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Tok, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Global Motion Temporal Filtering for High Efficiency Video Coding
* Adpative dense vector field interpolation for temporal filtering
* block-adaptive skip mode for inter prediction based on parametric motion models, A
* Compressed domain global motion estimation using the Helmholtz Tradeoff Estimator
* dynamic model buffer for parametric motion vector prediction in random-access coding scenarios, A
* Monte-Carlo-Based Parametric Motion Estimation Using a Hybrid Model Approach
* Motion-based object segmentation using hysteresis and bidirectional inter-frame change detection in sequences with moving camera
* Quadtree-based temporal trajectory filtering
* Regularized Gradient Descent Training of Steered Mixture of Experts for Sparse Image Representation
Includes: Tok, M. Tok, M.[Michael]
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Tok, Y.C.A. Co Author Listing * Freeway Corridor Performance Measurement Based on Vehicle Reidentification
* Real-Time Freeway Level of Service Using Inductive-Signature-Based Vehicle Reidentification System

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