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Tena Ruiz, I. Co Author Listing * Feature Tracking in Video and Sonar Subsea Sequences with Applications
* Fusion of Large Scale Classified Side-Scan Sonar Image Mosaics, The

Tena, C.F.[Carles Fernandez] Co Author Listing * OverNet: Lightweight Multi-Scale Super-Resolution with Overscaling Network
Includes: Tena, C.F.[Carles Fernandez] Tena, C.F.[Carles Fernández]

Tena, J.R. Co Author Listing * 2D face pose normalisation using a 3D morphable model
* Compression for 3D face recognition applications
* Contrast-Use Metrics for Tone Mapping Images
* Influence of compression on 3D face recognition
* Learning to Select and Order Vacation Photographs
* Method for Estimating Authentication Performance over Time, with Applications to Face Biometrics, A
* Model-Based Coding of 3D Head Sequences
* Validated Method for Dense Non-rigid 3D Face Registration, A
Includes: Tena, J.R. Tena, J.R.[Jose R.] Tena, J.R.[J. Rafael]
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