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Tohka, J.[Jussi] Co Author Listing * Accurate 3D Left-Right Brain Hemisphere Segmentation in MR Images Based on Shape Bottlenecks and Partial Volume Estimation
* Automatic Quantification of Fluorescence from Clustered Targets in Microscope Images
* Bayesian receiver operating characteristic metric for linear classifiers
* Deformable Mesh For Automated Surface Extraction From Noisy Images
* Evaluation and Comparison of Current Fetal Ultrasound Image Segmentation Methods for Biometric Measurements: A Grand Challenge
* FAST-PVE: Extremely Fast Markov Random Field Based Brain MRI Tissue Classification
* Genetic Algorithms for Finite Mixture Model Based Voxel Classification in Neuroimaging
* Global optimization of deformable surface meshes based on genetic algorithms
* Mind reading with regularized multinomial logistic regression
* Model selection for linear classifiers using Bayesian error estimation
* Region-wise loss for biomedical image segmentation
* Segmentation of Dynamic Emission Tomography Data in Projection Space
* Surface Extraction from Volumetric Images Using Deformable Meshes: A Comparative Study
Includes: Tohka, J.[Jussi] Tohka, J.
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