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So, H.C.[Hing Cheung] Co Author Listing * Focusing High-Resolution Highly-Squinted Airborne SAR Data with Maneuvers
* Focusing Hypersonic Vehicle-Borne SAR Data Using Radius/Angle Algorithm
* Improved Unitary Root-MUSIC for DOA Estimation Based on Pseudo-Noise Resampling
* Maximum Likelihood TDOA Estimation From Compressed Sensing Samples Without Reconstruction
* Multiantenna Assisted Source Detection in Toeplitz Noise Covariance
* Particle Filtering Based Approach for Landmine Detection Using Ground Penetrating Radar
* Processing of Long Integration Time Spaceborne SAR Data With Curved Orbit
* Robust Matrix Completion via Alternating Projection
* Robust Multi-Dimensional Harmonic Retrieval Using Iteratively Reweighted HOSVD
* Space-Time Adaptive Processing With Vertical Frequency Diverse Array for Range-Ambiguous Clutter Suppression
* Spatial Smoothing PAST Algorithm for DOA Tracking Using Difference Coarray
* Spectrally Constrained Unimodular Sequence Design Without Spectral Level Mask
* Square-Root Lasso With Nonconvex Regularization: An ADMM Approach
* Tensor Completion via Generalized Tensor Tubal Rank Minimization Using General Unfolding
* TOA-Based Localization With NLOS Mitigation via Robust Multidimensional Similarity Analysis
* Underdetermined DOA Estimation for Wideband Signals Using Robust Sparse Covariance Fitting
Includes: So, H.C.[Hing Cheung] So, H.C.
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So, H.J.[Hyun Joo] Co Author Listing * Comments on SVD-Based Modeling for Image Texture Classification Using Wavelet Transform
* Directional statistical Gabor features for texture classification

So, H.K.H. Co Author Listing * Computational single-cell classification using deep learning on bright-field and phase images
* Computationally Efficient Hyperspectral Data Learning Based on the Doubly Stochastic Dirichlet Process
* Medical Ultrasound Imaging: To GPU or Not to GPU?
Includes: So, H.K.H. So, H.K.H.[Hayden K.H.]

So, H.R.[Hye Rim] Co Author Listing * Enhancement of the Box-Counting Algorithm for fractal dimension estimation
Includes: So, H.R.[Hye Rim] So, H.R.[Hye-Rim]

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