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Scutari, G. Co Author Listing * Bi-Linear Modeling of Data Manifolds for Dynamic-MRI Recovery

Scutti, M.[Marianna] Co Author Listing * Use of Surveillance Cameras for the Rapid Mapping of Lava Flows: An Application to Mount Etna Volcano, The

Scuturici, M. Co Author Listing * Detection of entry and exit zones in image sequences for automatic traffic analysis
* New Pixel-Based Quality Measure for Segmentation Algorithms Integrating Precision, Recall and Specificity, A
* Parametric Algorithm for Skyline Extraction, A
* PaTHOS: Part-Based Tree Hierarchy for Object Segmentation
* Real Time Foreground-Background Segmentation Using a Modified Codebook Model
* Real-Time Multi-object Tracking with Occlusion and Stationary Objects Handling for Conveying Systems
* Skyline as a Marker for Augmented Reality in Urban Context, The
* Tracking 3D free form object in video sequence
Includes: Scuturici, M. Scuturici, M.[Mihaela]
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