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Wakida, Y.[Yuki] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Density Feature Analysis to Detect Liver Cancer from Abdominal CT Angiography

Wakigari, S.A.[Shimelis Asfaw] Co Author Listing * Enhancing Spatial Resolution of SMAP Soil Moisture Products through Spatial Downscaling over a Large Watershed: A Case Study for the Susquehanna River Basin in the Northeastern United States

Wakil, K.[Khydija] Co Author Listing * Evaluating a Workflow Tool for Simplifying Scenario Planning with the Online WhatIf? Planning Support System
* Mitigating Urban Visual Pollution through a Multistakeholder Spatial Decision Support System to Optimize Locational Potential of Billboards

Wakimoto, K. Co Author Listing * intelligent user interface to an image database using a figure interpretation method, An
* Interactive Tool for Recognizing Structured Figures with Variable Shapes, An
* Machine dynamic selection of one video camera/image of a scene from multiple video cameras
Includes: Wakimoto, K. Wakimoto, K.[Koji]

Wakin, M.B. Co Author Listing * Approximation and compression of piecewise smooth images using a wavelet/wedgelet geometric model
* Architecture for Compressive Imaging, An
* Compressive Video Sensing: Algorithms, architectures, and applications
* Eigenvalue Distribution of Discrete Periodic Time-Frequency Limiting Operators, The
* Global Geometry of Centralized and Distributed Low-rank Matrix Recovery Without Regularization, The
* Global Optimization Geometry of Shallow Linear Neural Networks, The
* Low-Dimensional Models for Dimensionality Reduction and Signal Recovery: A Geometric Perspective
* Multiscale Random Projections for Compressive Classification
* Multiscale wedgelet image analysis: fast decompositions and modeling
* Rate-distortion optimized image compression using wedgelets
* Wavelet-Domain Approximation and Compression of Piecewise Smooth Images
* What to Expect When You Are Expecting on the Grassmannian
Includes: Wakin, M.B. Wakin, M.B.[Michael B.]
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Wakisaka, E. Co Author Listing * TLS Point Cloud Registration Based On ICP Algorithm Using Point Quality

Wakisaka, K.[Kentaro] Co Author Listing * OKIRAKU search: Leaf images based visual tree search system

Wakita, T. Co Author Listing * On the Use of Stochastic Driver Behavior Model in Lane Departure Warning
* Parametric Versus Non-parametric Models of Driving Behavior Signals for Driver Identification
* Self-Coaching System Based on Recorded Driving Data: Learning From One's Experiences
Includes: Wakita, T. Wakita, T.[Toshihiro]

Wakita, W.[Wataru] Co Author Listing * Development of a 3D Haptic Rendering System with the String-Based Haptic Interface Device and Vibration Speakers, A
* High-Resolution and Multi-spectral Capturing for Digital Archiving of Large 3D Woven Cultural Artifacts
* Texture-Based Direct-Touch Interaction System for 3D Woven Cultural Property Exhibition, A

Wakita, Y.[Yuki] Co Author Listing * Image retrieval using spatial intensity features

Wakita, Y.J.[Yu Jin] Co Author Listing * Whole-Body Robotic Simulator of the Elderly for Evaluating Robotic Devices for Nursing Care
Includes: Wakita, Y.J.[Yu Jin] Wakita, Y.J.[Yu-Jin]

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