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Siy, P.[Pepe] Co Author Listing * Corner Detection and Curve Partitioning Using Arc-Chord Distance
* Forward / Backward Contour Tracing with Feedback
* Fuzzy Logic for Handwritten Numeral Character Recognition
* In vivo measurement of 3-D skeletal kinematics from sequences of biplane radiographs: Application to knee kinematics
* new algorithm for dominant points detection and polygonization of digital curves, A
* Polygonal representation of digital planar curves through dominant point detection: A nonparametric algorithm
* Ridge-Seeking Method for Obtaining the Skeleton of Digital Images, The
* Robust shape similarity retrieval based on contour segmentation polygonal multiresolution and elastic matching
* Thresholding Based on Learning Theory
Includes: Siy, P.[Pepe] Siy, P.
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