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Umam, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic Generation of Epipolar Curves
* Geometry-Based Camera Calibration Using Closed-Form Solution of Principal Line
* Point MixSwap: Attentional Point Cloud Mixing via Swapping Matched Structural Divisions
Includes: Umam, A. Umam, A.[Ardian]

Umamaheshwaran, R. Co Author Listing * Image Mining for Modeling of Forest Fires From Meteosat Images

Umamaheswaran, D.[Deepa] Co Author Listing * Video Indexing and Retrieval for Archeological Digital Library, CLIOH

Umamaheswari, O.[Oorkavalan] Co Author Listing * Some studies on detection and filtering algorithms for the removal of random valued impulse noise

Umamaheswari, R.[Rengasamy] Co Author Listing * Automated detection of multiple structural changes of diabetic macular oedema in SDOCT retinal images through transfer learning in CNNs

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