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Sifa, R.[Rafet] Co Author Listing * Ising Models for Binary Clustering via Adiabatic Quantum Computing
* KPI-BERT: A Joint Named Entity Recognition and Relation Extraction Model for Financial Reports
* Supervised Autoencoder Variants for End to End Anomaly Detection
* Tackling Contradiction Detection in German Using Machine Translation and End-to-End Recurrent Neural Networks

Sifakis, E.[Eftichis] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Level Sets for Image Segmentation
* Color and/or Texture Segmentation Using Deterministic Relaxation and Fast Marching Algorithms
* Colour and Texture Segmentation Using Wavelet Frame Analysis, Deterministic Relaxation, and Fast Marching Algorithms
* Facial Muscle Activations from Motion Capture
* Fast Marching to Moving Object Location
* Moving object localisation using a multi-label fast marching algorithm
* Robust object boundary determination using a locally adaptive level set algorithm
* Video Segmentation Using Fast Marching and Region Growing Algorithms
Includes: Sifakis, E.[Eftichis] Sifakis, E.[Eftychis] Sifakis, E.[Eftychios]
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Sifakis, E.G. Co Author Listing * Robust Carotid Artery Recognition in Longitudinal B-Mode Ultrasound Images

Sifakis, N.[Nicolaos] Co Author Listing * performance of pixel window algorithms in the classification of habitats using VHSR imagery, The
* Wildfire Detection and Tracking over Greece Using MSG-SEVIRI Satellite Data
Includes: Sifakis, N.[Nicolaos] Sifakis, N.

Sifang, L.[Li] Co Author Listing * real-time monocular vision-based 3D mouse system, A

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