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Venu, M. Co Author Listing * Morphological operators to extract channel networks from digital elevation models

Venugopal, G. Co Author Listing * Fast Lossless Implementation Of The Intra Subpartition Mode For VVC, A
* Fast template matching for intra prediction
* Region-Based Predictors For Intra Block Copy
* Region-Based Template Matching Prediction for Intra Coding
* Unified Region-Based Template Matching Approach for Intra and Inter Prediction in VVC, A
* Video Compression Using Generalized Binary Partitioning, Trellis Coded Quantization, Perceptually Optimized Encoding, and Advanced Prediction and Transform Coding
Includes: Venugopal, G. Venugopal, G.[Gayathri]

Venugopal, K.R. Co Author Listing * ACSIR: ANOVA Cosine Similarity Image Recommendation in vertical search
* Authentication using Finger Knuckle Prints
* Heartbeat biometrics for human authentication
* Image recommendation based on keyword relevance using absorbing Markov chain and image features
* IR_URFS_VF: image recommendation with user relevance feedback session and visual features in vertical image search

Venugopal, M.[Mamatha] Co Author Listing * Diffraction tomography from intensity measurements: An evolutionary stochastic search to invert experimental data

Venugopal, P.M. Co Author Listing * Correlation-Based Tracker-Level Fusion for Robust Visual Tracking
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2017 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Venugopal, P.M. Venugopal, P.M.[Pallavi M.]

Venugopal, V.[Vivek] Co Author Listing * improved online writer identification framework using codebook descriptors, An
* Online writer identification system using adaptive sparse representation framework

Venugopalan, K. Co Author Listing * Multichannel digital watermarking of color images using SVD

Venugopalan, S.[Subhashini] Co Author Listing * Attribution in Scale and Space
* Captioning Images with Diverse Objects
* Deep Compositional Captioning: Describing Novel Object Categories without Paired Training Data
* Electromyograph and keystroke dynamics for spoof-resistant biometric authentication
* Guided Integrated Gradients: An Adaptive Path Method for Removing Noise
* IRIS Super-Resolution via Nonparametric Over-Complete Dictionary Learning
* Long-Term Recurrent Convolutional Networks for Visual Recognition and Description
* Semantic Text Summarization of Long Videos
* Sequence to Sequence -- Video to Text
* YouTube2Text: Recognizing and Describing Arbitrary Activities Using Semantic Hierarchies and Zero-Shot Recognition
Includes: Venugopalan, S.[Subhashini] Venugopalan, S.[Shreyas] Venugopalan, S.
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Venus, H.[Holger] Co Author Listing * DESIS - DLR Earth Sensing Imaging Spectrometer

Venuti, G. Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Phase Screen in GEO-SAR: Estimation and Compensation
* Joint Exploitation of SAR and GNSS for Atmospheric Phase Screens Retrieval Aimed at Numerical Weather Prediction Model Ingestion
* Novel Procedure for Generation of SAR-derived ZTD Maps for Weather Prediction: Application to South Africa Use Case, A
* Synergistic Use of a High-Resolution Numerical Weather Prediction Model and High-Resolution Earth Observation Products to Improve Precipitation Forecast, A
Includes: Venuti, G. Venuti, G.[Giovanna]

Venuto, C.[Charles] Co Author Listing * Explaining Local, Global, And Higher-Order Interactions In Deep Learning

Venuvinod, P.K. Co Author Listing * Graph-Based Expert-System Approach to Geometric Feature Recognition, A

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