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Vaswani, A. Co Author Listing * Attention Augmented Convolutional Networks
* Bottleneck Transformers for Visual Recognition
* Scaling Local Self-Attention for Parameter Efficient Visual Backbones
Includes: Vaswani, A. Vaswani, A.[Ashish]

Vaswani, N.[Namrata] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Vaswani, N.[Namrata]: namrata AT iastate edu
* Activity recognition using the dynamics of the configuration of interacting objects
* Classification probability analysis of principal component null space analysis
* Closed-Loop Tracking and Change Detection in Multi-Activity Sequences
* Deform PF-MT: Particle Filter With Mode Tracker for Tracking Nonaffine Contour Deformations
* Generalized ELL for detecting and tracking through illumination model changes
* Generic Framework for Tracking Using Particle Filter With Dynamic Shape Prior, A
* Integrated Tracking and Recognition of Human Activities in Shape Space
* Kalman filtered Compressed Sensing
* linear classifier for gaussian class conditional distributions with unequal covariance matrices, A
* Model Corrected Low Rank Ptychography
* Model-based compression of nonstationary landmark shape sequences
* Modified compressive sensing for real-time dynamic MR imaging
* Modified-CS-residual for recursive reconstruction of highly undersampled functional MRI sequences
* Nonconvex Structured Phase Retrieval: A Focus on Provably Correct Approaches
* Nonstationary Shape Activities: Dynamic Models for Landmark Shape Change and Applications
* Particle Filter With a Mode Tracker for Visual Tracking Across Illumination Changes
* Particle Filtering for Geometric Active Contours with Application to Tracking Moving and Deforming Objects
* Principal Components Null Space Analysis for Image and Video Classification
* Recognition of dynamic hand gestures
* Rethinking PCA for Modern Data Sets: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications
* Shape Activity: a continuous-state HMM for moving/deforming shapes with application to abnormal activity detection
* Static and Dynamic Robust PCA and Matrix Completion: A Review
* Summarization and Indexing of Human Activity Sequences
* Tracking Deforming Objects Using Particle Filtering for Geometric Active Contours
* Undersampled Dynamic Fourier Ptychography via Phaseless PCA
* Video Denoising via Dynamic Video Layering
Includes: Vaswani, N.[Namrata] Vaswani, N.
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