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Wai, A.A.P.[Aung Aung Phyo] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Sleeping Posture Classification

Wai, C.J.[Chen Jia] Co Author Listing * Data Driven Decision Analysis in Bank Financial Management with Goal Programming Model

Wai, H. Co Author Listing * Review of Distributed Algorithms for Principal Component Analysis, A

Wai, L.C.C.[Lionel C.C.] Co Author Listing * Curvilinear Structure Based Mammographic Registration

Wai, O.W.H.[Onyx W. H.] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Total Suspended Sediment Distribution under Varying Tidal Conditions in Deep Bay: Initial Results from HJ-1A/1B Satellite CCD Images
* Impacts of Insufficient Observations on the Monitoring of Short- and Long-Term Suspended Solids Variations in Highly Dynamic Waters, and Implications for an Optimal Observation Strategy

Wai, P.[Phyo] Co Author Listing * Estimating Aboveground Biomass of Two Different Forest Types in Myanmar from Sentinel-2 Data with Machine Learning and Geostatistical Algorithms

Wai, W.Y.K. Co Author Listing * Directing attention to onset and offset of image events for eye-head movement control
* Modeling Visual-Attention Via Selective Tuning
Includes: Wai, W.Y.K. Wai, W.Y.K.[Winky Yan Kei]

Wai, Y.Y.[Yau Yau] Co Author Listing * Variations in BOLD response latency estimated from event-related fMRI at 3T: Comparisons between gradient-echo and Spin-echo
Includes: Wai, Y.Y.[Yau Yau] Wai, Y.Y.[Yau-Yau]

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