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ten Buuren, G.H.M. Co Author Listing * Unmanned Aerial Systems in the Process of Juridical Verification of Cadastral Border

ten Cate, F.J. Co Author Listing * Sparse Registration for Three-Dimensional Stress Echocardiography

ten Harkel, J.[Jelle] Co Author Listing * Biomass and Crop Height Estimation of Different Crops Using UAV-Based Lidar

ten Holt, G.[Gineke] Co Author Listing * Acceptability ratings by humans and automatic gesture recognition for variations in sign productions
* learning environment for sign language, A
Includes: ten Holt, G.[Gineke] ten Holt, G.

ten Holt, G.A.[Gineke A.] Co Author Listing * Influence of Handshape Information on Automatic Sign Language Recognition
* Person-Independent 3D Sign Language Recognition
* Sign language detection using 3D visual cues

ten Hompel, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Collaborative Design of Material Handling Systems Using Distributed Virtual Reality Environments

ten Hove, R. .J.M.[R. Johan Martijn] Co Author Listing * Automated recognition of human activities in video streams in real time
* Improved action recognition by combining multiple 2D views in the bag-of-words model
Includes: ten Hove, R. .J.M.[R. Johan Martijn] ten Hove, R. .J.M.[R. Johan-Martijn]

ten Hove, R.J.M. Co Author Listing * Complex threat detection: Learning vs. rules, using a hierarchy of features
* Instantaneous threat detection based on a semantic representation of activities, zones and trajectories
* Spatio-temporal Saliency for Action Similarity

ten Kate, G.L.[Gerrit L.] Co Author Listing * Registration of Free-Hand Ultrasound and MRI of Carotid Arteries through Combination of Point-Based and Intensity-Based Algorithms

ten Kate, T.K. Co Author Listing * Finding arrows in utility maps using a neural network
* Knowledge-Based Interpretation of Utility Maps
* Mid-range and distant vehicle detection with a mobile camera
* SCILAIM: A Multi-Level Interactive Image Processing Environment
Includes: ten Kate, T.K. Ten Kate, T.K.

ten Thije Boonkkamp, J.H.M. Co Author Listing * Multivalued Geodesic Ray-Tracing for Computing Brain Connections Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging

ten Veldhuis, M.C.[Marie Claire] Co Author Listing * Correcting Position Error in Precipitation Data Using Image Morphing
* High Quality Zenith Tropospheric Delay Estimation Using a Low-Cost Dual-Frequency Receiver and Relative Antenna Calibration
* Potential of Cost-Efficient Single Frequency GNSS Receivers for Water Vapor Monitoring
* Potential of Deep Learning for Satellite Rainfall Detection over Data-Scarce Regions, the West African Savanna, The
* Precipitation Regime Classification Based on Cloud-Top Temperature Time Series for Spatially-Varied Parameterization of Precipitation Models
Includes: ten Veldhuis, M.C.[Marie Claire] ten Veldhuis, M.C.[Marie-Claire]

Ten, A.[Arkady] Co Author Listing * Overview and evaluation of the JPEG XT HDR image compression standard

Ten, G.[Gang of Ten] Co Author Listing * Image Understanding Environment: Data Exchange, The
* Image Understanding Environment: Image Features, The
* Image Understanding Environment: Overview, The
* Image Understanding Environments Program, The
* IUE User Interface, The
* Spatial Objects in the Image Understanding Environment

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