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Skubalska Rafajlowicz, E. Co Author Listing * Fast K-NN Classification Rule Using Metrics on Space-Filling Curves
Includes: Skubalska Rafajlowicz, E. Skubalska-Rafajlowicz, E.

Skubic, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Silouette Extraction and Human Tracking in Complex and Dynamic Environments
* Generating Multi-Level Linguistic Spatial Descriptions form Range Sensor Readings Using the Histogram of Forces
* Linguistic summarization of video for fall detection using voxel person and fuzzy logic
* Recognizing complex instrumental activities of daily living using scene information and fuzzy logic
* Spatial language for human-robot dialogs
Includes: Skubic, M. Skubic, M.[Marjorie]

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