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Slob, E. Co Author Listing * Early-Time GPR Signal Attributes to Estimate Soil Dielectric Permittivity: A Theoretical Study
* GPR Without a Source: Cross-Correlation and Cross-Convolution Methods

Slob, E.C. Co Author Listing * Filtering Soil Surface and Antenna Effects From GPR Data to Enhance Landmine Detection

Sloboda, F. Co Author Listing * Advances in Digital and Computational Geometry
* Analysis situs and image processing
* On boundary approximation
Includes: Sloboda, F. Sloboda, F.[Fridrich]

Slobodan, I.[Ilic] Co Author Listing * Object labeling for recognition using vocabulary trees
* Using Dirichlet Free Form Deformation to Fit Deformable Models to Noisy 3-D Data
Includes: Slobodan, I.[Ilic] Slobodan, I.

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