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Vakil Baghmisheh, M.T.[Mohhamad Taghi] Co Author Listing * Premature clustering phenomenon and new training algorithms for LVQ
Includes: Vakil Baghmisheh, M.T.[Mohhamad Taghi] Vakil-Baghmisheh, M.T.[Mohhamad-Taghi]

Vakili, A. Co Author Listing * Efficient Coding of 360 Videos Exploiting Inactive Regions in Projection Formats

Vakili, N.[Nima] Co Author Listing * email: Vakili, N.[Nima]: nima vakili AT modares ac ir
* Improving image segmentation by using energy function based on mixture of Gaussian pre-processing

Vakili, V.[Vida] Co Author Listing * Object Class Segmentation Using Reliable Regions

Vakili, V.T.[Vahid Tabataba] Co Author Listing * Secure FSM-based arithmetic codes

Vakilian, A.A.[A. Asefpour] Co Author Listing * Mapping from space: Ontology Based Map Production Using Satellite Imageries

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