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Velu, C.M. Co Author Listing * Multi-Level Counter Propagation Network for diabetes classification

Veluchamy, M.[Magudeeswaran] Co Author Listing * Brightness preserving optimized weighted bi-histogram equalization algorithm and its application to MR brain image segmentation
* MRI brain image enhancement using brightness preserving adaptive fuzzy histogram equalization

Veluchamy, S. Co Author Listing * System for multimodal biometric recognition based on finger knuckle and finger vein using feature-level fusion and k-support vector machine classifier

Veludo de Paiva, M.S.[Maria Stela] Co Author Listing * High-boost Weber local filter for precise eye localization under uncontrolled scenarios
* Replacement Based Video De-Interlacing Technique by Feathering Effect Detection and Artifact Agglomeration Index, A
Includes: Veludo de Paiva, M.S.[Maria Stela] Veludo de Paiva, M.S.

Velusamy, R.L.[R. Leela] Co Author Listing * Transformer Based Motion In-betweening

Velusamy, S.[Sudha] Co Author Listing * Detail warping based video super-resolution using image guides
* FabSoften: Face Beautification via Dynamic Skin Smoothing, Guided Feathering, and Texture Restoration
Includes: Velusamy, S.[Sudha] Velusamy, S.

Velut, J.[Jerome] Co Author Listing * 3-D knee cartilage segmentation using a smoothing B-Spline active surface
* IIR filtering of surface meshes for the regularization of deformable models
* Segmentation by Smoothing B-Spline Active Surface
Includes: Velut, J.[Jerome] Velut, J.

Veluvolu, K.C. Co Author Listing * Human implicit intent recognition based on the phase synchrony of EEG signals
* Rollover Index Estimation in the Presence of Sensor Faults, Unknown Inputs, and Uncertainties
Includes: Veluvolu, K.C. Veluvolu, K.C.[Kalyana Chakravarthy]

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