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Sloman, A. Co Author Listing * Evolvable Biologically Plausible Visual Architectures

Slomczykowski, M. Co Author Listing * Self-calibrating 3D-ultrasound-based bone registration for minimally invasive orthopedic surgery

Slominski, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Agricultural Drought Monitoring by MODIS Potential Evapotranspiration Remote Sensing Data Application
* Improvement of Spatial Interpolation of Precipitation Distribution Using Cokriging Incorporating Rain-Gauge and Satellite (SMOS) Soil Moisture Data

Slomka, M.[Marta] Co Author Listing * Cost-sensitive classifier chains: Selecting low-cost features in multi-label classification

Slomka, P.J. Co Author Listing * Automatic fusion of freehand endoscopic brain images to three-dimensional surfaces: creating stereoscopic panoramas
* Deep Learning for Quantification of Epicardial and Thoracic Adipose Tissue From Non-Contrast CT
* Multiphase segmentation using an implicit dual shape prior: Application to detection of left ventricle in cardiac MRI
Includes: Slomka, P.J. Slomka, P.J.[Piotr J.]

Slomp, M.[Marcos] Co Author Listing * Exemplar-Based Hole-Filling Technique for Multiple Dynamic Objects

Slomska Przech, K.[Katarzyna] Co Author Listing * Do Different Map Types Support Map Reading Equally? Comparing Choropleth, Graduated Symbols, and Isoline Maps for Map Use Tasks
* Heat Maps: Perfect Maps for Quick Reading? Comparing Usability of Heat Maps with Different Levels of Generalization
Includes: Slomska Przech, K.[Katarzyna] Slomska-Przech, K.[Katarzyna]

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