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Selman, B. Co Author Listing * Watch-n-Patch: Unsupervised Learning of Actions and Relations
* Watch-n-patch: Unsupervised understanding of actions and relations

Selman, J.[Joe] Co Author Listing * PEL-CNF: Probabilistic event logic conjunctive normal form for video interpretation

Selmanaj, D. Co Author Listing * Hazard Detection for Motorcycles via Accelerometers: A Self-Organizing Map Approach

Selmane, M.K. Co Author Listing * Implementation of a Fast Programmable Edge Detection Preprocessor

Selmanovic, E.[Elmedin] Co Author Listing * Enabling stereoscopic high dynamic range video
* Optimal exposure compression for high dynamic range content

Selmaoui Folcher, N.[Nazha] Co Author Listing * Domain-driven co-location mining
Includes: Selmaoui Folcher, N.[Nazha] Selmaoui-Folcher, N.[Nazha]

Selmaoui, N.[Nazha] Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Crest Detection Based on Graph Contraction
* Crest lines detection by valleys spreading
* Crest lines detection in grey level images: Studies of different approaches and proposition of a new one
* Image Analysis for Core Geological Descriptions: Strata and Granulometry Detection
Includes: Selmaoui, N.[Nazha] Selmaoui, N.

Selmes, N.[Nick] Co Author Listing * Consistency between Satellite Ocean Colour Products under High Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter Absorption in the Baltic Sea
* Phytoplankton Biomass and the Hydrodynamic Regime in NEOM, Red Sea
* Regional Satellite Algorithms to Estimate Chlorophyll-a and Total Suspended Matter Concentrations in Vembanad Lake

Selmi, A. Co Author Listing * Efficient cross-layer design for MIMO-HARQ wireless systems

Selmi, G. Co Author Listing * Volume Radius Function: A new descriptor for the segmentation of volumetric medical images, The

Selmi, M.[Mouna] Co Author Listing * On the sensitivity of spatio-temporal interest points to person identity
* Two-layer discriminative model for human activity recognition

Selmi, S. Co Author Listing * Flood Mapping Using InSAR Coherence Map

Selmi, Z.[Zied] Co Author Listing * DELP-DAR system for license plate detection and recognition

Selmic, R.[Rastko] Co Author Listing * Measuring Distance between Unordered Sets of Different Sizes

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