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Sikander, G. Co Author Listing * Driver Fatigue Detection Systems: A Review

Sikaneta, I. Co Author Listing * Compound-Plus-Noise Model for Improved Vessel Detection in Non-Gaussian SAR Imagery, A
* Generalization of DPCA Processing for Multichannel SAR/GMTI Radars, A
* MIMO SAR Processing for Multichannel High-Resolution Wide-Swath Radars
* Optimum SAR/GMTI Processing and Its Application to the Radar Satellite RADARSAT-2 for Traffic Monitoring
* Optimum Signal Processing for Multichannel SAR: With Application to High-Resolution Wide-Swath Imaging
* Two-Step Detector for RADARSAT-2's Experimental GMTI Mode

Sikaneta, I.C. Co Author Listing * Adaptive CFAR for Space-Based Multichannel SAR-GMTI
* Estimating the effective number of looks in interferometric SAR data
* Two-Channel SAR Ground Moving Target Indication for Traffic Monitoring in Urban Terrain

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