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Sezaki, K. Co Author Listing * 2D Lossless Discrete Cosine Transform
* Analysis/synthesis systems for progressive-to-lossless embedded wavelet image coding

Sezaki, Y.[Yoshinori] Co Author Listing * Pattern masking method and an apparatus therefor

Sezan, I. Co Author Listing * Applications of video-content analysis and retrieval
* Automatic keystone correction for smart projectors with embedded camera
* Content description for efficient video navigation, browsing and personalization
* Description schemes for video programs, users and devices

Sezan, M. Co Author Listing * Improved Multi-image Resolution Enhancement for Colour Images Captured by Single-CCD Cameras

Sezan, M.I.[M. Ibrahim] Co Author Listing * email: Sezan, M.I.[M. Ibrahim]: sezan AT sharplabs com
* 2-D mesh tracking for synthetic transfiguration
* 2D Mesh Based Tracking of Deformable Objects with Occlusion
* Adaptive motion-compensated filtering of noisy image sequences
* Adaptive, global-motion compensated deinterlacing of sequential video fields with post processing
* Audiovisual information management system
* Bridging the semantic gap in sports video retrieval and summarization
* Compression of 10-bit video using the tools of MPEG-2
* Computational Approach to Semantic Event Detection in Video, A
* Computational Approach to Semantic Event Detection, A
* Content-Scalable Shape Representation and Coding
* Digital video standards conversion in the presence of accelerated motion
* Efficient multiframe Wiener restoration of blurred and noisy image sequences
* Event Detection and Summarization in Sports Video
* Hierarchical method and system for object-based audiovisual descriptive tagging of images for information retrieval, editing, and manipulation
* High-resolution image reconstruction from a low-resolution image sequence in the presence of time-varying motion blur
* Image and Video Processing
* Image and Video Processing IV
* Image Restoration and Reconstruction
* Image restoration by the method of convex projections: Part 2
* Image Retrieval Using Blob Histograms
* Method for temporally adaptive filtering of frames of a noisy image sequence using motion estimation
* Mosaic generation and sprite-based coding with automatic foreground and background separation
* Motion Analysis and Image Sequence Processing
* MPEG-7 standardization activities
* Multi-generation characteristics of the MPEG video compression standards
* Multimedia content recommendation engine with automatic inference of user preferences
* New Motion-Compensated Reduced-Order Model Kalman Filter for Space Varying Restoration of Progressive and Interlaced Video, A
* On modeling the focus blur in image restoration
* Peak Detection Algorithm and Its Application to Histogram-Based Image Data Reduction, A
* POCS-based restoration of space-varying blurred images
* Prototype image constraints for settheoretic image restoration
* Robust Methods for High-Quality Stills from Interlaced Video in the Presence of Dominant Motion
* robust real-time face tracking algorithm, A
* Robust Region-Based High-Resolution Image Reconstruction from Low-Resolution Video
* Robust, Object Based High Resolution Image Reconstruction from Low Resolution Video
* Semantic Event-Detection Approach and Its Application to Detecting Hunts in Wildlife Video, A
* Semantic sports video analysis: approaches and new applications
* Simultaneous Motion Estimation and Segmentation
* Special Issue on Image Sequence Compression
* Summarization of football video content
* Superresolution Video Reconstruction with Arbitrary Sampling Lattices and Nonzero Aperture Time
* Survey of recent developments in digital image restoration
* System and method for creating high-quality stills from interlaced video
* Tracking Motion and Intensity Variations Using Hierarchical 2-D Mesh Modeling for Synthetic Object Transfiguration
* Vertex-based hierarchical shape representation and coding method and apparatus
* Video Background Replacement Without A Blue Screen
* Virtual View Specification and Synthesis for Free Viewpoint Television
* Virtual View Specification and Synthesis in Free Viewpoint Television Application
Includes: Sezan, M.I.[M. Ibrahim] Sezan, M.I. Sezan, M.I.[Muhammed I.] Sezan, M.I.[Muhammed Ibrahim]
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