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Sirlantzis, K. Co Author Listing * Bit plane decomposition and the scanning n-tuple classifier
* Development and Evaluation of a Mouse Emulator Using Multi-modal Real-time Head Tracking Systems with Facial Gesture Recognition as a Switching Mechanism
* evolutionary algorithm for classifier and combination rule selection in multiple classifier systems, An
* Improving colour iris segmentation using a model selection technique
* Investigation of a novel self-configurable multiple classifier system for character recognition
* Iris liveness detection using regional features
* new chain-code quantization approach enabling high performance handwriting recognition based on multi-classifier schemes, A
* novel iris weight map method for less constrained iris recognition based on bit stability and discriminability, A
* Optimisation of Multiple Classifier Systems Using Genetic Algorithms
Includes: Sirlantzis, K. Sirlantzis, K.[Konstantinos]
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