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Tsogas, M. Co Author Listing * Advanced Cooperative Path Prediction Algorithm for Safety Applications in Vehicular Networks, An
* Dynamic situation and threat assessment for collision warning systems: the EUCLIDE approach
* Sensor Fusion for Predicting Vehicles' Path for Collision Avoidance Systems
* Situation-Adaptive Lane-Keeping Support System: Overview of the SAFELANE Approach, A

Tsogka, C. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Time-Frequency Detection and Filtering for Imaging in Heavy Clutter
* Correlation Based Imaging for Rotating Satellites
* Generalized Correlation-Based Imaging for Satellites
* High-Resolution, Quantitative Signal Subspace Imaging for Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Imaging Extended Reflectors in a Terminating Waveguide
* Matched-Filter and Correlation-Based Imaging for Fast Moving Objects Using a Sparse Network of Receivers
* Multifrequency Interferometric Imaging with Intensity-Only Measurements
* Resolution Analysis of Passive Synthetic Aperture Imaging of Fast Moving Objects
* Selective Imaging of Extended Reflectors in Two-Dimensional Waveguides
* Signal to Noise Ratio Analysis in Virtual Source Array Imaging
* Signal-to-Noise Ratio Estimation in Passive Correlation-Based Imaging
* Synthetic Aperture Imaging and Motion Estimation Using Tensor Methods
* Synthetic Aperture Imaging of Direction- and Frequency-Dependent Reflectivities
Includes: Tsogka, C. Tsogka, C.[Chrysoula]
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Tsogka, K. Co Author Listing * 3D Virtual Reconstruction of the Middle Stoa in the Athens Ancient Agora

Tsogkas, S. Co Author Listing * 2017 ICCV Challenge: Detecting Symmetry in the Wild
* Accurate Human-Limb Segmentation in RGB-D Images for Intelligent Mobility Assistance Robots
* AMAT: Medial Axis Transform for Natural Images
* Appearance Shock Grammar for Fast Medial Axis Extraction From Real Images
* Cycle-Consistent Generative Rendering for 2D-3D Modality Translation
* DeepFlux for Skeleton Detection in the Wild
* DeepFlux for Skeletons in the Wild
* Disentangling Geometric Deformation Spaces in Generative Latent Shape Models
* Efficient Flow-Guided Multi-frame De-fencing
* Few-shot Single-view 3-d Object Reconstruction with Compositional Priors
* Geometric Disentanglement for Generative Latent Shape Models
* Grasp'D: Differentiable Contact-Rich Grasp Synthesis for Multi-Fingered Hands
* Learning-Based Symmetry Detection in Natural Images
* Representing 3D Shapes with Probabilistic Directed Distance Fields
* Segmentation-Aware Deformable Part Models
* Understanding Objects in Detail with Fine-Grained Attributes
Includes: Tsogkas, S. Tsogkas, S.[Stavros]
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Tsogo, L. Co Author Listing * Recovery of the metric structure of a pattern of points using minimal information

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