wang, X.B.[Xing-Bo]

Wang, X.C.[Xu Chui] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Fingerprint Enhancement by Combination of Quality Factor and Quantitative Filters
* Definition and extraction of stable points from fingerprint images
* Design of a service-based framework for generic 3D information visualization
* Distinguishing variance embedding
* Exploiting sparse representations in very high-dimensional feature spaces obtained from patch-based processing
* Exploration of configural representation in landmark learning using working memory toolkit
* Extraction of Stable Points from Fingerprint Images Using Zone Could-be-in Theorem
* Feature extraction and dimensionality reduction algorithms and their applications in vowel recognition
* Fingerprint matching using OrientationCodes and PolyLines
* Grassmannian Regularized Structured Multi-View Embedding for Image Classification
* Images de-noising with Mapshrink estimate and dual-threshold in Curvelet Domain
* Method for identifying measuring points in an optical measuring system
* Perceptual Characteristics of 3D Orientation, The
* Signal Processing System Used in Digital Ophthalmology Ultrasonography, A
* Structure of V-System over Triangulated Domains, The
* Subspaces Indexing Model on Grassmann Manifold for Image Search
Includes: Wang, X.C.[Xu Chui] Wang, X.C.[Xu-Chui] Wang, X.C.[Xiang-Chuan] Wang, X.C.[Xu-Chu] Wang, X.C.[Xiao-Chun] Wang, X.C.[Xue-Chuan] Wang, X.C.[Xin-Chao] Wang, X.C.[Xin-Chun] Wang, X.C.[Xin-Chi] Wang, X.C.[Xiao-Chen]
16 for Wang, X.C.

Wang, X.D.[Xiao Dong] Co Author Listing * Compressive Sensing SAR Image Reconstruction Based on Bayesian Framework and Evolutionary Computation
* Decision Tree Algorithm Of Urban Extraction From Multi-source Image Data, The
* evidential reasoning based classification algorithm and its application for face recognition with class noise, An
* Joint error control and power allocation for video transmission over CDMA networks with multiuser detection
* Reduction of Markov Extended Features in JPEG Image Steganalysis
* Research on the unbiased probability estimation of error-correcting output coding
* Segment and Label Indoor Scene Based on RGB-D for the Visually Impaired
* Typhoon cloud image enhancement and reducing speckle with genetic algorithm in stationary wavelet domain
Includes: Wang, X.D.[Xiao Dong] Wang, X.D.[Xiao-Dong] Wang, X.D.[Xiao Dan] Wang, X.D.[Xiang-Dong] Wang, X.D.
8 for Wang, X.D.

Wang, X.F.[Xiao Fei] Co Author Listing * AMES-Cloud: A Framework of Adaptive Mobile Video Streaming and Efficient Social Video Sharing in the Clouds
* Comparison of Eight Techniques for Reconstructing Multi-Satellite Sensor Time-Series NDVI Data Sets in the Heihe River Basin, China
* Distributed tracking and connectivity maintenance with a varying velocity leader
* efficient local Chan-Vese model for image segmentation, An
* Graph-based image segmentation using weighted color patch
* graph-cut approach to image segmentation using an affinity graph based on L0-sparse representation of features, A
* Hardware-software optimizations of reconfigurable multi-core processors for floating-point computations of large sparse matrices
* Hash key-based video encryption scheme for H.264/AVC
* ICA mixture hidden conditional random field model for sports event classification
* ICA Mixture Hidden Conditional Random Field Model for Video Event Classification, An
* Image forensic signature for content authenticity analysis
* integrated visual saliency-based watermarking approach for synchronous image authentication and copyright protection, An
* New Block Partitioned Text Feature for Text Verification, A
* new room decoration assistance system based on 3D reconstruction and integrated service, A
* Non-invasive measurement study of human blood alcohol concentration based on NIR dynamic spectrum
* Novel Look-Up Table Design Method for Data Hiding With Reduced Distortion, A
* Opinion dynamics in networks with bounded confidence and influence
* Palette-Based Image Steganographic Method Using Colour Quantisation, A
* Pixel-Unmixing Moderate-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery Using Pairwise Coupling Support Vector Machines: A Case Study
* r, n)-Threshold Image Secret Sharing Methods with Small Shadow Images
* reduct derived from feature selection, A
* Retinal vessels segmentation based on level set and region growing
* Robust Approach to Detect Tampering by Exploring Correlation Patterns, A
* Sparse Coding and Mid-Level Superpixel-Feature for l0-Graph Based Unsupervised Image Segmentation
* Transform coefficient coding design for AVS2 video coding standard
Includes: Wang, X.F.[Xiao Fei] Wang, X.F.[Xiao-Fei] Wang, X.F.[Xu-Feng] Wang, X.F.[Xiao-Fan] Wang, X.F.[Xiao-Feng] Wang, X.F.[Xiao-Fang] Wang, X.F.[Xiu-Fei] Wang, X.F.[Xue-Feng] Wang, X.F.[Xing-Fang] Wang, X.F.[Xiao Fang]
25 for Wang, X.F.

Wang, X.G.[Xing Gang] Co Author Listing * Active skeleton for non-rigid object detection
* Adjacent coding for image classification
* Agglomerative clustering via maximum incremental path integral
* Ascender System: Automated Site Modeling from Multiple Aerial Images, The
* Automatic adaptation of a generic pedestrian detector to a specific traffic scene
* Background Subtraction via Robust Dictionary Learning
* Bag of contour fragments for robust shape classification
* Bayesian face recognition based on gaussian mixture models
* Boosted multi-task learning for face verification with applications to web image and video search
* Co-transduction for Shape Retrieval
* Coherent Filtering: Detecting Coherent Motions from Crowd Clutters
* Compariative Studies of 3-D Textural Features and Their Reliability in Terrain Classification
* Content-Based Photo Quality Assessment
* Correspondence-Free Activity Analysis and Scene Modeling in Multiple Camera Views
* Correspondence-free multi-camera activity analysis and scene modeling
* Coupled information-theoretic encoding for face photo-sketch recognition
* Deep Convolutional Network Cascade for Facial Point Detection
* Deep Learning Identity-Preserving Face Space
* Deep Sum-Product Architecture for Robust Facial Attributes Analysis, A
* Detecting and tracking multiple interacting objects without class-specific models
* Determining Correspondences and Rigid Motion of 3D Point Sets with Missing Data
* Disagreement-Based Multi-system Tracking
* discriminative deep model for pedestrian detection with occlusion handling, A
* Dual-space linear discriminant analysis for face recognition
* Erratum: Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Points and Lines with Unknown Correspondence
* Extracting Surface Textures and Microstructures from Multiple Aerial Images
* Face Hallucination and Recognition
* Face photo recognition using sketch
* Face Photo-Sketch Synthesis and Recognition
* Face Sketch Recognition
* Face sketch synthesis and recognition
* Fan Shape Model for object detection
* Feature context for image classification and object detection
* Feature vector field and feature matching
* Graph Degree Linkage: Agglomerative Clustering on a Directed Graph
* Hallucinating Face by Eigen-transformation with Distortion Reduction
* Hallucinating face by eigentransformation
* Harris feature vector descriptor (HFVD)
* Hierarchical face parsing via deep learning
* Human Reidentification with Transferred Metric Learning
* Hybrid Deep Learning for Face Verification
* Image Transformation Based on Learning Dictionaries across Image Spaces
* Improving indoor and outdoor face recognition using unified subspace analysis and Gabor features
* Intelligent multi-camera video surveillance: A review
* IntentSearch: Capturing User Intention for One-Click Internet Image Search
* Joint Deep Learning for Pedestrian Detection
* Joint face alignment with a generic deformable face model
* Learning Semantic Scene Models by Trajectory Analysis
* Lesion Detection and Characterization With Context Driven Approximation in Thoracic FDG PET-CT Images of NSCLC Studies
* Lighting and Pose Robust Face Sketch Synthesis
* Locally Aligned Feature Transforms across Views
* Measuring Crowd Collectiveness
* Measuring Crowd Collectiveness
* Modeling Mutual Visibility Relationship in Pedestrian Detection
* Modified Edge-oriented Spatial Interpolation for Consecutive Blocks Error Concealment
* Motion compensation of non-linear stepped-frequency pulse train by least step error
* Multi-class object tracking algorithm that handles fragmentation and grouping
* Multi-stage Contextual Deep Learning for Pedestrian Detection
* Object Recognition Using Junctions
* One-Class Multiple Instance Learning via Robust PCA for Common Object Discovery
* Optical flow estimation using learned sparse model
* Pedestrian Parsing via Deep Decompositional Network
* Person Re-identification by Salience Matching
* Query-specific visual semantic spaces for web image re-ranking
* Random field topic model for semantic region analysis in crowded scenes from tracklets
* Random Sampling for Subspace Face Recognition
* Random sampling LDA for face recognition
* Recent Advances in 3D Reconstruction Techniques Using Aerial Images
* Recovering Facade Texture and Microstructure from Real-World Images
* Scale-Space SIFT flow
* Scene-Specific Pedestrian Detection for Static Video Surveillance
* Shape and Appearance Context Modeling
* Single-Pedestrian Detection Aided by Multi-pedestrian Detection
* Site Model Acquisition and Extension from Aerial Images
* State of Charge Estimation Online Based on EKF-Ah Method for Lithium-Ion Power Battery
* Subspace Analysis Using Random Mixture Models
* Surface Microstructure Extraction from Multiple Aerial Images
* Surface Texture and Microstructure Extraction from Multiple Aerial Images
* Synthesizing oil painting surface geometry from a single photograph
* System for Automated Site Model Acquisition
* Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Points and Lines with Unknown Correspondence across Images
* Traffic sign classification using two-layer image representation
* Trajectory analysis and semantic region modeling using a nonparametric Bayesian model
* Trajectory Analysis and Semantic Region Modeling Using Nonparametric Hierarchical Bayesian Models
* Transferring a generic pedestrian detector towards specific scenes
* UMass Ascender System for 3D Site Model Construction, The
* Understanding collective crowd behaviors: Learning a Mixture model of Dynamic pedestrian-Agents
* Unified Framework for Subspace Face Recognition, A
* Unified subspace analysis for face recognition
* Unsupervised Activity Perception by Hierarchical Bayesian Models
* Unsupervised Activity Perception in Crowded and Complicated Scenes Using Hierarchical Bayesian Models
* Unsupervised Salience Learning for Person Re-identification
* Using random subspace to combine multiple features for face recognition
* Visual Semantic Complex Network for Web Images
* Web Image Re-Ranking Using Query-Specific Semantic Signatures
Includes: Wang, X.G.[Xing Gang] Wang, X.G.[Xing-Gang] Wang, X.G.[Xiao-Gang] Wang, X.G.[Xiao-Guang] Wang, X.G. Wang, X.G.[Xing-Guo] Wang, X.G.[Xue-Gang] Wang, X.G.[Xu-Guang]
95 for Wang, X.G.

Wang, X.H.[Xiao Hui] Co Author Listing * Affective image adjustment with a single word
* CC-Modeler: a topology generator for 3-D city models
* Color Texture Segmentation Based on Quaternion-Gabor Features
* Color Texture Segmentation Using Quaternion-Gabor Filters
* cone-beam reconstruction algorithm for circle-plus-arc data-acquisition geometry, A
* Design of process control system of rotary klin process for nickel iron production
* Elastomeric 2D grating and hemispherical optofluidic chamber for multifunctional fluidic sensing
* Fuzzy quantization based bit transform for low bit-resolution motion estimation
* Hardware Friendly Mode Decision Algorithm for High Definition AVS Video Encoder
* improved locally linear embedding for sparse data sets, An
* Intelligence control method and application for decomposing furnace
* Intelligence control method and application for decomposing furnace
* Interpretable aesthetic features for affective image classification
* Linear impulsive system optimization using adaptive dynamic programming
* Method of Improving SIFT Algorithm Matching Efficiency, A
* News from CyberCity-Modeler
* Retinal vessels segmentation based on level set and region growing
Includes: Wang, X.H.[Xiao Hui] Wang, X.H.[Xiao-Hui] Wang, X.H.[Xin-Hua] Wang, X.H.[Xiao-Hong] Wang, X.H.[Xin-Hao] Wang, X.H.[Xiang-Hai] Wang, X.H.[Xiao Han] Wang, X.H.[Xun-Heng] Wang, X.H.[Xiao-Hua] Wang, X.H.[Xiao Hong]
17 for Wang, X.H.

Wang, X.J.[Xue Jun] Co Author Listing * Allometric Scaling and Resource Limitations Model of Tree Heights: Part 3. Model Optimization and Testing over Continental China
* AnnoSearch: Image Auto-Annotation by Search
* Annotating Images by Mining Image Search Results
* Application of UAV System for Low Altitude Photogrammetry in Shanxi
* ARISTA: Image search to annotation on billions of web photos
* Continuous Optimization based-on Boosting Gaussian Mixture Model
* Dense Estimation of Optical Flow Field Within the Mpeg-2 Compressed Domain
* Duplicate Discovery on 2 Billion Internet Images
* Duplicate-Search-Based Image Annotation Using Web-Scale Data
* Exploring Implicit Image Statistics for Visual Representativeness Modeling
* Finding Celebrities in Billions of Web Images
* Hypothesis test on quality measures for synthetic aperture radar images
* Improved SalBayes Model with GMM, An
* matching algorithm based on hierarchical primitive structure, A
* New Algorithm of Face Detection Based on Color Information and Face Contour, A
* Palmprint Identification using Boosting Local Binary Pattern
* Parameters analysis for polarimetric SAR Based on classification accuracy
* Using vanishing points to estimate parameters of fisheye camera
Includes: Wang, X.J.[Xue Jun] Wang, X.J.[Xue-Jun] Wang, X.J.[Xin-Jing] Wang, X.J.[Xiao-Jing] Wang, X.J.[Xian-Ji] Wang, X.J.[Xiao Jing] Wang, X.J. Wang, X.J.[Xiao-Jun] Wang, X.J.[Xiao-Jie] Wang, X.J.[Xue-Jing]
18 for Wang, X.J.

Wang, X.K.[Xiao Kai] Co Author Listing * New Tiling Scheme for 2-D Continuous Wavelet Transform With Different Rotation Parameters at Different Scales Resulting in a Tighter Frame, A
* Nonlinear Shape-Texture Manifold Learning
Includes: Wang, X.K.[Xiao Kai] Wang, X.K.[Xiao-Kai] Wang, X.K.[Xiao-Kan]

Wang, X.L.[Xiao Li] Co Author Listing * Algorithm for a Generalized Distance Transformation Based on Minkowski Operations, An
* Automatic Ship Detection Method Based on Local Gray-Level Gathering Characteristics in SAR Imagery, An
* Background modeling using Local Binary Patterns Of Motion Vector
* Band selection using independent component analysis for hyperspectral image processing
* Contour canonical form: an efficient intrinsic embedding approach to matching non-rigid 3D objects
* Deep Quantum Networks for Classification
* Digital image inpainting using monte carlo method
* Discriminative Deep Belief Networks for image classification
* Empirical Evaluation on HIT-OR3C Database, An
* Face recognition using optimal non-orthogonal wavelet basis evaluated by information complexity
* Fast level set method with dichromatic reflection model
* FGS Coding with Adaptive Reference for Low-Delay Applications
* Global and local isometry-invariant descriptor for 3D shape comparison and partial matching
* Incorporating Structural Alternatives and Sharing into Hierarchy for Multiclass Object Recognition and Detection
* Interactive CT image segmentation with online discriminative learning
* Intrinsic Spin Images: A subspace decomposition approach to understanding 3D deformable shapes
* Layered moving-object segmentation for stereoscopic video using motion and depth information
* Learning contour-fragment-based shape model with And-Or tree representation
* Learning Robust Similarity Measures for 3D Partial Shape Retrieval
* Learning the Kernel Combination for Object Categorization
* Novel Speech Emotion Recognition Method via Incomplete Sparse Least Square Regression, A
* Off-line Chinese Writer Retrieval System Based on Text-sensitive Writer Identification, An
* Ontology-based insect recognition
* Research on Measurement and Classification System Design and Application about Ultra Steel Dimple
* Some Sequential Algorithms for a Generalized Distance Transformation Based on Minkowski Operations
* study on human age estimation under facial expression changes, A
* View Planning for Cityscape Archiving and Visualization
* Writer identification using directional element features and linear transform
Includes: Wang, X.L.[Xiao Li] Wang, X.L.[Xiao-Li] Wang, X.L.[Xiao-Long] Wang, X.L.[Xiao-Ling] Wang, X.L.[Xu-Lei] Wang, X.L.[Xue-Lin] Wang, X.L.[Xiu-Li] Wang, X.L.[Xiang-Lin] Wang, X.L.[Xiao-Lan] Wang, X.L.[Xian-Liang] Wang, X.L.[Xin-Liang]
28 for Wang, X.L.

Wang, X.M.[Xin Ming] Co Author Listing * Classification of ASTER image using SVM and local spatial statistics Gi
* Collaborative Approach for Image Annotation, A
* Face Recognition Based on Face Gabor Image and SVM
* Fuzzy Rule-Based Approach to Scene Description Involving Spatial Relationships, A
* Iterative reconstruction of tomographic images with Fourier components as model parameters
* Layered access control for MPEG-4 FGS video
* On minimum class locality preserving variance support vector machine
* Research of biogas power generator system based on internet technology
* Transfer latent variable model based on divergence analysis
Includes: Wang, X.M.[Xin Ming] Wang, X.M.[Xin-Ming] Wang, X.M.[Xue-Ming] Wang, X.M.[Xiao-Ming] Wang, X.M.[Xiao-Mei] Wang, X.M. Wang, X.M.[Xue-Mei] Wang, X.M.[Xiu-Mei]
9 for Wang, X.M.

Wang, X.N.[Xiao Nian] Co Author Listing * new segmentation method for phase change thermography sequence, A
Includes: Wang, X.N.[Xiao Nian] Wang, X.N.[Xiao-Nian]

Wang, X.P.[Xiao Ping] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of vocal folds from high-speed imaging
* Constructing Surface Features Through Deformation
* Multiresolution Motion Estimation Techniques for Video Compression
* Subband Adaptive Dictionaries for Wavelet/Matching Pursuits Image Coding
* System Implementation of 3D City Simulation and Planning Aided Design-Taking Yinchuan City of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region as an Example
* Vector mathematical morphological operators based on fuzzy extremum estimation
Includes: Wang, X.P.[Xiao Ping] Wang, X.P.[Xiao-Ping] Wang, X.P. Wang, X.P.[Xiao-Peng]

Wang, X.Q.[Xiao Qiang] Co Author Listing * Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation Algorithms for Image Compression, Segmentation, and Multichannel Restoration
* Development of ground experiment system for space robot performing fine manipulation
* Edge-Weighted Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation Model for Image Segmentation, An
* Image Segmentation Using Local Variation and Edge-Weighted Centroidal Voronoi Tessellations
* semi-physical simulation system for binocular vision guided rendezvous, A
* Study on the fusion of MODIS and TM images using the spectral response function and STARFM algorithm
* Triangular Mesh Based Stroke Segmentation for Chinese Calligraphy
* VCells: Simple and Efficient Superpixels Using Edge-Weighted Centroidal Voronoi Tessellations
Includes: Wang, X.Q.[Xiao Qiang] Wang, X.Q.[Xiao-Qiang] Wang, X.Q.[Xue-Qian] Wang, X.Q.[Xiao-Qin] Wang, X.Q.[Xiao-Qing]
8 for Wang, X.Q.

Wang, X.S.[Xue Song] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Model-Based Polarimetric Decomposition Using PolInSAR Coherence
* Archive Film Defect Detection and Removal: An Automatic Restoration Framework
* Archive Film Restoration Based on Spatiotemporal Random Walks
* Comment on Orientation Angle Preserving A Posteriori Polarimetric SAR Calibration
* General Polarimetric Model-Based Decomposition for Coherency Matrix
* HMM based Archive Film Defect Detection with Spatial and Temporal Constraints
* Modeling and Interpretation of Scattering Mechanisms in Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar: Advances and perspectives
* PolInSAR Complex Coherence Estimation Based on Covariance Matrix Similarity Test
* Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Man-Made Objects Using Polarimetric Tomographic SAR
* Uniform Polarimetric Matrix Rotation Theory and Its Applications
Includes: Wang, X.S.[Xue Song] Wang, X.S.[Xue-Song] Wang, X.S.[Xiao-Song] Wang, X.S.
10 for Wang, X.S.

Wang, X.T.[Xiao Tian] Co Author Listing * Edge-based image coding at low bit-rate
* Generalized uncertainty principles associated with Hilbert transform
* Improved bi-dimensional EMD and Hilbert spectrum for the analysis of textures
* Improved bi-dimensional empirical mode decomposition based on 2d-assisted signals: analysis and application
* Novel High-Speed Parallel Scheme for Data Sorting Algorithm Based on FPGA, A
* Pattern Masking Estimation in Image With Structural Uncertainty
* Robust adaptive directional lifting wavelet transform for image denoising
Includes: Wang, X.T.[Xiao Tian] Wang, X.T.[Xiao-Tian] Wang, X.T.[Xiao-Tong] Wang, X.T.[Xiao-Tao] Wang, X.T.
7 for Wang, X.T.

Wang, X.W.[Xian Wang] Co Author Listing * Accurate 3D pose estimation from a single depth image
* Adaptive Chirplet Decomposition Method and Its Application in Machine Fault Diagnosis
* Character extraction and recognition in natural scene images
* Detecting Subsidence Along a High Speed Railway by Ultrashort Baseline TCP-InSAR with High Resolution Images
* Endoscopic Video Texture Mapping on Pre-Built 3-D Anatomical Objects Without Camera Tracking
* Estimating pose and illumination direction for frontal face synthesis
* Gabor filters-based feature extraction for character recognition
* How much water is seeping off the Three Gorges Reservoir?
* Illumination and Person-Insensitive Head Pose Estimation Using Distance Metric Learning
* joint channel estimation and unequal error protection scheme for video transmission in OFDM systems, A
* Learning 3D shape from a single facial image via non-linear manifold embedding and alignment
* Optimized gabor filter based feature extraction for character recognition
* Paralleling variable block size motion estimation of HEVC on multi-core CPU plus GPU platform
* Personal Clothing Retrieval on Photo Collections by Color and Attributes
* Research of biogas power generator system based on internet technology
* Robust Active Stereo Vision Using Kullback-Leibler Divergence
* Several key problems in model-based image sequence compression by using interframe AUs correlation
* Short Baseline TerraSAR-X PSI for Monitoring Subsidence of Highways and Railways, Case Study with Corner Reflectors
* Study of Defog Technology Based on Scattering Model in Assistant Driving System
Includes: Wang, X.W.[Xian Wang] Wang, X.W.[Xian-Wang] Wang, X.W.[Xiao-Wei] Wang, X.W.[Xue-Wen] Wang, X.W. Wang, X.W.[Xian-Wei] Wang, X.W.[Xiao-Wen] Wang, X.W.[Xiang-Wen] Wang, X.W.[Xin-Wei]
19 for Wang, X.W.

Wang, X.X.[Xiao Xu] Co Author Listing * 3D segmentation of rodent brains using deformable models and variational methods
* Color image enhancement with a human visual system based adaptive filter
* Comparative Study of Encoding, Pooling and Normalization Methods for Action Recognition, A
* Experiments With Repeating Weighted Boosting Search for Optimization in Signal Processing Applications
* Reconstruction of Detailed Left Ventricle Motion from tMRI Using Deformable Models
* Relevant shape contour snippet extraction with metadata supported hidden Markov models
* Semi-supervised action recognition in video via Labeled Kernel Sparse Coding and sparse L1 graph
* Semi-supervised low-rank representation graph for pattern recognition
Includes: Wang, X.X.[Xiao Xu] Wang, X.X.[Xiao-Xu] Wang, X.X.[Xin-Xin] Wang, X.X.[Xing-Xing] Wang, X.X. Wang, X.X.[Xiu-Xiu]
8 for Wang, X.X.

Wang, X.Y.[Xiang Yang] Co Author Listing * Affine invariant image watermarking using intensity probability density-based Harris Laplace detector
* Automated Segmentation of Prostate MR Images Using Prior Knowledge Enhanced Random Walker
* Automatic Elastic Medical Image Registration Based On Image Intensity
* Automatically-Generated High-Reliability Features for Dichotomies of Printed Characters
* Color image segmentation using pixel wise support vector machine classification
* Combining Photogrammetry and Augmented Reality Towards an Integrated Facility Management System for the Oil Industry
* Content-based image retrieval using local visual attention feature
* Context augmented Dynamic Bayesian Networks for event recognition
* Contextual weighting for vocabulary tree based image retrieval
* Discriminative Tracking by Metric Learning
* Efficient Remote Sensing Image Denoising Method in Extended Discrete Shearlet Domain, An
* Elevation direction deconvolution in three-dimensional ultrasound imaging
* Fast Exact Euclidean Distance Transform Algorithm, A
* Feature selection based on rough sets and particle swarm optimization
* feature-based robust digital image watermarking against geometric attacks, A
* Fractal image compression based on spatial correlation and hybrid genetic algorithm
* Fully automated liver segmentation for low- and high- contrast CT volumes based on probabilistic atlases
* High-Resolution DEMs for Urban Applications from NAPP Photography
* HOG-LBP Human Detector with Partial Occlusion Handling, An
* Image Denoising Using Gaussian Scale Mixtures with Gaussian-Hermite PDF in Steerable Pyramid Domain
* Improved Edge-Directed Image Interpolation Algorithm, An
* improved no-search fractal image coding method based on a fitting plane, An
* Incorporating contextual knowledge to Dynamic Bayesian Networks for event recognition
* Julia Set of the Newton Method for Solving Some Complex Exponential Equation
* large-scale benchmark dataset for event recognition in surveillance video, A
* Learning dynamic Bayesian network discriminatively for human activity recognition
* Local Feature Based Robust Image Retrieval Algorithm, A
* LS-SVM based image segmentation using color and texture information
* Lung tumor delineation in PET-CT images using a downhill region growing and a Gaussian mixture model
* Management System for Multi-Dimension Multimedia Data Based on Matrix Division Method and Star Structure
* method for image retrieval based on multi-factors correlation utilizing block truncation coding, The
* Modeling and estimation of the spatial variation of elevation error in high resolution dems from stereo-image processing
* Monte Carlo cluster refinement for noise robust image segmentation
* Multi-Task low-rank and sparse matrix recovery for human motion segmentation
* Multiscale deformable registration using edge preserving scale space for adaptive radiation therapy
* novel image watermarking scheme against desynchronization attacks by SVR revision, A
* novel method for image retrieval based on structure elements' descriptor, A
* novel probabilistic approach utilizing clip attribute as hidden knowledge for event recognition, A
* Novel Two-level Color Image Retrieval Method, A
* On edge structure based adaptive observation model for facial feature tracking
* Research on data mining models for the internet of things
* robust digital audio watermarking based on statistics characteristics, A
* robust framework for aligning lecture slides with video, A
* Seal Image Registration Based on Shape and Layout Characteristics
* swarm intelligence based searching strategy for articulated 3D human body tracking, A
* Towards Codebook-Free: Scalable Cascaded Hashing for Mobile Image Search
* Unified Probabilistic Approach Modeling Relationships between Attributes and Objects, A
Includes: Wang, X.Y.[Xiang Yang] Wang, X.Y.[Xiang-Yang] Wang, X.Y.[Xiu-Ying] Wang, X.Y.[Xiao-Yin] Wang, X.Y.[Xiang-Yu] Wang, X.Y.[Xiao-Yang] Wang, X.Y.[Xiao-Yu] Wang, X.Y.[Xin-Yu] Wang, X.Y.[Xing-Yuan] Wang, X.Y.[Xiang-Yun] Wang, X.Y.[Xioa-Yu] Wang, X.Y.[Xin-Ying] Wang, X.Y.[Xiao Yu] Wang, X.Y.[Xiao-Yan] Wang, X.Y.[Xiao-Yi]
47 for Wang, X.Y.

Wang, X.Z.[Xi Zhao] Co Author Listing * Feature selection using localized generalization error for supervised classification problems using RBFNN
* Improved 2D mass-spring-damper model with unstructured triangular meshes
* Improving Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Based on Feature-Weight Learning
* Improving Performance of Similarity-Based Clustering by Feature Weight Learning
* Measurement of Two-Dimensional Small Angles Based on Interference Fringes
* Network intrusion detection in covariance feature space
* New Approach to Classifier Fusion Based on Upper Integral, A
* Non-Naive Bayesian Classifiers for Classification Problems With Continuous Attributes
* Pattern discovery in motion time series via structure-based spectral clustering
* Statistical Analysis of Tongue Images for Feature Extraction and Diagnostics
* System of a Probe for Two-Dimensional Micro-Angle Based on Invariant Light-Distance
* Target Motion Analysis Using Single Sensor Bearings-Only Measurements
Includes: Wang, X.Z.[Xi Zhao] Wang, X.Z.[Xi-Zhao] Wang, X.Z.[Xiu-Zhong] Wang, X.Z. Wang, X.Z.[Xuan-Ze] Wang, X.Z.[Xiao-Zhe] Wang, X.Z.[Xing-Zheng] Wang, X.Z.[Xue-Zhi]
12 for Wang, X.Z.

Wang, Y Co Author Listing * Thin-Pavement Thickness Estimation Using GPR With High-Resolution and Superresolution Methods

Wang, Y.[Yao] Co Author Listing * 2-D Anisotropic Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Packets and Its Application to Image Denoising
* 2-D Space-Variant Chirp Scaling Algorithm Based on the RCM Equalization and Subband Synthesis to Process Geosynchronous SAR Data, A
* 2D Affine-Invariant Contour Matching Using B-Spline Model
* 3-D Deformation Guided On-Line Modification of Multi-leaf Collimators for Adaptive Radiation Therapy
* 3D Non-rigid Surface Matching and Registration Based on Holomorphic Differentials
* 3D Point Cloud Reduction Using Mixed-Integer Quadratic Programming
* 3D structure inference by integrating segmentation and reconstruction from a single image
* 3D Surface Matching and Recognition Using Conformal Geometry
* 3DP: A Processor Architecture for Three-Dimensional Applications, The
* Abnormal Activity Recognition in Office Based on R Transform
* Accuracy of the Morphology Enabled Dipole Inversion (MEDI) Algorithm for Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping in MRI
* Action recognition using tri-view constraints
* Active Mesh: A Feature Seeking and Tracking Image Sequence Representation Scheme
* Adaptive Metric Learning in Local Distance Comparison for People Re-identification
* Adaptive resynchronization approach for scalable video over wireless channel
* Adaptive spatiotemporal background modelling
* Adaptive texture-color based background subtraction for video surveillance
* Advanced spatial and Temporal Direct Mode for B picture coding
* Advanced System Level Simulation Platform for Three-Dimensional UWB Through-Wall Imaging SAR Using Time-Domain Approach
* Affinity Propagation Feature Clustering with Application to Vehicle Detection and Tracking in Road Traffic Surveillance
* Algorithm Performance Contest
* Algorithm to Find Parameter Dependent Connected Components of Gray Images, An
* Analysis and improvement of multiple description motion compensation video coding for lossy packet networks
* Analysis of Random Projection for Changeable and Privacy-Preserving Biometric Verification, An
* Appearance-Based Re-identification of People in Video
* Approach for Shape from Surface Normals with Local Discontinuity Detection, An
* Approach to Pose-Based Action Recognition, An
* Artificial Intelligence in 3-D Feature Extraction
* Assessment of System Polarization Quality for Polarimetric SAR Imagery and Target Decomposition
* Automated Detection of Breast Tumors in Ultrasonic Images Using Fuzzy Reasoning
* Automatic Delineation of Left and Right Ventricles in Cardiac MRI Sequences Using a Joint Ventricular Model
* Automatic Extraction Of Building Roofs From Pictometry's Orthogonal And Oblique Images
* Automatic Localization of Balloon Markers and Guidewire in Rotational Fluoroscopy with Application to 3D Stent Reconstruction
* Automatic personalized facial sketch based on ASM
* Automatic Segmentation Based on AdaBoost Learning and Graph-Cuts
* Automatic Webcam-Based Human Heart Rate Measurements Using Laplacian Eigenmap
* Batch mode active learning for multi-label image classification with informative label correlation mining
* Bayesian Learning of Sparse Multiscale Image Representations
* Bayesian non-parametric viewpoint to visual tracking, A
* Bayesian non-parametric viewpoint to visual tracking, A
* Biometric Personal Identification Based on Handwriting
* Biometric Personal Identification Based on Iris Patterns
* Bit allocation for MPEG-4 video coding with spatio-temporal tradeoffs
* Bit allocation for scalable video coding of multiple video programs
* Block-based and multi-resolution methods for ear recognition using wavelet transform and uniform local binary patterns
* blockwise relaxation labeling scheme and its application to edge detection in cardiac MR image sequences, A
* Boosted Multiple Deformable Trees for Parsing Human Poses
* Building a dictionary of image fragments
* Cascade MR-ASM for Locating Facial Feature Points
* Cerebral Artery-Vein Separation Using 0.1-Hz Oscillation in Dual-Wavelength Optical Imaging
* Certain Object Segmentation Based on AdaBoost Learning and Nodes Aggregation Iterative Graph-Cuts
* Check Image Compression: A Comparison of JPEG, Wavelet and Layered Coding Methods
* Choreographed Scope Maneuvering in Robotically-Assisted Laparoscopy with Active Vision Guidance
* Classification-based multidimensional adaptation prediction for scalable video coding using subjective quality evaluation
* Codebook reconstruction with holistic information fusion
* Coding and cell-loss recovery in DCT-based packet video
* Coding of Motion Compensation Residuals Using Edge Information
* Coherent image annotation by learning semantic distance
* Colour edge detection based on the fusion of hue component and principal component analysis
* Combating Web spam through trust-distrust propagation with confidence
* Combining Fingerprint and Voiceprint Biometrics for Identity Verification: an Experimental Comparison
* Combining global, regional and contextual features for automatic image annotation
* Combining Photogrammetry and Augmented Reality Towards an Integrated Facility Management System for the Oil Industry
* Compact Representation for Compressing Converted Stereo Videos, A
* Complete neighborhood preserving embedding for face recognition
* Complexity modeling of H.264 entropy decoding
* Compression of Color Facial Images Using Feature Correction Two-Stage Vector Quantization
* Compression of Personal Identification Pictures Using Vector Quantization with Facial Feature Correction
* Computerized radiographic mass detection. I. Lesion site selection by morphological enhancement and contextual segmentation
* Computerized radiographic mass detection. II. Decision support by featured database visualization and modular neural networks
* Conditional Random Field for Natural Scene Categorization
* Conformal Geometry and Its Applications on 3D Shape Matching, Recognition, and Stitching
* Content-based utility function prediction for real-time MPEG-4 video transcoding
* Context Enhanced Graphical Model for Object Localization in Medical Images
* Context-Aware and Energy-Driven Route Optimization for Fully Electric Vehicles via Crowdsourcing
* Contextual Modeling of Functional MR Images With Conditional Random Fields
* Converting 2D Video to 3D: An Efficient Path to a 3D Experience
* Cooperative Layered Video Multicast Using Randomized Distributed Space Time Codes
* Cooperative Source and Channel Coding for Wireless Video Transmission
* Cost-sensitive boosting for classification of imbalanced data
* CW and Pulse-Doppler Radar Processing Based on FPGA for Human Sensing Applications
* Decoding the nonstationary neural activity in motor cortex for brain machine interfaces
* Decompose Document Image Using Integer Linear Programming
* Decomposition Principle for Analyzing Region Quadtrees
* Decoupling DOA Estimation Algorithm for Rectangle Array
* Deformable Face Fitting with Soft Correspondence Constraints
* Deformable Surface-Spine Model for 3-D Surface Registration, A
* Dense non-rigid surface registration using high-order graph matching
* Detecting image forgeries using metrology
* Detection of Geometric Shapes by the Combination of Genetic Algorithm and Subpixel Accuracy
* Development of a Procedure for Vertical Structure Analysis and 3D Single Tree Extraction within Forests Based on Lidar Point Cloud
* Deviation of Color Matching Algorithm in the Field of Full-Color LED Display, The
* Dezert-Smarandache theory for multiple targets tracking in natural environment
* Direct Computation of Type-II Discrete Hartley Transform
* Discontinuity-Embedded Deformable Models for Surface Reconstruction From Range Images
* Discriminative figure-centric models for joint action localization and recognition
* Discriminative Latent Model of Object Classes and Attributes, A
* Discriminative Latent Models for Recognizing Contextual Group Activities
* distance metric learning based summarization system for nursery school surveillance video, A
* Distributed compression of zerotrees of wavelet coefficients
* Domain Adaptive Action Recognition with Integrated Self-Training and Feature Selection
* DTCWT based medical ultrasound images despeckling using LS parameter optimization
* dual quaternion-based, closed-form pairwise registration algorithm for point clouds, A
* Dynamic appearance model for particle filter based visual tracking
* Dynamic B-snake model for complex objects segmentation
* Dynamic Conditional Random Field Model for Foreground and Shadow Segmentation, A
* Dynamic Conditional Random Field Model for Object Segmentation in Image Sequences, A
* Dynamic Extraction for VOI from CT Images Based on Volume Rendering
* Dynamic Hidden Markov Random Field Model for Foreground and Shadow Segmentation, A
* dynamic target recognition system, A
* Efficient and accurate subpixel path based stereo matching
* Efficient constrained local model fitting for non-rigid face alignment
* Efficient Hand Segmentation and Fingertip Detection Using Color Features of Skin and Fingernail
* Efficient Human Action Detection Using a Transferable Distance Function
* Efficient Image Dehazing with Boundary Constraint and Contextual Regularization
* Efficient Method for Detecting Slow-Moving Weak Targets in Sea Clutter Based on Time-Frequency Iteration Decomposition, An
* Embedded Geometric Active Contour with Shape Constraint for Mass Segmentation
* Empirical Mode Decomposition Analysis for Visual Stylometry
* Enabling User Interactions with Video Contents
* End-To-End Modeling and Simulation of MPEG-2 Transport Streams over ATM Networks with Jitter
* Energy Preserving QMF for Image Processing
* Enforcing convexity for improved alignment with constrained local models
* Error resilience property of multihypothesis motion-compensated prediction
* Error resilient video coding techniques
* Error-resilient video coding using multiple description motion compensation
* Establishing Point Correspondence of 3D Faces Via Sparse Facial Deformable Model
* Establishment shot detection using qualitative motion
* Estimating Ice Water Path in Tropical Cyclones With Multispectral Microwave Data From the FY-3B Satellite
* Estimation of Kinect depth confidence through self-training
* Estimation of multiple directional illuminants from a single image
* Estimation of Multiple Illuminants from a Single Image of Arbitrary Known Geometry
* Evaluation of Mesh Based Motion Estimation in H.263-Like Coders
* Evaluation of the Effects of Soil Layer Classification in the Common Land Model on Modeled Surface Variables and the Associated Land Surface Soil Moisture Retrieval Model
* Exploiting Fisher Kernels in Decoding Severely Noisy Document Images
* Extended Decision Tree with or Relationship for HMM-Based Speech Synthesis
* Extended Fourier Approach to Improve the Retrieved Leaf Area Index (LAI) in a Time Series from an Alpine Wetland, An
* Extraction of Urban Power Lines from Vehicle-Borne LiDAR Data
* Face authentication test on the BANCA database
* Face Detection and Tracking in Video Using Dynamic Programming
* Face Modeling and Analysis in Stony Brook University
* Face Re-Lighting from a Single Image under Harsh Lighting Conditions
* Face recognition using Intrinsicfaces
* Face Relighting from a Single Image under Arbitrary Unknown Lighting Conditions
* Facial Feature Tracking using a Multi-State Hierarchical Shape Model under Varying Face Pose and Facial Expression
* Fast Algorithms for p-elastica Energy with the Application to Image Inpainting and Curve Reconstruction
* Fast Augmented Lagrangian Method for Euler's Elastica Model, A
* Fast method for face location and tracking by distributed behaviour-based agents
* Fast Regularization of Matrix-Valued Images
* Feature Analysis Approach to Mass Detection in Mammography Based on RF-SVM, A
* Feature clustering for vehicle detection and tracking in road traffic surveillance
* Feature fusion for vehicle detection and tracking with low-angle cameras
* Feature selection using tabu search with long-term memories and probabilistic neural networks
* Finding shareable informative patterns and optimal coding matrix for multiclass boosting
* Finger Tracking for Breast Palpation Quantification Using Color Image Features
* Fingerprint Orientation Model Based on 2D Fourier Expansion (FOMFE) and Its Application to Singular-Point Detection and Fingerprint Indexing, A
* Fingerprint Verification Using Rotation Invariant Feature Codes
* Foreground and Shadow Detection Based on Conditional Random Field
* Framework Towards Quantified Artistic Influences Analysis, A
* Free form shape matching using deterministic annealing and softassign
* Frequency-Aspect Extrapolation Algorithm for ISAR Image Simulation Based on Two-Dimensional ESPRIT, A
* FSpH: Fitted spectral hashing for efficient similarity search
* Gait Recognition Based on Fusion of Multi-view Gait Sequences
* Generalized Polarimetric Model-Based Decompositions Using Incoherent Scattering Models
* Generalized Weighted Fractional Fourier Transform and its Application to Image Encryption, The
* Genus Zero Surface Conformal Mapping and Its Application to Brain Surface Mapping
* Geometric Modeling of Nano Structures with Periodic Surfaces
* Global Ridge Orientation Modeling for Partial Fingerprint Identification
* GPU-CPU implementation for super-resolution mosaicking of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) surveillance video
* Gradient-Based Source and Mask Optimization in Optical Lithography
* Graph-Based Fast Image Segmentation
* Graph-Based Segmentation of Lymph Nodes in CT Data
* Graph-Regularized Low-Rank Representation for Destriping of Hyperspectral Images
* Group Activity Recognition Based on ARMA Shape Sequence Modeling
* Group sparsity based semi-supervised band selection for hyperspectral images
* Head-shoulder based gender recognition
* Heterogeneous Delay Embedding for Travel Time and Energy Cost Prediction Via Regression Analysis
* Hidden Part Models for Human Action Recognition: Probabilistic versus Max Margin
* Hierarchical Framework For High Resolution Facial Expression Tracking, A
* Hierarchical Ship Detection Scheme for High-Resolution SAR Images, A
* Hierarchical Space Tiling for Scene Modeling
* Hierarchical Stereo Correspondence Using Features of Gray Connected Components
* High Resolution Tracking of Non-Rigid 3D Motion of Densely Sampled Data Using Harmonic Maps
* High Resolution Tracking of Non-Rigid Motion of Densely Sampled 3D Data Using Harmonic Maps
* Human Action Recognition by Semilatent Topic Models
* Human action recognition from a single clip per action
* Human Activity Recognition Based on R Transform
* Human factors in color-based image retrieval: An empirical study on size estimate accuracies
* Human Movement Analysis for Interactive Dance
* Hybrid Linear Modeling via Local Best-Fit Flats
* Image and Video Denoising Using Adaptive Dual-Tree Discrete Wavelet Packets
* Image Coding using 2-D Anisotropic Dual-Tree Discrete Wavelet Transform
* Image Coding Using Dual-Tree Discrete Wavelet Transform
* Image deblurring with matrix regression and gradient evolution
* Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Spatiotemporal Chaos, An
* Image fusion based on non-negative matrix factorization
* Image Guided Tone Mapping with Locally Nonlinear Model
* Image Mosaicking from Uncooled Thermal IR Video Captured by a Small UAV
* Image reconstruction from partial subband images and its application in packet video transmission
* Image Representation Using Block Pattern Models and Its Image Processing Applications
* Image Retrieval with Structured Object Queries Using Latent Ranking SVM
* Image segmentation algorithm by piecewise smooth approximation
* Image Segmentation by MAP-ML Estimations
* Image Segmentation Using Active Contours With Normally Biased GVF External Force
* Image Topic Discovery with Saliency Detection
* Imaging biomarker analysis of rat mammary fat pads and glandular tissues in MRI images
* immersive multi-agent system for interactive applications, An
* Implementation of Bilayer Segmentation of Live Video
* Improved chaff point generation for vault scheme in bio-cryptosystems
* Improved complete neighbourhood preserving embedding for face recognition
* improved FSOA based on stochastic search, An
* Improved topographic mapping through high-resolution SAR interferometry with atmospheric effect removal
* Improving fuzzy c-means clustering based on local membership variation
* Increasing the Efficiency of Local Stereo by Leveraging Smoothness Constraints
* Incremental complete LDA for face recognition
* Incremental EM for Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis on Human Action Recognition
* Incremental Learning for Video-Based Gait Recognition With LBP Flow
* Information preserving image compression for archiving NMR images
* Information-theoretic matching of two point sets
* Informative frequent assembled feature for face detection
* Input Plane Preprocessing of Joint Transform Correlator Based on Swarm Intelligence
* Integrated Approaches to Non-rigid Registration in Medical Images
* integrated graph-based face segmentation approach from Kinect videos, An
* Integrated Spatial Indexing of Huge Point Image Model, An
* Interactive Multimodal Visual Search on Mobile Device
* Interactive video segmentation using occlusion boundaries and temporally coherent superpixels
* Intra mode selection in downsizing video transcoder based on H.264
* Intrinsic dense 3D surface tracking
* Introduction to the Special Issue on 3-D Video Technology
* investigation of 3D dual-tree wavelet transform for video coding, An
* ISAR Imaging of a Ship Target Based on Parameter Estimation of Multicomponent Quadratic Frequency-Modulated Signals
* ISAR Imaging of Maneuvering Target Based on the L-Class of Fourth-Order Complex-Lag PWVD
* Jitter smoothing and traffic modeling for MPEG-2 video transport over ATM networks
* Joint just noticeable difference model based on depth perception for stereoscopic images
* Joint Random Field Model for All-Weather Moving Vehicle Detection
* Joint Random Fields for Moving Vehicle Detection
* Joint Rate Allocation for Multiprogram Video Coding Using FGS
* Joint region tracking with switching hypothesized measurements
* Kinect Depth Inpainting via Graph Laplacian with TV21 Regularization
* Kinect depth restoration via energy minimization with TV21 regularization
* Label Propagation from ImageNet to 3D Point Clouds
* Lane detection and tracking using B-Snake
* Lane detection using spline model
* Lapped Orthogonal Transform Designed for Error Resilient Image Coding
* Lapped orthogonal transforms designed for error-resilient image coding
* Large Disparity Motion Layer Extraction via Topological Clustering
* Latent Boosting for Action Recognition
* Layered wireless video multicast using directional relays
* Layered Wireless Video Multicast Using Relays
* LayerP2P: Using Layered Video Chunks in P2P Live Streaming
* Learning Based Resolution Enhancement of Iris Images
* Learning hierarchical poselets for human parsing
* Learning mid-level features from object hierarchy for image classification
* Learning the Spherical Harmonic Features for 3-D Face Recognition
* Level set evolution with locally linear classification for image segmentation
* Linear MMSE Processing Design for 3-Phase Two-Way Cooperative MIMO Relay Systems
* Liver segmentation with constrained convex variational model
* Local Binary Patterns and Its Application to Facial Image Analysis: A Survey
* Local Distance Comparison for Multiple-shot People Re-identification
* Local tangent space based manifold entropy for image retrieval
* Local Variance-Controlled Forward-and-Backward Diffusion for Image Enhancement and Noise Reduction
* Major Cast Detection in Video Using Both Speaker and Face Information
* Mammographic mass segmentation: Embedding multiple features in vector-valued level set in ambiguous regions
* Mapping and Evaluation of NDVI Trends from Synthetic Time Series Obtained by Blending Landsat and MODIS Data around a Coalfield on the Loess Plateau
* Max-margin hidden conditional random fields for human action recognition
* Max-margin Latent Dirichlet Allocation for Image Classification and Annotation
* Maximisation of mutual information for gait-based soft biometric classification using gabor features
* Maximum correntropy criterion based 3D head tracking with commodity depth camera
* Maximum Likelihood Approach to Parallel Imaging With Coil Sensitivity Noise, A
* Measurement of Layer Thickness and Permittivity Using a New Multilayer Model From GPR Data
* Meta-tracking for video scene understanding
* Method of counting thin steel plates based on digital image processing
* Method of Evaluating Table Segmentation Results Based on a Table Image Ground Truther, A
* Minimum-Entropy-Based Autofocus Algorithm for SAR Data Using Chebyshev Approximation and Method of Series Reversion, and Its Implementation in a Data Processor
* Misapplication of the Local Ramp Metering Strategy ALINEA, A
* Modeling and Analysis of Skype Video Calls: Rate Control and Video Quality
* Modeling of Rate and Perceptual Quality of Compressed Video as Functions of Frame Rate and Quantization Stepsize and Its Applications
* Modeling of rate and perceptual quality of video and its application to frame rate adaptive rate control
* Modeling of Transmission-Loss-Induced Distortion in Decoded Video
* Modeling of Wavelet Coefficients in Medical Image Compression
* Modeling Properties of Influenza-Like Illness Peak Events with Crossing Theory
* Modeling the impact of frame rate on perceptual quality of video
* Modified Deterministic Annealing Algorithm for Robust Image Segmentation, A
* Monitoring the Changes of Lakes in the Source Region of Three Rivers with Remote Sensing Data from 1976 To 2009
* MPEG-4 Rate Control for Multiple Video Objects
* MPEG-4 video object-based rate allocation with variable temporal rates
* Multi-Camera-Based Object Handoff Using Decision-Level Fusion
* Multi-class Graph Boosting with Subgraph Sharing for Object Recognition
* Multi-instance learning with relational information of instances
* Multi-view Gymnastic Activity Recognition with Fused HMM
* Multilabel Image Classification Via High-Order Label Correlation Driven Active Learning
* Multimodal preserving embedding for face recognition
* Multiobjective Neural Network for Image Reconstruction
* Multiobjective optimization approach to image reconstruction from projections
* multiple circular path convolution neural network system for detection of mammographic masses, A
* Multiple Description Coding for Video Delivery
* Multiple Description Coding for Video Using Motion Compensated Prediction
* Multiple description coding using pairwise correlating transforms
* Multiple description image coding based on lapped orthogonal transforms
* Multiple Description Image Coding Using Signal Decomposition and Reconstruction Based on Lapped Orthogonal Transforms
* Multiple Description Video Using Rate-distortion Splitting
* Multiple Illuminant Estimation
* Multiple Tree Models for Occlusion and Spatial Constraints in Human Pose Estimation
* Multiple Watermarking with Side Information
* Multiple-Description Video Coding Using Motion-Compensated Temporal Prediction
* Multiple-Instance learning from multiple perspectives: Combining models for Multiple-Instance learning
* Multiscale Bi-Gaussian Filter for Adjacent Curvilinear Structures Detection With Application to Vasculature Images
* Multispectral Code Excited Linear Prediction Coding and Its Application in Magnetic-Resonance Images
* Multiview Video Sequence Analysis, Compression, and Virtual Viewpoint Synthesis
* Mutual information-based method for selecting informative feature sets
* Near-Duplicate keyframe identification based on color and affine invariant features
* neural-network based autonomous navigation system using mobile robots, A
* New Decomposition Algorithm of DCT-IV/DST-IV for Realizing Fast IMDCT Computation, A
* new frame interpolation scheme for talking head sequences, A
* new method for camera stratified self-calibration under circular motion, A
* new method to obtain the shift-table in Boyer-Moore's string matching algorithm, A
* new stochastic model-based image segmentation technique for MR image, A
* Non-parametric Filtering for Geometric Detail Extraction and Material Representation
* Non-rigid face tracking with enforced convexity and local appearance consistency constraint
* Non-Rigid Object Alignment with a Mismatch Template Based on Exhaustive Local Search
* Nonlinear Regularization for Per Voxel Estimation of Magnetic Susceptibility Distributions From MRI Field Maps
* Nonnegative Least-Correlated Component Analysis for Separation of Dependent Sources by Volume Maximization
* novel 2D shape matching algorithm based on B-spline modeling, A
* Novel 4-D Open-Curve Active Contour and curve completion approach for automated tree structure extraction
* Novel Approach for 3-D Reconstruction of Coronary Arteries From Two Uncalibrated Angiographic Images
* novel approach to feature extraction from classification models based on information gene pairs, A
* Novel Eye Location Algorithm based on Radial Symmetry Transform, A
* Novel Lane Model for Lane Boundary Detection, A
* Novel Spatio-Temporal Structural Information Based Video Quality Metric
* Object boundary extraction using Active B-Snake Model
* Object Contour Extraction Using Adaptive B-Snake Model
* Object localization in medical images based on graphical model with contrast and interest-region terms
* Object-based transcoding for adaptable video content delivery
* On Complexity Modeling of H.264/AVC Video Decoding and Its Application for Energy Efficient Decoding
* On optimal subspaces for appearance-based object recognition
* On Parameter-Dependent Connected Components of Gray Images
* On Perceptually Consistent Image Binarization
* On the Results of the First Mobile Biometry (MOBIO) Face and Speaker Verification Evaluation
* On the Stationary Solution of PDE based Curve Evolution
* On Traffic Density Estimation with a Boosted SVM Classifier
* On Variational Curve Smoothing and Reconstruction
* Online Learned Player Recognition Model Based Soccer Player Tracking and Labeling for Long-Shot Scenes
* Online Learning for PLSA-Based Visual Recognition
* operational System for Sensor Modeling and DEM Generation of Satellite Pushbroom Sensor Images, An
* Optimal pairwise correlating transforms for multiple description coding
* Optimization and comparision of coding algorithms for mobile 3DTV
* Optimization of spatial, temporal and amplitude resolution for rate-constrained video coding and scalable video adaptation
* Optimizing Complex Loss Functions in Structured Prediction
* Optimizing Minimum and Maximum Green Time Settings for Traffic Actuated Control at Isolated Intersections
* Optimizing Nondecomposable Loss Functions in Structured Prediction
* Parameter-Adjusting Polar Format Algorithm for Extremely High Squint SAR Imaging, A
* Parametric Model for Describing the Correlation Between Single Color Images and Depth Maps, A
* Patient-Specific Modeling and Quantification of the Aortic and Mitral Valves From 4-D Cardiac CT and TEE
* Pattern analysis in neuroimaging: Beyond two-class categorization
* Pedestrian Detection with Sparse Depth Estimation
* peer-to-peer video-on-demand system using multiple description coding and server diversity, A
* Perceptual Quality Assessment of Video Considering Both Frame Rate and Quantization Artifacts
* Perceptual quality of video with quantization variation: A subjective study and analytical modeling
* PHLST5: A Practical and Improved Version of Polyharmonic Local Sine Transform
* Pinhole SPECT With Different Data Acquisition Geometries: Usefulness of Unified Projection Operators in Homogeneous Coordinates
* Power Allocation for Statistical QoS Provisioning in Opportunistic Multi-Relay DF Cognitive Networks
* Power efficient H.263 video transmission over wireless channels
* Practical Camera Calibration From Moving Objects for Traffic Scene Surveillance
* Prediction Based Collaborative Trackers (PCT): A Robust and Accurate Approach Toward 3D Medical Object Tracking
* Prediction of Traffic Flow at the Boundary of a Motorway Network
* probabilistic approach for foreground and shadow segmentation in monocular image sequences, A
* Probabilistic Framework for Brain Connectivity From Functional MR Images
* probabilistic method for foreground and shadow segmentation, A
* Probabilistic neural networks for medical image quantification
* Proxy-Based Multi-Stream Scalable Video Adaptation Over Wireless Networks Using Subjective Quality and Rate Models
* Q-STAR: A Perceptual Video Quality Model Considering Impact of Spatial, Temporal, and Amplitude Resolutions
* Quality Monitoring Of Large Steel Buildings Using Terrestrial Lidar Technique
* Quantification and Segmentation of Brain Tissues from MR-Images: A Probabilistic Neural Network Approach
* Quantitative Retrieval of Geophysical Parameters Using Satellite Data
* Quantitative Rotating Multisegment Slant-Hole SPECT Mammography With Attenuation and Collimator-Detector Response Compensation
* Quantitative stereological analysis of confocal laser scanning microscopic images of cells
* Quantitative-Analysis of MR Brain Image Sequences by Adaptive Self-Organizing Finite Mixtures
* Quaternion Based Color Image Quality Assessment Index
* Query-Document-Dependent Fusion: A Case Study of Multimodal Music Retrieval
* Quick Algorithm for Filtering Noise from Laser Terrain Image, A
* Randomized hybrid linear modeling by local best-fit flats
* Rate-distortion modeling for multiscale binary shape coding based on markov random fields
* Rate-Distortion Modeling of Binary Shape using State Partitioning
* Rate-distortion Optimized Video Coding Considering Frameskip
* Real-Time Freeway Network Traffic Surveillance: Large-Scale Field-Testing Results in Southern Italy
* Real-Time Moving Vehicle Detection With Cast Shadow Removal in Video Based on Conditional Random Field
* Real-Time Multi-View Face Detection and Pose Estimation in Video Stream
* Real-time smoke detection using texture and color features
* Real-time stereo vision system using adaptive weight cost aggregation approach
* Recognition of Roads and Bridges in SAR Images
* Recognize Multi-people Interaction Activity by PCA-HMMs
* Recognizing human actions from still images with latent poses
* Recovering Missing Contours for Occluded Object Detection
* Redundancy Rate-Distortion Analysis of Multiple Description Coding Using Pairwise Correlating Transforms
* Refining image annotation using contextual relations between words
* Region segmentation based on active mesh representation of motion: comparison of parallel and sequential approaches
* Registration algorithm based on image matching for outdoor AR system with fixed viewing position
* Regularized Total Least Squares Approach for Nonconvolutional Linear Inverse Problems
* Regularized Total Least Squares Reconstruction for Optical Tomographic Imaging Using Conjugate Gradient Method
* Reliable JPEG steganalysis based on multi-directional correlations
* Ricci Flow for 3D Shape Analysis
* Road tracking using particle filters with partition sampling and auxiliary variables
* Robust AVS Audio Watermarking
* Robust facial feature tracking under varying face pose and facial expression
* Robust Feature Selection by Weighted Fisher Criterion for Multiclass Prediction in Gene Expression Profiling
* Robust Human Pose Recognition Using Unlabelled Markers
* Robust Locally Linear Analysis with Applications to Image Denoising and Blind Inpainting
* Robust Motion Estimation Using Trajectory Spectrum Learning: Application to Aortic and Mitral Valve Modeling from 4D TEE
* Robust object tracking using Bi-model
* Robust Road Modeling and Tracking Using Condensation
* Robust Solvers for Square Jigsaw Puzzles
* Saliency based joint topic discovery for object categorization
* Saliency based objective quality assessment of decoded video affected by packet losses
* Saliency detection based on proto-objects and topic model
* Scalable Content-Based Music Retrieval Using Chord Progression Histogram and Tree-Structure LSH
* scale-space technique for polygonal approximation of planar curves, A
* Second-Order Derivative-Based Smoothness Measure for Error Concealment in DCT-Based Codecs
* Secure Biometrics: Concepts, Authentication Architectures, and Challenges
* Segmentation based linear predictive coding of multispectral images
* Segmentation of magnetic resonance brain image: Integrating region growing and edge detection
* Segmented Adaptive DPCM for Lossy Compression of Multispectral MR-Images
* Segmenting Objects in Weakly Labeled Videos
* Selective eigenbackgrounds method for background subtraction in crowed scenes
* Self-Adaptive Tolling Strategy for Enhanced High-Occupancy Toll Lane Operations
* Semi-Latent Dirichlet Allocation: A Hierarchical Model for Human Action Recognition
* Sensor Fusion Framework Using Multiple Particle Filters for Video-Based Navigation, A
* Sensor-Assisted Video Encoding for Mobile Devices in Real-World Environments
* set of transformations for lossless image compression, A
* Shape clustering: Common structure discovery
* Short Distance Intra Coding Scheme for High Efficiency Video Coding
* Simulating human saccadic scanpaths on natural images
* Singer identification based on vocal and instrumental models
* Singular Value Decomposition-Based Robust Cubature Kalman Filter for an Integrated GPS/SINS Navigation System
* Space Hierarchies of Two-Dimensional Alternating Turing Machines, Pushdown Automata and Counter Automata
* Sparse Ensemble Learning for Concept Detection
* Spatial-Temporal Affinity Propagation for Feature Clustering with Application to Traffic Video Analysis
* Spatio-temporal ssim index for video quality assessment
* Spatiotemporal Video Segmentation Based on Graphical Models
* Speaker Verification with Adaptive Spectral Subband Centroids
* Special Issue on Exploiting Wireless Communication Technologies in Vehicular Transportation Networks
* Special Issue on ITSC 2006
* Special Issue on Recent Development in Video: Algorithms, Implementation and Applications: Introduction
* Speech-assisted lip synchronization in audio-visual communications
* Speeding up scientific imaging workflows: Design of automated image annotation tool
* Squint Spotlight SAR Raw Signal Simulation in the Frequency Domain Using Optical Principles
* Statistical analysis of MR imaging and its applications in image modeling
* Statistical-based Approach to Word Segmentation
* Stochastic Model and Probabilistic Decision-Based Classifier for Mass Detection in Digital Mammography
* Structure-adaptive B-snake for Segmenting Complex Objects
* Structure-Aware Global Optimization Method for Reconstructing 3-D Tree Models From Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data, A
* Structured Sparse Method for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Super-resolution mosaicking of UAV surveillance video
* Supporting image and video applications in a multihop radio environment using path diversity and multiple description coding
* Switching Gaussian Process Dynamic Models for simultaneous composite motion tracking and recognition
* Tensor Discriminant Analysis for View-based Object Recognition
* theory of parameter-dependent connected components of gray images and segmentation, A
* Time Delay Estimation Based on the Fractional Fourier Transform in the Passive System
* Time-Frequency Hybrid Downmixing Method for AC-3 Decoding, A
* Time-Varying Volume Geometry Compression with 4D Lifting Wavelet Transform
* Tissue-Specific Compartmental Analysis for Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MR Imaging of Complex Tumors
* Total Least-Squares Reconstruction with Wavelets for Optical Tomography
* Total Power Minimization for Multiuser Video Communications Over CDMA Networks
* Towards Unsupervised Segmentation of Semi-Rigid Low-Resolution Molecular Surfaces
* Track-to-Track Association for Biased Data Based on the Reference Topology Feature
* Tracking occluded targets in high-similarity background: An online training, non-local appearance model and periodic hybrid particle filter with projective transformation
* Tracking Pylorus in Ultrasonic Image Sequences With Edge-Based Optical Flow
* Traffic Density Estimation with On-line SVM Classifier
* Training TSVM with the proper number of positive samples
* Tunable Encryption Scheme and Analysis of Fast Selective Encryption for CAVLC and CABAC in H.264/AVC, A
* Two Pass H.264-Based Matching Pursuit Video Coder, A
* Two-Dimensional Channel Coding Scheme for MCTF-Based Scalable Video Coding
* Two-Dimensional Spectrum Model for General Bistatic SAR, A
* Unified Framework for Segmentation-Assisted Image Registration, A
* unified framework for spatiotemporal salient region detection, A
* Unified Graphical Models Framework for Automated Mitosis Detection in Human Embryos, A
* Unsupervised Discovery of Action Classes
* Unsupervised Moving Object Detection with On-line Generalized Hough Transform
* Unsupervised Multi-resolution Object Extraction Algorithm Using Video-cube, An
* Unsupervised Speech Text Localization in Comic Images
* Use of 2-Dimensional Deformable Mesh Structures for Video Coding: I The Synthesis Problem: Mesh-Based Function Approximation and Mapping
* Use of 2-Dimensional Deformable Mesh Structures for Video Coding: II The Analysis Problem and a Region-Based Coder Employing an Active Mesh Representation
* Using a New Search Strategy to Improve the Performance of N-FINDR Algorithm for End-Member Determination
* Using RTT Variability for Adaptive Cross-Layer Approach to Multimedia Delivery in Heterogeneous Networks
* Variation of Land Surface Phenology From 1982 to 2006 Along the Appalachian Trail, The
* Variational Formulation for Fingerprint Orientation Modeling, A
* Vehicle detection and tracking with low-angle cameras
* Vehicle-to-infrastructure communication-based adaptive traffic signal control
* Video Coding Using 3D Dual-Tree Wavelet Transform
* Video Demo: An Egocentric Vision Based Assistive Co-robot
* Video face recognition via combination of real-time local features and temporal-spatial cues
* Video plus depth compression for mobile 3D services
* Video segmentation based on graphical models
* Video Sequence Matching Based on the Invariance of Color Correlation
* Video stabilization based on high degree B-spline smoothing
* Video stabilization with a depth camera
* Video Stylization: Painterly Rendering and Optimization With Content Extraction
* Visual tracking by proto-objects
* Visual tracking by proto-objects
* wavelet-based multiresolution regularized least squares reconstruction approach for optical tomography, A
* weakly supervised approach for object detection based on Soft-Label Boosting, A
* Weakly Supervised Learning for Attribute Localization in Outdoor Scenes
* What Object Motion Reveals about Shape with Unknown BRDF and Lighting
* Wireless Video Transport Using Path Diversity: Multiple Description vs. Layered Coding
Includes: Wang, Y.[Yao] Wang, Y. Wang, Y.[Yue] Wang, Y.[Yang] Wang, Y.[Yu] Wang, Y.[Ying] Wang, Y.[Yilin] Wang, Y.[Yizhou] Wang, Y.[Yi] Wang, Y.[Yaowei] Wang, Y.[Yong] Wang, Y.[You] Wang, Y.[Yuan] Wang, Y.[Yiwen] Wang, Y.[Yige] Wang, Y.[Yongbo] Wang, Y.[Yuru] Wang, Y.[Yaming] Wang, Y.[Yajun] Wang, Y.[Yanke] Wang, Y.[Yawei] Wang, Y.[Yan] Wang, Y.[Yongjin] Wang, Y.[Yanbin] Wang, Y.[Yulu] Wang, Y.[Ye] Wang, Y.[Yunjia] Wang, Y.[Yaonan] Wang, Y.[Yuer] Wang, Y.[Yuxia] Wang, Y.[Yubin] Wang, Y.[Yanchang] Wang, Y.[Yinhai] Wang, Y.[Yuebin] Wang, Y.[Yusu] Wang, Y.[Yongtao] Wang, Y.[Yinting]
502 for Wang, Y.

Wang, Y.B.[Yan Bo] Co Author Listing * Learning cell geometry models for cell image simulation: An unbiased approach
* Projective invariants of co-moments of 2D images
* Real Time Facial Expression Recognition with AdaBoost
* Surface-Tracing-Based LASAR 3-D Imaging Method via Multiresolution Approximation
Includes: Wang, Y.B.[Yan Bo] Wang, Y.B.[Yan-Bo] Wang, Y.B.[Yuan-Bin] Wang, Y.B.[Yu-Bo] Wang, Y.B.[Yin-Bo]

Wang, Y.C.[You Chuang] Co Author Listing * effective algorithm for fingerprint image enhancement based on wavelet transform, An
* Efficient Disparity Estimation Using Hierarchical Bilateral Disparity Structure Based Graph Cut Algorithm With a Foreground Boundary Refinement Mechanism
* Energy-optimized mapping of application to smartphone platform: A case study of mobile face recognition
* FNN-Based adaptive iterative learning control for a class of nonlinear discrete-time systems, An
* Fusion Framework of Stereo Vision and Kinect for High-Quality Dense Depth Maps, A
* Gamma model and its analysis for phase measuring profilometry
* iMouse: An Integrated Mobile Surveillance and Wireless Sensor System
* Improved parabolic prediction-based fractional search for H.264/AVC video coding
* Lunar terrain reconstruction using PDEs
* Maximum SNR pattern strategy for phase shifting methods in structured light illumination
* New Equation for Deriving Vegetation Phenophase from Time Series of Leaf Area Index (LAI) Data, A
* Noncontact, depth-detailed 3D fingerprinting
* Observer based adaptive control of nonlinear systems using filtered-FNN design
* Period Coded Phase Shifting Strategy for Real-time 3-D Structured Light Illumination
* real-time system for 3D recovery of dynamic scene with multiple RGBD imagers, A
* Robust Active Stereo Vision Using Kullback-Leibler Divergence
* Towards Generic Detection Scheme in Zero Knowledge Protocol for Blind Watermark Detection
* unified rectification method for single viewpoint multi-camera system, A
* VLSI architecture design of MPEG-4 shape coding
Includes: Wang, Y.C.[You Chuang] Wang, Y.C.[You-Chuang] Wang, Y.C. Wang, Y.C.[Yi-Chu] Wang, Y.C.[Ying-Chung] Wang, Y.C.[Yu-Cheng] Wang, Y.C.[Yong-Chang] Wang, Y.C.[You-Chiun] Wang, Y.C.[Yue-Chao] Wang, Y.C.[Yu-Chen] Wang, Y.C.[Yin Chai] Wang, Y.C.[Yan-Chang]
19 for Wang, Y.C.

Wang, Y.C.A.[Yu Chi Ang] Co Author Listing * hierarchical classifier using new support vector machine, A
Includes: Wang, Y.C.A.[Yu Chi Ang] Wang, Y.C.A.[Yu-Chi-Ang]

Wang, Y.C.A.F.[Yu Chi Ang Frank] Co Author Listing * Automatic saliency inspired foreground object extraction from videos
* Cross-layer design for video streaming with dynamic antenna selection
* Cross-view action recognition via low-rank based domain adaptation
* discriminative domain adaptation model for cross-domain image classification, A
* Joint source-channel coding optimization with packet loss resilience for video transmission
* Locality-Constrained Group Sparse Representation for Robust Face Recognition
* Locality-sensitive dictionary learning for sparse representation based classification
* Low-rank matrix recovery with structural incoherence for robust face recognition
* Moving foreground object detection via robust SIFT trajectories
* Multi-Scale Learning Framework for Visual Categorization, A
* Recognizing Actions across Cameras by Exploring the Correlated Subspace
* Superpixel-based large displacement optical flow
Includes: Wang, Y.C.A.F.[Yu Chi Ang Frank] Wang, Y.C.A.F.[Yu-Chi-Ang Frank]
12 for Wang, Y.C.A.F.

Wang, Y.C.F. Co Author Listing * Background Recovery in Railroad Crossing Videos via Incremental Low-Rank Matrix Decomposition
* Context-Aware Single Image Super-Resolution Using Locality-Constrained Group Sparse Representation
* Coupled Dictionary and Feature Space Learning with Applications to Cross-Domain Image Synthesis and Recognition
* Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation and Classification by Exploiting the Correlation Subspace
* Joint trilateral filtering for depth map super-resolution
* Learning context-aware sparse representation for single image super-resolution
* Learning Dense Optical-Flow Trajectory Patterns for Video Object Extraction
* Learning of context-aware single image super-resolution
* Learning sparse image representation with support vector regression for single-image super-resolution
* Novel Multiple Kernel Learning Framework for Heterogeneous Feature Fusion and Variable Selection, A
* rank-one update method for least squares linear discriminant analysis with concept drift, A
* Robust Texture Analysis Using Multi-Resolution Gray-Scale Invariant Features for Breast Sonographic Tumor Diagnosis
* Self-learning approach to color demosaicking via support vector regression
* Self-Learning Approach to Single Image Super-Resolution, A
* Self-Learning Based Image Decomposition With Applications to Single Image Denoising
* Simultaneous Object Recognition and Localization in Image Collections
Includes: Wang, Y.C.F. Wang, Y.C.F.[Yu-Chiang Frank]
16 for Wang, Y.C.F.

Wang, Y.D.[Yan Dong] Co Author Listing * Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Road Extraction from Aerial Images
* Automatic and robust 3D Face Registration using Multiresolution Spherical Depth Map
* Automatic segmentation technique for acetabulum and femoral head in CT images
* Block Pyramid Based Adaptive Quantization Watermarking for Multimodal Biometric Authentication
* Combining Spatial and Temporal Information for Gait Based Gender Classification
* Data-Driven Probability Hypothesis Density Filter for Visual Tracking
* Face Verification Based on Bagging RBF Networks
* Genetic Hough Transform for Curves Detection
* Hand Vein Recognition Based on Oriented Gradient Maps and Local Feature Matching
* Improving Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Based on Feature-Weight Learning
* Improving generalization for gender classification
* Knowledge-Based Road Interpretation in Aerial Images
* Pan-Sharpening Using an Adaptive Linear Model
* Robust Method for Near Infrared Face Recognition Based on Extended Local Binary Pattern, A
* Segmentation of the Color Milk Somatic Cells Images, The
* super-resolution based method to synthesize visual images from near infrared, A
* Three-dimensional object recognition using vector wavelets
* Tracking a Variable Number of Human Groups in Video Using Probability Hypothesis Density
Includes: Wang, Y.D.[Yan Dong] Wang, Y.D.[Yan-Dong] Wang, Y.D.[Yi-Ding] Wang, Y.D.[Ya-Dong] Wang, Y.D. Wang, Y.D.[Yue-Dong]
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Wang, Y.F.[Yuan Fang] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Wang, Y.F.[Yuan Fang]: yfwang AT cs ucsb edu
* 3D Shape and Motion Analysis from Image Blur and Smear: A Unified Approach
* Adaptive and Efficient Selective Multiple Reference Frames Motion Estimation for H.264 Video Coding, An
* Analysis of Video Image Sequences Using Point and Line Correspondences
* Characterizing Three-Dimensional Surface Structure from Visual Images
* Choreographed Scope Maneuvering in Robotically-Assisted Laparoscopy with Active Vision Guidance
* Compression of multi-polarimetric SAR intensity images based on 3D-matrix transform
* Computation of Surface Orientation and Structure of Objects Using Grid Coding
* Construction of Surface Representation from 3-D Volumetric Scene Description
* Decision tree-based contrast enhancement for various color images
* dual quad-tree based variable block-size coding method, A
* Eigenspace Update Algorithm for Image Analysis, An
* Error Analysis of 3D Shape Construction from Structured Lighting
* Experiments in Computing Optical Flow with the Gradient-Based, Multiconstraint Method
* Exploring Visual and Motion Saliency for Automatic Video Object Extraction
* Geometric and Illumination Invariants for Object Recognition
* Hyperspectral image classification using wavelet packet analysis and gray prediction model
* Identifying Color in Motion in Video Sensors
* Image analysis for automated tracking in robot-assisted endoscopic surgery
* Image matching using enclosed region detector
* Image-based view rendering in endoscopy
* Inferring Local Surface Orientation with the Aid of Grid Coding
* Integration of Active and Passive Sensing Techniques for Representing Three-Dimensional Objects
* Interpretation of 3D Structure and Motion Using Structured Lighting
* Invariant feature extraction and biased statistical inference for video surveillance
* Matching Three-Dimensional Objects Using Silhouettes
* Multi-View Stereo Point Clouds Visualization
* new framework for behavior modeling of organs and soft tissue using the Boundary-Element Methods, A
* New Method for Computing Intrinsic Surface Properties, A
* New Method for Sensor Data Fusion in Machine Vision
* On 3D Model Construction By Fusing Heterogeneous Sensor Data
* Orientation-based Unique Representation for Planar Curves and Shapes
* Perceptual multiview video coding based on foveated just noticeable distortion profile in DCT domain
* Person Re-Identification by Regularized Smoothing KISS Metric Learning
* pixel-wise directional intra prediction method, A
* Regularizing method for the determination of the backscatter cross section in lidar data
* Regularizing optical-flow computation using tensor theory and complex analysis
* Retinal vessel segmentation using multiwavelet kernels and multiscale hierarchical decomposition
* Robust and Real-Time Image Stabilization and Rectification
* Robust obstacle detection based on a novel disparity calculation method and G-disparity
* Stabilizing Stereo Correspondence Computation Using Delaunay Triangulation and Planar Homography
* Static global scheduling for optimal computer vision and image processing operations on distributed-memory multiprocessors
* Study on Using Structured Lighting to Analyze Time Varying Image Sequences, A
* Surface Reconstruction and Representation of 3-D Scenes
* Surface Reconstruction Using Deformable Models with Interior and Boundary Constraints
* Three-Dimensional Shape Construction and Recognition by Fusing Intensity and Structured Lighting
* Unification Scheme for 3D Surface Reconstruction Using Physically Based Models
* Using Stationary-Dynamic Camera Assemblies for Wide-area Video Surveillance and Selective Attention
* video analysis framework for soft biometry security surveillance, A
* Viewing enhancement in video-endoscopy
Includes: Wang, Y.F.[Yuan Fang] Wang, Y.F.[Yuan-Fang] Wang, Y.F. Wang, Y.F.[Yong-Fu] Wang, Y.F.[Yun-Fei] Wang, Y.F.[Yi-Fei] Wang, Y.F.[Yong-Fang] Wang, Y.F.[Yong-Fei] Wang, Y.F.[Yan-Fei] Wang, Y.F.[Yang-Fan]
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Wang, Y.G.[Yong Gang] Co Author Listing * Color Texture Segmentation Based on Quaternion-Gabor Features
* Color-Texture Image Segmentation by Combining Region and Photometric Invariant Edge Information
* Color-texture image segmentation by integrating directional operators into JSEG method
* Combined Color and Texture Segmentation Based on Fibonacci Lattice Sampling and Mean Shift
* Design and implementation of human-computer interaction system based on real-time tracking of the shoot point from the light pen
* Exploring Facial Expression Effects in 3D Face Recognition Using Partial ICP
* Fusing target information from multiple views for robust visual tracking
* GACV: Geodesic-Aided C-V method
* image copy detection scheme based on radon transform, An
* Maximizing efficacy for efficient watermarking systems
* Merged Quadtree Fractal Image Compression
* Multiclass spectral clustering based on discriminant analysis
* MV-MAP: Multiresolution Video Visualization and Summarization on MAPs
* Novel Color C-V Method and Its Application, A
* Outage Probability of Selection Cooperation With MRC in Nakagami-m Fading Channels
* Region partition and feature matching based color recognition of tongue image
* Robust dual watermarking algorithm for AVS video
* Robust image hash in Radon transform domain for authentication
* Salient Region Detection Based on Color Uniqueness and Color Spatial Distribution
* Security Analysis on Spatial +/- 1 Steganography for JPEG Decompressed Images
* simple decomposition algorithm for support vector machines with polynomial-time convergence, A
* SVD based Kalman particle filter for robust visual tracking
Includes: Wang, Y.G.[Yong Gang] Wang, Y.G.[Yong-Gang] Wang, Y.G.[Yi-Gang] Wang, Y.G.[Ying-Guan] Wang, Y.G.[Yuan-Gen] Wang, Y.G.[Ying-Ge] Wang, Y.G. Wang, Y.G.[Yan-Guo]
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Wang, Y.H.[Yun Hong] Co Author Listing * email: Wang, Y.H.[Yun Hong]: wangyh AT nlpr ia ac cn
* 3-D video coding with redundant-wavelet multihypothesis
* 3D facial expression recognition via multiple kernel learning of Multi-Scale Local Normal Patterns
* 3D Model Based Vehicle Tracking Using Gradient Based Fitness Evaluation under Particle Filter Framework
* 3D Video Coding Using Redundant-Wavelet Multihypothesis and Motion-Compensated Temporal Filtering
* Age Classification Base on Gait Using HMM
* Application of Thermocouple Thermometry and Bundle Tube Monitoring in Fire Prevention and Extinguishing in Coal Mine
* Assessment of NIR-red algorithms for observation of chlorophyll-a in highly turbid inland waters in China
* Asymmetric 3D/2D face recognition based on LBP facial representation and canonical correlation analysis
* Asymmetry-Based Quality Assessment of Face Images
* Automatic 3D Face Recognition Combining Global Geometric Features with Local Shape Variation Information
* Automatic and robust 3D Face Registration using Multiresolution Spherical Depth Map
* Automatic Asymmetric 3D-2D Face Recognition
* automatic vehicle detection method based on traffic videos, An
* Benchmarking asymmetric 3D-2D face recognition systems
* biologically inspired object-based visual attention model, A
* Biologically-Inspired Top-Down Learning Model Based on Visual Attention, A
* Blind Image Steganalysis Based on Statistical Analysis of Empirical Matrix
* Block Pyramid Based Adaptive Quantization Watermarking for Multimodal Biometric Authentication
* Building detection from high-resolution PolSAR data at the rectangle level by combining region and edge information
* Cascading statistical and structural classifiers for iris recognition
* Codebook Reconstruction with Word Correlation Feedback Mechanism
* Combinational Subsequence Matching for Human Identification from General Actions
* Combining Face and Iris Biometrics for Identity Verification
* Combining Fingerprint and Voiceprint Biometrics for Identity Verification: an Experimental Comparison
* Combining local features for robust nose location in 3D facial data
* Combining Null Space-Based Gabor Features for Face Recognition
* Combining Spatial and Temporal Information for Gait Based Gender Classification
* Combining Statistics of Geometrical and Correlative Features for 3D Face Recognition
* Combining Tensor Space Analysis and Active Appearance Models for Aging Effect Simulation on Face Images
* Context Enhancement of Nighttime Surveillance by Image Fusion
* Cross-view action recognition via transductive transfer learning
* Cross-view object classification in traffic scene surveillance based on transductive transfer learning
* Depth vs. intensity: which is more important for face recognition?
* Discriminating 3D Faces by Statistics of Depth Differences
* Do singular values contain adequate information for face recognition?
* Effects of Atmospheric Stability and Wind Fetch on Microwave Sea Echoes
* Efficient Human Parsing Based on Sketch Representation
* Efficient iris recognition by characterizing key local variations
* Enhancing biometric security with wavelet quantization watermarking based two-stage multimodal authentication
* Enhancing cross-view object classification by feature-based transfer learning
* Ethnicity classification based on gait using multi-view fusion
* Extended Optimization Method of LSB Steganalysis
* Face indexing and searching from videos
* Face recognition using a hybrid model
* Face Relighting Based on Multi-spectral Quotient Image and Illumination Tensorfaces
* Face Verification Based on Bagging RBF Networks
* Faceprint: Fusion of Local Features for 3D Face Recognition
* Facial aging simulation based on super-resolution in tensor space
* Facial ethnicity classification based on boosted local texture and shape descriptions
* Facial image-based gender classification using Local Circular Patterns
* Fast Principal Component Analysis using Eigenspace Merging
* Fingerprint matching based on error propagation
* Font Recognition Based on Global Texture Analysis
* Fusion of global and local features for face verification
* Gait Recognition Based on Fusion of Multi-view Gait Sequences
* Gait-Based Gender Classification Using Mixed Conditional Random Field
* Gender Classification Based on Fusion of Multi-view Gait Sequences
* Gender Recognition Based on Fusion of Face and Multi-view Gait
* Hand Vein Recognition Based on Oriented Gradient Maps and Local Feature Matching
* Hand-dorsa vein recognition based on multi-level keypoint detection and local feature matching
* Head pose localization based on multi-cue fusion
* Image indexing and similarity retrieval based on spatial relationship model
* Improving Iris Recognition Accuracy via Cascaded Classifiers
* Investigating the separability of features from different views for gait based gender classification
* Investigation of Methodologies for the Segmentation of Squamous Epithelium from Cervical Histological Virtual Slides
* Iris Detection Method Based on Structure Information, An
* iris image synthesis method based on PCA and super-resolution, An
* Iris Recognition Algorithm Using Local Extreme Points, An
* Iris recognition using circular symmetric filters
* Learning Effective Intrinsic Features to Boost 3D-Based Face Recognition
* Local intensity variation analysis for iris recognition
* Local Manifold Matching for Face Recognition
* Locally linear embedding based example learning for pan-sharpening
* Mean shift algorithm equipped with the intersection of confidence intervals rule for image segmentation
* Mesh-based motion estimation and compensation in the wavelet domain using a redundant transform
* Model based steganalysis
* Motion Compensation Via Redundant-Wavelet Multihypothesis
* Motion estimation and compensation in the redundant-wavelet domain using triangle meshes
* Moving cast shadow detection using online sub-scene shadow modeling and object inner-edges analysis
* Multi-Eigenspace Learning for Video-Based Face Recognition
* Multi-view multi-stance gait identification
* Multihypothesis motion compensation in the redundant wavelet domain
* Muscle injury determination by image segmentation
* Nearest intra-class space classifier for face recognition
* new iris segmentation method for recognition, A
* Noise removal and impainting model for IRIS image
* novel geometric facial representation based on multi-scale extended local binary patterns, A
* Null Space Approach of Fisher Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition
* Null Space-Based Kernel Fisher Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition
* Numerical Studies of Sea Surface Scattering With the GMRES-RP Method
* On estimation of secret message length in jsteg-like steganography
* On-line Signature Verification Using Graph Representation
* On-line Signature Verification Using Segment-to-Segment Graph Matching
* Online Appearance Model Learning for Video-Based Face Recognition
* Ordinal Palmprint Represention for Personal Identification
* Pan-Sharpening Using an Adaptive Linear Model
* Pan-sharpening using weighted red-black wavelet
* Personal identification based on iris texture analysis
* Pixel-wise skin colour detection based on flexible neural tree
* PolSAR Coherency Matrix Decomposition Based on Constrained Sparse Representation
* renewed image annotation baseline by image embedding and tag correlation, A
* Rethinking Algorithm Design and Development in Speech Processing
* Robust 3D face recognition based on resolution invariant features
* Robust direction estimation of gradient vector field for iris recognition
* Robust Encoding of Local Ordinal Measures: A General Framework of Iris Recognition
* Robust Method for Near Infrared Face Recognition Based on Extended Local Binary Pattern, A
* Robust mobile spamming detection via graph patterns
* Robust nose detection in 3d facial data using local characteristics
* rotation and scale invariance face Recognition Method Based on Complex Network and Image Contour, A
* Saliency Detection Using Color Spatial Variance Weighted Graph Model
* Semi-supervised learning by locally linear embedding in kernel space
* Semi-supervised learning in traffic scene surveillance based on label-propagation
* Shape Detection from Line Drawings by Hierarchical Matching
* Shape detection from line drawings with local neighborhood structure
* Signal Exclusive Adaptive Average Filter for Impulse Noise Suppression
* Skin color and feature-based face detection in complicated backgrounds
* spatiotemporal saliency model of visual attention based on maximum entropy, A
* Speeding Up Scalar Multiplication Using a New Signed Binary Representation for Integers
* Steganalysis of data hiding in binary images
* super-resolution based method to synthesize visual images from near infrared, A
* SVM-Based Active Feedback in Image Retrieval Using Clustering and Unlabeled Data
* Template selection for on-line signature verification
* Text-Independent Writer Identification Based on Fusion of Dynamic and Static Features
* Textured 3D face recognition using biological vision-based facial representation and optimized weighted sum fusion
* Three-Dimensional Deformable-Model-Based Localization and Recognition of Road Vehicles
* Two-Dimensional Orthogonal DCT Expansion in Trapezoid and Triangular Blocks and Modified JPEG Image Compression
* Video-Based Face Recognition Using Bayesian Inference Model
* Video-Based Face Recognition Using Earth Mover's Distance
* Video-Based Face Tracking and Recognition on Updating Twin GMMs
* Visual Saliency Based Aerial Video Summarization by Online Scene Classification
* Writer Identification Using Dynamic Features
Includes: Wang, Y.H.[Yun Hong] Wang, Y.H.[Yun-Hong] Wang, Y.H.[Yong-Hui] Wang, Y.H.[Yu-Huai] Wang, Y.H.[Yan-Hua] Wang, Y.H.[Yue-Hong] Wang, Y.H.[Yue-Huan] Wang, Y.H.[Ying-Hua] Wang, Y.H.[Yun-Hua] Wang, Y.H.[Yu-Heng] Wang, Y.H.[Ying-Hong] Wang, Y.H.[Yin-Hai] Wang, Y.H.[Yin-Hua] Wang, Y.H. Wang, Y.H.[Yu-Hsiang] Wang, Y.H.[Yin-Hui] Wang, Y.H.[Ying-Hui] Wang, Y.H.[Yin-He] Wang, Y.H.[Yuan-Hui] Wang, Y.H.[Yu-Hua]
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Wang, Y.J. Co Author Listing * Analysing the Law of Dynamic Subsidence in Mining Area by Fusing INSAR and Leveling Measurements
* Application Research of Support Vector Machine in Multi-Spectra Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Cancelable Face Recognition Using Random Multiplicative Transform
* Compaction of ordered dithered images with arithmetic coding
* Distance Measurement in Panorama
* dual quaternion-based, closed-form pairwise registration algorithm for point clouds, A
* Event Detection and Recognition using Histogram of Oriented Gradients and Hidden Markov Models
* Eye detection by using fuzzy template matching and feature-parameter-based judgement
* Face Recognition From 2D And 3D Images
* Face recognition from 2D and 3D images using 3D Gabor filters
* Facial expression recognition based on discriminative dictionary learning
* Facial Expression Recognition Based on Gabor Features and Sparse Representation
* Facial feature detection and face recognition from 2D and 3D images
* Fast Algorithm and Its VLSI Architecture for Fractional Motion Estimation for H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Video Coding, A
* Genetic Algorithm for Silhouette Matching
* High spatial resolution satellite observations for validation of MODIS land products: IKONOS observations acquired under the NASA Scientific Data Purchase
* Integrated 2D and 3D images for face recognition
* Kernel Cross-Modal Factor Analysis for Information Fusion With Application to Bimodal Emotion Recognition
* Kernel Fusion of Audio and Visual Information for Emotion Recognition
* Memorizing GMM to Handle Sharp Changes in Moving Object Segmentation
* Monte Carlo Tracking Method with Threshold Constraint
* novel approach for human face detection from color images under complex background, A
* On Random Transformations for Changeable Face Verification
* Recognizing Human Emotional State From Audiovisual Signals
* Recognizing Human Emotional State From Audiovisual Signals*
* Robust face recognition from 2D and 3D images using structural Hausdorff distance
* Soft Measure of Visual Token Occurrences for Object Categorization
* Statistical Modeling and Learning for Recognition-Based Handwritten Numeral String Segmentation
* Visual tracking and learning using speeded up robust features
Includes: Wang, Y.J. Wang, Y.J.[Yu-Jian] Wang, Y.J.[Yong-Jin] Wang, Y.J.[Yi-Jie] Wang, Y.J.[Yun-Jia] Wang, Y.J.[Yun-Jiu] Wang, Y.J.[Ying-Jie] Wang, Y.J.[Yan-Jiang] Wang, Y.J.[Yu-Jen] Wang, Y.J.[Yu-Jie] Wang, Y.J.[Yan-Jie]
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Wang, Y.K.[Yuan Kai] Co Author Listing * 3D Human Pose Estimation by an Annealed Two-Stage Inference Method
* Acceleration of an improved Retinex algorithm
* Adaptive Redundant Picture for Error Resilient Video Coding
* Applying Genetic Algorithms on Pattern Recognition: An Analysis and Survey
* Coding of faded scene transitions
* Detecting Video Texts Using Spatial-Temporal Wavelet Transform
* error concealment feature in the h.26l test model, The
* Error Resilient Coding and Error Concealment in Scalable Video Coding
* Error Resilient Mode Decision in Scalable Video Coding
* Error Resilient Video Coding Using Redundant Pictures
* Error Resilient Video Coding Using Unequally Protected Key Pictures
* Form Document Identification Using Line Structure Based Features
* Genetic Sparse Distributed Memory Approach to the Application of Handwritten Character Recognition, A
* Globally Adaptive Pixel-Decimation Algorithm for Block-Motion Estimation, A
* Gradual decoder refresh using isolated regions
* Hilbert Scanning Search Algorithm for Motion Estimation
* Improved Error Concealment Using Scene Information
* Isolated regions in video coding
* Marginal noise removal of document images
* Multiple Description Video Coding With H.264/AVC Redundant Pictures
* Novel Block Matching Algorithm for Motion Estimation, A
* Overview of HEVC High-Level Syntax and Reference Picture Management
* Picture-level adaptive filter for asymmetric stereoscopic video
* Random access using isolated regions
* randomized approach with geometric constraints to fingerprint verification, A
* Robust vehicle detection approach
* Segmentation and Classification of Mixed Text/Graphics/Image Documents
* Sub-picture: ROI coding and unequal error protection
* System and Transport Interface of H.264/AVC Scalable Extension
* System and Transport Interface of SVC
* System Layer Integration of High Efficiency Video Coding
* Transport and Signaling of SVC in IP Networks
* Using Hidden Markov Model for Chinese Business Card Recognition
Includes: Wang, Y.K.[Yuan Kai] Wang, Y.K.[Yuan-Kai] Wang, Y.K.[Ye-Kui] Wang, Y.K.
33 for Wang, Y.K.

Wang, Y.L. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Three-Dimensional Rotation and Linear Shape Changes
* Area Preserving Brain Mapping
* Automatic Landmark Tracking and its Application to the Optimization of Brain Conformal Mapping
* Automatic table ground truth generation and a background-analysis-based table structure extraction method
* Bi-directional error-resilient entropy coding (BEREC)
* Blind image data hiding based on self reference
* Blind MPEG-2 video watermarking in DCT domain robust against scaling
* Blind MPEG-2 Video Watermarking Robust Against Geometric Attacks: A Set of Approaches in DCT Domain
* Blind MPEG-2 video watermarking robust against scaling
* Blind Watermarking Via Pixel Modification with Regular Rule
* Brain Surface Conformal Parameterization Using Riemann Surface Structure
* Brain Surface Conformal Parameterization With the Ricci Flow
* Combined significance MAP coding for still image compression
* Constant Time Algorithm for Computing Hough Transform, A
* Cooperative Object Tracking and Composite Event Detection With Wireless Embedded Smart Cameras
* Cooperative Object Tracking and Event Detection with Wireless Smart Cameras
* Detecting Tables in HTML Documents
* Document zone content classification and its performance evaluation
* Dynamic range analysis for the implementation of fast transform
* Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition Parameters Optimization for Spectral Distance Measurement in Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data
* Fast Algorithm For Edge-Preserving Variational Multichannel Image Restoration, A
* fast effective scene change detection and adaptive rate control algorithm, A
* Fingerprint compression: An adaptive and fast DCT-based approach
* Ground Moving Target Signal Analysis in Complex Image Domain for Multichannel SAR
* Hippocampal Surface Analysis Using Spherical Harmonic Function Applied to Surface Conformal Mapping
* Hyperbolic Harmonic Mapping for Constrained Brain Surface Registration
* Hyperbolic Ricci Flow and Its Application in Studying Lateral Ventricle Morphometry
* Illumination invariant extraction for face recognition using neighboring wavelet coefficients
* Image analysis for automated tracking in robot-assisted endoscopic surgery
* Improved Algorithm of Error-Resilient Entropy Coding Using State Information
* Improving photometric stereo with laser sectioning
* Low complexity multiple description coding method for networked video
* method for document zone content classification, A
* Mutual Information-Based 3D Surface Matching with Applications to Face Recognition and Brain Mapping
* New Alternating Minimization Algorithm For Total Variation Image Reconstruction, A
* novel two-pass VBR coding algorithm for fixed-size storage application, A
* Optimized Conformal Surface Registration With Shape-Based Landmark Matching
* Parametric Velocity Synthetic Aperture Radar: Multilook Processing and Its Applications
* Parametric Velocity Synthetic Aperture Radar: Signal Modeling and Optimal Methods
* Rao and Wald Tests for Distributed Targets Detection With Unknown Signal Steering
* Real-time distributed tracking with non-overlapping cameras
* Research on the Three-Dimensional Underwater Acoustic Image Measurement Technology Using Planar Array
* Shape analysis with conformal invariants for multiply connected domains and its application to analyzing brain morphology
* Shape analysis with multivariate tensor-based morphometry and holomorphic differentials
* Signal processing for sidelobe suppression in optical coherence tomography images
* Sparse Signal Reconstruction Via Iterative Support Detection
* Study on imaging algorithm of missile-borne MMW SAR for ground target
* Study on the Document Zone Content Classification Problem, A
* Studying brain morphometry using conformal equivalence class
* Surface Parameterization Using Riemann Surface Structure
* Table Detection via Probability Optimization
* Table structure understanding and its performance evaluation
* Teichmüller Shape Descriptor and Its Application to Alzheimer's Disease Study
* Visual tracking and learning using speeded up robust features
* Wavelet-Based Representation of Biological Shapes
* Zone content classification and its performance evaluation
Includes: Wang, Y.L. Wang, Y.L.[Ya-Lin] Wang, Y.L.[Yang-Li] Wang, Y.L.[Yu-Lin] Wang, Y.L.[You-Lu] Wang, Y.L.[Yi-Liang] Wang, Y.L.[Yung-Ling] Wang, Y.L.[Yi-Lun] Wang, Y.L.[Yu-Lun] Wang, Y.L.[Yu-Liang] Wang, Y.L.[Yong-Liang] Wang, Y.L.[Yi-Lin] Wang, Y.L.[Ying-Li] Wang, Y.L.[Yu-Lei]
56 for Wang, Y.L.

Wang, Y.M.[Yong Mei] Co Author Listing * 3D Brain surface matching based on geodesics and local geometry
* 3D Face Recognition by Local Shape Difference Boosting
* 3D Face Recognition in the Presence of Expression: A Guidance-based Constraint Deformation Approach
* 3d face recognition using local shape map
* 3D Face Recognition using Mapped Depth Images
* 3D Model Comparison through Kernel Density Matching
* accelerated multiplicative iterative algorithm in image reconstruction, An
* Accurate Registration Method Based on Point Clouds and Redundancy Elimination of LIDAR Data, An
* Adjacent coding for image classification
* approach to positron emission tomography based on penalized cross-entropy minimization, An
* Boundary Finding with Correspondence Using Statistical Shape Models
* Boundary Finding with Prior Shape and Smoothness Models
* Compton back-scattering imaging
* Content-Based Image Orientation Detection with Support Vector Machines
* Control Point Removal Algorithm for T-Spline Surfaces
* deformation model to reduce the effect of expressions in 3D face recognition, A
* Detecting image orientation based on low-level visual content
* direct reconstruction method with variable constraints, A
* Exploring Facial Expression Effects in 3D Face Recognition Using Partial ICP
* Finding Symmetry Plane of 3D Face Shape
* Fuzzy Vector Objective Optimization Algorithm For Image Reconstruction From Incomplete Projections
* Guided wave signal recognition by matching pursuit based on evolutionary programming algorithm
* Hallucinating 3D Faces
* Human motion estimation from monocular image sequence based on cross-entropy regularization
* Image reconstructions from two orthogonal projections
* Integrated Registration of Range Images from Terrestrial LIDAR
* iterative method for maximum entropy regularization reconstruction in MRI, An
* Low complexity lossless video compression
* Mapping Digital Image Texture onto 3D Model from LIDAR Data
* method based on rank-ordered filter to detect edges in cellular image, A
* Multicriteria maximum likelihood neural network approach to positron emission tomography
* Multicriteria second-order neural networks approach to imaging through turbulence
* Multicriterion cross-entropy minimization approach to positron emission tomographic imaging
* Multicriterion Image Reconstruction and Implementation
* Neural Network Approach to Image Reconstruction from Projections
* neural network approach to microwave imaging, A
* Rapid Extracting Pillars by Slicing Point Clouds
* Robust 3D Face Recognition by Local Shape Difference Boosting
* Robust Object Matching Using A Modified Version Of The Hausdorff Measure
* Scale and rotation invariant feature-based object tracking via modified on-line boosting
* Segmentation of rice disease spots based on improved BPNN
* Shape-based 3D Surface Correspondence using Geodesics and Local Geometry
* Super-Resolution of 3D Face
* Topology based affine invariant descriptor for MSERs
* Unified Framework for Robust Estimation of Brain Networks From fMRI Using Temporal and Spatial Correlation Analyses
Includes: Wang, Y.M.[Yong Mei] Wang, Y.M.[Yong-Mei] Wang, Y.M.[Yue-Ming] Wang, Y.M.[Yi-Ming] Wang, Y.M.[Yuan-Mei] Wang, Y.M.[Yan-Min] Wang, Y.M.[Yuan Mei] Wang, Y.M.[Yi-Min] Wang, Y.M.[Yongmei Michelle] Wang, Y.M.[Yue-Min] Wang, Y.M.[Ya-Ming] Wang, Y.M.[Yin-Ming] Wang, Y.M.[Yong-Ming] Wang, Y.M.
45 for Wang, Y.M.

Wang, Y.M.M.[Yong Mei Michelle] Co Author Listing * 3D Image Interpolation Based on Directional Coherence
* Directional Coherence Interpolation For Three-dimensional Gray-level Images
Includes: Wang, Y.M.M.[Yong Mei Michelle] Wang, Y.M.M.[Yong-Mei Michelle]

Wang, Y.N.[Yan Ni] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Motion Segmentation Based on Genetic Algorithm
* Adaptive Spectrum Sensing Algorithm Based on Eigenvalue Decomposition, An
* Blunder Elimination Techniques in Adaptive Automatic Terrain Extraction
* Development of glass bottle inspector based on machine vision
* Multifocus image fusion using artificial neural networks
* Obstacle avoidance path planning strategy for robot arm based on fuzzy logic
* real-time machine vision system for bottle finish inspection, A
* Texture classification using the support vector machines
* Three-Domain Fuzzy Support Vector Regression for Image Denoising and Experimental Studies, A
* Visual inspection of workpiece quality
Includes: Wang, Y.N.[Yan Ni] Wang, Y.N.[Yan-Ni] Wang, Y.N.[Yi-Ning] Wang, Y.N.[You-Nian] Wang, Y.N.[Yao-Nan]
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Wang, Y.P.[Yu Ping] Co Author Listing * email: Wang, Y.P.[Yu Ping]: wyp AT wavelets math nus edu sg
* Airborne Downward Looking Sparse Linear Array 3-D SAR Heterogeneous Parallel Simulation
* Automated on-ramp merging control algorithm based on internet-connected vehicles
* Autonomous Navigation Airborne Forward-Looking SAR High Precision Imaging with Combination of Pseudo-Polar Formatting and Overlapped Sub-Aperture Algorithm
* Chromosome image enhancement using multiscale differential operators
* Classification of 10m-resolution SPOT data using a combined Bayesian Network Classifier-shape adaptive neighborhood method
* Clustering multi-hop information dissemination method in vehicular ad hoc networks
* Construction and properties of B-spline wavelet filters for multiscale edge detection
* Directed Graph Based Image Registration
* Fast Implementation of Scale-Space by Interpolatory Subdivision Scheme
* Fast LV motion estimation using subspace approximation techniques
* Fundamentals of Bar Code Information Theory
* Groupwise Segmentation Improves Neuroimaging Classification Accuracy
* Hierarchical anatomical brain networks for MCI prediction by partial least square analysis
* Image Enhancement Using Multiscale Oriented Wavelets
* Image Representations Using Multiscale Differential Operators
* improved dark object method to retrieve 500 m-resolution AOT (Aerosol Optical Thickness) image from MODIS data: A case study in the Pearl River Delta area, China, An
* Improving MODIS sea ice detectability using gray level co-occurrence matrix texture analysis method: A case study in the Bohai Sea
* Multiband Radar Signal Coherent Fusion Processing With IAA and apFFT
* Multiscale Curvature-Based Shape Representation Using B-Spline Wavelets
* On LARS/Homotopy Equivalence Conditions for Over-Determined LASSO
* Optimal Correspondence for String Subsequences
* Pixel-Unmixing Moderate-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery Using Pairwise Coupling Support Vector Machines: A Case Study
* Scale-Space Derived from B-splines
Includes: Wang, Y.P.[Yu Ping] Wang, Y.P.[Yu-Ping] Wang, Y.P.[Yan-Ping] Wang, Y.P.[Yun-Peng] Wang, Y.P.[Ya-Ping] Wang, Y.P.
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Wang, Y.Q.[Yuan Quan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive diffusion flow active contours for image segmentation
* Adaptive Diffusion Flow for Parametric Active Contours
* Analysis of the Viola-Jones Face Detection Algorithm, An
* Building compact recognizers of handwritten Chinese characters using precision constrained Gaussian model, minimum classification error training and parameter compression
* Can a Single Image Denoising Neural Network Handle All Levels of Gaussian Noise?
* Cardiac Motion Estimation from Tagged MRI Using 3D-HARP and NURBS Volumetric Model
* Color Image Quality Assessment Based on Quaternion Representation for the Local Variance Distribution of RGB Channels
* Compensation Method of Acquisition for High Dynamic DSSS Signal
* Convolutional Virtual Electric Field External Force for Active Contours
* Depth Measurement Based on Bifocus Imaging
* Design Compact Recognizers of Handwritten Chinese Characters Using Precision Constrained Gaussian Models, Minimum Classification Error Training and Parameter Compression
* E-PLE: an Algorithm for Image Inpainting
* Edge Preserving Gradient Vector Flow for Active Contours, An
* Estimating the minimum redundancy in stereo image pair
* Extraction of Impervious Surface Areas from High Spatial Resolution Imagery by Multiple Agent Segmentation and Classification
* Extraction of Main Urban Roads from High Resolution Satellite Images by Machine Learning
* Globally Adaptive Pixel-Decimation Algorithm for Block-Motion Estimation, A
* Gradient Vector Flow over Manifold for Active Contours
* Hessian based image structure adaptive gradient vector flow for parametric active contours
* Implementation of SURE Guided Piecewise Linear Image Denoising, The
* Iterative learning control for stochastic point-to-point tracking system
* Localization of static target in WSNs with least-squares and extended Kalman filter
* Noise Removal Using Edge-Preserving Fourth-Order Partial Differential Equations
* Novel Block Matching Algorithm for Motion Estimation, A
* Novel Facial Expression Recognition Based on the Curvelet Features, A
* Novel Two-Step-Deformation Active Contour with Application to Facial Features Extraction, A
* On the Critical Point of Gradient Vector Flow Snake
* Optical Flow with Harmonic Constraint and Oriented Smoothness
* Oriented Smoothness Aided Harmonic Gradient Vector Flow for Active Contours
* Quaternion Based Color Image Quality Assessment Index
* Recognizing White Line Markings for Vision-Guided Vehicle Navigation by Fuzzy-Reasoning
* Reformative Gradient Vector Flow Based on Beltrami Flow, A
* Research and simulation of spatial spectrum estimation algorithm
* Robust real-time multi-user pupil detection and tracking under various illumination and large-scale head motion
* Segmentation of the Left Venctricle from MR Images via Snake Models Incorporating Shape Similarities
* Segmentation of the Left Ventricle from Cardiac MR Images Based on Degenerated Minimal Surface Diffusion and Shape Priors
* Segmentation of the left ventricle in cardiac cine MRI using a shape-constrained snake model
* Ship Detection Using Texture Statistics from Optical Satellite Images
* Signal Processing System Used in Digital Ophthalmology Ultrasonography, A
* Studies on Cloud Detection of Atmospheric Remote Sensing Image Using ICA Algorithm
* Study of Designing Compact Recognizers of Handwritten Chinese Characters Using Multiple-Prototype Based Classifiers, A
* Study of Discriminative Training for HMM-Based Online Handwritten Chinese/Japanese Character Recognition, A
* SURE Guided Gaussian Mixture Image Denoising
* Vector-valued Chan-Vese model driven by local histogram for texture segmentation
* Visual servo control of uncalibrated robot system with dead-zone input
* Wavelet-Domain Structure Similarity for Image Quality Assessment, A
Includes: Wang, Y.Q.[Yuan Quan] Wang, Y.Q.[Yuan-Quan] Wang, Y.Q.[Yi-Qing] Wang, Y.Q.[Yong-Qiang] Wang, Y.Q.[Yu-Qing] Wang, Y.Q.[Yong-Qing] Wang, Y.Q.[Yuan-Qing] Wang, Y.Q. Wang, Y.Q.[Yan-Qing] Wang, Y.Q.[You-Qing] Wang, Y.Q.[Yun-Qiong] Wang, Y.Q.[Yuang-Qing] Wang, Y.Q.[Yan-Qun] Wang, Y.Q.[Yong-Qi] Wang, Y.Q.[Yao-Qing]
46 for Wang, Y.Q.

Wang, Y.Q.A.[Yong Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * ellipsoid constrained quadratic programming (ECQP) approach to MCE training of MQDF-based classifiers for handwriting recognition, An
* Modeling inverse covariance matrices by expansion of tied basis matrices for online handwritten Chinese character recognition
* study of semi-tied covariance modeling for online handwritten Chinese character recognition, A
Includes: Wang, Y.Q.A.[Yong Qi Ang] Wang, Y.Q.A.[Yong-Qi-Ang]

Wang, Y.R.[Yan Ru] Co Author Listing * AE Signal Processing Study Based on HHT for GFRP
* Dayside corona aurora classification based on X-gray level aura matrices
* Fast and scalable computations of 2D image moments
* Fingerprint Image Segmentation Based on Quadric Surface Model
* Novel Automated Hand-Based Personal Identification, A
* novel technique to acquire perceived utility scores from textual descriptions of distorted natural images, A
* Subunit-Based Dynamic Time Warping Approach for Hand Movement Recognition, A
* Three-dimensional object reconstruction from orthogonal projections
Includes: Wang, Y.R.[Yan Ru] Wang, Y.R.[Yan-Ru] Wang, Y.R.[Yu-Ru] Wang, Y.R.[Yuh-Rau] Wang, Y.R.[Yan-Rong] Wang, Y.R.[Yi-Ran] Wang, Y.R.[Yan-Rung] Wang, Y.R.
8 for Wang, Y.R.

Wang, Y.S.[Yun Sheng] Co Author Listing * 3D Modeling of Coarse Fluvial Sediments Based on Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* AAM based face tracking with temporal matching and face segmentation
* Animation Key-Frame Extraction and Simplification Using Deformation Analysis
* Better Use of Human Visual Model in Watermarking Based on Linear Prediction Synthesis Filter
* Boosting Dissociated Region Pair LDA for Face Recognition
* Boosting in Random Subspaces for Face Recognition
* Boosting Statistical Local Feature Based Classifiers for Face Recognition
* Core-based structure matching algorithm of fingerprint verification
* Evaluation of face alignment solutions using statistical learning
* Face age estimation using model selection
* Face Recognition under Varying Lighting Conditions Using Self Quotient Image
* Face Recognition Using Most Discriminative Local and Global Features
* Facial feature fusion and model selection for age estimation
* Fingerprint enhancement in the singular point area
* Fingerprint matching combining the global orientation field with minutia
* Fingerprint Matching Integrating the Global Orientation Field with Minutia
* Gabor Feature Selection for Face Recognition Using Improved AdaBoost Learning
* Generalized multi-ethnic face age-estimation
* Generalized quotient image
* Head Gesture Recognition Based on Bayesian Network
* Hyperspectral image classification using wavelet packet analysis and gray prediction model
* Illumination modeling and normalization for face recognition
* improved level set method of ultrasound imaging to detect blood vessel walls, An
* Jensen-Shannon Boosting Learning for Object Recognition
* Key Techniques and Methods for Imaging Iris in Focus
* Learning with Cascade for Classification of Non-Convex Manifolds
* Monocular video foreground segmentation system
* Musical keys and chords recognition using unsupervised learning with infinite Gaussian mixture
* On edge structure based adaptive observation model for facial feature tracking
* Real-Time 3D Face and Facial Action Tracking Using Extended 2D+3D AAMs
* reduced unconstrained system for the cloth dynamics solver, A
* Removing Shadows from Face Images Using ICA
* Robust Fingerprint Matching Method, A
* Robust Matching Method for Distorted Fingerprints, A
* Self quotient image for face recognition
* Statistical Learning of Evaluation Function for ASM/AAM Image Alignment
* Study on Sound Roughness Evaluation Based on an Auditory Synchronization Index Model, A
* Template Matching and Monte Carlo Markova Chain for People Counting under Occlusions
* Video Background Segmentation Using Adaptive Background Models
* Vision Based Game Control Method, A
* Weighted Gabor Features in Unitary Space for Face Recognition
Includes: Wang, Y.S.[Yun Sheng] Wang, Y.S.[Yun-Sheng] Wang, Y.S.[Yang-Sheng] Wang, Y.S. Wang, Y.S.[Yi-Shi] Wang, Y.S.[Yi-Song] Wang, Y.S.[You-Sheng] Wang, Y.S.[Yan-Song] Wang, Y.S.[Yu-Shi]
41 for Wang, Y.S.

Wang, Y.T.[Yong Tian] Co Author Listing * Auto learning temporal atomic actions for activity classification
* completely affine invariant image-matching method based on perspective projection, A
* Detecting discontinuities for surface reconstruction
* Empirical Study of Object Category Recognition: Sequential Testing with Generalized Samples, An
* Enhanced point descriptors for dense stereo matching
* Epipolar geometry estimation for wide baseline stereo by Clustering Pairing Consensus
* graph-based method of newspaper article reconstruction, A
* Inferring social roles in long timespan video sequence
* Infrared Patch-Image Model for Small Target Detection in a Single Image
* integrated background model for video surveillance based on primal sketch and 3D scene geometry, An
* interactive scene annotation tool for video surveillance, An
* Layered Graph Match with Graph Editing
* modified KLT multiple objects tracking framework based on global segmentation and adaptive template, A
* MR-CT Image Registration in Liver Cancer Treatment with an Open Configuration MR Scanner
* Object categorization with sketch representation and generalized samples
* PTZ camera-based adaptive panoramic and multi-layered background model
* Real-time keystone correction for hand-held projectors with an RGBD camera
* Realtime object matching with robust dominant orientation templates
* Reconfigurable templates for robust vehicle detection and classification
* Robust Photometric Stereo via Low-Rank Matrix Completion and Recovery
* Segmentation Based on Routing Image Algorithms
* Sensor Fusion Based Head Pose Tracking for Flight Cockpit System
* Spatial graphlet matching kernel for recognizing aerial image categories
* Speaker recognition based on dynamic MFCC parameters
* variational level set segmentation formulation based on signal model for images in the presence of intensity inhomogeneity, A
Includes: Wang, Y.T.[Yong Tian] Wang, Y.T.[Yong-Tian] Wang, Y.T.[Yin-Ting] Wang, Y.T.[Yong-Tao] Wang, Y.T.[Yu-Tai]
25 for Wang, Y.T.

Wang, Y.W.[Yan Wu] Co Author Listing * Average consensus of multi-agent systems under logarithm quantized communications
* coding unit classification based AVC-to-HEVC transcoding with background modeling for surveillance videos, A
* discrete orthonormal Stockwell transform for image restoration, The
* Dynamic consensus of multi-agent systems under Markov packet losses with defective transition probabilities
* ESUR: A system for Events detection in SURveillance video
* Face verification and identification using Facial Trait Code
* MQDF Discriminative Learning Based Offline Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
* Multi-camera Pedestrian Detection with Multi-view Bayesian Network Model
* Novel Short Merged Off-line Handwritten Chinese Character String Segmentation Algorithm Using Hidden Markov Model, A
* Polymorphous Facial Trait Code
* Real-time dynamic vehicle detection on resourcelimited mobile platform
* Robust Caption Detecting Algorithm on MPEG Compressed Video, A
* Selective Eigenbackground for Background Modeling and Subtraction in Crowded Scenes
* Similar Pattern Discriminant Analysis for Improving Chinese Character Recognition Accuracy
* Single and Multiple View Detection, Tracking and Video Analysis in Crowded Environments
* Subject-Specific and Pose-Oriented Facial Features for Face Recognition Across Poses
* system based on sequence learning for event detection in surveillance video, A
* Topic Language Model Adaption for Recognition of Homologous Offline Handwritten Chinese Text Image
* Wavelet based smoke detection method with RGB Contrast-image and shape constrain
* wavelet-based watermarking algorithm for ownership verification of digital images, A
Includes: Wang, Y.W.[Yan Wu] Wang, Y.W.[Yan-Wu] Wang, Y.W.[Yao-Wei] Wang, Y.W.[Yan-Wei] Wang, Y.W. Wang, Y.W.[Yu-Wen] Wang, Y.W.[Yi-Wei]
20 for Wang, Y.W.

Wang, Y.X.[Yu Xin] Co Author Listing * Approach for Horizon Extraction in Ocean Observation, An
* As-rigid-as-possible shape deformation and interpolation
* Atmospheric Correction of SPOT5 Land Surface Imagery
* Automatic Tuberculosis Screening Using Chest Radiographs
* Colour space transforms for improved video compression
* Completely automatic segmentation for breast ultrasound using multiple-domain features
* Detecting shadows of moving vehicles based on HMM
* Digital Image Compression Using a Genetic Algorithm
* fast divisive clustering algorithm using an improved discrete particle swarm optimizer, A
* GMM-Based Classification Method for Continuous Prediction in Brain-Computer Interface
* Image inpainting via Weighted Sparse Non-negative Matrix Factorization
* Improved 2DLPP Method on Gabor Features for Palmprint Recognition, An
* improved no-search fractal image coding method based on a fitting plane, An
* Kernel Fisher Discriminant Analysis for Palmprint Recognition
* Learning dictionary on manifolds for image classification
* novel automatic seed point selection algorithm for breast ultrasound images, A
* Optical Flow Computation with Fourth Order Partial Differential Equations
Includes: Wang, Y.X.[Yu Xin] Wang, Y.X.[Yu-Xin] Wang, Y.X.[Yan-Xin] Wang, Y.X.[Yi-Xiang] Wang, Y.X.[Yan-Xiang] Wang, Y.X.[Yu-Xuan] Wang, Y.X.[Yi-Xiao] Wang, Y.X.[Yu-Xiong] Wang, Y.X.[Yan-Xia] Wang, Y.X.[Yuan-Xing] Wang, Y.X.[Yun-Xiao]
17 for Wang, Y.X.

Wang, Y.Y.[Yuan Yuan] Co Author Listing * Attention Selection Using Global Topological Properties Based on Pulse Coupled Neural Network
* Development of Image Sequences Based Traffic Incident Detection System for Urban Intersection
* Doppler embolic signal detection using the adaptive wavelet packet basis and neurofuzzy classification
* Estimating coronary artery lumen area with optimization-based contour detection
* Feature Selection Based on Run Covering
* Gabor-based anisotropic diffusion for speckle noise reduction in medical ultrasonography
* Histogram similarity measure using variable bin size distance
* Image matching based on orientation-magnitude histograms and global consistency
* Matching Triangle Chain Codes
* New Multispectral Method for Face Liveness Detection, A
* Noise reduction and edge detection via kernel anisotropic diffusion
* Rate distortion Multiple Instance Learning for image classification
* Research on Approach of Entropy-Based Wavelet Filtering for Nomadic Service
* Research on the model of submarine cable route monitoring based on improved Petri Nets
* Retrieval of phase history parameters from distributed scatterers in urban areas using very high resolution SAR data
* Robust Traffic Parameter Extraction Approach for Surveillance System at Urban Intersection, A
* Segmentation by temporal detection integration
* Segmentation of Graphical Objects as Maximally Stable Salient Regions
* Snake-based approach for segmenting pedicles in radiographs and its application in three-dimensional vertebrae reconstruction
* Speckle reduction of ultrasound images based on Rayleigh-trimmed anisotropic diffusion filter
* Ultrasound speckle reduction by a SUSAN-controlled anisotropic diffusion method
Includes: Wang, Y.Y.[Yuan Yuan] Wang, Y.Y.[Yuan-Yuan] Wang, Y.Y.[Yi-Yan] Wang, Y.Y.[Yue-Yang] Wang, Y.Y.[Ying-Ying] Wang, Y.Y.[Yuan-You] Wang, Y.Y.[Yi-Ying]
21 for Wang, Y.Y.

Wang, Y.Y.H.Z.[Yan Yanand Han Zi] Co Author Listing * Accelerated robust sparse coding for fast face recognition
Includes: Wang, Y.Y.H.Z.[Yan Yanand Han Zi] Wang, Y.Y.H.Z.[Yan Yanand Han-Zi]

Wang, Y.Z.[Ying Ze] Co Author Listing * 3D reconstruction of curved objects from single 2D line drawings
* Algorithm of Planar Coded Pattern Recognition for Camera Calibration, An
* Analysis and Synthesis of Textured Motion: Particles and Waves
* Building Emerging Pattern (EP) Random forest for recognition
* Computing importance of 2D contour parts by reconstructability
* Decomposing Document Images by Heuristic Search
* Discussion on the Construction of Optimal ZCZ Sequence Set
* Extending SVC by Content-adaptive Spatial Scalability
* Finding Multiple Object Instances with Occlusion
* Generative Method for Textured Motion: Analysis and Synthesis, A
* Hierarchical Stereo Matching: From Foreground to Background
* High Payload VQ Steganographic Method for Binary Images, A
* Human reappearance detection based on on-line learning
* Image objects and multi-scale features for annotation detection
* Improved-LDA based face recognition using both facial global and local information
* Instantly telling what happens in a video sequence using simple features
* interactive method for curve extraction, An
* Interactive Stereoscopic Video Conversion
* Intra predictive transform coding based on predictive graph transform
* Learning discriminative features for fast frame-based action recognition
* Local depth image enhancement scheme for view synthesis
* Measuring visual saliency by Site Entropy Rate
* Mesh Meaningful Segmentation Algorithm Using Skeleton and Minima-Rule, A
* Method of Perceptual-Based Shape Decomposition, A
* Mining Layered Grammar Rules for Action Recognition
* Modeling complex motion by tracking and editing hidden markov graphs
* Modeling of Tree Branches by Bayesian Network Structure Inference
* Modeling Textured Motion: Particle, Wave and Sketch
* Multi-resolution recognition of 3D objects based on visual resolution limits
* Multi-scale curvature product for robust image corner detection in curvature scale space
* Non-linear warping and warp coding for content-adaptive prediction in advanced video coding applications
* Perceptual Scale-Space and Its Applications
* Region partition and feature matching based color recognition of tongue image
* Reversible Steganographic Method with High Payload for JPEG Images
* Shape Reconstructability Measure of Object Part Importance with Applications to Object Detection and Localization, A
* Stroke extraction based on ambiguous zone detection: a preprocessing step to recover dynamic information from handwritten Chinese characters
* Symmetric segment-based stereo matching of motion blurred images with illumination variations
* Toward Perception-Based Shape Decomposition
* Unsupervised Color-Texture Segmentation
* Unsupervised color-texture segmentation based on soft criterion with adaptive mean-shift clustering
* Unsupervised discriminative feature selection in a kernel space via L2,1-norm minimization
* Visual pertinent 2D-to-3D video conversion by multi-cue fusion
* What are Textons?
Includes: Wang, Y.Z.[Ying Ze] Wang, Y.Z.[Ying-Ze] Wang, Y.Z.[Yu-Zhou] Wang, Y.Z.[Yi-Zhou] Wang, Y.Z.[Yang-Zhi] Wang, Y.Z.[Yong-Zhe] Wang, Y.Z.[Yu-Zheng] Wang, Y.Z.[Yu-Zhong] Wang, Y.Z.[Yan-Zhen] Wang, Y.Z.[Yan-Zhi] Wang, Y.Z.[Yu-Zhu] Wang, Y.Z.[Yuan-Zhen]
43 for Wang, Y.Z.

Wang, Z.[Zhou] Co Author Listing * email: Wang, Z.[Zhou]: zwang AT mail utexas edu
* 3D motion estimation using expansion matching and KL based canonical images
* 3D scene modeling using sensor fusion with laser range finder and image sensor
* 3D-SSIM for video quality assessment
* Accurate distortion measurement for B-spline-based shape coding
* Active learning with adaptive regularization
* Adaptive Linear System Framework for Image Distortion Analysis, An
* Adaptive Windowing for Optimal Visualization of Medical Images Based on a Structural Fidelity Measure
* Analysis and Recovery of Systematic Errors in Airborne Laser System
* Application of Global Fuzzy C-Means (GFCM) Clustering Algorithm in Color Transfer
* Application of Retinex in Color Restoration of Image Enhancement to Night Image
* Applications of Objective Image Quality Assessment Methods
* Articulated Human Body: 3D Pose Estimation Using a Single Camera
* Assessment of Cloud Screening With Apparent Surface Reflectance in Support of the ICESat-2 Mission
* Auto-Grouped Sparse Representation for Visual Analysis
* Automatic Alignment of High-Resolution NMR Spectra Using a Bayesian Estimation Approach
* Automatic Face Replacement in Video Based on 2D Morphable Model
* Automatic personalized facial sketch based on ASM
* Baseline-Combination Method for Precise Estimation of Ice Motion in Antarctica, A
* Best Neighborhood Matching: An Information Loss Restoration Technique for Block Based Image Coding Systems
* biologically inspired system for fast handwritten digit recognition, A
* Bitplane-by-bitplane shift (BbBShift): A Suggestion for JPEG2000 region of interest image coding
* Blind Measurement of Blocking Artifacts in Images
* Canonical Correlation Feature Selection for Sensors With Overlapping Bands: Theory and Application
* Cell imaging beyond the diffraction limit using sparse deconvolution spatial light interference microscopy
* Cellular Neural Networks, the Navier-Stokes Equation, and Microarray Image Reconstruction
* Class of Image Metrics Based on the Structural Similarity Quality Index, A
* Classification of High-Resolution NMR Spectra Based on Complex Wavelet Domain Feature Selection and Kernel-Induced Random Forest
* Collusion-Traceable Secure Multimedia Distribution Based on Controllable Modulation
* Color image guided locality regularized representation for Kinect depth holes filling
* Color- and Texture-Based Image Segmentation for Improved Forest Delineation
* Comparative Analysis of Image Fusion Methods, A
* Complex Cell Descriptor Learning for Robust Object Recognition
* Complex Wavelet Structural Similarity: A New Image Similarity Index
* Compressing image-based relighting data using eigenanalysis and wavelets
* Context-aware horror video scene recognition via cost-sensitive sparse coding
* cost function approach for multi-human tracking, A
* Coupled Dictionary Training for Image Super-Resolution
* Crevasse Detection in Antarctica Using ASTER Images
* CW-SSIM based image classification
* Data compression on the illumination adjustable images by PCA and ICA
* Data compression with spherical wavelets and wavelets for the image-based relighting
* Decoding Finger Flexion from Electrocorticographic Signals Using a Sparse Gaussian Process
* Deformable Pedal Curves and Surfaces: Hybrid Geometric Active Models for Shape Recovery
* Detection and segmentation of generic shapes based on affine modeling of energy in Eigenspace
* Detection and Segmentation of Generic Shapes Based on Vectorial Affine Modeling of Energy in Eigenspace
* Development and Field Test of a Laser-Based Nonintrusive Detection System for Identification of Vehicles on the Highway
* Digital Multi-Focusing From a Single Photograph Taken With an Uncalibrated Conventional Camera
* DTI Segmentation Using an Information Theoretic Tensor Dissimilarity Measure
* Dual-Geometric Neighbor Embedding for Image Super Resolution With Sparse Tensor
* Effective Dynamic Object Detecting for Video-Based Forest Fire Smog Recognition
* Efficient Component-Separable Inter Layer Interpolation Scheme Applied in Scalable Video Coding, An
* efficient weighted Lagrangian twin support vector machine for imbalanced data classification, An
* Efficient Wide-Baseline Dense Matching Descriptor, An
* Eigen-image based compression for the image-based relighting with cascade recursive least squared networks
* Embedded foveation image coding
* Emerging Methods for Color Image and Video Quality Enhancement
* Enhancing Video Denoising Algorithms by Fusion from Multiple Views
* Estimation of 3-D Motion Using Eigen-Normalization and Expansion Matching
* evaluation system for string extraction in the airline coupon project, An
* Event-driven Observations And Comprehensive Evaluation For Natural Disaster Assessment In China
* Exploitation of context classification for parallel pixel coding in JPEG-LS
* Exploiting vehicle motion information in monocular SLAM
* Exponential and Power Law Distribution of Contact Duration in Urban Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
* Face authentication test on the BANCA database
* Face Hallucination Via Weighted Adaptive Sparse Regularization
* Facial Range Image Matching Using the Complex Wavelet Structural Similarity Metric
* Fast Algorithm for Learning the Overcomplete Image Prior, A
* Fast and Adaptive Method for SAR Superresolution Imaging Based on Point Scattering Model and Optimal Basis Selection
* Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm Based on Diamond and Triangle Search Patterns, A
* Fast Sub-Volume Search Method for Human Action Detection, A
* Fast Synopsis for Moving Objects Using Compressed Video
* Fidelity-Beltrami-Sparsity Model for Inverse Problems in Multichannel Image Processing
* Flexible Framework for Local Phase Coherence Computation, A
* Foveation scalable video coding with automatic fixation selection
* GA-based model selection for smooth twin parametric-margin support vector machine, A
* General-purpose reduced-reference image quality assessment based on perceptually and statistically motivated image representation
* Generalized bitplane-by-bitplane shift method for JPEG2000 ROI coding
* Generalized Expansion Matching Based Feature Extractor, A
* Generalized Feature Extractor Using Expansion Matching and the Karhunen-Loeve Transform, A
* Generalized PCRTT Offline Bandwidth Smoothing Based on SVM and Systematic Video Segmentation
* Generic image similarity based on Kolmogorov complexity
* Generic Object Detection using Model Based Segmentation
* Gradient-based surface reconstruction using compressed sensing
* Hierarchical Algorithm in DTM Generation And Automatic Extraction Of Road From Lidar Data
* High-confidence near-duplicate image detection
* Horror Video Scene Recognition Based on Multi-view Multi-instance Learning
* Human Activity Recognition Using Multidimensional Indexing
* Human-Attention Inspired Resource Allocation for Heterogeneous Sensors in the Web of Things
* Hybrid image coding based on partial fractal mapping
* I Remember Seeing This Video: Image Driven Search in Video Collections
* iBOAT: Isolation-Based Online Anomalous Trajectory Detection
* Iconic Recognition with Affine-Invariant Spectral Signatures
* Iconic Representation and Recognition Using Affine-Invariant Spectral Signatures
* Illumination Robust Video Foreground Prediction Based on Color Recovering
* Image classification based on complex wavelet structural similarity
* Image deblur with regularized backward heat diffusion
* Image Deblurring Using Derivative Compressed Sensing for Optical Imaging Application
* Image distortion analysis based on normalized perceptual information distance
* Image information restoration based on long-range correlation
* Image Noise Reduction via Geometric Multiscale Ridgelet Support Vector Transform and Dictionary Learning
* Image Quality Assessment: From Error Visibility to Structural Similarity
* Image Quality Feedback-based Adaptive Video Definition Improvement For The Space Manipulation Task
* Image Sharpness Assessment Based on Local Phase Coherence
* Image-Based Quantitative Analysis of Gold Immunochromatographic Strip via Cellular Neural Network Approach
* Improved Generalized Eigenvalue Proximal Support Vector Machine
* improved optimal bit allocation method for sub-band coding, An
* improved sequential method for principal component analysis, An
* Improved upsampling filter design for spatially scalable video coding
* Improving fMRI activation detection sensitivity using intervoxel coherence mapping
* Information Content Weighting for Perceptual Image Quality Assessment
* Integrating Multiple Uncalibrated Views for Human 3D Pose Estimation
* Intracoding and Refresh With Compression-Oriented Video Epitomic Priors
* joint perspective towards image super-resolution: Unifying external- and self-examples, A
* joint perspective towards image super-resolution: Unifying external- and self-examples, A
* Joint Social and Content Recommendation for User-Generated Videos in Online Social Network
* Keypoint-Based Keyframe Selection
* Learning to rank tags
* Low-Cost Multi-image Based 3D Human Body Modeling
* Low-resolution face recognition: a review
* Matrix-pattern-oriented Ho-Kashyap classifier with regularization learning
* Matrix-pattern-oriented least squares support vector classifier with AdaBoost
* Measuring Intra- and Inter-Observer Agreement in Identifying and Localizing Structures in Medical Images
* Mesh Simplification Based on Texture Connected Areas
* method for image retrieval based on multi-factors correlation utilizing block truncation coding, The
* Mixture Model for Multiple Instance Regression and Applications in Remote Sensing
* Model based segmentation and detection of affine transformed shapes in cluttered images
* Modern Image Quality Assessment
* Monocular Pedestrian Tracking from a Moving Vehicle
* Multi-label learning based on iterative label propagation over graph
* Multi-sensor image registration based-on local phase coherence
* Multi-stage vector quantization towards low bit rate visual search
* Multifocus Image Fusion Using Local Phase Coherence Measurement
* MultiK-MHKS: A Novel Multiple Kernel Learning Algorithm
* Multiview Coding Mode Decision With Hybrid Optimal Stopping Model
* Neural Network Approach for Shape Description and Invariant Recognition, A
* New Closed-Form Solution for Absolute Orientation, A
* No-reference perceptual quality assessment of JPEG compressed images
* Not So Naive Bayes: Aggregating One-Dependence Estimators
* novel approach for depth image based rendering, based on non-linear transformation of depth values, A
* Novel Approach for Reduction of Blocking Effects in Low Bit Rate Image Compression, A
* novel method for image retrieval based on structure elements' descriptor, A
* novel multi-view learning developed from single-view patterns, A
* Objective assessment of tone mapping algorithms
* Objective quality assessment for image super-resolution: A natural scene statistics approach
* Objective Quality Assessment of Tone-Mapped Images
* Observability analysis of SLAM using fisher information matrix
* On the Mathematical Properties of the Structural Similarity Index
* On the Use of the Karhunen-Loeve Transform and Expansion Matching for Generalized Feature Detection
* Palmprint Verification using Complex Wavelet Transform
* People Matching for Transportation Planning Using Texel Camera Data for Sequential Estimation
* Perceptual Image Coding Based on a Maximum of Minimal Structural Similarity Criterion
* Perceptual Video Coding Based on SSIM-Inspired Divisive Normalization
* Point Based Registration of Terrestrial Laser Data Using Intensity and Geometry Features
* Polyview Fusion: A Strategy to Enhance Video-Denoising Algorithms
* Pose adaptive LDA based face recognition
* Projection-optimal tensor local Fisher discriminant analysis for image feature extraction
* Quality-Aware Images
* Quality-Aware Video
* Quality-aware video based on robust embedding of intra- and inter-frame reduced-reference features
* Quantifying color image distortions based on adaptive spatio-chromatic signal decompositions
* Rate distortion Multiple Instance Learning for image classification
* Real-Time Plane Segmentation and Obstacle Detection of 3D Point Clouds for Indoor Scenes
* Receptive Fields Selection for Binary Feature Description
* Recovering human pose in 3D by visual manifolds
* Reduced- and No-Reference Image Quality Assessment
* Reduced-Reference Image Quality Assessment by Structural Similarity Estimation
* Reduced-reference SSIM estimation
* Registration Assisted Image Smoothing and Segmentation
* Restoration of Impulse Noise-Corrupted Images Using Long-Range Correlation
* Robust Multi-Bit Watermarking for Free-View Television Using Light Field Rendering
* Robust precise eye location under probabilistic framework
* Robust shape description and recognition by gradient propagation
* Robust Temporal-Spatial Decomposition and Its Applications in Video Processing
* Segment and Label Indoor Scene Based on RGB-D for the Visually Impaired
* simplified multi-class support vector machine with reduced dual optimization, A
* Snow Grain-Size Estimation Using Hyperion Imagery in a Typical Area of the Heihe River Basin, China
* Spatial light interference microscopy (SLIM)
* Spatial Pooling Strategies for Perceptual Image Quality Assessment
* Spatial-Spectral Classification of Hyperspectral Images Using Discriminative Dictionary Designed by Learning Vector Quantization
* Spatially Aware Patch-Based Segmentation (SAPS): An Alternative Patch-Based Segmentation Framework
* spatio-temporal pyramid matching for video retrieval, A
* Special issue on human vision and information theory
* Spread Spectrum-Based Multi-bit Watermarking for Free-View Video
* SSIM-based non-local means image denoising
* SSIM-inspired divisive normalization for perceptual video coding
* SSIM-Motivated Rate-Distortion Optimization for Video Coding
* SSPQ: Spatial Domain Perceptual Image Codec Based on Subsampling and Perceptual Quantization
* Structural Fidelity vs. Naturalness: Objective Assessment of Tone Mapped Images
* Structural Similarity-Based Affine Approximation and Self-similarity of Images Revisited
* Structural Similarity-Based Approximation of Signals and Images Using Orthogonal Bases
* Structure-Aware Global Optimization Method for Reconstructing 3-D Tree Models From Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data, A
* SVD and Log-Log Frequency Sampling with Gabor Kernels for Invariant Pictorial Recognition
* Three-fold structured classifier design based on matrix pattern
* Time-Delay- and Time-Reversal-Based Robust Capon Beamformers for Ultrasound Imaging
* Topic Models for Image Localization
* True 3D Images and Their Applications
* unbiased parametric imaging algorithm for nonuniformly sampled biomedical system parameter estimation, An
* universal image quality index, A
* Unsupervised dictionary learning with double-layer sparse representation
* Updating Production Line System for National Topographical Database At 1:50k of China Based On Digital Map Generalization, An
* Use of In Situ and Airborne Multiangle Data to Assess MODIS- and Landsat-Based Estimates of Directional Reflectance and Albedo
* Use of Residuals in Image Denoising, The
* Variable Density Compressed Image Sampling
* Video Denoising Based on a Spatiotemporal Gaussian Scale Mixture Model
* Video quality assessment based on structural distortion measurement
* Video Quality Assessment by Incorporating a Motion Perception Model
* Video quality assessment using a statistical model of human visual speed perception
* Video quality assessment using structural distortion measurement
* View-Based Human Activity Recognition by Indexing and Sequencing
* Wavelet-based Foveated Image Quality Measurement for Region of Interest Image Coding
* Word Grouping in Document Images Based on Voronoi Tessellation
Includes: Wang, Z.[Zhou] Wang, Z.[Zhiqian] Wang, Z.[Zheng] Wang, Z.[Zhe] Wang, Z.[Zhihe] Wang, Z.[Zhong] Wang, Z.[Ziwu] Wang, Z.[Zibin] Wang, Z. Wang, Z.[Zilei] Wang, Z.[Zhefu] Wang, Z.[Zhao] Wang, Z.[Zemin] Wang, Z.[Zhongyuan] Wang, Z.[Ze] Wang, Z.[Zhenchong] Wang, Z.[Zhifei] Wang, Z.[Zuoguan] Wang, Z.[Zhizhou] Wang, Z.[Zhang] Wang, Z.[Zhen] Wang, Z.[Zhiyan] Wang, Z.[Zhan] Wang, Z.[Zhenger] Wang, Z.[Zhiying] Wang, Z.[Zhi] Wang, Z.[Ziou] Wang, Z.[Zhangyang] Wang, Z.[Zhaowen] Wang, Z.[Zongyu] Wang, Z.[Zeliang] Wang, Z.[Zhihai] Wang, Z.[Zhihua] Wang, Z.[Zehan] Wang, Z.[Ziyu] Wang, Z.[ZhiZhong] Wang, Z.[Zulin]
212 for Wang, Z.

Wang, Z.B.[Zhao Bin] Co Author Listing * Multi-focus image fusion using PCNN
* Review of pulse-coupled neural networks
* Sorting-Based Dynamic Classifier Ensemble Selection
Includes: Wang, Z.B.[Zhao Bin] Wang, Z.B.[Zhao-Bin] Wang, Z.B.[Zhi-Bin]

Wang, Z.C.[Zi Chen] Co Author Listing * CCD performance model and noise control
* Coding or Not: Optimal Mobile Data Offloading in Opportunistic Vehicular Networks
* Edge Detection Algorithm for Remote Sensing Image, An
* Personalized Coverage of Large Athletic Events
* Texture Direction Based Optimization for Intra Prediction in HEVC
Includes: Wang, Z.C.[Zi Chen] Wang, Z.C.[Zi-Chen] Wang, Z.C.[Zhao-Cheng] Wang, Z.C.[Zuo-Cheng] Wang, Z.C.[Zhen-Chen] Wang, Z.C.[Zheng-Cong]

Wang, Z.D.[Zi Dong] Co Author Listing * Can graph-cutting improve microarray gene expression reconstructions?
* Copasetic analysis: automated analysis of biological gene expression images
* Distributed filtering in sensor networks with hybrid communication constraints
* New Algorithm for the Slant Transform, A
* Robust stability of two-dimensional uncertain discrete systems
Includes: Wang, Z.D.[Zi Dong] Wang, Z.D.[Zi-Dong] Wang, Z.D.

Wang, Z.F.[Zeng Fu] Co Author Listing * 3D Face Reconstruction from Stereo: A Model Based Approach
* Application of image correction and bit-plane fusion in generalized PCA based face recognition
* Close-Form Iterative Algorithm for Depth Inferring from a Single Image, A
* Eye states detection by boosting Local Binary Pattern Histogram features
* Facial Expression Recognition Based on Fusion of Multiple Gabor Features
* Facial Expression Recognition via Sparse Representation
* Graph-based semi-supervised learning with multiple labels
* Joint multi-label multi-instance learning for image classification
* Low-dimensional Illumination Space Representation of Human Faces for Arbitrary Lighting Conditions, A
* New Image Super-Resolution Method in the Wavelet Domain, A
* novel aircraft fault diagnosis and prognosis system based on Gaussian Mixture Models, A
* Playfield and Ball Detection in Soccer Video
* real-time accompaniment system based on sung voice recognition, A
* Reconstruction of 3D Face from a Single 2D Image for Face Recognition
* region based stereo matching algorithm using cooperative optimization, A
* Robust Algorithm for Color Correction between Two Stereo Images, A
* Robust and precise eye detection based on locally selective projection
* Robust depth estimation for efficient 3D face reconstruction
* Scale invariant face recognition using probabilistic similarity measure
* Semantic feature extraction for accurate eye corner detection
* Similarity Measure Based on Hausdorff Distance for Human Face Recognition, A
* simultaneous method for 3D video super-resolution and high-quality depth estimation, A
* Speech Separation from Background of Music Based on Single-channel Recording
* Stereo Correspondence Using Stripe Adjacency Graph
* Subjective Method for Image Segmentation Evaluation, A
Includes: Wang, Z.F.[Zeng Fu] Wang, Z.F.[Zeng-Fu] Wang, Z.F.[Zeng-Feng] Wang, Z.F.[Zhi-Fei] Wang, Z.F.[Ze-Feng] Wang, Z.F.[Zhi-Fang]
25 for Wang, Z.F.

Wang, Z.G.[Zhi Guo] Co Author Listing * DSP-Based Parallel Implementation of Speeded-Up Robust Features
* Facial Feature Tracking Under Varying Facial Expressions and Face Poses Based on Restricted Boltzmann Machines
* Fuzzy Linking Models for Pyramidal Edge Detection
* Hypergraph based geometric biclustering algorithm
* Interpixel-shifted Endoscopic Optical Coherence Tomography For In Vivo Bladder Cancer Diagnosis
Includes: Wang, Z.G.[Zhi Guo] Wang, Z.G.[Zhi-Guo] Wang, Z.G.[Zuo-Guan] Wang, Z.G. Wang, Z.G.[Zhi-Guan] Wang, Z.G.[Zhen-Guo]

Wang, Z.H.[Zhen Hui] Co Author Listing * Application of Principal Component Extraction technique in processing cloud images from Chinese FY-1 satellite
* Application of Signal Collection and Disposal Technology in Measuring the Front of Oil and Water with Polymer Flooding, The
* Assessment of Coarse-Resolution Land Cover Products Using CASI Hyperspectral Data in an Arid Zone in Northwestern China
* Automatic Roadway Geometry Measurement Algorithm Using Video Images
* Bare-fingers Touch Detection by the Button's Distortion in a Projector-Camera System
* Bilinear Programming for Human Activity Recognition with Unknown MRF Graphs
* Capturing Complex Spatio-temporal Relations among Facial Muscles for Facial Expression Recognition
* Capturing Global Semantic Relationships for Facial Action Unit Recognition
* Cayley Transformation and Numerical Stability of Calibration Equation
* facial expression based continuous emotional state monitoring system with GPU acceleration, A
* Feature vector field and feature matching
* FRIF: Fast Robust Invariant Feature
* Geometric property based ellipse detection method
* Harris feature vector descriptor (HFVD)
* Image Content Based Curve Matching Using HMCD Descriptor
* Internal Direction-Based Algorithm for Medial Axis Transformation of an Arbitrary Polygon, An
* Local Intensity Order Pattern for feature description
* Modeling Temporal Interactions with Interval Temporal Bayesian Networks for Complex Activity Recognition
* MSLD: A robust descriptor for line matching
* New Near-lossless Image Compression Algorithm Suitable for Hardware Design in Wireless Endoscopy System, A
* PLDD: Point-lines distance distribution for detection of arbitrary triangles, regular polygons and circles
* Video-based activity analysis using the L1 tracker on VIRAT data
Includes: Wang, Z.H.[Zhen Hui] Wang, Z.H.[Zhen-Hui] Wang, Z.H.[Zhi-Hua] Wang, Z.H.[Zhi-Hui] Wang, Z.H.[Zhao-Hua] Wang, Z.H.[Zhen-Hua] Wang, Z.H.[Zi-Heng] Wang, Z.H. Wang, Z.H.[Zhi-Heng] Wang, Z.H.[Zhong-Hui] Wang, Z.H.[Zhong-Hai]
22 for Wang, Z.H.

Wang, Z.J.[Zhong Jie] Co Author Listing * 3D Face Template Registration Using Normal Maps
* Adaptive Descriptor Design for Object Recognition in the Wild, An
* Anti-Collusion Forensics of Multimedia Fingerprinting Using Orthogonal Modulation
* Asymmetric Real Adaboost
* Automated Ice-Water Classification Using Dual Polarization SAR Satellite Imagery
* Carrier-based sensor deployment by a mobile robot for wireless sensor networks
* Carrier-based sensor deployment by a mobile robot for wireless sensor networks
* Correlation-aware data hiding based on spread spectrum embedding
* Cross-Domain Object Recognition Via Input-Output Kernel Analysis
* FMRI group studies of brain connectivity via a group robust Lasso
* Forensic Analysis of Nonlinear Collusion Attacks for Multimedia Fingerprinting
* Guest Editorial for Special Section on Multimodal Biomedical Imaging: Algorithms and Applications
* Image quality monitoring using spread spectrum watermarking
* Improved multiplicative spread spectrum embedding for image data hiding
* ISAR Imaging of a Ship Target Based on Parameter Estimation of Multicomponent Quadratic Frequency-Modulated Signals
* Joint Multimodal Group Analysis Framework for Modeling Corticomuscular Activity, A
* Minimum mean square error detector for multimessage spread spectrum embedding
* Multimedia Fingerprinting Forensics For Traitor Tracing
* Object Detection with Multiple Motion Models
* Object joint detection and tracking using adaptive multiple motion models
* One-shot Recognition Using Unsupervised Attribute-Learning
* Reduced-reference image quality assessment based on perceptual image hashing
* Shape based appearance model for kernel tracking
* Shape context based image hashing using local feature points
* Stereo Correspondence with Global and Local Traits
* Tracking of multiple interacting objects using a novel prediction model
* Unsupervised Hierarchical Feature Learning Framework for One-Shot Image Recognition, An
* Watermark survival chance (WSC) concept for improving watermark robustness against JPEG compression
Includes: Wang, Z.J.[Zhong Jie] Wang, Z.J.[Zhong-Jie] Wang, Z.J.[Z. Jane] Wang, Z.J. Wang, Z.J.[Zhan-Jun] Wang, Z.J.[Zhi-Jie] Wang, Z.J.[Zheng-Jie] Wang, Z.J.[Zhi-Jiao]
28 for Wang, Z.J.

Wang, Z.K.[Zhong Ke] Co Author Listing * Improvement on Direct Volume Rendering
* interactive video retrieval system in SMARTV 2009, The
* Interactive video retrieval with rich features and friendly interface
* Learning structured concept-segments for interactive video retrieval
* Query representation by structured concept threads with application to interactive video retrieval
* Video retrieval with multi-modal features
Includes: Wang, Z.K.[Zhong Ke] Wang, Z.K.[Zhong-Ke] Wang, Z.K.[Zhi-Kun]

Wang, Z.L. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Several Approaches for the Segmentation of Texture Images
* Dynamic Linear Level Octree-based Volume Rendering Methods For Interactive Microsurgical Simulation
* Image Classification via Object-Aware Holistic Superpixel Selection
* Improved Decoding Algorithm for Distributed Video Coding, An
* Indoor Scene Classification Based on the Bag-of-Words Model of Local Feature Information Gain
* Linear Distance Coding for Image Classification
* Method for Stress Detection Based on FCM Algorithm, A
* Missile target automatic recognition from its decoys based on image time-series
* Motion Estimation for a Mobile Robot Based on Real-Time Stereo Vision System
* New Approach for Wavelet Denoising Based on Training, A
* Phase retrieval from a single near-field diffraction pattern with a large Fresnel number
* Purposive Hidden-Object-Game: Embedding Human Computation in Popular Game
* Robust Frame-to-Frame Hybrid Matching
* Sorted Random Matrix for Orthogonal Matching Pursuit
Includes: Wang, Z.L. Wang, Z.L.[Zhen-Lan] Wang, Z.L.[Zi-Lei] Wang, Z.L.[Zun-Liang] Wang, Z.L.[Zhi-Liang] Wang, Z.L.[Zhe-Long] Wang, Z.L.[Ze-Long] Wang, Z.L.[Zhong-Li] Wang, Z.L.[Zhi-Li] Wang, Z.L.[Zheng-Lin]
14 for Wang, Z.L.

Wang, Z.M.[Zhi Min] Co Author Listing * Adaptive spatial information-theoretic clustering for image segmentation
* adaptive spatial information-theoretic fuzzy clustering algorithm for image segmentation, An
* Anisotropic Nonlinear Diffusion Approach to Image Sharpening
* Clustering Spherical Shells by a Mini-Max Information Algorithm
* Efficient Algorithm for Nonconvex Minimization and Its Application to PM Regularization
* Halftone Visual Cryptography Through Error Diffusion
* Image clustering by incorporating adaptive spatial connectivity
* Improved Adaptive Spatial Information Clustering for Image Segmentation
* Mapping biomes of Australia based on the Holdridge Life Zone Model
* Real-Time Generation of Dynamic Wave Interaction
* Segmentation of Skull Base Tumors from MRI Using a Hybrid Support Vector Machine-Based Method
Includes: Wang, Z.M.[Zhi Min] Wang, Z.M.[Zhi-Min] Wang, Z.M.[Zheng-Ming] Wang, Z.M. Wang, Z.M.[Zhong-Min] Wang, Z.M.[Zong-Ming] Wang, Z.M.[Zhao-Meng]
11 for Wang, Z.M.

Wang, Z.N.[Zheng Ning] Co Author Listing * Automated co-superpixel generation via graph matching
* Improved Intra Prediction Coding Scheme Based on Minimum Distance Prediction for H.264/AVC
* Learning a Saliency Map for Fixation Prediction
* Saliency-based superpixels
* unified framework for spatiotemporal salient region detection, A
Includes: Wang, Z.N.[Zheng Ning] Wang, Z.N.[Zheng-Ning]

Wang, Z.P. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Smart Neural Network Tracking Control of Wheeled Mobile Robots
* On-Orbit Characterization of MODIS Modulation Transfer Function Using the Moon
* On-Orbit Lunar Modulation Transfer Function Measurements for the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer
* Stroke-Based Character Segmentation of Low-Quality Images on Ancient Chinese Tablet
* Vision based inter-vehicle distance estimation with extended outlier correspondence
Includes: Wang, Z.P. Wang, Z.P.[Zhi-Peng] Wang, Z.P.[Zheng-Ping]

Wang, Z.Q.[Zhao Qi] Co Author Listing * CSLDS: Chinese sign language dialog system
* efficient data-scalable algorithm for image orientation detection, An
* Efficient motion data indexing and retrieval with local similarity measure of motion strings
* fast motion segmentation based watermarking for MPEG-2 video, A
* fast video encryption scheme based on chaos, A
* Feature-Watermarking Scheme for JPEG Image Authentication, A
* Hardware-based camera calibration and 3D modelling under circular motion
* Home environment fall detection system based on a cascaded multi-SVM classifier
* Learning local models for 2D human motion tracking
* Motion Synthesis from the Semantic Signals
* Multi-feature Based Invertible Authentication Watermarking for JPEG Images, A
* Neuro-fuzzy synergism to the intelligent system for edge detection and enhancement
* Optimal DSNR detector for ramp edges
* Optimal Ramp Edge-Detection Using Expansion Matching
* Pictorial Recognition of Objects Employing Affine Invariance in the Frequency-Domain
* Pictorial Recognition Using Affine-Invariant Spectral Signatures
* Recognition of human activities using SVM multi-class classifier
Includes: Wang, Z.Q.[Zhao Qi] Wang, Z.Q.[Zhao-Qi] Wang, Z.Q.[Zhi-Quan] Wang, Z.Q.[Zi-Qing] Wang, Z.Q.[Zhi-Qian] Wang, Z.Q.
17 for Wang, Z.Q.

Wang, Z.Q.A.[Zhi Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Damage Diagnosis for Wind Turbine Blades Based on the Shifting Distance of Characteristic Frequency
* Lattice Boltzmann Method of Active Contour for Image Segmentation
* Parallel active contour with Lattice Boltzmann scheme on modern GPU
Includes: Wang, Z.Q.A.[Zhi Qi Ang] Wang, Z.Q.A.[Zhi-Qi-Ang] Wang, Z.Q.A.[Zhi Qi-Ang]

Wang, Z.R.[Zhao Ru] Co Author Listing * Graphics Spatial Conflict Detection Based on the Constrained Delaunay Triangulation
Includes: Wang, Z.R.[Zhao Ru] Wang, Z.R.[Zhao-Ru]

Wang, Z.S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive rate control for motion JPEG2000
* Bayesian Approach to Automated Creation of Tactile Facial Images, A
* Bayesian tactile face
* Compression Quality Prediction Model for JPEG2000
* Curvature product corner detection in direct curvature scale space
* Enabling Seamless Access to Digital Graphical Contents for Visually Impaired Individuals via Semantic-Aware Processing
* Semi-supervised adaptive parzen Gentleboost algorithm for fault diagnosis
* Synchronizing disparate video streams from laparoscopic operations in simulation-based surgical training
* YouTubeCat: Learning to categorize wild web videos
Includes: Wang, Z.S. Wang, Z.S.[Zhe-Shen] Wang, Z.S.[Zheng-Sheng] Wang, Z.S.[Zhong-Sheng]
9 for Wang, Z.S.

Wang, Z.W.[Zhao Wen] Co Author Listing * Bilevel sparse coding for coupled feature spaces
* CamShift guided particle filter for visual tracking
* Emotion recognition from an ensemble of features
* Max-Margin Perspective on Sparse Representation-Based Classification, A
* Multi-Source Remote Sensing Images Matching Based on Improved Kaze Algorithm
* Recognizing Emotions From an Ensemble of Features
* Substructure and boundary modeling for continuous action recognition
Includes: Wang, Z.W.[Zhao Wen] Wang, Z.W.[Zhao-Wen] Wang, Z.W.
7 for Wang, Z.W.

Wang, Z.X.[Zheng Xuan] Co Author Listing * Identification and Recognition Based on Point for Blood Vessel of Ocular Fundus, The
* Image-to-Class Distance Metric Learning for Image Classification
* Improved learning of I2C distance and accelerating the neighborhood search for image classification
* Iris Recognition Based on Quadratic Spline Wavelet Multi-scale Decomposition
* Learning Class-to-Image Distance via Large Margin and L1-Norm Regularization
* Learning instance-to-class distance for human action recognition
* Multi-label learning by Image-to-Class distance for scene classification and image annotation
* Multi-Matching Process Based on Wavelet Transform for Iris Recognition
* Optical Flow Computation with Fourth Order Partial Differential Equations
* Probability Density Function Estimation Based on Windowed Fourier Transform of Characteristic Function
* Real-Time Power Line Harmonics Suppression from MRS Based on Stacking and ANC
* Select informative features for recognition
* Semi-supervised Learning for Large Scale Image Cosegmentation
* Structural Analysis of Handwritten Mathematical Expressions
* Two-Dimension Common Factor Decomposition of Head-Related Impulse Response
* Using Multi-matching System Based on a Simplified Deformable Model of the Human Iris for Iris Recognition
Includes: Wang, Z.X.[Zheng Xuan] Wang, Z.X.[Zheng-Xuan] Wang, Z.X.[Zheng-Xiang] Wang, Z.X.[Ze-Xun] Wang, Z.X.[Zhong-Xing] Wang, Z.X.[Zi-Xuan] Wang, Z.X. Wang, Z.X.[Zhi-Xin]
16 for Wang, Z.X.

Wang, Z.Y.[Zhi Yong] Co Author Listing * Adaptive reference frame selection for near-duplicate video shot detection
* Analyses of a Multimodal Spontaneous Facial Expression Database
* Automated Nuclear Segmentation of Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Microscopy Images by Coupling Superpixel Context Information with Artificial Neural Networks
* Background Subtraction With Video Coding
* Bias analyses of spontaneous facial expression database
* Comparison of image partition methods for adaptive image categorization based on structural image representation
* Content-based image retrieval using block-constrained fractal coding and nona-tree decomposition
* Content-based Image Retrieval With Relevance Feedback Using Adaptive Processing Of Tree-structure Image Representation
* Correlation Filter: An Accurate Approach to Detect and Locate Low Contrast Character Strings in Complex Table Environment
* Detection of Blotch and Scratch in Video Based on Video Decomposition
* Discriminative two-level feature selection for realistic human action recognition
* Edge detection in the feature space
* Edge Detection on Pantograph Slide Image
* efficient retinex-like brightness normalization method for coding camera flashes and strong brightness variation in videos, An
* Emotional tagging of videos by exploring multiple emotions' coexistence
* Enhancing multi-label classification by modeling dependencies among labels
* Face Recognition Based on GPPBTF and LBP With Classifier Fusion
* face super-resolution approach using shape semantic mode regularization, A
* Fast human action classification and VOI localization with enhanced sparse coding
* Graph cuts based relevance feedback in image retrieval
* Harvesting Web Images for Realistic Facial Expression Recognition
* high accuracy rate commercial flight coupon recognition system, A
* High definition IEEE AVS decoder on ARM NEON platform
* hybrid SVM/DDBHMM decision fusion modeling for robust continuous digital speech recognition, A
* Implicit video multi-emotion tagging by exploiting multi-expression relations
* Improvements of dynamic texture synthesis for video coding
* Improving News Video Annotation with Semantic Context
* Improving Spatial-Spectral Endmember Extraction in the Presence of Anomalous Ground Objects
* Kinect depth map based enhancement for low light surveillance image
* Leaf Image Classification with Shape Context and SIFT Descriptors
* Learning realistic facial expressions from web images
* Mapping surface soil organic matter based on multispectral image
* Monitoring Land Subsidence in Suzhou City Using D-InSAR Technique
* Multi-Level Video Frame Interpolation: Exploiting the Interaction Among Different Levels
* Multiscale Boundary Identification for Medical Images
* new method to distinguish between irrigated dry land and rain-fed dry land using multi-temporal MODIS and ancillary data: An application example in China, A
* new nonlinear classifier with a penalized signed fuzzy measure using effective genetic algorithm, A
* Quantitative Comparison of Segmentation Results from ADS40 Images in Swiss NFI
* Realistic Human Action Recognition with Multimodal Feature Selection and Fusion
* Realistic Human Action Recognition with Audio Context
* Research of an Embedded Processor Element for Multimedia Domain, The
* Robust learning in adaptive processing of data structures for tree representation based image classification
* Shanghai subway tunnels and highways monitoring through Cosmo-SkyMed Persistent Scatterers
* Shape based leaf image retrieval
* Single Image Dehazing with White Balance Correction and Image Decomposition
* Spatial context for visual vocabulary construction
* Spatial Purity Based Endmember Extraction for Spectral Mixture Analysis
* Speeding Up Scalar Multiplication Using a New Signed Binary Representation for Integers
* String extraction from color airline coupon image using statistical approach
* Structural Image Classification with Graph Neural Networks
* Structure Context of Local Features in Realistic Human Action Recognition
* supervised multiview spectral embedding method for neuroimaging classification, A
* Surveillance video synopsis in the compressed domain for fast video browsing
* Three dimensional cartoon reconstruction based on Art rules
* Three-dimensional cartoon facial animation based on art rules
* Unsupervised Spectral Mixture Analysis with Hopfield Neural Network for hyperspectral images
* Using Complex Gabor Filters to Detect and Localize Edges and Bars
* Video error concealment via total variation regularized matrix completion
* Video frame interpolation using 3-D total variation regularized completion
* Video Object Segmentation with Occlusion Map
* Windowing technique for the DCT based retinex algorithm to handle videos with brightness variations coded using the H.264
Includes: Wang, Z.Y.[Zhi Yong] Wang, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yong] Wang, Z.Y.[Zhao-Yu] Wang, Z.Y.[Zhong-Yuan] Wang, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yan] Wang, Z.Y.[Zhang-Yang] Wang, Z.Y.[Ze-Yong] Wang, Z.Y.[Zun-Yi] Wang, Z.Y.[Zhen-Yu] Wang, Z.Y.[Zuo-Ying] Wang, Z.Y.[Zhen-Ying] Wang, Z.Y.[Zu-Ying] Wang, Z.Y.[Zhen-Yuan] Wang, Z.Y.[Zu-Yuan] Wang, Z.Y.[Zhi-Ying] Wang, Z.Y.[Zhang-Yi] Wang, Z.Y.[Zheng-Yan]
61 for Wang, Z.Y.

Wang, Z.Z.[Zhi Zhou] Co Author Listing * affine invariant tensor dissimilarity measure and its applications to tensor-valued image segmentation, An
* Analysis of multiframe super-resolution reconstruction for image anti-aliasing and deblurring
* Center-based nearest neighbor classifier
* Constrained Variational Principle for Direct Estimation and Smoothing of the Diffusion Tensor Field From Complex DWI, A
* Dimension-free affine shape matching through subspace invariance
* Discontinuous Finite Element Method for Image Denoising, A
* Effective Web Image Searching Engine Based on SIFT Feature Matching, An
* Face Tracking Based Advertisement Effect Evaluation
* Image Affine Inpainting
* Inpainting Thick Image Regions using Isophote Propagation
* Matching and Perturbation Theories for Affine-Invariant Shapes Using QR Factorization with Column Pivoting
* Measurement of mirror surfaces using specular reflection and analytical computation
* Multiple Feature Domains Information Fusion for Computer-Aided Clinical Electromyography
* On Ambiguities in Super-Resolution Modeling
* Segmentation of fuzzy images: A novel and fast two-step pseudo MAP method
* Semi-automatic object segmentation using colour invariance and Graph cuts
* Shape and motion from simultaneous equations with closed-loop solution
* Simultaneous smoothing and estimation of the tensor field from diffusion tensor MRI
* Super-resolution video restoration with model uncertainties
* Tensor Field Segmentation Using Region Based Active Contour Model
* Texture Analysis and Classification With Linear Regression Model Based on Wavelet Transform
* Unified detection of skewed rotation, reflection and translation symmetries from affine invariant contour features
* Using diagonals of orthogonal projection matrices for affine invariant contour matching
* Watershed-guided inpainting for image magnification
* Wide-Baseline Correspondence from Locally Affine Invariant Contour Matching
Includes: Wang, Z.Z.[Zhi Zhou] Wang, Z.Z.[Zhi-Zhou] Wang, Z.Z.[Zhao-Zhong] Wang, Z.Z.[Zheng-Zhi] Wang, Z.Z. Wang, Z.Z.[Zhuo-Zheng] Wang, Z.Z.[Zhi-Zhong] Wang, Z.Z.[Zhen-Zhou]
25 for Wang, Z.Z.

Wangen, L.E. Co Author Listing * application of a piecewise-linear multi-category pattern classifier with self-evolving capabilities to the interpretation of mass spectra, The

Wangenheim, A.V. Co Author Listing * Data-Driven Registration for Local Deformations

Wanghuih Co Author Listing * Robust Image Processing Approach Used to ALV Road Following, A

Wangrattanapranee, D. Co Author Listing * Rigid Image Registration by Using Corner and Edge Contents with Application to Super-Resolution

Wangsiripitak, S.[Somkiat] Co Author Listing * Reducing mismatching under time-pressure by reasoning about visibility and occlusion

Wani, M.A. Co Author Listing * Edge-Region-Based Segmentation of Range Images

Wania, A. Co Author Listing * Comparison between two coevolutionary feature weighting algorithms in clustering

Wanielik, G. Co Author Listing * Comparing Visual Data Fusion Techniques Using FIR and Visible Light Sensors to Improve Pedestrian Detection
* Hough transformation based approach for road border detection in infrared images
* Multi Sensor Based Tracking of Pedestrians: A Survey of Suitable Movement Models
* new approach for tracking lanes by fusing image measurements with map data, A
* Situation Assessment for Automatic Lane-Change Maneuvers

Wanjian Co Author Listing * General design of the lateral control system based on monocular vision on THASV-I

Wank, S. Co Author Listing * Mesenteric Vasculature-Guided Small Bowel Segmentation on 3-D CT

Wanke, C. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Queuing Network Model for Flow Contingency Management

Wann, C.D. Co Author Listing * Application of Self-Organizing Neural Networks to Multiradar Data Fusion

Wann, J.P. Co Author Listing * Natural problems for stereoscopic depth perception in virtual environments

Wannasiri, W. Co Author Listing * Extraction of Mangrove Biophysical Parameters Using Airborne-LiDAR

Wanne, M.[Merja] Co Author Listing * practical approach to the 2D incremental nearest-point problem suitable for different point distributions, A

Wanner, S.[Sven] Co Author Listing * Generating EPI Representations of 4D Light Fields with a Single Lens Focused Plenoptic Camera
* Globally consistent depth labeling of 4D light fields
* Globally Consistent Multi-label Assignment on the Ray Space of 4D Light Fields
* Reconstructing Reflective and Transparent Surfaces from Epipolar Plane Images
* Spatial and Angular Variational Super-Resolution of 4D Light Fields
* Variational Light Field Analysis for Disparity Estimation and Super-Resolution
* Variational Structure of Disparity and Regularization of 4D Light Fields, The
7 for Wanner, S.

Wannous, H.[Hazem] Co Author Listing * 3D human motion analysis framework for shape similarity and retrieval
* complete 3D wound assessment tool for accurate tissue classification and measurement, A
* Enhanced Assessment of the Wound-Healing Process by Accurate Multiview Tissue Classification
* Extremal human curves: A new human body shape and pose descriptor
* Fusion of Multi-view Tissue Classification Based on Wound 3D Model
* Place Recognition via 3D Modeling for Personal Activity Lifelog Using Wearable Camera
* Space-Time Pose Representation for 3D Human Action Recognition
Includes: Wannous, H.[Hazem] Wannous, H.
7 for Wannous, H.

Wanschitz, F. Co Author Listing * Fully Automated Calibration Method for an Optical See-Through Head-Mounted Operating Microscope With Variable Zoom and Focus, A
* head-mounted operating binocular for augmented reality visualization in medicine-design and initial evaluation, A

Want, R.[Roy] Co Author Listing * Interactive Digital Signage

Wantroba, J.S.[Joseph S.] Co Author Listing * statistical analysis of the effects of CT acquisition parameters on low-level features extracted from CT images of the lung, A

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