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Temma, T.[Tsutomu] Co Author Listing * Feature Extraction Method for Palmprint Considering Elimination of Creases
* Fingerprint Card Classification with Statistical Feature Integration
* on-line character recognition aimed at a substitution for a billing machine keyboard, An
Includes: Temma, T.[Tsutomu] Temma, T.

Temmerman, S.[Stijn] Co Author Listing * Identifying Hydro-Geomorphological Conditions for State Shifts from Bare Tidal Flats to Vegetated Tidal Marshes
* Multiple Stable States and Catastrophic Shifts in Coastal Wetlands: Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities in Validating Theory Using Remote Sensing and Other Methods

Temmermans, F.[Frederik] Co Author Listing * JPEG's JPSearch Standard: Harmonizing Image Management and Search
* JPSearch: An answer to the lack of standardization in mobile image retrieval
* JPSearch: Metadata Interoperability During Image Exchange
Includes: Temmermans, F.[Frederik] Temmermans, F.

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