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Tonda, A. Co Author Listing * Increasing pattern recognition accuracy for chemical sensing by evolutionary based drift compensation

Tonde, C.[Chetan] Co Author Listing * Simultaneous Twin Kernel Learning Using Polynomial Transformations for Structured Prediction

Tondello, G. Co Author Listing * Range Camera Collecting Multi-Spectral Texture for Architecture Applications, A
* System for 3D Modeling Frescoed Historical Buildings with Multispectral Texture Information, A

Tondi, B. Co Author Listing * CNN-Based Detection of Generic Contrast Adjustment with JPEG Post-Processing
* Improved Statistic for the Pooled Triangle Test Against PRNU-Copy Attack, An
* Universal Counterforensics of Multiple Compressed JPEG Images
Includes: Tondi, B. Tondi, B.[Benedetta]

Tondoh, J.E.[Jerome E.] Co Author Listing * Multiscale Remote Sensing to Map the Spatial Distribution and Extent of Cropland in the Sudanian Savanna of West Africa
Includes: Tondoh, J.E.[Jerome E.] Tondoh, J.E.[Jérôme E.]

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