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Skodras, A. Co Author Listing * Novel Finger Vein Recognition System Based on Enhanced Maximum Curvature Points, A

Skodras, A.N. Co Author Listing * 8x8-Block Based Motion Estimation Using Kalman Filter, An
* Data hiding based on image texture classification
* Gabor Transform Domain Watermarking
* Hybrid watermarking based on chaos and histogram modification
* Improved watermark detection based on similarity diagrams
* JPEG 2000 Suite, The
* JPEG2000: The upcoming still image compression standard
* Low bit depth representation motion estimation algorithms: a comparative study
* New Schemes for Progressive Transmission of Digital Images
* On the use of color appearance modeling for efficient compressed-domain image enhancement
* Rate Control of H.264 Encoded Sequences by Dropping Frames in the Compressed Domain
* Real time data hiding by exploiting the IPCM macroblocks in H.264/AVC streams
* Segmented image coding: Techniques and experimental results
* Side-Information-Dependent Correlation Channel Estimation in Hash-Based Distributed Video Coding
Includes: Skodras, A.N. Skodras, A.N.[Athanassios N.]
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Skodras, E.[Evangelos] Co Author Listing * Multimedia content analysis for emotional characterization of music video clips
* On visual gaze tracking based on a single low cost camera
* Precise localization of eye centers in low resolution color images

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