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Trupin, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Approximation of Digital Curves using a Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm
* Automatic Ground-truth Generation for Document Image Analysis and Understanding
* Benchmarking commercial OCR engines for technical drawings indexing
* Classification Method Study for Automatic Form Class Identification
* Classifiers Combination for Forms Sorting
* Clustering document images using a bag of symbols representation
* Contextual System of Symbol Structural Recognition based on an Object-Process Methodology
* DocMining: A Document Analysis System Builder
* Extraction of Information Structures on a Form Base
* Frequent Graph Discovery: Application to Line Drawing Document Images
* From Acquisition to Modelisation of a Form Base to Retrieve Information
* general framework for the evaluation of symbol recognition methods, A
* Graph Classification Approach Using a Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm Application to Symbol Recognition, A
* Graph Classification Using Genetic Algorithm and Graph Probing Application to Symbol Recognition
* Learning graph prototypes for shape recognition
* modified contour following algorithm applied to document segmentation, A
* Multi-view HAC for Semi-supervised Document Image Classification
* Symbols recognition by global-local structural approaches, based on the scenarios use,and with a XML representation of data
Includes: Trupin, E.[Eric] Trupin, E. Trupin, ….[…ric]
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Truppe, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Blind Background Subtraction in Dental Panoramic X-Ray Images: An Application Approach
* Study on the Influence of Image Dynamics and Noise on the JPEG 2000 Compression Performance for Medical Images, A

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