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Selig, B.[Bettina] Co Author Listing * Exact Evaluation of Stochastic Watersheds: From Trees to General Graphs
* Fast Evaluation of the Robust Stochastic Watershed
* Improving the stochastic watershed
* Segmentation of Highly Lignified Zones in Wood Fiber Cross-Sections

Seliger, R. Co Author Listing * Forest Cover Changes in Tropical South and Central America from 1990 to 2005 and Related Carbon Emissions and Removals

Selim, B.[Bassant] Co Author Listing * VOMA: A Privacy-Preserving Matching Mechanism Design for Community Ride-Sharing

Selim, H. Co Author Listing * autonomous document object (ADO) model, The
* SAGENT: a novel technique for document modeling for secure access and distribution

Selim, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Head Pose Estimation Using Multi-variate RVM on Faces in the Wild
* Sparse-MVRVMs Tree for Fast and Accurate Head Pose Estimation in the Wild

Selim, S.Z.[Shokri Z.] Co Author Listing * Comments on: optimality test for fixed points
* Fuzzy C-Means: Optimality of solutions and effective termination of the algorithm
* global algorithm for the fuzzy clustering problem, A
* K-Means-Type Algorithms: A Generalized Convergence Theorem and Characterization of Local Optimality
* New algorithms for solving the fuzzy clustering problem
* On the Local Optimality of the Fuzzy ISODATA Clustering Algorithm
* simulated annealing algorithm for the clustering problem, A
* Soft clustering of multidimensional data: a semi-fuzzy approach
* thresholded fuzzy c-means algorithm for semi-fuzzy clustering, A
Includes: Selim, S.Z.[Shokri Z.] Selim, S.Z.
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Seliman, S.M.S. Co Author Listing * Cooperative and Integrated Vehicle and Intersection Control for Energy Efficiency (CIVIC-E2)

Selinger, A. Co Author Listing * Appearance-Based Object Recognition Using Multiple Views
* Classifying Moving Objects as Rigid or Non-Rigid without Correspondences
* comparative analysis of face recognition performance with visible and thermal infrared imagery, A
* Cubist Approach to Object Recognition, A
* Experiments on (Intelligent) Brute Force Methods for Appearance-Based Object Recognition
* Face Recognition in the Dark
* Face recognition with visible and thermal infrared imagery
* Improving Appearance-based Object Recognition in Cluttered Backgrounds
* Learning 3D Recognition Models for General Objects from Unlabeled Imagery: An Experiment in Intelligent Brute Force
* Minimally Supervised Acquisition of 3D Recognition Models from Cluttered Images
* Perceptual Grouping Hierarchy for 3D Object Recognition and Representation
* Perceptual Grouping Hierarchy for Appearance-Based 3D Object Recognition, A
* Thermal face recognition in an operational scenario
* Thermal face recognition over time
Includes: Selinger, A. Selinger, A.[Andrea]
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Selinger, M.L. Co Author Listing * Hybrid System for Recognition of Handwritten Symbols on the Base of Structural Methods and Neural Networks

Selinummi, J. Co Author Listing * Computational Framework for Simulating Fluorescence Microscope Images With Cell Populations
* Synthetic Images of High-Throughput Microscopy for Validation of Image Analysis Methods

Selitskiy, A.[Anton] Co Author Listing * Music Source Separation With Generative Flow

Selivanov, V.V.[Vitali V.] Co Author Listing * List-mode image reconstruction for real-time PET imaging

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