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Ser, J.D. Co Author Listing * Efficient and Scalable Simulation Model for Autonomous Vehicles With Economical Hardware, An
* Graph-Based Methodology for the Sensorless Estimation of Road Traffic Profiles, A
Includes: Ser, J.D. Ser, J.D.[Javier Del]

Ser, P.K. Co Author Listing * Genetic Algorithm for the Extraction of Nonanalytic Objects from Multiple Dimensional Parameter Space
* New Generalized Hough Transform for the Detection of Irregular Objects, A
* Novel Detection of Conics Using 2-D Hough Planes

Ser, W.[Wee] Co Author Listing * Bi-model tracking of object of interest using invariant spatiogram descriptor
* Detecting the Fingerprint Minutiae by Adaptive Tracing the Gray-Level Ridge
* Exposing Digital Image Forgeries by Detecting Discrepancies in Motion Blur
* Hybrid PNN-GMM classification scheme for speech emotion recognition, A
* Minutiae Extraction by Adaptive Tracing the Gray Level Ridge of the Fingerprint Image
* Multiple Cycle Frequencies Estimation Under Cochannel Interference
* Online Fingerprint Template Improvement
* Predictive Fine Granularity Successive Elimination for Fast Optimal Block-Matching Motion Estimation
* Robust semi-supervised nonnegative matrix factorization for image clustering
* Stability Analysis of Constrained Nonlinear Phase Portrait Models of Fingerprint Orientation Images
Includes: Ser, W.[Wee] Ser, W.
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