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Vicari, A.[Annamaria] Co Author Listing * 2021 Greece Central Crete ML 5.8 Earthquake: An Example of Coalescent Fault Segments Reconstructed from InSAR and GNSS Data, The
* Contemporaneous Thick- and Thin-Skinned Seismotectonics in the External Zagros: The Case of the 2021 Fin Doublet, Iran

Vicari, M.B. Co Author Listing * Improved Supervised Learning-Based Approach for Leaf and Wood Classification From LiDAR Point Clouds of Forests
* Performance of Laser-Based Electronic Devices for Structural Analysis of Amazonian Terra-Firme Forests
Includes: Vicari, M.B. Vicari, M.B.[Matheus Boni]

Vicari, P. Co Author Listing * moving object identification algorithm for image sequence interpolation, A

Vicario, E. Co Author Listing * Computational Aspect of Retrieval by Spatial Arrangement, The
* Continuous-Time Model-Based Approach for Activity Recognition in Pervasive Environments, A
* Efficient Matching and Indexing of Graph Models in Content-Based Retrieval
* Efficient Shape Retrieval by Parts
* Look-Ahead Strategy for Graph Matching in Retrieval by Spatial Arrangement, A
* Managing the complexity of match in retrieval by spatial arrangement
* Modeling spatial relationships between color sets
* Modelling Spatial Relationships between Colour Clusters
* Objective quality assessment of displayed images by using neural networks
* Spatial arrangement of color in retrieval by visual similarity
* Spatial Logic for Symbolic Descriptions of Image Contents, A
* Symbolic Description and Visual Querying of Image Sequences Using Spatiotemporal Logic
* Symbolic indexing of cardiological sequences through dynamic curve representations
* Using Temporal Logic and Model Checking in Automated Recognition of Human Activities for Ambient-Assisted Living
* Using weighted spatial relationships in retrieval by visual contents
* Weighted walkthroughs in retrieval by contents of pictorial data
Includes: Vicario, E. Vicario, E.[Enrico] Vicario, E.[Elena]
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Vicario, S.[Saverio] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Harmonic Modelling of Sparse and Irregular Satellite Remote Sensing Time Series of Vegetation Indexes: A Story of Clouds and Fires
* Intra-Annual Sentinel-2 Time-Series Supporting Grassland Habitat Discrimination
* Knowledge-Based Classification of Grassland Ecosystem Based on Multi-Temporal WorldView-2 Data and FAO-LCCS Taxonomy
* Revised Snow Cover Algorithm to Improve Discrimination between Snow and Clouds: A Case Study in Gran Paradiso National Park, A

Vicas, C. Co Author Listing * Detecting Curvilinear Features Using Structure Tensors

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