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Tek, F.B.[F. Boray] Co Author Listing * Adaptive convolution kernel for artificial neural networks
* Adaptive Visual Obstacle Detection for Mobile Robots Using Monocular Camera and Ultrasonic Sensor
* Blood Cell Segmentation Using Minimum Area Watershed and Circle Radon Transformations
* Computer vision for microscopy diagnosis of malaria
* Face Verification Competition on the XM2VTS Database
* Malaria Parasite Detection in Peripheral Blood Images
* Occluded face recognition based on gabor wavelets
* Parasite detection and identification for automated thin blood film malaria diagnosis
Includes: Tek, F.B.[F. Boray] Tek, F.B.
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Tek, H.[Huseyin] Co Author Listing * Boundary Smoothing via Symmetry Transforms
* Comprehensive Cardiovascular Image Analysis Using MR and CT at Siemens Corporate Research
* Geometric modeling of tubular structures
* Image Segmentation by Reaction-Diffusion Bubbles
* Model-Driven Centerline Extraction for Severely Occluded Major Coronary Arteries
* Multi-scale Vessel Boundary Detection
* Perceptual Organization as Object Recognition Divided by Two
* Perceptual Organization via the Symmetry Map and Symmetry Transforms
* Region Competition via Local Watershed Operators
* Shock-Based Reaction-Diffusion Bubbles for Image Segmentation
* Shocks from Images: Propagation of Orientation Elements
* Symmetry Maps of Free-Form Curve Segments via Wave Propagation
* Symmetry-based indexing of image databases
* Vessel Detection by Mean Shift-Based Ray Propagation
* Volumetric Segmentation of Medical Images by Three-Dimensional Bubbles
Includes: Tek, H.[Huseyin] Tek, H.[Hüseyin] Tek, H.
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Tek, S.C.[Salih Cihan] Co Author Listing * Local Zernike Moments: A new representation for face recognition

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