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Wahed, M.A.[Manal Abdel] Co Author Listing * Transfer learning-based platform for detecting multi-classification retinal disorders using optical coherence tomography images

Waheed, A.[Abdul] Co Author Listing * Evaluating a Workflow Tool for Simplifying Scenario Planning with the Online WhatIf? Planning Support System
* Mitigating Urban Visual Pollution through a Multistakeholder Spatial Decision Support System to Optimize Locational Potential of Billboards

Waheed, M.[Manahil] Co Author Listing * Automated Parts-Based Model for Recognizing Human-Object Interactions from Aerial Imagery with Fully Convolutional Network

Waheed, U.B.[Umair Bin] Co Author Listing * Automated Event Detection and Denoising Method for Passive Seismic Data Using Residual Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Waheed, W.[Waseem] Co Author Listing * Guided adaptive interpolation filter

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