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Tou, J.T.[Julius T.] Co Author Listing * Approach to Understanding Geometrical Configurations by Computer, An
* Automated Map Reading and Analysis by Computers
* Automatic recognition of 3-D objects via geographic encoding
* Boundary Determination of Object Surfaces via Textural Information
* Clique-Directed Algorithm Based on Neighborhoods in Graphs, A
* Computer Analysis of Network Pictures
* Computer recognition of design concepts
* Encoding of Arbitrary Surfaces in 3-Dimensional Space, The
* Engineering Principles of Pattern Recognition
* Feature extraction in pattern recognition
* Highlight Separation and Surface Orientation for 3-D Specular Objects
* Image Understanding via Texture Analysis
* Pictorial Feature Extraction and Recognition via Image Modeling
* Pictorial Texture Analysis and Synthesis
* Picture Understanding by Machine via Textural Feature Extraction
* Predictive Searching for Chain Encoding by Computers
* Recognition of 3-D Objects Via Spatial Understanding of 2-D Images
* Recognition of Handwritten Characters by Topological Feature Extraction and Multilevel Categorization
Includes: Tou, J.T.[Julius T.] Tou, J.T.
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