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Tu, Q. Co Author Listing * Ant colony optimization inspired saliency detection using compressed video information
* Density-based hierarchical clustering for streaming data
* Gradient magnitude similarity for tone-mapped image quality assessment
* Graph based spatiotemporal saliency detection incorporating low and high level features
* Image diffusion filtering algorithm combined with variable exponent and convective constraint
* Locality constraint neighbor embedding via KPCA and optimized reference patch for face hallucination
* Research on image processing of intelligent building environment based on pattern recognition technology
* Video saliency detection incorporating temporal information in compressed domain
* Visual saliency detection based on mutual information in compressed domain
Includes: Tu, Q. Tu, Q.[Qiu] Tu, Q.[Qin]
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Tu, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Refining pre-image via error compensation for KPCA-based pattern de-noising
Includes: Tu, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Tu, Q.A.[Qi-Ang]

Tu, Q.G.[Qian Guang] Co Author Listing * Validation of S-NPP VIIRS Sea Surface Temperature Retrieved from NAVO
Includes: Tu, Q.G.[Qian Guang] Tu, Q.G.[Qian-Guang]

Tu, Q.H.[Qing Hua] Co Author Listing * Dual approximated nuclear norm based matrix regression via adaptive line search scheme
Includes: Tu, Q.H.[Qing Hua] Tu, Q.H.[Qing-Hua]

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