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Vaseghi, S. Co Author Listing * Edge-Guided Image Gap Interpolation Using Multi-Scale Transformation
* GPS-based analysis of physical activities using positioning and heart rate cycling data
Includes: Vaseghi, S. Vaseghi, S.[Saeed]

Vasek, M. Co Author Listing * Letter-To-Sound conversion for speech synthesizer

Vasel, R. Co Author Listing * Multi Sensor And Platforms Setups For Various Airborne Applications

Vaseli, H. Co Author Listing * On Modelling Label Uncertainty in Deep Neural Networks: Automatic Estimation of Intra-Observer Variability in 2D Echocardiography Quality Assessment

Vaselli, O. Co Author Listing * application of tomographic reconstruction of atmospheric CO2 over a volcanic site based on open-path IR laser measurements, An

Vasey, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Unpiloted Aerial System (UAS)-Supported Biogeomorphic Analysis of Restored Sierra Nevada Montane Meadows

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